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  1. MrDeaf

    Jet planes will be back on WOWS Soon™

    Convair F2Y Sea Dart when
  2. MrDeaf

    Premium Ship Review - Repulse

    I swear, Repluse is only T6, because WG wants her to be sunk by Ryujo.
  3. MrDeaf

    Will 2022 Kill Randoms?

    it's not like they can play lower tiers to learn the game, because there's no population there either.
  4. MrDeaf

    Again.. why no skill based MM?

    okay, but you know WG can live test this, right? Like do 1 or 2 seasons of SBMM for ranked sprint
  5. MrDeaf

    Where are you supposed to aim on cruisers?

    Under the stacks, and from T6+ anywhere underneath the turrets. Shells don't have to land perfectly waterline, because most cruisers have citadels that sit above water. However, some cruisers have such incredibly poor armor, that high penetration shells will go straight through, without arming, if they don't angle to increase effective armor thickness at all.
  6. I mean, if you don't like it, then don't pay for it What's the big deal? It's not even a real ship anyways, and it's in the garbage tier, known as T9, or the cumster ships for T10 ships.
  7. MrDeaf

    IJN subs question

    IJN subs had all sorts of sizes and displacements. Like there is the J1, which is similar in size to Balao-class, but then most other IJN subs were cruiser submarines with very long cruising ranges. Cruiser subs were larger than Balao-class. And then you have the Sentoku type, I-400, which was the largest submarine of WW2 So, IJN subs would, in fact, have more HP than USN subs. As for the torps, Type 95 submarine oxygen torps would not only hit hard, they would also be significantly faster and have longer range than Mk 18 submarine torps.
  8. Oh, I totally forgot Yorck is totally the thing you want 210mm guns, biggest guns on a CA HE that hits like a truck, has torps, and german troll turtleback And it has hydro And it's not slow
  9. So you're saying you want a Myoko
  10. MrDeaf

    M-class British subs with BB guns ?

    Did they have any armor at all? Heavy equipment and armor on top of the sub was a big problem, because it made an already easy to tip ship, top heavy. That's probably why the M-class 12" gun only trains 15 degrees in each direction. The guns are deck mounted, which basically precludes any kind of armored plating on the gun itself, and any covering over the gun is more akin to hydrodynamic cowling
  11. MrDeaf

    How soon everyone forgets.

    perhaps you should revisit that thread and compare it to the people who have said they spent money in black friday 2021 threads You can even make a list of who kept their word, vs. who hasn't. I mean, you are accusing a lot of people, so you better have evidence to backup that claim
  12. I could have sworn the HE DPM is better than most T10 BB and super cruisers.
  13. MrDeaf

    IZUMO vs DES MOINES, who would win?

    whichever ship the OP is not currently controlling will win.