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  1. To be fair, Molotov isn't a 100% copy pasta job of Kirov. Molotov is 80% copy pasta of Kirov, and 20% copy pasta of Budyonny Chappayev. (front end of Kirov, aft end of Buddyonney Chappayev)
  2. They have clan wars coming up, if you want to play with only hand picked players. (assuming you get hand picked)
  3. nice. also, I have to go record some replays before they are obsolete
  4. I must have been tired, I was looking at the wrong column
  5. https://na.wargaming.net/support/tickets/create
  6. At Z-46, the German DD line becomes very different from what they were in T8 and below. Z-46 and Z-52 can now hunt DDs, as they have the gun DPM HP, stealth, speed and tools to do just that. To that end, you will want to run a similar loadout to most USN DDs, so CE and SE are essential. RPF is only somewhat useful on Z-23 and below, but I think it is completely useless on Z-46 and Z-52, as you will have plenty of stealth and speed to abruptly run into stealthy red DDs and outgun them with sheer DPM and ship HP.
  7. Is "Smoke Generator Modification 1" really as useless as we think it is? TLDR: Think of it as free 625,000Cr The common assumption is that the super smoke mod is useless, because it cuts down on how long the smoke lingers around and, therefore, how long a ship can stay inside of smoke. However, this assumption fails to account how much the activation time, the emission time, bonus adds to how long a ship can stay inside of smoke. This is what Smoke Generator Mod 1 does, as of 0.6.10. +30% to Emission Time (calculated as X * 1.3 = Xsgm) -5% to Duration (calculated as Y * 0.95 = Ysgm) As you can see, most people focus on the -5% Duration portion, but fail to account for +30% Emission time. Assumptions on Paper Smoke will deploy almost instantly the moment you use it (there might be a bit of lag in real usage) Your ship is already slowed down enough to be inside your FIRST puff of smoke You will maneuver your ship so that you will be inside the LAST puff to come out of your ship Does not include most T6/7 ships, as I assume most players will want to use it on higher tier ships You will always get extra puffs of smoke, even on fractions (as in not a whole number) Most "offensive" smoke usage will start off with the ship using it being invisible, and will also mean that the ship using smoke will have enough time to slow down to stay inside of the smoke it laid down itself. Although selfish, this is the, 100% guaranteed, way to get the most usage out of your own smoke. The alternative "offensive" smoke usage is using smoke for teammates or divisionmates to sneak into, but this post does not cover that, as there are too many variables at play. Fancy schmancy chart, both with normal, modified time and their totals. Net Gain Net Loss Emission Time Duration Time Total Time Emission Time /w SGM1 Duration Time w/ SGM1 Total Time w/ SGM1 Gearing 30s 130s 160s 39s 123.5s 162.5s Fletcher / Black 29s 127s 156s 37.7s 120.65s 158.35s Benson / Lo Yang 28s 124s 152s 36.4s 117.8s 154.2s Other TX DD 20s 97s 117s 26s 92.15s 118.15s Other T9 DD 20s 93s 113s 26s 88.35s 114.35s Other T8 DD 20s 89s 109s 26s 84.55s 110.55s Z-52 20s 77s 97s 26s 73.15s 99.15s Z-46 20s 73s 93s 26s 69.35s 95.35s Z-23 20s 69s 89s 26s 65.55s 91.55s Minotaur 7s 113s 120s 9.1s 107.35s 116.45s Neptune 7s 110s 117s 9.1s 104.5s 113.6s Edinburgh 7s 106s 113s 9.1s 100.7s 109.8s Kutuzov 20s 89s 109s 26s 84.55s 110.55s Perth 90s 10s 100s 117s 9.5s 126.5s Thoughts and Conclusion On paper, it appears that most ships, excepting RNCL, get a net benefit when using SGM1. The longer the original Emission Time, the more the ship seems to benefit, as Perth has an astounding 26.5% extension to its total smoke duration. Most other ships have a net gain of around 1.4% - 1.5% to the total duration of their smoke. Even the horribly bad German DD smoke will see a net benefit in total duration when using SGM1. Only the British RNCL line, with their short Emission Time, stand to lose out when using SGM1, with a sub 3% net loss to total duration. While SGM1 does benefit most ships with smoke, SGM1 also goes into the same slot as AAGM2 (+20% AA range) and ASM1 (+Accuracy, +Torpedo traverse speed). For most ships with smoke, that are not RNCL, I think ASM1 still has better overall benefit to the ship, as the difference between SGM1 and not is less than 3s. Perth stands to gain the most from SGM1, with an extra 26.5s of smoke per usage, and this results in Perth being the only true benefactor of SGM1.
  8. Gneisenau. Although going full AA in it makes the gun accuracy underwhelming, so I stick to AFT, BFT and MFCAA
  9. I use OBS studio to record replays. Then I use PowerDirector15 Ultra to edit the video. This way, I can use OBS to record both game and mic at the same time, or only record the game and add in mic using PD15. Surprisingly enough, OBS has better mic audio tweaking than PD15, but having mic recorded separately is easier to cram in more words, as I can pause the replay and collect my thoughts more.
  10. official WoWsNA youtube channel just posted this.
  11. game setting, but you can only adjust it while playing a match.
  12. I run EM and AR, because I also run Hindenburg with MBM3, which slows down turret traverse just enough to be annoying without EM. I would get AR as the last skill. There are just too many T3/4 skills worth taking before AR.
  13. that's a nub Conqueror then. Everyone, with even the slightest of understanding of the game, knows that DM cannot bow tank, nor angle tank >406mm shells, because DM only has 27mm plating armor all over. Add in RNBB shells having a shorter fuse and a properly aimed salvo should flat out delete a DM at any angle.
  14. There are, literally, only two balanced RNBBs in the game. This would be the Warspite and Queen Elizabeth
  15. no they are not. Torx is a great design. Philips is the [edited] outdated one that is purposefully designed to cam out and strip itself when "over-tightened", which just so happens to also be when it is rusted into place or either the driver or screw is made from cheap and flimsy steel. With Torx, I don't have to push into the screw to maintain proper contact. I don't need a magnetic tip to free my other hand when maneuvering the screw into place. I also don't have to worry about stripping the head, because the design prevents it, even if the driver and/or screw are made from cheap and flimsy steel. Torx is best. Robertson is great. Allen is crap. Philips is also crap. Flathead is primitive crap. Stop using crap. Get a new screw driver set.