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  1. MrDeaf

    I like the teamwork submarines bring.

    'Teamwork' all depends on your level of expectations. Very high: What you'd expect to see in Hurricane clan battles High: Your team managed to setup a crossfire Average: At least they didn't all death blob down one side of the map Low: At least one other ship is shooting the same ship Very low: They actually shoot spotted ships Extremely low: At least none of them YOLO'd and died within 2mins.
  2. Well, regarding 'realism' WW1/2 era aircraft couldn't take off from CVs under their own power, if the CV were not sailing fast enough into the wind. Catapults were also not a feature on completed WW2 carriers. Subs couldn't sail faster than WW1 era Battleships. They were around 20 knots above water and 12 knots underwater. Subs also couldn't dive or climb as quickly as WoWs depicts them.
  3. MrDeaf

    How would you "counter play" me?

    There's no point waiting it out, because the DD wasted his smoke, blinded himself and the next airstrike will get there by the time he decides to leave it. There's no downside to going after another target and coming back later, when the DD doesn't have smoke to hide from every ship that just saw that plume of smoke go out.
  4. MrDeaf

    You load sixteen guns, whaddaya get?

    Despite having 16 guns, it has fairly awful firing arcs to get them all working. This means it's really awkward to use, as you get better protection and shell output going [edited]in.
  5. Scharnhorst is pretty accurate already. AFAIK, it has the same, buffed, dispersion as other german BBs and it also gets 2.0 sigma. But if you spec it into secondaries, which IMO you shouldn't, then it's not going to be as accurate as it can be. Also, 3 torps from a Scharnhorst can sink a Sinop, if you combine it with some penetrating hits from your main guns. I mean, so long as you do a drive-by, rather than trying to land torps and shells into the Sinop's bow. I also don't understand why you are afraid of Atlanta, it's pretty garbage against equal tier BBs after the IFHE rework.
  6. of all the premium and hard to get T10 ships, IMO, only Stalingrad is desirable in the current and past metas. Long range, 50mm plating in key areas and massive HP pool are the most important aspects in CB. There's zero reason to bring a BB over the 25500 CV and if you are going to bring a BB, you should bring Kremlin, since it's stupidly tanky and has just enough range to not get too far in front.
  7. MrDeaf

    How would you "counter play" me?

    no? I'm not going to suddenly have magic AP overmatch capabilities on a ship that otherwise wouldn't, just because I am unicum. My torps are also not going to catch a ship that's running away from me. I don't suddenly gain the ability to fire self guiding missiles behind islands I can't shoot over to begin with.
  8. MrDeaf

    How would you "counter play" me?

  9. MrDeaf

    How would you "counter play" me?

    Uh huh, but you were arguing about counter play, not having higher stats.
  10. MrDeaf

    How would you "counter play" me?

    I'm sorry, but just because I am unicum, it doesn't give me an extra 20 degrees in auto bounce angles of my AP shells. Nor does it give me an extra 5km and 30 knots to my torps Nor does it give me an extra 60% chance at starting fires with HE shells. Nor does it give me an extra 1000mm of belt armor
  11. MrDeaf

    How would you "counter play" me?

    Your argument falls apart when every other ship type can counter-play each other in a reasonable way.
  12. MrDeaf

    How would you "counter play" me?

    Step 1: Add you to friends list Step 2: Queue dodge Step 3: repeat for each and every unicum CV player you encounter
  13. MrDeaf

    What happened to this game?

    Welcome to Call of Duty: Warships In this game, you don't get to respawn and there is no skill based matchmaking, but we guarantee your matches will be flooded with braindead zombies that you can farm the crapout of.
  14. MrDeaf

    Ranked sync drop twin belfasts

    If you're going to sync drop, you're better off using different ship types, because you're less likely to be put on different teams.
  15. MrDeaf

    CV Rework: Fighter Consumable

    So wait, instead of only losing a few bombers, you now want to lose a few bombers and all your fighters? I don't understand how this makes you lose less aircraft.