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  1. Braize

    Kelber - Is something wrong

    it really doesn't matter. French dds are pointless, and everyone knew this looooong ago. Speed is not a defense. Just ask anyone who used to play russian DDs. Sure it's good at first, sure you live a little longer than you normally would, but eventually the playerbase is going to get you dialed in. Making your "speed defense" 100% worthless. AP from battleships? Of course. Why would a BB ever use HE against a DD? It doesn't work, it's been proven that it doesn't work. More often than not, your HE will hit a mod and do no damage, or little damage. Despite the "nerf," it's better to use AP against destroyers. This works even better against armored DDs, such as the Khab/etc, because yes, you can actually pen those DDs and do dev strikes. Sooooo yeah, that's why AP works. That's why nobody cares about your speed. If you are playing a DD without smoke, you are going to get rekt. Now throw CVs in the mix. Just do like everyone else is doing, and play Harus
  2. Braize


    Then they are just bad players, and don't matter. Smolensk is broken OP, just like all these new super premium money grab ships they have released the past couple months. Nerf? Nah, won't happen. Premiums don't get nerfed because nerfed ships don't make money.
  3. Well he also said that battleship artillery isn't as good as cruiser artillery, so there's that
  4. Braize

    Submarines - Make or Break for WoWS future

    Sure it is, he's saying it's our fault that something [edited] happened to something we liked. Or maybe you're just simply not open minded enough to see the comparison. I'm going with the latter judging by your number of posts, compared to your number of games played. I'm also guessing you were one of the people who defended that disaster that was forced onto the playerbase as well. And ultimately, subs will be no different. We all know it. But I guess all we do is "throw tantrums"
  5. Braize

    Submarines - Make or Break for WoWS future

    You say this as if its the player's fault. I tell you what man, how about I go kick your dog. Then when you throw a "tantrum" about it, I'll just mock you for not being able to handle it.
  6. IJN. No other line is viable. Aka/Kit/Hara are the best gunboats in the game. So there's your gun line. And no explanation is needed on the IJN torp line. So there's your torp boats.
  7. Yet the isokaze was also nerfed because it was stomping lower tiers. Kinda like how CVs are now. And I guess you were MIA during the whole carrier rework, because I'm pretty sure everyone was very very VERY vocal about that disaster
  8. Noticed this as well. Low tier CVs are stomping just like the old days. Why wargaming just can't accept the fact that this broken class can never be balanced in a game like this is beyond me.
  9. I killed one in 2 volleys with the des meems by using AP right up its butt from 12km. The thing gets rekt at every angle by every ship. Also, any BB player worth his salt knows how to deal with fires. I took about 200k damage in my last Kremlin game. If they want to pad their stats by HE farming battleships, then whatever. It won't win them games aside from spamming noobs. Such as the Republic who decided to park right in front of a smolensk, then proceeded to complain about it.... Personally, I don't see the draw. Because you are easily killable, you're forced to camp like a sissy, and literally never be spotted, or you die. The only people you can kill and farm, are noobs. Actually now that I think about it, there are plenty of noobs to shred at tier 10, so I'll just get me one too and play along.
  10. Braize

    How is the new MM working out?

    Running into a lot of full tier 10 games. Counted 18 unique ships in my last game even. Aside from that, my Georgia seems to be getting in more tier 7 games than it ever has before. I don't feel that premium ships should ever be top tier. Still, overall the tiering is headed into the right direction
  11. Coal inflation is not a thing, I really wish people would quit using this term like it applies in this game, because it doesn't. I cannot buy coal from other players who have coal to spare. In turn, They cannot auction off their coal to me, or anyone else. It doesn't matter how much supply is out there, if the demand has no access to it.
  12. Braize

    why is detonation a mechanic

    Yeah this game is totally like real life. I suppose now you're going to tell me that radar goes through mountains, and hydro acoustics go through islands
  13. Braize

    All this fuss over just one player?

    Sounds right to me. Your Yamato cannot spot enemy ships. And this here really is, and has been the ultimate issue with CVs. They just simply cannot be balanced in a game like this, because spotting is too invaluable. The key component that doesn't get shown on the stats screen, or is credited, is spotting damage. No stat screen can show you how many times a DDs torp run got shut down because he was spotted early. Or how many times a cruiser got blapped, who's only "mistake" was that the CVs plane spotted him. Personally I'd rather just see ships that are spotted by the CV be just shown on the minimap rather than be a targetable ship, but I suppose that's another topic. Still, many players have lived in the days where CVs were putting up insane numbers, and I don't think anyone wants to relive that nightmare again. So here we go again, and again, trying to force a "mechanic" in a game where it just simply doesn't fit in. And I'm sure this has already been said multiple times before, but we're all going to be having these same discussions about submarines.
  14. Braize

    What is this NONSENSE that WG Insists on Doing?

    It doesnt matter if it's possible. Gratz, you have a bad team. The point is that that there is simply no reason for it in the first place. And yes, there is a huge power gap between 8 and 10. So why play an 8 when you can just play a 10? Tier 10s are already the best ships in the game, and now we're getting tier 10 premiums... There is no reason why these ships need to be blapping tier 8s. None.