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  1. So tier 6 captain will stay tier 6, same for tier 7 and 8 with the assumption that they will be 100% trained with those existing skills. And the new ship (for me, since I have the Cleveland, Pensacola, and New Orleans, so the Baltimore will be new for me) will have a new captain with some skills that are not allocated. Makes sense....
  2. Ah, interesting! I currently have in my port the Cleveland, Pensacola, and New Orleans. So post change, I will retain them but changed into the proper tier, plus I would then get the Baltimore (Tier 9) and one slot. So what will really happen to my existing captains that are 10+ point per ship? The ship dynamics will change, so the targeted captain skills for that ship may demand a change. Will we be able to reallocate those skills without paying for it?
  3. But what will happen to the existing captain's and their skills for the current Cleveland, Pensacola, and New Orleans? I have them all with 10+ point captains... Just like the National Inquirer, inquiring minds want to know!
  4. Really odd. On my mac,strange things are happening. Fore example, during a match, Finder opens, iTunes opens and wants credentials. Calendar opens and want login, inflo, ... This is resent.. So many odd things. The game is almost unplayable So what are my options? uninstall and reinstall? Get a PC and not a mac? That is now a serious consideration,
  5. Everybody has a base core technique or Order of Battle that they use in each match. My skills are more in line with a DD gunboat, so the US and German DD's fit well, with torps second. Now that does not mean to immediately start shelling anything you see. Use guns when it works and you don't die quickly. Use torps to ambush or range spam, and don't die quickly either. Think about your skills, your play style. Yes, to cap is important. To defend a cap is important. to fight of the red team from capping a point is important. To stay alive is important. To cause harm and fear in the red team is important. Detect the red team and stay concealed is important. Do not sacrifice yourself by not keeping your skills always in mind, location of all the detected red team ships, awareness of your team ships locations.... Play your play-style. Improve it. Expand what you can do. And most important, enjoy and have fun!
  6. what about the Pensacola? I currently have PT, EM, and DE. I have 2 available points and will soon get my third for level 4 level skill. The EM skill really helps on the Pensacola. The IFHE 4 point skill looks very interesting with strong benefits, as does CE. CE can hide you if you are not firing, which is a good thing. But IFHE looks to add more damage because of the penetration bonus. If that is the case, then I will probably get IFHE. More damage is always a good thing, but the ability to hide via concealment when trying to run away is also a life saver.
  7. U.S. Cruiser line split.

    Very well stated about the Cleveland in higher tier matches. So very true. You can only stick with HE, as the AP arching fire will not pen the higher tiers at range. Sitting duck. It would be nice if WG would allow you to re-select the captain skills for each of the ships (if you have one or the other, or both) for free..
  8. U.S. Cruiser line split.

    I reciently reactivated my Cleveland, and building my captain. I did have the Pensacola, and have its history so I can buy it again (just like I did with the Cleveland). Have the New Orleans, and don't know if I like it or not. Love the Cleveland! Realized my tactics sucked when I first marched up the line to NO. Better tactics now... Looking forward to the change! Plus a potential additional port slot added!
  9. Interesting possibilities. But will they give us an additional port slot with this change? I can only hope....
  10. I am starting to play (again) the Cleveland, have one skill (Priority Target) and am getting close for my second skill. The turret rotation on the Cleveland is pretty good, so I will probably not get Expert Marksman. I will focus on getting the 4 point Concealment Expert.
  11. IF (and I do mean if with an emphasis) you have the ability to safely charge the DD with another DD or a cruiser by concealment of another island (so you are not detected), If you are detected, then move away out of range. To combat the hidden DD, you will need to figure out where it is, detect it, then kill it. If it puts you at too much risk, move out of its firing range.
  12. After digging through my mistakes for DD captain skills, I would like to get the skinny on what are good cruiser captain skills to have? Yes, there is a different option depending upon country and tier. Common sense selections are PRIORITY TARGET (1), BASIC OF SURVIVEABILITY (3), CONCEALMENT EXPERT (4), and possibility of VIGILANCE (3) and DEMO EXPERT. So what are the foundation skills that would work for the first four or five skills selected that would be generic to have? I appreciate you feedback.
  13. US DD Captain Skills

    After deep thought and thinking about it, this is what I think a good first four Captain Skills to be selected. I believe that this will support many of your suggestions: Priority Target (1 point) - displays if you are detected, and how many are spotting you. Last Stand (2 points) - Allows engine and rudder to function if disabled by a shot or two (or three). Really important as it will keep the DD running and maneuvering, not a sitting duck. Basics of Survivability (3 points) - and additional 350 HP per level of ship you have. This will keep you alive longer. Concealment Expert (4 points) - to hide is important, to have a better detection range (for you to be detected) can be a huge life saver! So after that, it depends upon your ship and country, and if you are going to use that captain in your progression up the food chain. For US, Basic Firing Training (3) or Torp Expertise (3) are really good to have. Superintendent (3) is important as it increases the number of smoke and engine boost, a rather nice skill to have. After that, a free for all for what you think is good. So, for those thinking about DD Captain Skills, go ahead and ask. There are many on the form that will answer with good advice.
  14. Again, I am having the problem where I am unable to use the left mouse button to fire the main guns or the torps. It just will not fire. First game, ok, 2nd game, a few problems. 3rd game, 100% unable to fire the weapons when I need it. Missed 2 easy kills, and instead, got killed. The game is unplayable. Yes, there was a bit of lag and a high ping rate. But still, my son was on my network using his WIndows 10 laptop, and no problems in the same match. Very unplayable. I can not affoard to get a WIndows PC, so I just may have to stop playing WoW. I have the same problem with WoT. This just adds to my frustration of playing in the higher tiers and getting stomped.
  15. Do you also play World of Tanks? If so, does the issue repeat itself there in WoT? I have something called the Study Utility, developed by a Mac WoT user. It will properly clean your Mac among other things. I will upload it here and hopefully you can download it. Moderator, you may want to check this out as well. If you think it is a good utility, you may want to post it and pin it for the rest of the Mac community. Studly Utility.zip