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    Z-39 is BEAST

    I too do not seem to have much success with the Z39: my favorite mode of play is operations. It seem like they have got the bots so fine tuned in recent patches that it is a bit tough to getorp hits: It almost seems like the AI “cheats” and starts the target turning the moment you launch. The guns seem ok to me but not outstanding. Bots tend to come at you head on so AP is situational. Also I have noticed that AP tends to overpen nearly all dd’s and most same tier or lower cruisers. I hit a Dallas yesterday with a perfect 4 hit broadside just slightly above the waterline amidships. Got 4 overpens and minimal damage. i was close too, only3 to 4 kms away. I was contemplating selling it actually and moving the 17 point captain in it back to the Maass where he came from. It would almost be worth it to give up the premium bonus just to get a descent rof back again. Does anyone else feel the same way about this ship?
  2. IronBottom24

    Exeter Review

    I have an addendum to my comments yesterday. Played 10 more games in Random to finish the exeter events. Had 6 losses and four wins. The ship itself in my opinion is not great but not too bad if you play with a certain play style. Yesterday I seamed to have a bad run of teammates who were "less skilled" (potatoes). I'd go in towards a cap with 2 or three ships in support and my teamates tended to bug out as soon as any fire began. This ship is terribly unforgiving of being anywhere alone. also the rate of fire is so bad that if you are caught by almost any other ship at close range, you are pretty much toast unless they are dumb enough to run into one of your 3 torps or give you perfect braodsides. I had a one vs one encounter on 3 occasions with ships with similar amounts of health left and tier 5's. A Omaha, a Okhotnik and a Konigsberg. In all three cases I died long before being able to kill them. In the case of the Okhotnick, I almost killed him but was forced to run away leaving only 2 slow guns aft to shoot with. (that dd can fire 12 torps but only to 4.5 kms so you cant allow him to get close). The problem with slow rate of fire, big gun ships is that any misses hurt you worse than misses by ships with a high rate of fire. In summary if you dont mind hanging in the rear firing at max range in support of a larger group then this ship can be fun and make a contribution to winning. Unfortunately, personally that kind of passive play style is just not to my liking.
  3. IronBottom24

    Exeter Review

    Thanks for the review but....... For background, I've been playing this game for over two years. I have more than 20 premium ships and forty ships in port total. Of all of them I have never been as dissapointed with any ship as much as I have been with the Exeter. (although the Campeltown is close) The rate of fire is just so pathetic that in the tier 7 matches this ship so often sees, it just gets eaten alive. I would rather play the Graff Spee which has similar characteristics. At least that one has enough torps to be useful. Despite the opinions of the OP, The only thing I've had good luck with in this ship is shooting down aircraft. I do have a 16 point captain in it currently with the Captain skill that buffs the R.O F of small caliber guns 10% (forget what it's called) and I usually run the signal flag for AA buff. So I had no trouble accumulating the 30 A/C shot down for the first stage of the Exeter event. I saw a "review" on you tube where a community contributer who I usually like went gushing over on how overpowered this ship was. Well I think that WG must have seen it because they Nerfed the crap out of this thing from its test version. I really hope WG buffs the R.O F on this thing soon (even 1 second would help) or give us the smoke capability back or something. My usual win rating in random has been running around 54% but so far out of the 20 or so matches I've been in with this, have only won two. Sorry to come off as a whiner, but this is what my experience has been.