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  1. Have the Study Utility. Will give it a shot when I have a few minutes and wifi to spare (I do not have access to WiFi where I live, must travel a healthy distance to get it at a coffee shop.....
  2. Graphics on low, sound on low, setting confirmed for VideoMemorySize to 512. Still freezes during operations, standard battle, and sometimes against bots. Also freezes when showing the result screen. Unplayable. No joy. Patch, Please! Update Please! 64 bit Please!
  3. If something is a continual frustration, then do something about it. so in this situation, wait until a fix comes in or just quit altogether. So I will wait. I quit WoT completely out of frustration (I am just not good at WoT....).
  4. I earned a premium account for 24 hours, and can not play. It kicked me out of a bot match twice! This is a great game, with highs and lows. When the client is this unstable, the highs are not there, as it only adds to the lows. I lost several matches and got sunk early because of this problem. It even turned me pink for "exiting the game early", on more than one occasion. So no more playing until I see a fix is implemented.
  5. Was in a beautiful position, massive dammage given, several ships deleted, operation at risk, but about to kill a BB and CA with my New Orleans, then HANG! Eventually got back in, was sunk, mission failed, and I was in port. This is becoming a rather consistent pattern. Works fine against bot's though! Guess that is where I will be until we get the 64 bit up and running..... And yes, all settings are on low.
  6. The New WGC Launcher

    Sounds like in concept, a good idea. When you address the extra load of updating numerous games, add the Mac platform, you add a significant level of complexity. It is one thing to address bugs and configuration when launching one game. If you add the others, now it is magnified. KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid Yes, the KISS focus does really work. The complexity of the game is intense enough without adding additional features. I currently use a Mac and only play WoW. KISS please!
  7. Leander Captain Skills

    I currently have a 13 point caption with 3 available points. My current build is: 1. Priority Target 2. Expert Marksman 3. Superintendent 4. Concealment Expert. Now, as this ship is a massive keeper for me, this captain will become a 19 point skipper. So what would y'all recommend for my next 2 or 3 selections? Radar Location? Vigilance? Survivability Expert? Basics of Survivability? Adrenaline Rush? I have not tried/used any of the above, but do read/study and surf for my next step. Considering the 4 point Radio Location, 3 poin Vigilance, and Survivability Expert...... Tks ahead of time!
  8. Captain Skills for Dallas

    Have not used Adrenaline rush before, so will assign it. Interesting skil.... Have 2 pint skill to assign.
  9. I am now starting the grind on the Omaha to get the Dallas. What would be good captain skills for the Dallas? 1st skill, one point 2nd skill, two points, 3rd skill, three points, 4th skill, four points, following skills..... I have ideas, and yes this is a new ship to all, but this one may be a keeper for me as I do like light cruiser game play (and have much better success!) Tks in advance!
  10. Outstanding! My complements to those who made the decision, whom are doing the engineering and testing!
  11. After making sure that ALL (AND I MEAN ALL) settings are on default/low (including sound, etc), plus the latest patch for the US Crusier Split, my client is much more stable. My game play may be suspect, but the client is not being difficult!
  12. Pensacola 4 point Capt Skill

    Does everybody realize the depth of dialog (logic, experience, common sense, etc) on a first v.s. second 4 point captain skill? Awesome! Thank you all!
  13. I do not yet have a 4 point captain skill for my Pensacola, and I have just earned my 4 points. I see three possibilities that are all beneficial. What would your recommend? I see value in: Concealment Expert (increase from 47 to 55) IFHE (HE will penetrate much better, but slight reduction of catch to cause fire) Advanced Fire Training (will make a nasty AA ship) So before I mess up and grab a skill that may not be a great advantage, I therefore resist temptation and ask for your thoughts.... Tks!
  14. What is a good cruiser line from Tier 7 to grind

    My thanks to all for your comments. There will be much navel (as in belly button) contemplation along with the consumption of massive amounts of adult beverages until I am able to either stand and walk or make a decision (based upon the massive amount of adult beverages consumed) or I wake up on the floor with a massive hangover (based upon the massive amount of adult beverages consumed). So, either way, I win? Shhhh! Just don't tell my wife! Execution will begin at dawn! I struggle to get a good game with the Yorck, but I get regulatory good games with the Budyonny. I have had great sucess with Brit Tier 6 and 7 cruisers, so it is either Russian or British. I struggle with the Aoba, so the IJN is probably out. So it may be the British tech tree. Too bad, Texas does not have their own tech tree! One more to go, and I get the De Moines (first Tier 10!!!). Then will probably focus on the British line. Again, thinks to all for your comments. Unlike politicians, I do listen to what others have to say....
  15. 3 times today, at the end of a match, the client freezes. One time, it hung the Mac, and then the client crashed. Hope stability comes soon..... I do know that there are some really good people working to make the porting to Mac a better solution.