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  1. JakeTheSeaSnake

    Ships of 2018

    Vanguard has quickly grown on me, it can be a love hate relationshipwith her guns but I mostly love her. T-61 was also a good pick up, so was Haida. Roma looks pretty but the love hate relationship with her guns is worse than Vanguard. Boise is pretty nice and I look forward to getting my own Jean Bart.
  2. I actually did get a ship, and it was the Nuevo de Julio, problem is that I had already gotten the Boise during Thanksgiving. Honestly I would have rather gotten the dabloons.
  3. Yeah, if the coupon suddenly works on the Vanguard before it expires. :/
  4. Seems like a massive oversight on WG's part, they had to know that people would want to use their coupons on these ships.
  5. I raised a support ticket over this, cause a lot of people have been waiting to use their coupons today on Vanguard, so this would cause a lot of outrage.
  6. I just tried to use the coupon on the Vanguard and Dreadnought bundle and it wouldn't let me use it. So I think it is either bugged right now or Wargaming isn't letting us use the coupon on Vanguard and Dreadnought.
  7. Well I haven't played any games this week, so I guess there is still a chance for me to get it.
  8. Everyone talking about this coupon and I haven't gotten it yet, judging from my emails.
  9. JakeTheSeaSnake

    What it takes to kill a Kurfurst

    Well if you're me, it takes blundering into an area where a DD is operating too early in a match with no forward scouting and being unable to dodge the inevitable torpedoes because you are long and fat and take a kilometer to turn.
  10. JakeTheSeaSnake

    Halloween Ops - Captain Builds

    Explain to me the logic of not having Last Stand on the DD.
  11. JakeTheSeaSnake

    Halloween submarines HP and speed calculations

    Nice to know what the real life equivalents to these subs are, shame we didn't get any IJN based subs for this event though.
  12. JakeTheSeaSnake

    I screwed up and bought the kronshtadt

    My 2nd game in the Kronshtadt disagrees with you statement.
  13. JakeTheSeaSnake

    Coal question? Salem or wait?

    Honestly I would rather wait and see if Jean Bart and/or Alaska comes to the Arsenal before spending any coal
  14. Does anyone remember how much the Shiratsuyu was pre patch, cause I did not notice much of a change.
  15. JakeTheSeaSnake

    So, about pan-european commander voices

    I wish we still had the Pan-Asian voices, I would still like to know the reason why the Chinese voice over was removed in the first place.