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  1. Probably because Orion is OP at its tier. It can HE cit almost all cruisers HE is far more effective at lower tiers, because players are unlikely to even have a 10pt captain running FP, not to mention the fact that lower tier ships catch fire more easily. BB AP at T4 tends to not be able to defeat T4 BB belt armor, so you might as well bring a ship that's amazing at flinging HE
  2. Conkek has some dispersion issues that make its AP usage only really worthwhile if you are inside of 10~12km.
  3. The Use of "Meat Shields"

    As a unicum, I agree. Meatshields do exist in the game. If the unicum is doing it on purpose or not is all relative. For example, if the unicum is in a DD that has the best concealment, but really bad start position and is relatively slow, and there is a "meatshield" with poor concealment in a better start position and with a faster ship, then if the "meatshield" is smart, s/he should let the unicum DD get out in front of him/her. If the "meatshield" doesn't care about dictating terms of engagement, they will just YOLO rush and be used as the meatshield, because there's just no way of bailing out someone who does that. Alternatively, the unicum BB and CA players typically tend to play it safe and camp a bit until they have figured out where the red team is, so as to maintain a posture that doesn't expose broadsides.
  4. You know, I've been thinking RNDD has RNCL acceleration and no longer has access to Propulsion Modification 2 (-50% time to accelerate from 0 to 6knots) RNDD has Smoke and Hydro RNDD has extremely good firepower RNDD has extremely good concealment Hardly no one uses TASM1 (+50% to assured acquisition range, +20% to torpedo detection range) Why not remove access to CSM1 (Concealment Mod) for RNDD? I mean, it's not like it doesn't have the toolset to do what it is designed to do, even if it has 10% worse concealment than it can potentially have.
  5. lol... Like Daring needed 360d turrets, because that firepower and stealth weren't ridiculous enough already.
  6. Udaloi Buff?

    Udaloi definitely doesn't feel like it fits in the branch tree, but I think it's a really good ship, nonetheless.
  7. Lion's 419mm are the same guns as conkek, they hit quite well, in fact, they have quite a lot of hitting power, but have a shorter fuse, which underwhelming against spaced armor schemes. Yes, the 457mm still can't overmatch 32mm and if you can't overmatch you fire HE Conkek has bad accuracy, so having 4 less guns doesn't help with flinging shells. https://mustanghx.github.io/ship_ap_calculator/
  8. Pensacola or Dallas line

    What about the lines? Why what?
  9. NA Random Games

    what? It's an explanation of why there is such low quality of play in Summer. Is it not Summer right now?
  10. I am not even entirely sure why you would smoke up a BB, when it is better used on a cruiser. Particularly, one with radar.
  11. I think Konigsberger is the best Although, if you have a 19pt soviet captain, then Krispy Kreme isn't a bad alternative
  12. Hi, Summer/Weekend players. Please, if you are going to complain about game mechanics, first try learning some of the basics of the game. I admit to being a complete potato at WoT, but I don't complain about the mechanics I don't understand, other than that I don't understand them.
  13. T6 BBs in T8 aren't that bad, well, unless you are up against AP bombs, then it just blows. T8 BBs in T10 is doable, but it gets really boring after about the 10th game in a row where you are bottom.