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  1. Sometime, everyone will have a collision. It could be of our own doing, it could be because someone else was totally zoomed in. So I do hope that collisions per say will not be a factor unless it is something like 3 in one battle, or 3 battles in a row. But yes, something needs to be done to address the deliberate effort to harm a team mate, not an accidental torp or zoom in and not see someone sailing next to you as you launch a broadside. WoT has pink and blue, blue for deliberate team killers. I like that. When they turn blue, any damage they try to do to an ally is done to them, not to the ally. Also, if someone turns blue on your match, there is not pink or blue penalty to other team mates if they need to take out the blue tank. Sweet! So if you see someone kill a friendly deliberately, and they turn blue, you can take them out without any hint of a penalty!
  2. She has an 8 degree list, according to the news article I say today. Yes, it would cost less to give her a permanent dry dock than to scrap her. That was a good point by The very last of the WWI dreadnoughts that also fought in WWII. That makes it one of the most rare museum warships in existence.
  3. Just a few links I quickly found for the Texas. Did not find one specific for fundraising. Web Site for the floating museum of the USS Texas: https://www.visithoustontexas.com/listings/battleship-texas/20025/ Google Group Discussion https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/sci.military.naval/aRJFqvHMkdg WoW discussion for fundraising for the Texas:
  4. The US Texas is leaking and has an 8 degree list. There is a major effort to save her. The goal is to continue with the temporary repairs, build a permanent dry doc and berth her there. This is the only existing BB that fought in WWI and WWII (to my knowledge). There are so few of these historic ships left. Note: Moderators - If there is a better location on the forum to place this, then please feel free to move it.
  5. Team killer - I do like what World of Tanks does. Two colors, pink and blue. If blue, team killer, and all damage you try to do to a team mate is done to you. I do not know the period of time that the Blue Team Killer status stays. It is a much bigger issue in WoT than WoW. I have actually watched someone kill two team mates, then turn blue. When they turn blue, we can shoot them without a Pink penalt
  6. As others have stated, bots and players play differently. Be careful because if you establish tactics and expect players to be like bots, they will not! Bots are predictable in so many ways, but players are usually not. Look at your team, think of your tactics (where to go for your skills and to support the team, and NOT to get killed quickly!), then start moving. Enjoy!
  7. So how do you undesignate secondaries or AA? If the designated is out of range, would they not simply go back to a normal secondary/AA defensive fire functionality? This makes complete sense, and should be a reminder of being aware of what is happening around us. Well stated, HazeGrayUnderway.
  8. I do like the Farragut better than the Mahan (speed, maneuverability). Looking forward to the Benson! Learning to spam torps is the big thing for me, where guns were primary with toprs for the opportunity.
  9. Last year, I had to let my beloved Poodle Max take his long sleep after 16 years. Therefore, I don't want any Karma to run over any dog!
  10. So the karma is the interpretation by other players, both good and bad attitude/character that make a determination of their perception of expectations of your actions/performance/teamwork ? Interesting. So "Reporting" or "Comment" is my assumption for the source of karma points.
  11. This really is an "interesting" thread. If you look at the DD line, every country has its strengths over the other countries. I enjoy playing the US DD's. My highest tier is 7, pushing for 8. I see all other classes of ships for the countries as having strengths as well. Address your play style, and you can then see what country and class of ship you would enjoy more than the others.
  12. I dont play CV's, so my opinion is not worth the vote. The Enterprise was the most famous of WWII Carriers with an outstanding battle record. I would like to see her as either a premium or one that you would research. We also have the old Yorktown, Hornet, Wasp of the pre-Essex class ships as well, plus the Essex class Hornet. So many great and historical carriers as well. In reality, can we squeeze all of them in WoW? I don't think so. The US carrier tech tree is not the only country to leave out a famous ship! For example, the Shinaro was also a famous and accomplished warship as well. Then the tech tree would start to look like the confusing (which path do I take? German or Russian lines in World of Tanks.
  13. Detection - what you can see, your ship detection/concealment range, v.s. the red team/ship detection range and their ships concealment range, plus other factors such as camo impact, smoke, island placement, etc. Once that is addressed, then you have the formula for what you see and what they see. If you use the situation awareness (I think that is what the captain skill is called, that is what it is called in World of tanks), you will know if you are detected, by ship or plane, and how many are detecting you. When that lights up, maneuver, do NOT sail in a straight line or sit there like a deer stuck in the headlights. This was a simple but hard lesson to learn, to change my behavior....
  14. I play mid-tiers, DD's and cruisers. Do not have a premium account as I am retired and have very limited income. So if advancing to higher tiers is starting to cost in terms of preimum account and flag costs, stay in the mid tiers. Just as much fun. Yes, I would love to have a Fletcher DD, but may stay with the Mahan and New Orleans as my high tier water mark.
  15. When I started, Tier 1 and 2 was fun. As I pushed to advance to higher tiers (5, 6, and 7), I got smashed. Once in a while, a good game, usually creamed. So what I did was pick one country and class of ship, and do nothing but watch youtube for that ship, and play against bots. Watch and listen to the tactics. Then play that ship. Do NOT work to get to a higher tier until you can go in and expect: Do damage, Support the team, Win the match, and start to sink the red team ships. When you are consistent in doing damage and winning, with a few ship kills, then take those tactics to a normal battle. Do not show your broadside! Anything can kill you! There have been so many matches where I got slammed without even seeing an enemy ship! I am now focusing on US DD's first, cruisers second. I do not do good with BB's or carriers. Find what is interesting, stick with it, learn, adapt, think, then you will start to have fun. I realized it was my tactics, my game play that caused me to get sunk early. So very true! If you are having problems at tier 4, what makes anybody think they will improve with a higher tier ship if you use the same tactics/game play?