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  1. CommodoreChandler

    For God Sakes, FIX RADAR PLEASE

    He's right, Radar has become a huge problem.. I've been in games where there were 3 Radar Ships Divisioned up, and they do Back to back to back radaring behind islands... making the DDs job of spotting right next to impossible. Something has to be Done, Radar NEEDS To be Line of Sight in order to detect anything. That's how it was in WW2, that's how it is today, and That's how it should be in the game. Radar is a cheap magic trick that doesn't work the way that it should. It's OP and it MUST Be nerfed to At Least Line of Sight to spot anything within it's radar spotting range. Why the Dev.s don't realize this is beyond me. Radar in the past was alright because there wasn't a lot of ships with radar then. Now, Most Cruisers have it or can have it, which means that almost every battle, High Tier DDs will have to deal with probably 2-4 Radar ships on the Red team; making the DD Gameplay not fun and enjoyable as the game strives to be. Radar MUST CHANGE.
  2. CommodoreChandler

    Is MISSOURI coming back?

    Maybe one day.. But I'm pretty sure it won't be a free xp ship, more than likely a coal/steel ship. But hold onto that free xp, I'm certain the USS Alaska will be a free xp ship.
  3. CommodoreChandler

    T8 Operation Suggestion: Casablanca

    Thank you.
  4. CommodoreChandler

    Add "I've been detected" hot-key.

    What the developers could do is LET US pick what our hot keys are from a long list.. smoking, spotted, firing Torpedoes, someone radar, I’ve been lit by radar, watch my Torpedoes, sorry about that(for ramming) and much much more. Letting us pick our own hot keys from a list would give us more power and tools.
  5. CommodoreChandler

    T8 Operation Suggestion: Casablanca

    Put it on a pigeon suggestion thread, hope he sees it, thanks. :)
  6. CommodoreChandler

    New Indianapolis Camo Idea

    I want Alabama to have her Measure 32 camo since Massachusetts has her Measure 22 camo.
  7. It won’t be random if you have the ability to filter out certain ships. You just have to learn to play smarter against the CV your facing.
  8. CommodoreChandler

    T8 Operation Suggestion: Casablanca

    Thank you, and Thank you. How do I do that? lol.
  9. Most of us have Seen this Video, but for those who haven't, please watch it on Youtube. Now then.. I have Two Ideas, Ones an Operation, and the Other is a new Option for us Players. Idea 1: T8 Operation Casablanca I love the Idea of Being able to feel like a Captain of a warship, and having to react the same way the Captain in real life did, and feeling the pressure. Thats pretty Much In all of the Operations. I'd like to Have a Operation Casablanca, the one that USS Massachusetts was in, except with a few minor differences.. Minor Difference 1(MD1): You can Bring any T8 Warship into this Operation, Cleveland, Kidd, Benson, Baltimore, NC, Alabama, And of Course Massachusetts and much much more. MD2: You know how there is a Shchors in Operation Aegis leading the Attack? Well, I'd like it if we could Include US Heavy Cruiser Wichita, (CA~45), as a Lead ship in this Operation, along WIth US Benham Class Destroyers: Mayrant(DD~402), and Rhind(DD~404). There was an Aircraft Carrier in the Fight, and believe it or not, it was the USS Ranger, and I'd like it if she was in the fight as either an Escort or Healing ship that Advances as the fight goes on. Also, Jean Bart was in Port with only 1 Quad Gun Mount on her Bow, and I'd LOVE it if the game could actually represent this.. And only Having one Gun on her rather than having all guns with one one firing. Now to my 2nd Idea: Single Barrel Simi Fire. Before you ask, "What's "Single Barrel Simi Fire,"" Please go to the video, and go to 7:02.. I Like how the Guns, or barrels, fire that way, Instead of One Main gun battery firing at a time, One Barrel fires at a time.. I love that. I realize some people will prefer the old method, and that fine, Here's my thought on how to get it in the game.. Make it a new setting in the fight.. For example, you can turn it On or Off like AA and Secondarys(P), a Notification will tell you that you have it off on your Interface like it does with AA and Secondarys. Pretty simple. I know this Operation would be a lot like Operation Killer Whale, But with T8 ships.. but who doesn't love history? I'd love to be in Big Mamie during that fight, or even a Cleveland Class Cruiser. I hope you All love the Ideas, Have a good one.
  10. CommodoreChandler

    Clan Flag

    Have you ever wanted to fly a Flag that represents the Great Clan that your in? I have. The Flag could be designed by the clan, then sent out to everyone in the clan. The Flags Benefits would be determined on the previous Clan Battles season. Finishing in Leag A gets you -40% off repair, Finishing in Leag B gets you -30% off Repair and so on (I'll let WG decide the Benefits, those were just made up examples) Hope you all like it!
  11. CommodoreChandler

    Clan Port

    You also could have the Option to turn that off though.
  12. CommodoreChandler

    differentiate Salem a bit.

    That Fire chance is, I call that Fire Chance a little OP, Bring it down to 20%, but everything else is good. I'd like it if she could Turn Fast, very fast as well, making her a open water cruiser.
  13. CommodoreChandler

    differentiate Salem a bit.

    Give her premium economy, slightly better fire Chance(20% MAX), and better deck armor, then she will be worth the coal.
  14. CommodoreChandler

    Massachusetts AA Broken OP

    T6 planes vs T8 US South Dakota Battleship, who do you thinks gonna win??? My Money's on the Big One.