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  1. Premium Ship Review #100

    I always thought that Conqueror would be more interesting with the 457s, glad you agree. PS, can we get that camo though?
  2. Pan-Asian and ARP Kongo Voiceovers

    Yes I am but Kongo's voice isn't on the list for voiceovers any more and hasn't been even before National + was added
  3. Looking through my game audio settings as well as in game experience I have noticed that not only are the Pan-Asian ships missing their national voiceover, but my ARP Kongo's voiceover has also disappeared. I would like to know if there is any reason for this, if others have had similar issues and if there are any solutions.
  4. Done with battleships

    Lol, Maxi my boi, you just need to stick with them. My BB RNG has been awful these past two weeks, though my aim has also been off, but like people have said, you just gotta keep on chugging. Also Not of has no armor so if a shell goes high of the citadel it is gonna overpen.
  5. What happened to PA DD customizable flags?

    I am just wondering what happened to the voice overs, now the Pan-Asian ships have American voice overs, what's up with that?
  6. Your "Cursed" ship....

    If I had to say which of my ships was cursed right now, I would have to say Grozovoi, not a bad DD but I haven't had him long and have just been constantly caught out in him and sunk or crippled early match.
  7. Move Kutuzov to Tier7

    Nice meme. If you don't want your Kutuzov anymore, I'll take it off your hands.
  8. POLL: Remove BB Reload Horn

    This is the dumbest thing that this forum has complained about.
  9. US Cruiser split news

    Why the face palm? I want to know what the ship looks like, there are no pictures of her on Wargaming's blog, and she is clearly a paper ship so Google searching it won't do anything. Your face palm seems simply unnecessary.
  10. US Cruiser split news

    Finally, a ship named after my home city of Seattle in the game, but what does she look like?
  11. I citadeled a Conqueror in my Yamato at about 15 km, he was completely broadside. Second time was a citadel on a Monarch with my Kii at around 8-10km also broadside.
  12. Black Screen on High Graphics

    Would love to post a screen shot of the issue but there does not appear to be an image upload here
  13. Black Screen on High Graphics

    About a month ago I started having a problem with my game, I switched down to medium settings during a lag spike and when I switched back to high I had a black screen. The UI was showing but everything else was black. I would love to know a fix to this problem.
  14. Yeah as others said, taking a hit doesn't really effect your repair that much, but if you get set on fire or worse start flooding it pretty much negates the heal as now all it is doing is lessening the amount of damage you are taking and you will still come out with a net loss in HP
  15. T4

    Nikolai is stronkest battleship, nothing can get through prowl of pure Stalinium and cruisers cannot repel firepower of that magnitude.