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  1. UraraShiraishi

    Nice vid from LevelCapGaming

    Levelcap.... big yikes
  2. Pretty much why I started to play her. I dropped Arpeggio and don't care for any of the charas, but I didn't grind IJN cruisers past Furutaka (still have that sour taste in my mouth from single turret pinata taco), so it's really nice to get some Myoko class ships to play with. And I can totally flex on the newbs with my sick red ship that looks like it came from 2079.. or something..
  3. UraraShiraishi

    You favorite anime

    Not a particularly popular animu, but it's how I like it. Like video games where indies are better than the AAA's nowadays Also, added benefit is that there's not much competition with me for best gril 10 points if you know already without having to search
  4. uhhh @Bualar @Gneisenau013 @FemennenIy @Kami ??
  5. I watched it before I uploaded and yes it matched how it looked like when I was playing
  6. I was in Hotspot just now with Haguro and I went and shot at a Musashi... for the first salvo I was sure I aimed well and didn't zoom to look at shells, but afterwards I zoomed and my shells were going right through the ship?? I have just 100 ping so it's not likely to be a desync issue I think? Attached replay. I can upload it to replay site if you want. 20190828_212735_PJSC709-Haguro_16_OC_bees_to_honey.wowsreplay
  7. my 2nd ever non low tier serious dd game! T-61 plz!!
  8. UraraShiraishi

    Did AFT take a big hit or is it me?

    I take it solely for the secondaries range buff, on my only secondary spec ship, Scharnhorst.. the AA buff is just a bonus
  9. Yeah every time I launch it when I boot the PC
  10. UraraShiraishi

    How might ASW work

    Then you forgot the /s Don't underestimate the number of salty noob cv players here
  11. UraraShiraishi

    The Great 8 Ribbons - 12th - 19th

    hockey ovechkin plz got this epic game a couple days ago. what a clutch
  12. You know what, the guys at WG Marketing likely thought about all that already, but then came up with this.. "Why sell x ship for 100usd, when we can lock it behind a 2 year grind (so old players will keep playing and not leave)? Better yet the value of the ship goes way up, and is now worth 4 times more fxp!" Anyways it doesn't matter to me, I don't play TX GUGU
  13. topkek meanwhile I have delinquent butt Ryuu already So until then have a bump!
  14. So, outbreak mode but for ships?