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  1. I couldn't disagree with OP more, running DD's is stressful especially when capping in a ship that has worse concealment than the other DD's on the OPFOR. I drive a BB when I want to relax, just gotta use them WASD hacks for torp avoidance, don't try and push smoke with out hydro (if in GE BB of course), pay attention to mini map to know where the DD's may be coming from. Getting spotted in a DD while capping is terrifying, everybody shoots at you and AP does a serious number on you and even if you break detection, up pops the radars to start it all over again..
  2. Because I am not a unicum that pulls down a couple hundred thousand credits every T10 match, I play the lower tiers from time to time to be able to afford the T10 matches I play which I believe is working as intended in light of ship servicing costs at higher tiers. I don't have 19 pt captains in my lower ships and only have a few in my higher tier ships, some captain skills are more important than others but with lower tiers i am sure a 10 pt captain is good enough. It is also refreshing to just be able to fight without all the smoke. radar, hydro, hiding behind rocks, sniping etc.. To me the ships seem more equal at lower tiers (with a few exceptions of course).
  3. Back after a 6 month break

    I like your idea on the bad behavior control. And will wear my pink with pride!
  4. Back after a 6 month break

    Maybe, just seems like a bad omen. I am not as shipstruck with the game as in the beginning so not playing it is not a loss.
  5. Back after a 6 month break

    Yes, that explains it, I was in C on hotspot.
  6. Back after a 6 month break

    Took a 6 month break and came back to run some anniversary missions, my 3 rd battle an Iowa slide into my smoke just as I fire (I am in my Udaloi) and gets 1 shell hit which of course sets a fire and does 11k fire dmg to him. I get a 10 game pink status for my trouble. I guess maybe another 6 month break is around the corner. *edit* My fire did not sink him.
  7. Potatoes & Operations

    So far I have had really good luck with operations.. But you know you are in trouble when you have a T-22, qty-2 omaha's on your team. Couldn't carry that mess in a Cleveland, they all died to the first 2 spawns.
  8. What upsets me the most is I already had a Khaba, so they took my Udaloi and stripped it, gave all the ship exp (348k) to the tashkent where it is absolutely useless since the upgrades are already researched and just need to be installed. Now I need to grind the upgrades for the udaloi to begin grinding to the tier X. Doesnt make sense, if I already had the Khaba they should have left the ship exp on the udaloi. I know what WG wants me to do, they want me to buy doubloons to convert that exp, which isn't going to happen,
  9. My cursed is the Yugumo, my blessed is the Bismark.
  10. I have the same issue, do terrible with the ship.
  11. I see the TK system still isn't fixed.

    The only time I turned pink that I thought wasn't fair was when my secondaries set someone on fire, they have fixed that mechanic thankfully. The last time i turned pink i didn't notice someone had slid in front of me in my smoke and i hit him with a shell that set him on fire. Just bad luck there.
  12. Using exp camos from containers and missions, I will be done with the Santa convoy in plenty of time. We have until the 18th.
  13. After 8,350 battles...

    I have 4583 battles and 3 solo warriors, all while in a DD. No clear skies yet, guess I should buy my Des Moines back.
  14. Well done and said! Thank you!
  15. i have never had a clear sky, not even close.