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  1. IronBottom24

    Z35 German destroyer guide and tips

    I must admit I have been eyeing this ship lately. I have a T61 that can do quite well so the same commander would work nicely. There is one factor that should not be overlooked in considering its strengths..... people can compare the dpm to other tier Eight dd’s like a Cossack or Benson, Kidd etc but dpm by itself is only a valid measure if one assumes that you hit with most of those shells. I have the Cossack and Benson along with French dd’s etc and with their floaty shells, it is way too easy to miss half of them if your target is dodging actively or more than short ranges. So the EFFECTIVE dpm can be the same or maybe slightly better than some of the “Slow shell firing variety” The other thing I like with the Z35 is that the short duration greater number smokes gives a lot more relief from planes from WGaming’s anointed God class in the current meta. In fact, I hardly play my other German dd’s other than the T61 because you can’t afford to waste smokes for many airplane strikes when you only have three. Personally, I think this ship is a good one for the line considering that the Germans have been languishing for so long in game.
  2. IronBottom24

    Oland Config

    I have been enjoying my Oland. At first I built it for maximum torpedo speed/reload time and played about twenty matches with it that way. I did ok...ish... set up that way but honestly it felt unsatisfying. To me the problem was that in matches where there were only a couple of dd’s and no carriers in the match my team needed someone to cap. It seems like the current player base has become so used to sitting back and letting dd’s cap while they snipe from range or behind islands that if I didn’t cap the other team would wind up getting so far ahead on caps/points that we would often lose. The problem was that when you go in to cap (carefully and with an escape planned) you stand a good chance of running into the red team’s dd. In situations like that good gun power is a lot more useful than torps. The other day, I re-specked my upgrades and captain skills for maximum GUN power. (Faster turret traverse, reload speed, and demo expert). Now I am enjoying the ship a whole lot more. I can do the role of a dd better in map control and feel like I can keep up with the dpm of most tier 8 did,s and even a few tier 9’s. It seems like most of the time with careful kiting away while firing and heading for the island that was my planned escape point I can trade evenly on damage. Fortunately, the Oland’s heal can get a bit of the health back that the other dd probably can’t. Plus an added bonus is my already strong AA is buffed even more with the Faster gun reload speed. I have had matches where I’ve. Shot down thirty plus planes. But with the Oland, I have also experienced a bit of a learning curve. The lack of smoke makes it a bit tough to dis-engage from a gun fight and that has bit me a few times. This however can be mitigated a bit by not running the extra firing range module. The standard range is far enough for most gun battles without the longer gun bloom detection range making dis-engaging take too long. Overall, having done both torp and gun builds now, I can say the boat just feels better with better guns and I am gonna keep it that way.
  3. IronBottom24

    Yahagi Review w/ TLDR

    Boy Sabot, you raised a good but troubling point. I really hope that you are not correct in that only the better players are bothering to play this ship and thereby distorting its TRULY ROTTEN characteristics. I played it in enough random games to work off the 25 experience point bonus matches it came with. WOW, I actually got citadelled by a CLEMSON! I was one salvo deleted from full health by BB's (three separate times) that were beyond my range to fire back AND I WAS EVEN NEARLY BOW ON TO THEM! I had just came from player support where I had filed a complaint and a request for a refund on this ship. I had already played it so I really did not expect them to refund my money. I was at least hoping though that WarGaming would have responded something like.. Thank you for the input, we will reevaluate and/or adjust this ships characteristics to better balance it. Unbelievably though, I got a polite but utterly patronizing response telling me that I have to play my ships strengths to better match my opponents weaknesses.... Unbelievable, Like I was a rookie at this... Anyway, I really hope that WG adjusts this ship because Of the forty plus ships that I have , this one is truly a turd. Honestly, if they were to at least increase the shell velocities so the arcs would be more like its tier 4 sister Yubari, One could at least damage something now and then before being promptly deleted.
  4. IronBottom24


    I too sprung for the paid version mainly for the xp boost missions. In Co-op games I have done pretty well however in 21 random games my win rate is around 7 wins and 14 losses. (I keep a log) This is way less than my overall 53% average win rate. My captain for this by the way is 17 points with most of the best skills. I find that my normal cap control/scouting style of play usually gets you killed early because the speed which is supposed to compensate for no smoke is useless if your engine get knocked out. (and yes I have last stand) The re-load booster on the guns helps somewhat but lasting only 10 seconds also falls short. Lately I have tried playing it like I would a Yubari or an Omaha and shooting more at range but even this kinda sucks because the lazy shells are more likely to hit satellites in orbit than anything smaller than a BB at long range. If your speed boost is on cool down, it is the slowest tier V dd period... speed boost flag a must every match. Honestly, I regret spending my money on this thing. Which is a shame because I love my Aigle, but the no-smoke thing really ruins the play for this boat as a dd for me. I'll keep on trying as more experience in it might help a bit but It is no Nicholas that's for sure. Just my opinion
  5. IronBottom24

    Z-39 is BEAST

    I too do not seem to have much success with the Z39: my favorite mode of play is operations. It seem like they have got the bots so fine tuned in recent patches that it is a bit tough to getorp hits: It almost seems like the AI “cheats” and starts the target turning the moment you launch. The guns seem ok to me but not outstanding. Bots tend to come at you head on so AP is situational. Also I have noticed that AP tends to overpen nearly all dd’s and most same tier or lower cruisers. I hit a Dallas yesterday with a perfect 4 hit broadside just slightly above the waterline amidships. Got 4 overpens and minimal damage. i was close too, only3 to 4 kms away. I was contemplating selling it actually and moving the 17 point captain in it back to the Maass where he came from. It would almost be worth it to give up the premium bonus just to get a descent rof back again. Does anyone else feel the same way about this ship?
  6. IronBottom24

    Exeter Review

    I have an addendum to my comments yesterday. Played 10 more games in Random to finish the exeter events. Had 6 losses and four wins. The ship itself in my opinion is not great but not too bad if you play with a certain play style. Yesterday I seamed to have a bad run of teammates who were "less skilled" (potatoes). I'd go in towards a cap with 2 or three ships in support and my teamates tended to bug out as soon as any fire began. This ship is terribly unforgiving of being anywhere alone. also the rate of fire is so bad that if you are caught by almost any other ship at close range, you are pretty much toast unless they are dumb enough to run into one of your 3 torps or give you perfect braodsides. I had a one vs one encounter on 3 occasions with ships with similar amounts of health left and tier 5's. A Omaha, a Okhotnik and a Konigsberg. In all three cases I died long before being able to kill them. In the case of the Okhotnick, I almost killed him but was forced to run away leaving only 2 slow guns aft to shoot with. (that dd can fire 12 torps but only to 4.5 kms so you cant allow him to get close). The problem with slow rate of fire, big gun ships is that any misses hurt you worse than misses by ships with a high rate of fire. In summary if you dont mind hanging in the rear firing at max range in support of a larger group then this ship can be fun and make a contribution to winning. Unfortunately, personally that kind of passive play style is just not to my liking.
  7. IronBottom24

    Exeter Review

    Thanks for the review but....... For background, I've been playing this game for over two years. I have more than 20 premium ships and forty ships in port total. Of all of them I have never been as dissapointed with any ship as much as I have been with the Exeter. (although the Campeltown is close) The rate of fire is just so pathetic that in the tier 7 matches this ship so often sees, it just gets eaten alive. I would rather play the Graff Spee which has similar characteristics. At least that one has enough torps to be useful. Despite the opinions of the OP, The only thing I've had good luck with in this ship is shooting down aircraft. I do have a 16 point captain in it currently with the Captain skill that buffs the R.O F of small caliber guns 10% (forget what it's called) and I usually run the signal flag for AA buff. So I had no trouble accumulating the 30 A/C shot down for the first stage of the Exeter event. I saw a "review" on you tube where a community contributer who I usually like went gushing over on how overpowered this ship was. Well I think that WG must have seen it because they Nerfed the crap out of this thing from its test version. I really hope WG buffs the R.O F on this thing soon (even 1 second would help) or give us the smoke capability back or something. My usual win rating in random has been running around 54% but so far out of the 20 or so matches I've been in with this, have only won two. Sorry to come off as a whiner, but this is what my experience has been.
  8. Question..... I played my first game in the Ernst Gaede today. I was trying to cap C, but backed out when a red DD smoked up who was allready in there. Well I allowed myself to be bullied by the cruisers behind me in chat telling me to "do my job" so I went back in and survived all of twenty seconds.... Anyway I popped the Hydroacoustic search function expecting to be able to see into the smoke screen or see the red ships on the mini-map or something but nothing. I got the weird sound but no help at all. I know someone was in there because I got one shot killed by a Fiji who was in there. so what does that function supposed to do. It seemed useless to me. Thanks in advance for any help. Robert