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  1. Since 8.0, the game play has drastically changed. Since 8.0, the playability of the game with the Mac is 100% unacceptable. With the latest updates and proposed updates, I will still not waste a single minute trying to play a game that I used to enjoy greatly. I will wait until I read here on this section of the forum that the game is stable at all tiers in all game modes. It is not worth any player effort to struggle to have a match play with stability. That is just not acceptable. Wargaming is a very profitable company. They can get a few Mac specialist programmers to create their own client. It would not require a massive effort as the core is there. They can modify the core to a native Mac client and remove all of the Mac client problems, thus pushing this failed solution into a historical context. To summarize, until the Mac solution is stable for WoW, I will not participate in any game play, no purchases of premium ships/camo/gold or premium game time. I will simply read the forum.
  2. There is a reason that I only browse the forum and not play the game. I have not launched WoW in about 6 months. I have no intention to do so until I see it is very stable in all aspect of game play and all levels. This includes random battles, operations, for all tiers on the Mac platform. It was such a great game before. Now with all these changes, it sucks hollow rotten rocks. I was up to Tier 8 UK cruisers, Tier 9 US cruisers, Tier 8 US DD's, Tier 7 UK DD's, Tier 7 DDR Cruisers, and tier 8 IJN Cruisers. A fun game, good team work, good clan, good battles (win or loose), and able to enjoy the grind. So when will I play WoW again? When I read that the Mac client is able to play at Tier 10 in all game modes without a client problem. So Wargaming, why don't you just make a dedicated Mac client before you push any more changes that cause the Mac client more problems? Please?
  3. I continue to read the form. There is a reason that I will not lift a finger to play ANY WarGaming solution. The reference that Mac's are only getting lip service has significant weight in the measurement of how WarGaming is responding to the problems. An outsourced solution for porting and application from one platform to another will always have problems. Sad. No real attempt by WarGaming to make the Mac solution a good solution.
  4. I am saving up for an Alienware laptop. Only when I get it will I try to play again. I have given up on playing either WoT or WoW on a Mac. It is a very low priority for me to make that purchase. Therefore, it may be over 6 months before I make a purchase. Until then, I will be playing X-Com and SubNautica. Sad to say, I have become tired of interacting with businesses that do not properly perform product analysis, root cause analysis, and issue resolution.
  5. I do like playing my Sherman with the derp gun, my EZ8, T20, M6, and M36. Almost have the M29 heavy and the Pershing. But, it is more a matter of just waiting it out to see how 8.3 is going to be... I do NOT like the fact that you pretty much need to purchase some premium ammo to get the up tier targets for a pen and damage.... That forces you to make a financial purchase just to be competitive, let alone high on the team score... That is one of the reasons I stopped playing WoT over a year ago.
  6. Still not playing anything from WarGaming. Still no intention of paying for anything premium (time, ships, tanks, planes, coins, etc). Still waiting for consistent comments that issues are resolved, stability of the client now exists before I even launch the client again. Know what? By not being massively frustrated with this game (massive client crashes, etc), I do believe that my blood pressure is down a few points. I will be keeping track on the forum to monitor how (or if) things get better for the Mac client.
  7. Texas_Vet

    Public Test - 0.8.3 - Feedback

    gadz. Needs more re-coding before another test....
  8. Texas_Vet

    How to use NA client to access other servers?

    Cool. I also served in Germany with TDY's in England. I also assume you are running in the NA server as well.....
  9. Texas_Vet

    How to use NA client to access other servers?

    We are going to move to Seoul, South Korea. My wife has dual citizenship. The cost for a roof over your head will be less than 500 monthly, which includes wifi and cable, trash, electricity, etc. Health care cost will be under 100 monthly for the two of us. When we both hit 66 (next year), it will cost about 10 per month. Everything is in walking distance, so we will not need a car. I love the food and speak a little bit of the language. The culture and history is fascinating! In retirement, you need intellectual stimulation. My 3k monthly generated income will do nicely. On top of that, I can tutor high school students in their English studies and be very active in a good church. By the way, I am currently using a Mac, so many of the mod's will not work. Now I assume: 1) the client has a configuration file that points to the server to be used. 2) the same client should be able to be used to go to any server (NA, EU, Asia) and keep your client configuration (language, graphic settings, etc) Therefore, with the above assumptions, I should have a configuration file that can point to NA and one that points to EU and one that points to Asia. And yes, I know how to manage different versions of a configuration file (naming conventions to keep confusion away). I will dig a bit. It would be very nice to have a simple pull down option when you log in to select either NA, EU, or Asia.
  10. Texas_Vet

    The music thread

    Go to youtube and find the song you want posted. Copy the URL, then reply to this thread, and paste.
  11. Texas_Vet

    The music thread

    One of the most awesome horn bands of all time!. Tower of Power initial musicians came from this band in the very early 1970's. This is one. But this is their most famous! Awesome studio musicians as well. Recorded in 1969, if I recall correctly (freshman year in High School)
  12. Thank you! I am thankful that a developer has posted and stated what they are doing to help (in general terms). I REALLY do like this game. The ship combat is awesome! I far prefer WoW over WoT or WoWP! The different tactics from DD, to CL, CA, and BB plus the country "spin" per class and tier, make this enjoyable over the others! The fact that you do NOT need to purchase premium ammunition to cause harm to an opponent is refreshing, unlike WoT. By the way, I do not like the CV changes at all. It greatly impacts game play and tactics for every class at every tier. Bad leadership call, in my opinion. Do touch base with JAKeller or review his earlier posts. He is a well educated and experienced developer that has an insight that those of us who do not have that specific background has. [SLDS] JAKeller
  13. How do we modify our existing client config so we can select a different server? I do have the following assumptions: Yes, this would require using a different (unique - not linked) account on every server. The same is true if you have a second account on your primary server. It would be kinda neat if our primary account name would become a reserved account on the other servers. However, I do not think that this is a realistic option. Surprise! We get to start a grind all over again on the other server(s)! And if we had purchased a premium account on our current server (e.g. NA), it is user/server specific. Therefore any another account on any other server server would need a separate purchase for premium time and coin. I have no false assumptions of taking my beloved Tier 7 Fuji from NA and to use it with my commander on either the Asia or EU server. It would require a unique account that has performed the grind to get that ship at that tier with that defined captain skills. I ask this as I may be moving out of the US, and may want to a) keep my current account and b) create a local account (start the grind all over again) to play with some of the locals. A simple pull down for server selection would be a great answer. Now that would require a client configuration option for default language so we would not freak out if we selected "Asia" and had the language switch to Korean, Japanese, or Chinese. I would also assume that all of our client specific settings would transfer functionality between the different servers (same client, so should retain those settings). Alas, but we all know the proper definition of assume....... So, How do I configure my existing client so I can create an account on a different sever but NOT abandon my access to the NA server? Tks ahead!
  14. there are quite a number of players on the current production release complaining of lag, client freeze, and client crashes. All are on the three server environments: EU, NA, and Asia. Found this in the WoW forum on Redit. There are many users complaining. So the problems are impacting the whole of the WoW community, but it is hitting the Mac users the hardest. I just might have to go back to WoT as it appears not to be impacted as the Mac clients are.
  15. I am in on the PT server.  can play a game or two.  Its a start