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  1. Robinhood_

    Bought Vanguard and Dreadnought - my thoughts...

    I will pass on T8 ships until WG does something about the matchmaking in that tier.
  2. Robinhood_

    STW now Recruiting

  3. Robinhood_

    STW now Recruiting

  4. Robinhood_

    STW now Recruiting

    Nope, sadly discord has not caught up when it comes to reliable voice quality. We do have a discord that we use as a backup and for quick text communication purposes.
  5. Robinhood_

    STW now Recruiting

  6. Robinhood_

    KotS o7 and Omni team comps

    IFHE on henry pens the grad.
  7. Robinhood_

    STW now Recruiting

  8. Robinhood_

    player returning

  9. A great community/clan. I pop in K discord to div up ask questions about game mechanics and opinions on latest updates, best of luck with the recruitment I am pretty sure you will find some great members to add to your community @Lord_Zath
  10. You should never really flank wide in BB's and should just stay away from islands..there are many reasons why but will take too long to get into it. BB should try and take a position in the map that allows them to shoot multiple targets.
  11. Robinhood_

    So...Someone Reported Me.....

    Karma means jackshit don't worry about it.
  12. Robinhood_

    Rank Battles

    Players need to understand the game before being put into "competitive mode" like ranked.
  13. Robinhood_

    Analyze my stats

    yes? he has average stats
  14. Robinhood_

    Analyze my stats

    OP did ask for critique and this is how you improve as a player.
  15. So what I got pretty much from this is if you poop on a wargaming employee in game your previous chat logs will be looked for violations. When normal players are abusing the reporting system in this way ...there's not much WG can do about.But when WG employees are abusing the report system in this way and you lot totally fine with it...well that just ridiculous and sending the wrong message.