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    CV Rework -- Comments

    I absolutely hate this update. it completely ruined any small amount of fun CV class had. Here are my issues.... 1) My aircraft get stuck! I had long portions of the game where I could not steer my aircraft. One squad flew straight into the boarder and I had no control. 2) I can't go back to my ship to deal with incoming fire, dodge torps, or deal with a DD.... my squad returns to aircraft via future Star Trek teleporter technology and I have to relaunch them. Gone are the days of multitasking 3) I can only launch one squad at a time. boring, boring... BORING!!!! CV's were the class that catered to us that like to multitask. Now we the majority of the time is watching a single squad fly toward where you hope a target is. It is so boring!! 4) The aiming system, which I know you thought would require skill and be more fun... is the opposite. it is so horrendous to try and control your planes it is not fun at all. Every ship gets a lead marker on where the torps should be launched... Not CV planes though. 5) I played a tier 3,4 game and most of the time my planes couldn't even make it to the ships to fire. On Tier 3 and Tier 4 ships!!! THE ABSOLUTELY F IS GOING ON!?!? Overall, you are better game devs than this. I KNOW you are. This doesn't look like it was properly bug tested, or tested for the 'fun' factor. The planes are not realistic because they teleport back to the ship. You can't multi-task or control multiple squads, and where is the fighters? Half the fun was trying to catch the other CV snoozing and snipe their planes with fighters. That was half the CV game!! Now it is gone. why????