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  1. I can imagine how annoying it must have felt. That's some tough RNG at work I'd say.
  2. armakel

    previous dockyard ships

    Yea some errors in what he wrote. The first 4 ships he mentioned are already gone. And the Alaska went for FXP, not coal.
  3. Probably not going to complete it, progress is slow. Didn't manage to complete the Strasbourg or the Ships and Fates campaign either. It's a little sad to be 0/3 but not much I can do about it.
  4. armakel

    Consensus on 2ndaries?

    I think the full secondary build cost too many captain pts for what it gives. You give up a lot of survivability and there might be matches where you don't have a good opportunity to get your secs in range of an enemy. Every moment that they are not in use feels like points that are going to waste. Better to spend points on skills that have a higher chance and higher duration of being activated where you feel like the allocated points are actually working for you.
  5. I think the secondary build cost has to be lowered as well so there is some space for survivability skills. Right now, one has to give up a lot to go full secondaries. Often, it takes awhile in order to strategize and get into secondary range and in some matches it might even be impossible to do it without taking too much fire. Every second that those secondaries aren't in play are like captain points spent for nothing. Whereas you have a skill like deadeye that you benefit from right out of the gate, making those captain skill points work for you. And we know how a battle generally progresses. The team that gets momentum early on tends to have things cascade to their favor. This is aided by skills that are kicking in as early as possible as opposed to skills that might(and that's not a guarantee) come in useful later. I'm sure many had matches where there just wasn't a chance to make use of the secondaries.
  6. armakel

    Easy dead eye fix....

    One other way of fixing it is to create/strengthen some other builds to make them just as attractive compared to deadeye/concealment. Those alternative builds have to be competitive enough that it makes it difficult for people to choose because right now many feel that it is an easy choice to take deadeye. The consensus seems to be that they will be gimping themselves if they don't.
  7. armakel

    0.10.0 update

    Yea.. and as if that wasn't enough, they then introduced T10 ones for 2mil..
  8. armakel

    0.10.0 update

    Not enough inflation in the world, have to add it into the commander xp system :)
  9. armakel

    Testing the Shortlist theory.

    Personally, with all the numerous evidence pointing to it as such, I think it's proven beyond reasonable doubt. Realistically, no one can be sure of it a 100% other than wargaming admitting to it but just as in other areas of life, "beyond reasonable doubt" is pretty much the best we can do and I currently see no other way to explain the phenomenon we are seeing besides the theory presented here.
  10. armakel

    What the WG statement REALLY means

    The following point has been mentioned by some but I think it hasn't been brought up enough. The type of container a ship drops from matters a lot in terms of investigating and substantiating this "shortlist" theory. I have yet to see a non shortlist ship drop from a gift container, it is always a super container. To me, that lends a lot of credence to the theory instead of just explaining it away as some astronomically small chance/percentage. If it's just a small chance, why not just have it drop from a gift container?
  11. armakel

    What the WG statement REALLY means

    Lol, so much for it taking "about 10 minutes". Was over in a second!
  12. armakel

    What the WG statement REALLY means

    It would really make it clear if they could answer this one question which I've posted before. (They most likely won't) To distill it down to something simple and concise: ---------- On a fresh account, if I buy one gift box. Is it technically possible for me, however small statistically, to get a belfast/mainz/musashi(or your rare ship of choice) as a drop in that single gift box? ---------- If the answer is no(that means 0% chance), then there's really a problem with the purchase description. The refund is a good gesture but they really need to fix the description so we don't get the same repeat next year.
  13. On a side note, I've been having this simple idea for awhile. How about having a multiplier for the amount of damage AA inflicts on aircraft based on the number of ships firing at it? If aircraft is currently in 1 AA bubble (that is fired on by one ship), the normal damage (1X) applies. If aircraft is currently in 2 AA bubbles (fired on by 2 ships), it receives 1.2X damage. If aircraft is in 3 AA bubbles, it receives 1.5X damage etc... Something like this. Obviously the actual numbers would need testing and tweaking but I think this could bring more tactical choices and variety in gameplay. Do you spread out to get more map control, better chances for crossfire? Or do you bunch up a bit more to get the AA bonus? Well, that's the basic idea.
  14. armakel

    100 dubs?

    If you look at the bottom of the advent calender, there are some milestones. The 6th day nets you 100 doubloons. 12th brings you 1 day of premium 18th 1x santa gift 24th 1x santa big gift
  15. armakel

    Would It Make Sense To Wait To Buy Santas?

    Frankly, I'm not expecting them to change any of the mechanics but it would be good if they fix the wording in the gift box descriptions to more accurately depict what is being sold.