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  1. My Vampire and Leander will seek vengeance for those of Down Under and New Zealand that served and are forever on patrol!
  2. How do I keep the "Dock" from popping up during a match? This was why I did not use full screen. So when I use full screen, it pops up during a match and does not go away. One of those things that can really bug you when you are twisting and turning to avoid incoming, among other things.
  3. Farragut is also OP. That is all.

    Very good points.. An improved rate of fire is always a good thing. What do you think about IFHE? Loose a point of starting fires, but more hits without over pen or shell deflections.....
  4. And it still allows me to launch the game. I have done the path of "Settings" and integrity checking. Happens about 1 out of 4 times. If i bounce my laptop, it works normal. Used the Study Utility and searched for all Wargaming and WoW processes, killed them, same thing. Plus no error codes or any documents under Documents - WoWs - Crashes
  5. Interesting. When I load the application, this is what I get:
  6. Yes, about the 3/4 mark. What is frustrating is I was at full health, did over 70k in damage, shot down about 25 planes (Pensacola has good AA and nasty AP even on BB's!), then my laptop froze. Unable to do anything but power off power on, launch and authenticate WoW, then back in. This has happened numerous times on the current operations. Still no files in the wow/crash folder. Is that normal
  7. Bad Habbits

    One thing that has helped me is that I used a second account (with my other personal email) and worked on improving my skills at the Tier 2-4 range. So I watch videos from people like Jingles, Noster, etc, and paid attention to their logic for where they went, how they attacked, how they protected themselves, concealment, etc. My ability doing that on Japanese DD's and US DD's have greatly improved my ability to scout, do damage, live, sink ships, support the team, and therefore win games.
  8. Bad Habbits

    Bad habit. In WoW (implied to all War Gaming games), it is easy to grind up the tech tree until we finally ask ourselves a few questions: How come I do not do more damage? How do they always get me? Why do I not survive to the end of a match more than I do Why do I not get more damage or finish in the top 5? For a while, these questions have bugged me. My performance in Operations have been quite good, depending upon the ship I have in port. In normal matches, my results were very inconsistent - some awesome, some deleted in a few seconds (as so to speak). It it can only be caused by our learned behavior of how we play our ship(s). Now I am not gong to get into the differences of game play for each class of ship, country of ship, or tier of each ship as each one had different strengths and weaknesses. Lets talk about what we need to do to play better, dish out more damage, get more kills, survive more matches, and just do better. But how do we get into this situation in the first place? For me, I did the grind too fast, focusing on the grind with the assumption that a ship in a higher tier will resolve all of my problems. In other words, I did not get the rookie mistakes, error in judgement worked out of me. The games that WarGaming provides are not a simple arcade game - shoot first, think only a little, storm the beaches and charge the block house. Instead, it is quite complex that requires knowledge of what your ship can or can not do. I do watch quite a few videos on YouTube and they are filled with the logic for what to do for so many situation. Here is one to start the conversation: Bad Habit: Assume a better ship will get you the results you want. Result: You get deleted more quickly with receiving less silver, exp, etc. Solution: Learn your ship, what it is good at, what are the weaknesses, and learn to have good results consistently before purchasing the next higher tier. And another one: Bad Habit: You get frustrated and blame the ships, the matchmaking, etc for poor results. Result: You will not get any better Solution: Learn different tactics! Do a search on YouTube for your ship, watch many videos from different World of Warships content providers, and listen to their tactics - why they make the choices/decision that they do so they will be successful (and not get deleted quickly or become a focus target of many Red team ships). There are many other things that can be posted to help those who are frustrated. The above has helped me significantly, so it just may help others. So post what you needed to change, what you did, and what the results are. There are probably quite a few people banging their heads on the keyboard in frustration a few times a day......
  9. Odd. Playing the Operation of the Week,doing pretty good, then my whole laptop froze. I looked under Documents, and there were not "Crash" logs in the crash folder. ave attached the phthon.logs that you ahve requested of someone else. As stated, there are no files in the crash folder. Event happened Apr 21 just after 23:00 (11;00 pm). python.log python_2.log python_1.log
  10. Very well stated. Yes, I have made some poor errors in judgement and have been awarded a Tem Killer title. Most of the time, it was my long range torps. I can argue against it, but the truth hurts. So what do I do? Look, think, don't react. When you look, look at the mini-map, look for team mates, etc. THINK!! There have been numerous times when I launch torps, and a team mate then changed direction, does not read my chat about torp launch warning, or mentioning ship or player name to turn away, don't kamakasi charge, etc, and KaBlamo! Texas_Vet is now pink. But it is more rare when I launch 10k torps at 10k and that happens. Yes, we all need to look and protect ourselves from turning pink because of either our own error in judgement (launching torps, assume team mates will read chat and turn away or just not charge mindless into the fray). We ahve all done it. It is just some are better at turning pink than others. I know there is another thread somewhere about making changes about friendly fire. There are changes in the works for the next major release.
  11. How To: US DD Tier 2 through 6

    Very true! Many of the YouTube Videos are rather dated, with many changes both pro and con to the ship being presented. Please take in mind that it is the thinking, the logic in the decisions made. That is the important lesson to be learned. Especially for those of us that are pretty good at making some continual poor choices. Yup, me included.
  12. Had the same problem, followed Rpkscout1 suggestion. Here are the steps that I took that included recommendations (links from Code Weavers) that made my Mac WoW client much more stable and playable: I had massive problems. Ensuring the graphics for all things set on low, screen size, plus the registry change made a world of difference. So check your graphic settings (see above) and update the registry per the instructions provided by Code Weavers (see below).
  13. I just watched a YouTube video of Jingles on the US Tier 2 DD Sampson. His tutorial dialog on the ship - strengths, weakness, tactics - are a great reminder of what we should be doing with Tier 2 - 6 US DD's, not what we are doing with them. For me to post comments would not do justice for the education of watching his video. If we can do well with the early tiers, and I do mean do well with consistancy, then there is justification to go to the higher tiers with a superior knowledge instead of just charging the cap, shooting to expose yourself, and charging BB's or a groupf os CL/CA's. The tactics and logic that Jingles presents in this video apply to all the short range torp US DD's. In addition, as your skills improve, it will also support yourlogic and tactics (how you play) the mid and higher tier US DD's.
  14. Podvoisky

    Now I really enjoy the Podvoisky. Initially, no. My biggest issue was how slow the turrets moved, and slow gun reload. Well, there is an upgrade module that really helps with that. Once I got it, then it became a very nasty gun boat that can ambush anything with extreme prejudice! And did I mention how fast that sucker is? a touch over 40 knots! A real hot rod! Captain is now only 5 points, but will soon get the 6th. So to anybody thinking about grinding a DD class, the Russian ships do have their strengths. Just get into a dog fight with any other DD! Use your wisdom, wiggle, smoke, torp, escape, fight some more. Great ship!
  15. It is not just good game play to support the team that helps you be successful, it is a sign of good character to have that as a part of your natural thinking. My complements to AMajor.