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  1. Yes ok no agrees no worries! :)
  2. My point is simple, post your news BUT why does WG feel the need to incentivise ppl to read the damn thing with a gift. I don't care about all the great things WG is doing, it's simply not as important to me as it evidently is to them so let them read it and give themselves a gift! Sure it seems ungrateful that I don't appreciate a gift that costs WG nothing....
  3. Try reading my post again Mash
  4. Think you are pretty clever hiding a premium in a news post? No this is just annoying, ofc I want the premium day but don't force the player to read your update. I know you think it is important but as a very regular player, I don't care and when you coherce me, I don't read the post at all. point is treat the player base with some respect.
  5. Hulks

    stray torp brings ban?

    Thanks for pointing that out, clearly no friends here. Over and out.
  6. Hulks

    stray torp brings ban?

    I have been in this situation many times, it is so frustrating and I too hold fire. Esp bad in the situation you just described.
  7. Hulks

    stray torp brings ban?

    Thanks for all your replies. You see I only torped one player once. The other infractions were for me playing a BB and having other ships run into me. This often happens at teh start when other BBs esp start firing long range and don't watch where they are going. For example, the other day, a guy broadsided me into an island, I couldn't avoid either him nor the island, he wedged me in!
  8. Hulks

    stray torp brings ban?

    No because it someone sails into you, then you are also tagged as attacking the enemy - blunt instrument. There are plenty of careless and team killer players, I am not one.
  9. Hulks

    stray torp brings ban?

    You guys are speculating, I play DD tier x all the time and do not ordinarily sink my team mates, in fact I warn and communicate my intentions. Nevertheless sometimes some poor sod is so focused on his target that he ignores this. When I launched my torps this players was not on the scene. By the time the torps were long gone, he runs out into the open and stops, sees the torps and then goes but its too late. Again WG is penalizing players for team kill but it wasn't careless nor intentional. I realise some hate DDs, we can kill you very effectively but we are part of the game and when I play other ships I watch out for torps. It's part of situational awareness.
  10. Hulks

    stray torp brings ban?

    Sure but in good faith I fired at the enemy and hit the enemy but a couple kept going, 12km range so then I see a team mate at around 10km mark stop and then he gets hit. This is an accident plain and simple. My point is you are banning me for someone else's lack of awareness.
  11. So I shoot off some fish and a teammate sails into it at 10km, clearly saw it coming but I get banned to co op, how is this fair? I hate team killers too but I am not guilty. this is a blunt instrument (auto ban) WoW you are not making friends here.
  12. Ha well the irony is it is the BBs with all the hit points that hid behind rocks that yell CAP CAP! even when you can see the cap is surrounded by snipers. So often I will cap and lose health only to be run out and then the cap is claimed by the opposition.
  13. Yes except when you or I don't cap immediately the abuse rises and it's too hard to explain!
  14. Is the Shima torp spread worse (meaning more spread out)? It sure looks that way.
  15. Great post!! Pls explain this one: ' Pushing radar cruisers out of position.' ?