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  1. Interesting observation! I am a big fan of teamwork, fleet operations, not just hide and plink (CL/CA are my preferred ships with DD's second). Sailing in support of the BB's as a fleet, and not leaving them behind is a standard fleet tactic. As a vet, teamwork was survival. I and my fellow brothers in arms are alive because of it. Yes, with the changes, an AA build may be a critical requirement on CA's and CL's. I have herd that Expert Marksman has changed not to increase distance, but only Flak damage. I hope it remains unchanged. Flamu presented his experience with thoughtful analysis on the potential AA captain skill changes. So for me, a 10 point CA or CL will not use Concealment but Expert Marksman for the extra AA range. Hopefully, those Captain skills will not be nurffed! So, I will wait and see if or what the Captain skills changes are. No need to panic. Let's wait for the reality to be presented. I do thank you for your reply.
  2. Thank you, NJROC! I am in a limited income situation, but the thought of getting a nice Windows laptop is very attractive. There are just way too many software limitations (in comparison for gaming, that is). Yes, getting the wrapper updated from WIn 7 to Win 10 would be a major improvement, and I can't wait for that to happen. Yesterday, I launched an Operation using my Tier 7 Fiji (UK CL). So what happened? 1) Launched and Authenticated to WoW 2) selected Operations, selected my Fiji. Entered the operations. 3) began the Operation. Sank a DD, damaged badly another CL, and FREEZE! Laptop 100% frozen. 4) power off, power on, launch game, re connection after authentication, and the client crashed again. 5) reboot, launch game, reconnected, connected to the game, FREEZE! 6) power off, power on, launch, reconnected, connected, saw mission screen, FREEZE! 7) power off, power on, launch, reconnected, back to port, saw game results. So I can only play against bots without it acting this way. Settings are all on low, registry updated. I am not pleased after so may hours and battles.
  3. I have viewed several videos with commentaries on planes, aircraft generation, flak, other AA defenses, Captain Skill changes (to capabilities, etc) as it relates to AA skills, and overall game play. So I approve of making changes to CV's game play by addressing plane type usage, plane generation, etc. I am NOT a fan of changing the Captain skills to support the CV game play. Some of us will then need to pay to re-select the captain skills because of this change (my big issue). Could this be an over powered change to the benefit of the CV's? Possible... If there are two CV's in a match and they coordinate their attacks, the existence and impact of DD's are now in question (if they become the focus by the CV players). The ability to survive by other classes as well will be a challenge. Flamu and Noser, two very influential and respected commentators on youtube (and very good players and were part of the beta testing) have spoken of grave concerns about the drastic overall changes. They both gave warnings to Wargaming. Their concern is therefore my concern. I will wait and see. Let the warnings be kept to see the realty of the execution of the changes. So I suggest that we not panic, but be aware of the potential for good or bad. Let's not panic. Am I concerned? yes. In a panic? no. Wait for the reality? Yes! That is the wise path, not the path of panic. (or insults to those who disagree with a difference of opinion or concern).
  4. Noster in one of his videos spoke about the dummy-down of may AA based captain skills. I do hope that this will be addressed so they will have the current viability.
  5. I just watched a video on youtube by Noster about the AA build options. They are not just changing the CV's, but how we can defend against them. They are drastically changing the captain skills. I suggest we watch his video. Here is a link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jIHKU0c1Z_o He goes into details about what they are changing, skill by skill. Now I am even more concerned than before! Wargaming, please take notice of so many major concerns!
  6. It will be a time of celebration!
  7. IF this change actually stays with a few tweeks, I see many of us being forces to re-select the captain skills to be more of a AA build, with upgrade modules to support a full-scope AA warship. We would go away from a build to be a superior surface combat with normal AA ship and captain build. Does CV play need a change? Yes. Should this update cause drastic changes to the rest of the fleet in how we spec out Captains and ships? No. But will it?? Yes. I currently have a Mac, and that has its own major problems. The game is almost unplayable as it crashes or freezes in every single type of match, except bots. So to add this change without a proper public test, as in only Special Operations (make it available for several months, collect game play feedback, etc) makes a ton of sense. Please Wargaming, implement a proof of concept as an operation. The below 3 points of action for CV Proof of Concent Operaations make sense to remove a huge potential negative impact. 1. Make a few different maps (nice to do) 2. Tier match for CV's and others, to manage the tier level testing. Maybe 2 weeks per tier?? 3. Keep the CV Proof of Concept Operation on until a majority of the unhealthy is addressed and tested, and then release it into normal game play. So, with the Mac client problems, until the Mac client is professionally addressed so it is a stable solution, I will NOT 1) purchase a premium account. 2) purchase a premium ship 3) purchase anything else from Wargaming If this change brings the horror that so many are concerned about, I do believe that many players will leave the game. That would be sad as it used to be stable and fun game to play. Combine an unstable client to this change with the assumed CV dominant game play, Wargaming may have made a series of very poor business decisions that will have a significant negative effect on their revenue and player base.
  8. JAKeller, I see the same traits in client crashing as you do. And yes, it increases with the higher the tier, and the higher the challenge (from bots to operations). My graphics will start to go a little dysfunctional (odd colors, etc) is a huge indication that my client is about to freeze my laptop. It will also freeze at end of game before the results/score screens are presented. I also watch a much higher ping rate surge. I can only play against bots for 2 or 3 matches before it crashes. It will always crash during operations and normal matches. Only twice have I been able to play a full match in Ranked. This is simply not acceptable. The only good solution is for Wargaming to create a Mac client. It is possible that the US WoW server needs a bigger pipe to address networking or increasing processing and memory capabilities (suggest Wargaming server and network folks take a serious look/monitor into at higher server loads). So how can I play my Buffalo to get the Tier 10 US CA?? I cant. Where in this discussion of the major issues with the Mac client is there justification to purchase a Premium account or a Premium ship? There is none. I just hope that a fix is in the works, A real and proper solution.
  9. Texas_Vet

    Buffalo — American Tier IX cruiser.

    Only played it a few times. Has potential, but has more drawbacks the benefits. It actually works well when used like a German heavy cruiser (CA) over a USA CA (good HE at range) with very good AP.
  10. Texas_Vet

    New Orleans — American Tier VII cruiser.

    Love the AP. Good rate of fire, can do a ton of damage! But just about everything can get a citadel hit. Don't show your broadside, always wiggle!
  11. I do hope that there will be a significant improvement in the next release. Today, on 6 Dec, I logged in, and launched an Operation for My tier 6 Leander. About 3/4 through the operation, my client crashed. I had sunk 3 ships and did about 90K of damage. Then the client crashed. I then: No client process visible, so relaunched the client. It failed on 8 login attempts. Forced reboot of the laptop. Launched the client and attempted to authenticate. It took 8 attempts to authenticate. When authentication was successful, I cam to the battle screen, waiting to get back into the fight. My Leander was already sunk. I watched the team die, waiting to get back into the fight. This was about 8 minutes of watching the ship listing of fighting and sunk ships. I did not get back into the battle. Total time from crash to the end was about 15 to 16 minutes. What does Wargaming or CodeWeavers need from me to find out what is wrong with the Mac solution?? Until this is resolved, there is no way I can recommend this game or any wargaming game to anyone. I can only play against bots. That stinks.
  12. Texas_Vet

    Mahan — American Tier VII destroyer.

    This is the first US DD than has a torp range beyond its detection/concealment protection. The torps are slow, which is a drawback. It retains the fantastic guns and turret rotation speed. So it i a good DD gunboat that can now stealth fire it's torps. A good ship.
  13. Texas_Vet

    Ernst Gaede — German Tier VI destroyer.

    I have just started the grind on this ship. I do not have the guns upgraded yet, but have had some good success. When I get the chance to try out the larger guns and get all other aspects upgraded, I will be in a better position to present its strengths and weaknesses. So far, good ship with good guns and torps but concealment is no where as good as the Tier 5.
  14. Texas_Vet

    T-22 — German Tier V destroyer.

    Malamute_Kid, I completely agree with you. I have had my most successful games with this ship. As far as I am concerned, it is a keeper! Yes, I also have the Tier 6 and am grinding up the line, but the Tier 5 is just fun to play! As you stated, its weakness is that the speed. The guns are not bad, but the ability to scout and use torps with stealth fire is great!
  15. Maybe if Wargaming could install a utility somewhere with the purpose of testing the performance of the attached/joined ISP. I am curious if there is a hidden assumption that ISP's can also influence poor behavior of the Mac client as it currently is. It could test and record the quality of the connection, speed and capacity (both upload and download). So if there is a problem, that information could be added to a bug/performance support ticket. It would be a tool/function that the client can perform so the information provided to Wargaming would be properly sourced and consistent. What do you think?? Because it just might be the ISP connection that is causing problems. At times, I do see a high ping rate.....