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  1. Robinhood_

    Reporting players to clan leaders is stupid

    It depends on what the individual is saying or doing,for example if a clan member is saying some racist stuff I think it would smart to report such an individual not only in game but to their clan.
  2. Robinhood_

    STW now Recruiting

  3. "no drugs or alcohol references"..we must think of the children
  4. Potato army was out in force over the holidays.
  5. Shout out @Lord_Zath and team K,love running botcoin mining sessions with them.They makes some killer xp gains ;)
  6. Robinhood_

    Stalingrad or save?

    Yeah it's a pretty good ship.I would get it. The ship has its strength and it's weaknesses like all the other ships in the game.But like all hype ships players will eventually learn and understand how to effectively counting the ship.. which is mainly don't give broadsides.
  7. Robinhood_

    Azuma is proof, that Stalingrad is OP

    One has 10s reload the other 20s. Do you only look at the alpha damage when you compare ships?
  8. Robinhood_

    What makes a unicom a unicom?

    Unicom players are always 2or3 moves ahead. If they are moving around a corner they've have made a calculated assessment,whereas your average player would move just around the corner with out any planning or foresight.
  9. Robinhood_


    what a load of nonsense, 2 of our sub-clans that require no stats/ships to join are in storm league.
  10. Robinhood_

    DD captains need a stat shown

    Would be nice to see more information about teammates after a match,but the snowflakes would start crying about "stats shaming"
  11. Robinhood_

    What currency(s) for Alaska?

    In game karma points.
  12. Did not know British cruisers use battleship AP rounds.
  13. Robinhood_

    STW now Recruiting

  14. I was a poor peasant until I met Zath and he schooled me on how to make some serious XP and credits. You should make a video about combining flags free XP weekend etc @Lord_Zath I think economy based videos will go down well specially for the uninitiated.
  15. Robinhood_

    THEY WANT YOU TO SHOOT HE. wth is going on with WG?

    BB easy to play oh?why it's your worst class in PR and Winrate?