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  1. UraraShiraishi

    Win Azur Lane ships with Gifs!

  2. UraraShiraishi

    Win Azur Lane ships with Gifs!

    I'm getting an image processing error -200 when I try to upload my gif.. what if I upload it on a different website and put the link here?
  3. Maybe I do myself a BIG DUMB, but I can't find the CC subforums? Like Mouse's Famous and Historical Reviews, or Zath's replay theatre Halp??? Where?????
  4. UraraShiraishi

    free premium ships

    Albany: limited time code entry 2015 or 2016 Giulio Cesare: returning player bonus 2017. It's how I got mine That's all I know..
  5. UraraShiraishi

    It's January and we are missing something

    @FemennenIy again because why not
  6. UraraShiraishi

    Nelson's big squishy front.

    Fun for both sides 2 fires on Nelson? Yeah go ahead and keep burning, one button press and all my HP returns! And free damage for the other team, so it's win win
  7. UraraShiraishi

    47 Million Potential Damage they say

    cool post thanks for sharing
  8. There hasn't been a new forum wide challenge in the Contests and Competitions forum since late November.. It isn't a huge deal, but it's refreshing to do these challenges sometimes.. You get to play a ship you forgot about, or play a known ship differently.. sometimes the history-based challenges are a nice nod to the past too Also the rewards are pretty good motivators..... not that many players on forums means better chances for all of us to win something nice (Though I just expect my 5 camos each week and it be ok)
  9. UraraShiraishi

    The Scharnhorst is horribly weak

  10. UraraShiraishi

    2019 Secret Santa !

    @Katy_Lied merrymas
  11. UraraShiraishi

    Tier 4 in a meag pack

    he sold it!!!!
  12. Lol I know that levelcap guy. Used to watch his BF4 videos when I played that a few years ago (2014-2017 ish) He's a little cringey even in the BF4 videos I can tolerate and I haven't watched him outside of that game. Unsubbed for years already He's just one of those generic gaming youtubers I guess At least give us a LWM, Lert and iChase first, and even then..
  13. UraraShiraishi

    Something is wrong with the queue.

    Wait.. I was here then.... must have missed that part of the article
  14. UraraShiraishi

    My Destiny called and I fulfilled it

    Opened from daily container?