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  1. JakeTheSeaSnake

    Dutch Loot Box Results

    This is the only line I've actually bought into these bundles because I was really looking forward to the Dutch line, I feel fairly lucky to have gotten De Witt on my 11th bundle, but I don't think I'll push my luck in the future.
  2. JakeTheSeaSnake

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    That's a pretty big promise, I hope that it is something that you are able to deliver on, otherwise, well, I'd rather not see this age as poorly as Chieftains "No Subs" comment.
  3. JakeTheSeaSnake

    Ok the Kearsarge really?

    Ah, an Armada fan, a true man of culture
  4. JakeTheSeaSnake

    So how did you come up with your WoW name?

    My name is Jake, I like snakes, this is a boat game, so I put "Sea" in it.
  5. Mmm, yes, I would like to see my girl, Prinz Heinrich, in-game as well.... though I don't think I've seen a render of the ship with one of the super-firing 150s *below* the main guns. Seems kinda silly, and I'd assume Wargaming would probably move that turret to be in the same position as the rear 150s.
  6. I believe that the large building in the left-center of the pic is the hotel that I stayed at last time I went to the Netherlands.
  7. JakeTheSeaSnake

    De Zeven Provincien confirmed! \o/

    Well Wikipedia says DZP's hull number is C802 and also the fact that the name of the ship is modeled on the side of the side of the rear super structure makes me think it'll be De Zeven Provincien.
  8. JakeTheSeaSnake

    De Zeven Provincien confirmed! \o/

    I like how Stats says it might come into the game as De Ruyter when you can clearly see the name plate on the side of the ship that says "De Zeven Provinciën"
  9. JakeTheSeaSnake

    Are we getting 1047?

    Drat, they got me with that too thinking it was real, how dare they.
  10. JakeTheSeaSnake

    Possible upcoming tech line

    They are on this Reddit thread Guess this was an April Fools joke, go figure :/
  11. JakeTheSeaSnake

    Possible upcoming tech line

    Probably gonna be a European Cruiser line or a European in general since there were a couple of teaser images last week.
  12. JakeTheSeaSnake

    Godzilla vs. Kong Comes to World of Warships

    It seems that the camos only have Godzilla and Kong on them in port, not in battle.
  13. JakeTheSeaSnake

    Wargaming + Godzilla vs Kong

    Double missed opportunity since the Godzilla camo on console will be on Fuso and Kong on New Mexico. Though makes sense. Godzilla is Japanese and Kong is US.
  14. JakeTheSeaSnake

    Random Thoughts from Deep R'lyeh: Marco Polo, Gorizia, etc

    I feel that the chances of getting Marco Polo from the crates, let alone the free ones will be egregiously low, a shame we don't get the states for crate drops like console does. Honestly, if I get Marco Polo from a crate, that'll be all my good RNG for the year... I'd honestly much rather get Leone from a free crate so I don't risk her being this years Makarov.
  15. JakeTheSeaSnake

    ST 0.10.3, new ships

    I have to wonder if Napoli is meant to act as sort of a test bed for SAP secondaries so that they could be implemented into the main line Italian BBs since that would actually make the 90mm guns useful. Wouldn't be the first time a line came out and got a gimmick added later down the line, IE French Cruisers and the MRB, and German DDs/CLs and Akizuki line getting 1/4th pen.