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  1. Wargaming community be like "but those guys are the 1% unicum CV players. These are isolated games not the average. CVs are fine AA is OP"
  2. I can't understand why the wargaming community is always harsh on top player feedback, and calling their performances "out of the norm" and refuse to want game balance to be based on said performances. Good players have better understandings of game mechanics, and are able to show what something is capable of much more so than an average or below average player. I'm not sure why this is such a difficult concept to understand. Yes, this is a PvP game. And PvP games are balanced around the better players. That's how it works, and it's that way for a very good reason. The wargaming community always seems to resent this concept, and it makes no sense at all. Wonder why mechanics etc always seem to be dumbed down? This is why. I mean come on people, this even applies to every day life. If you want facts and knowledge on how something works, you talk to the people who are experienced about it. It's common sense
  3. Braize

    Crazy Talk..... How Im dealing with the New CVs

    Oh I know answer to this. It didn't work.
  4. Braize

    Over Penetration??? wth IS THAT???

    Overpens are just a garbage mechanic to add as much rng to the game as possible. Sometimes you hit for 1350 damage, other times you blap the poor fool for over 15k. For dds, however, once upon a time they did have citadels. Let's just say there's a reason why this is no longer the case
  5. Do you even think before you post? Balance in any game never revolves around potato players. This has never ever been the case, so why are you trying to argue otherwise? This "spot on play" is the norm. CV is very very easy to play, and you are trying to tell me that the average player is incapable of torp spamming and pressing the f key? Buffs and nerf are decided by the capability of the item in question. It's that simple.
  6. Yeah man, because we should be taking advice from shitters instead, right? Makes sense..... You really didn't think this through, did ya?
  7. Uhhhh..... You must be new here. Or maybe you have yet to play the current rework. Or maybe you are just bad at the game. Or maybe you are just trolling. At any rate, it has been proven, and you are wrong. Yes, flak is easy to dodge and there is nothing funny about it.
  8. Braize

    Lets Talk about Ranked

    The only change was to its sigma value, which only went up by .2, and it really doesn't matter regardless. I can have good games in an izumo as well, but that doesn't take from the fact that it is by far the inferior battleship for reasons already stated above. The Izumo simply offers nothing, and is outperformed by every other battleship except for maybe the Iowa. Which is also a trash ship.
  9. Braize

    Lets Talk about Ranked

    The izumo in no way competes with the other rampant amount of premium BBs that plague ranked. The FDG is garbage as per usual as well, but at least it brings hydro. Izumo does none of this, and has always been a trash ship since beta.
  10. Braize

    CV Insane Damage

    People also used to say that the Khab wasn't overpowered, because good players were putting up big numbers with it. How did that go again?
  11. Braize

    CV Insane Damage

    Uhhhh... I'm guessing that gaming is a new thing to you? Absolutely do nerfs happen because good players can dominate with said character/mechanic/class etc. In fact it's usually the very basis for nerfs. Take games like League for example. Skillshot champions are always the hardest to balance, because good players are typically able to land their skillshot combos, making said champion overpowered, dispite the skill involved for doing so. They constantly see nerfs because of this. CVs are the same way, and they are MUCH easier to play now than they used to be. Also keep in mind that people posting damage numbers, should also be adding all the spotting damage to their totals as well. So yes, something being overpowered in the hands of a good player absolutely means it's overpowered
  12. Braize

    CV Insane Damage

    I rarely played CVs before. Tried the rework and it is total easy mode. CV completely take control of the game, worse than before. This also makes things such as secondary builds or taking hydro etc obsolete. Play full AA in an AA boat, or get rekt.
  13. Braize

    So what games are people going to now?

    Vermintide 2. Bide the time until total war 3 kingdoms is released next month.
  14. Braize


    You must be a real blast at parties
  15. And subs torpedoes can go through islands. Just like radar does in real life