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  1. JakeTheSeaSnake

    World of Warships Transformers Collab

    This man is asking the real question.
  2. I am just hoping we can get some of the captains from the last collabs. I want Eugen for my Eugen.
  3. JakeTheSeaSnake

    Asashio Torps

    If you want an Asashio that can hit CAs and DDs and such, just play Warships on console.
  4. JakeTheSeaSnake

    IFHE All Night Long

    I did find all the Moskvas and Stalingrads to be pretty annoying this clan battle season...
  5. JakeTheSeaSnake

    IFHE All Night Long

    So basically Henri shouldn't use it anymore, but Bayard needs IFHE still... *sigh* Looks like I need a new captain for Bayard and De Grasse.
  6. JakeTheSeaSnake

    Starblazers Unite!

    I still need to go back and watch the second season of the remake. Comet Empire was my favorite of the originals.
  7. JakeTheSeaSnake

    Now that Femennenly has left WG..

    Ah, so you where there too huh?
  8. JakeTheSeaSnake

    Forum users are bored / we need a new scandal from WG

    Well I am sure the IFHE rework next patch will give the forum plenty of ammunition.
  9. JakeTheSeaSnake

    Another ship setting sail...

    Sad to see you go Fem, but it was a pleasure to meet you at the USS Turner Joy event. You will be missed.
  10. JakeTheSeaSnake

    No balance in sight

    Oh look, another MEANN CV tread.
  11. JakeTheSeaSnake

    Lert & Mouse's Most Memorable Premiums of 2019

    For the giveaway JakeTheSeaSnake NA Most memorable premium for me: I am gonna have to give it to the Lenin. An incredibly solid battleship with strong armor and very good guns in a comfortable layout. Very tanky and can chunk any ship he comes against. Used Lenin to great effect in T8 Clan battles.
  12. JakeTheSeaSnake

    2019 Secret Santa !

    Man, Capt. Mudd is quite generous this holiday season.
  13. JakeTheSeaSnake

    2019 Secret Santa !

    Kinda spent all my Xmas money already, but Merry Christmas and fair seas to all.
  14. JakeTheSeaSnake

    Vote for the currency of the Hayate is up

    Well I got Smolensk with the Snowflakes, so Thunderer is next on the list.
  15. JakeTheSeaSnake

    Vote for the currency of the Hayate is up

    I said Free Exp because I am trying to still save Coal for Thunderer.