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  1. Very enjoyable. I truly enjoy playing the Leander, as it is my preferred Tier 6 CL. Your comments on its weakness v.s. strengths are very valid for objective/situational needs for accomplishments. I am a FTP out of financial limitations as I am retired. What you say is very true. Earning or purchasing port slots to expand your fleet is critical to enjoying the depth of the game experience. Having a Premium account adds greatly to that experience as it adds more experience and silver to your mission rewards. It also allows a comfortable grind up to and past Tier 8. The wisdom to expand your fleet to accomplish objectives for multiple mission tasks is critical. To be stuck in just one mode ("I only play DD's" for example) will probably make success in those objectives impossible. Enjoy the depth of the game by playing numerous classes, if not all of them. Expand your fleet by getting more port slots. Be careful in your choices for what ships to keep or sell. I enjoy low, medium and hi tier ships and games. Thank you for your post.
  2. Texas_Vet

    Poll: Which Alignment do You Usually Roleplay As?

    Babylon 5! One of the greatest SiFi shows ever! Even Dilbert talked about it, stating that Babylon 5 is not for the mundane.
  3. Texas_Vet

    Poll: Which Alignment do You Usually Roleplay As?

    My complements to you. A consistent character.
  4. Texas_Vet

    Poll: Which Alignment do You Usually Roleplay As?

    I can not do any evil character, always good - lawful good, neutral good, chaotic good. Can't be neutral either. That is just how I am wired also in real life. Toss in a bit of English Humor i.e. Monty Python / John Cleese. I play and live as I am - fight to be good, always try to do the right thing, don't leave anyone behind, and don't pay for the same real estate twice. That is how it was in Viet Nam, and that is how I have lived every day since. I just can not act or play evil.
  5. Texas_Vet

    US CV Captain Skills

    WanderingGhost, I have just started to browse your "link", and I am thankful for your detailed and logical post. This will be a very good source of information for me. Thank you for this.
  6. Texas_Vet

    US CV Captain Skills

    Not enough free disk space.... I do thank you for your recommendation. And yes, Acts of Random Kindness is always a good path.... ARK Found something in a redneck bar on a napkin - BEER - Because you can't drink bacon. Somehow, that made sense at the time....
  7. Texas_Vet

    US CV Captain Skills

    Thank you. So for a good build for a 10 point Captain for a US CV that can be transferred from the Langley going up would be: 1 point: Air Supremacy (reduced hanger to deck time) 2 points: Improved Engine (extra speed is always good!) 3 points; Aircraft Armor (increase aircraft HP) 4 points: Sight Stabilization (reduce aim time) Then to add the next skill, numerous options: 1 point: Improved Engine Boost 3 points: basic Fire Training (improved secondaries and AA) 3 points: survivability expert (more HP is always a good thing) 4 points : concealment expert (reduce the detect ability of aircraft) 4 points: Advanced Fire Training (improved secondary range, increased damage to long range AA) I see two paths - 1) its all about the aircraft 2) Aircraft and AA I think the AA build is better. So, after the first 10 points to get to a 19 point Captain, then: 3 points: Survivability Expert 4 points Advanced Fire Training 3 points: Basic fire training Looks good on all CV's, I think... I have my head on straight on DD's, and my CL's are somewhat like a DD build (especially for the UK CL's), but since the CV rework, this is very different. Thank you for your comments. I do have hears to hear. Well, that is unless my wife tells me what to think and say.......... I mean, hey, married for 36 years. By the way, I have been on the old Ranger when it was still in service.
  8. I have been watching for some time, US CV play on youtube. It now has my interest to jump into. I did enjoy the older method of game play, and have resisted the new method. So for generic skills for the US CV line, what would you recommend, in order for captain skills? I have a 14 point captain I will reallocate to play in CV's. I will restart at the Langley, then Ranger and beyond. If Ranger is a keeper, will continue up the line..... My effort will begin when I purchase my replacement Windows laptop (Mac client just is not working well, so will go back to a WIn 10, Gen 8, 64 DDR2, SSD of 1tb, 17" screen and play again... Tks ahead for your recommendations and as to why you would pick those skills. After all, understanding why is critically important. Regards, Texas_Vet (transplanted in Reno,NV).
  9. So the UFO's have moved elsewhere....
  10. Thought I would add a giggle or two... Sometimes we get just way to serious about a game we truly enjoy.
  11. I really miss playing this game. Too many changes, not enough fixes for the problems. That is why I am not playing. However, I am hoping that things wil be fixed! Unfortunately, the pattern is that a change will be implemented before a fix is even considered. Just like channel surfing hoping that you will actually find something worth watching. You surf every morning, afternoon, and evening. No difference. Wait, isn't that the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing getting the exact same results but expecting different results? Sound like my life in retirement..... Or waiting for WoW to get healthier.........
  12. Could very well be....
  13. Well stated. I was not on the S/W development side, but on revenue generating web site infrastructure (servers, network, change management, QA environment support, Oracle, etc). I do not see a healthy solution to support Mac's. It is my assumption (and it is an assumption) is that the server architecture plus client calls is designed for Win10 clients. If that is the case, forcing a WINE solution to be strong and stable to support all of the features may be an impossible dream. It may be incompatible data pushing to the client so that the Mac client could be a bit of a nightmare to implement the complexity of the presentation of information from the server. As stated, it is an assumption of mine (no flames, please). But if the server presentation of information is compatible with the differences of Mac system calls, then a native client may be the only solution. So therefore the challenge would be to manage Mac client updates to support planned O/S updates. That would force a collaboration effort with Apple. Regardless, I intend on buying a new Windows 10 laptop to play a game (and a few others) that are no supported or just not healthy on a Mac. Only then will I try to play. If satisfied, then I will consider getting a Premium account.
  14. This is going to be my solution in the not too distant future - A good Win10 laptop, hopefully Gen 8. It may be impossible to develop two major different client system call solutions from a single server source solution system. The graphics and sound, plus the complexity of the ships, classes, tiers, game modes, etc may be optimized for one generic solution where the Mac demands may just not be functional, stable, or able to interact in a healthy way to what is pushed from the server. No, I have never been a developer but a high availability server/network/database guy who has interacted with client/server solutions and their problems. It may be very well that a Mac WINE solution may never be good (stable with minimum functionality). I have never had to support a product such as an online game but I easily grasp the complexity of what they are doing. I do wish that it would be an easy effort to make a dedicated Mac client, but the source solution may not be flexible enough in its system calls to support the current Windows clients and the Mac clients. My assumption is that there are just too many conflicts in the differences between Mac and Windows. It would probably be (my assumption) a massive rewrite of the server solution to be able to support both without problems. That would force a client change to everybody on all platforms.