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  1. TheSalesmanLV

    Premium Ship Review - USS Sims 2.0

    Going through Ranked in the Colorado, I've been seeing a few Sims. One started firing at me from behind cover and I knew it was a Sims simply by how incredibly slow the shells were moving. Shortly after, I saw a spread of torpedoes coming at me (spotted by a friendly) and again, I knew it was the Sims on account of how slow they were going. Going up against the Sims was like being in a game when you can activate a power that slows down time to allow you to dodge, which was quite easy even in the Colorado. That may sound kinda harsh or exaggerated but honestly that's just my take on the encounter, especially after going up against other DDs like the Blys so many times in Ranked. Just some random 2 cents.
  2. TheSalesmanLV

    Premium Ship Review - USS Indianapolis

    Been waiting for this review, thanks again. Shame that this one sounds a bit disappointing, was looking forward to it on account that I enjoy the Pensacola. I guess ultimately it will come down to the ship's price tag. In the Youtubers' videos I've seen, one or two mentioned that Indianapolis was penetrating cruisers that were moderately angled, and still getting citadel hits. Was this your experience as well, or was that more a case of lucky RNG?
  3. TheSalesmanLV

    Premium Ship Review - ORP Blyskawica

    These reviews are as enjoyable to read as any Jane's, with the added bonus of an incredibly distracting avi. I especially like the screenshots. Thanks for all your effort. With all these new DDs running around I'm tempted to finally grab the Atlanta, especially at the discount.