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  1. JakeTheSeaSnake

    Captain Voice Lines Missing

    While playing today I was noticing certain voice lines where not playing while others did. For example I did not receive any voice lines for when my ship was set on fire, when scoring a citadel hit, when sinking an enemy ship, or when a ship is spotted while in binoculars. Wonder if this is an issue with the micro patch or with my own game files and if other people are having the same issue.
  2. JakeTheSeaSnake

    Some confirmation on the Puerto Rico grind

    Well, since I see that the page is gone and the amount of outrage there has been, perhaps it would be better to wait and see if something changes before automatic construction begins.
  3. So, I have been seeing a lot of math thrown around (and rage as well). I would just like a simple confirmation on the math done for this grind. If you buy the first 2 boosters for daubloons and complete the first three directives to get Groizia, would you have enough points per minute to passively build the rest of the Puerto Rico by the end of the patch?
  4. JakeTheSeaSnake

    ST, European destroyers

    I have to agree that the lack if variety of nations on this line is incredibly disappointing. Even the Pan-Asians which are majority Taiwanese ships has more nation variety than this line. Now these Swedish ships are pretty to look at and I am sure will perform.... but seriously, this variety issues is pretty egregious. I hope they at least consider replacing the paper ships with some other nation's DDs.
  5. JakeTheSeaSnake

    What happened to HMS Indomitable?

    You know I asked the same thing when I was at the Anchors Away event and the CCs there said she was pretty OP.
  6. JakeTheSeaSnake

    Premium Ship Review #134 - Friesland Sneak Peak

  7. JakeTheSeaSnake

    Premium Ship Review #134 - Friesland Sneak Peak

    @Lert please tell me those are Bitterballen in front of you in that pic.
  8. JakeTheSeaSnake

    Visited SS-581 today. USS BLUE BACK

    Ah yes, I too went to Blue Back a couple of years ago, it was pretty cool.
  9. JakeTheSeaSnake

    CV Deplaning -- See it for yourself!

    Careful, I think you just strained a metaphor.
  10. JakeTheSeaSnake

    AA Ships

    Watching Ashk and MEANN argue like
  11. JakeTheSeaSnake

    AA Ships

    I got AA defense expert against two Ryujos in the Huang He. Thought oddly the most planes shot down in a match was 72 in my Henri IV.
  12. JakeTheSeaSnake

    USN Cruiser Premium Ideas

    MFW no one mentions the fact we still don't have Northampton.
  13. I just wish someone would go around and add screenshots to the ships that have blank galleries, that is literally one of my favorite things about the wiki.
  14. JakeTheSeaSnake

    Full Pumpkin Event Statistics

    Sooo, do these kind of event accounts basically have press accounts?
  15. JakeTheSeaSnake

    Has anyone actually killed the filth boss?

    Yes, we even sunk Rasputin with the cooperation of the other 3 teams, then we all tried to escape to the portal together. Lot of good men died to those Khabs.