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  1. I am kinda sad that Colbert won't be for coal after all, but at least I could grind up the French Cruisers again and it frees up the coal for Friesland (hopefully).
  2. This trend is going places. Hopefully the trash bin Edit:Ahhh so much Salt
  3. JakeTheSeaSnake

    Eeeeeeeeeeeee ....

    All Dutch men rejoice!
  4. Gimme Gimmegimmegimmegimme
  5. JakeTheSeaSnake

    It happened 77 years ago

    Coral Sea's anniversary is today huh? Guess I am playing my Lex today.
  6. JakeTheSeaSnake

    To those that do, why do you enjoy playing CVs?

    Mainly it is something different from the same surface combat I have been playing since launch. Don't get me wrong, surface combat is still fun, but CV gameplay is a nice change of pace.
  7. JakeTheSeaSnake

    The Hatred for CV's needs to stop.

    Well I for one am in agreement, especially since I was playing my Lexington and an Alaska on the enemy team reminded everyone to report and blacklist the CVs so you don't have to play with them. At least the rest of the players in the game realized that was a kind of a [edited] move.
  8. JakeTheSeaSnake

    Soviet Battleships?

    This is a very intriguing and well put together forum thread. The OP has brought up some good points and counter-points and the paragraphs flow together very well.
  9. JakeTheSeaSnake

    Super Testers & WIP ships in Divisions

    You also realize that CUTE is a pretty good clan too?
  10. JakeTheSeaSnake

    CV play has made the game incredibly boring and unfun.

    Hurr durr CVs bad
  11. JakeTheSeaSnake

    Custom Ship Sandbox

    Just play From the Depths
  12. JakeTheSeaSnake

    Announcing: Anchors Away Tour + FAQ

    I must know when the Turner Joy date is, that's right across the Puget Sound from me!
  13. JakeTheSeaSnake

    When can we expect the next premium release?

    Also while we are on this subject, Irian still needs to be sold for money, Exeter didn't even get a base bundle, and Lazo is super overdue.
  14. JakeTheSeaSnake

    When can we expect the next premium release?

    Dev blog stated that Slava would be the alternate tier 10 along with Kreml, Slava will have 406s and be more long range oriented.
  15. JakeTheSeaSnake

    Your last Die-Hard

    Last Die-Hard was in a Charles Martel when I rammed a lolibote on the A cap on the old Shards.