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  1. Correct! Older mac, graphic card minimum version issue. Unable to upgrade by reputable and certified Mac Repair facility due to how card in installed (soldered, not plug in). 100% my issue, not an issue with CodeWeaver solution for either WoW or WoT.
  2. Well, I think I found out my problem. I meet/exceed the minimum Mac o/s, exceed the memory. What I do not meet (actually, don't even come close) is the video graphics card. It is soldered to the logic board. It would be cheaper to replace my old mac than to find a way to upgrade the video card. It requires either NVIDIA GeForece GT 750M or Intel HD 5000 or Intel Iris 5100. I have Intel HD 3000 512mb. For so many reasons, the devil is in full blown attack....
  3. Well, purchased the 2x8gb DDR3 13333 mhz ram, did the upgrade, and it ran much better! Huge performance difference! Then launched WoW. Launched a low tier game (Tier 1 USA). Well, to make a painful story short, my screen never showed the ship, displayed the lineup, but was never able to enter the battle. Bottom line, my version of the IOS is not able to support the application of WarGaming. It looks like I will need to wait until I can afford to purchase a Win based pc/laptop. That sucks. more frustration in owning a Mac.
  4. Wait, the max memory on this is 16gb. The max HD is 1tb. So, it will be 2x8gb for 16gb. Then I will eventually upgrade to a 1tb SSD after a few months. So tks for the feedback, I do appreciate it.
  5. rgr that. 16gb of 2x8gb sticks should take care of me for a while. I do agree on a bigger HD. I currently have a 512gb std HD. I am seriously considering a 1TB ssd. With the current OS, WoW and WoT loaded along with a few other apps (Open Office, etc), the 1TB should work, but a 2TB SSD would be that much better. Will research getting an initial single stick of 16gb so I can expand without a fork lift memory upgrade down the road. Now if I only get a single 16gb DDR3 1333 mhz chip, and remove both of the 2gb DDR3 1333 chipx (using only the single 16gb chip), my assumption is that it will run fine. Do you have any evidence to the contrary? A single 16gb chip is less than getting two 8gb chips. Interesting....
  6. Thanks, JAKeller! My CPU is a 2.7, currently with two sticks of 2gb DDR3 1333. I will be upgrading the memory middle of this month with two sticks of 8gb (16gb total) DDR3 1333. I may go through the process of updated the HD 512 GB to a SSD 1TB after a few more months. This is a stop gap effort to get me sailing again until I can justify 1,5k for a good Windows PC (16gb mem, 1TB ssd). My good mac passed on, and have been on the beach for quite a while. When you are retired, limited income, you do what you can with what you have. Apart from the Mac world of things, I do hope all are well and healthy during this global time of crisis. Be safe. And of any of you are in the medical profession or a first responder, my wife and I pray for you every morning and night. Be safe y'all!
  7. The highest version I can run on my surviving Mac is Mojave, 10.13. Will that be a problem? If I update to 16gb of memory and a SSD, will it be useable for WoW? Or will I be forced to buy a gaming laptop form MSI?
  8. The effort to make the Mac solution better is very admirable. My good Mac passed onto another life form, so I am upgrading a 2011 MacBook Pro to 15gb and eventually a 1TB SSD. Looking forward to playing again...
  9. I am very concerned about the changes as of late and potential future changes that are greatly impacting DD game play. Specifically, CV rework and potential sub implementation are my two major areas of concern. The roll of a DD is to play the objectives then attack/harass targets of opportunity. They need their stealth/concealement to accomplish their tasks. The CV rework has a very significant impact on concealment effort, and puts DD's at greater risk then ever before. DD game play, if there is a CV, keeps the DD within CL and CA AA protection range. It is devastating for their roll to cap and counter cap. It stops their ability to spot for the BB's and CL/CA's. CV's planes put all aspects of the traditional gameplay at risk. It completely changes DD game play. If the additional roll of ASW if fully embraced by DD players, they are at great risk from homing torps. If you add the threat from CV planes, it makes DD game play very unsatisfying at every tier. Adapt? It was tough getting to become a good DD play earlier. Now, you are perimeter escort/asw rolls, and will put yourself at great unnecessary risk if you try to play the objectives without air protection. I am in the process of purchasing a new Windows laptop to replace my Mac. So convince me that as my preference to play DD's is worth purchasing a premium account and premium ships for my US, UK, and German DD lines. I am about to get the Fletcher, Des Moines, and Worster in the US line, close to the Neptune and Lightning in the UK line, and just got the Z23 and Hipper in the German line (while mid tier BB grind in US, UK and German lines). The fiasco of what has been happening by WG decisions does not give me the soft warm fuzzes of good decisions are just not there. Maybe I should just focus on my off-line games instead. The DD game play is now driving me away. CL/CA play is now only ok. I am not a top skill player, but have enjoyed the game. No insults please. Reason and logic is openly accepted. I am leaning towards having my account deleted. Convince me to stay.
  10. Very enjoyable. I truly enjoy playing the Leander, as it is my preferred Tier 6 CL. Your comments on its weakness v.s. strengths are very valid for objective/situational needs for accomplishments. I am a FTP out of financial limitations as I am retired. What you say is very true. Earning or purchasing port slots to expand your fleet is critical to enjoying the depth of the game experience. Having a Premium account adds greatly to that experience as it adds more experience and silver to your mission rewards. It also allows a comfortable grind up to and past Tier 8. The wisdom to expand your fleet to accomplish objectives for multiple mission tasks is critical. To be stuck in just one mode ("I only play DD's" for example) will probably make success in those objectives impossible. Enjoy the depth of the game by playing numerous classes, if not all of them. Expand your fleet by getting more port slots. Be careful in your choices for what ships to keep or sell. I enjoy low, medium and hi tier ships and games. Thank you for your post.
  11. Texas_Vet

    Poll: Which Alignment do You Usually Roleplay As?

    Babylon 5! One of the greatest SiFi shows ever! Even Dilbert talked about it, stating that Babylon 5 is not for the mundane.
  12. Texas_Vet

    Poll: Which Alignment do You Usually Roleplay As?

    My complements to you. A consistent character.
  13. Texas_Vet

    Poll: Which Alignment do You Usually Roleplay As?

    I can not do any evil character, always good - lawful good, neutral good, chaotic good. Can't be neutral either. That is just how I am wired also in real life. Toss in a bit of English Humor i.e. Monty Python / John Cleese. I play and live as I am - fight to be good, always try to do the right thing, don't leave anyone behind, and don't pay for the same real estate twice. That is how it was in Viet Nam, and that is how I have lived every day since. I just can not act or play evil.
  14. Texas_Vet

    US CV Captain Skills

    WanderingGhost, I have just started to browse your "link", and I am thankful for your detailed and logical post. This will be a very good source of information for me. Thank you for this.
  15. Texas_Vet

    US CV Captain Skills

    Not enough free disk space.... I do thank you for your recommendation. And yes, Acts of Random Kindness is always a good path.... ARK Found something in a redneck bar on a napkin - BEER - Because you can't drink bacon. Somehow, that made sense at the time....