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  1. MrDeaf

    Incompetence, Greed, and Obliviousness

    there's always going to be a skill gap, but the T10 CVs are still showing excessive performance for top players, especially when you compare it to the average of all recorded players. More than double the average damage is excessive and both T10 CVs are pulling just that.
  2. MrDeaf

    Incompetence, Greed, and Obliviousness

    Except for the fact this increases excessive skill gap when the CV rework tried to fix.
  3. you usually have to lead the aim ever so slightly ahead of where they are going
  4. MrDeaf

    Worst higher tier ship in the game?

    The T9 french cruiser that has benches for its rudder and subsequently keeps losing them.
  5. I'm just curious, because I thought the whole point of nerfing radar range on Worcester (and Seattle in the process), was because that WG didn't want cruisers that could effectively open water stealth radar. Then WG adds Wichita, which only gets 9km radar and cannot open water stealth radar. Then WG drops the radar normalization patch, which brings up Edinburgh and Baltimore's radar to 10km. And last I checked, those two get 9.0km and 9.7km concealment, respectively. Baltimore, sure, I don't think it's radar is overly effective due to its DPM capabilities, however Edinburgh... Now, I hear you on Edinburgh being squishy, but it's actually a lot tankier than Wichita and, while it doesn't have quite the levels of DPM as Nep/Mino, it can still dish out a good beating and also doesn't have a massive citadel that is easy to hit. So, you know, if WG wanted to be thorough about its radar, they should either give Wichita 10km radar, or revert Edinburgh back to 9km radar. It was still pretty effective with 9km radar too, I might add. Way better than T8 New Orleans was.
  6. I think the easiest method would be to grind up the RNBB line and play Queen Elizabeth, although, ideally, you want KG, because it's even better than Conkek at HE DPM and fire starting.
  7. MrDeaf

    Newport, poor decisions

    I don't think the problem with newport is multiple fast targets, but more like the angle of attack presented to you. It's really hard to sink bow on ships.
  8. MrDeaf

    Does the new midway suck, or do I

    I don't know of any other ship where players can average 200k damage over hundreds of games, so it's definitely the player. With that said, I still feel like the skill gap is a bit much and the T10 CVs could stand to be nerfed further, but after they fix the AA/aircraft HP hyper inflation and overlapping AA issues that make lower tiers untenable against higher tiers.
  9. MrDeaf

    Top 3: Most Anemic Ships

    Both Mutsuki and Minekaze are awful ships, actually And no, Isokaze is actually worse than both Mutsuki and Minekaze, because of slower shell velocity and far slower top speed. Then we have Mogami... There is a reason why it's so squishy compared to the rest of the line.
  10. Well you can always go play on the Asia server or RU server then...
  11. hey, if WG thinks they can balance 2CV, then there should be no reason they can't balance 4CV
  12. You don't really need RPF on a CV, unlike other ships, because the airplanes fly at around 4x~6x the speed of the DD. This means that you can simply comb the area where your aircraft are being spotted.
  13. MrDeaf

    Fix the US/IJN CV imbalance.

    ??? The USN HE bombs are stupidly effective against DDs In fact, they're stupidly good against all ships, because they can blow off some 12k~16k with a good 5/6 or 6/6 hit. And that 12k~16k hit is comparable to the 15k~20k from AP bombs.
  14. MrDeaf

    Is there a point to play IJN CV ?

    I tried Shokaku in and still feels like hot garbage. My biggest gripe about it is why do I get 8 TBs in a 4x2 configuration? For that matter, why does the [edited] are these bombers so non-linear? IJN Ryujo: 3x2 TB, 3x2 APDB, 4x2 Rockets Shokaku: 4x2 TB, 3x3 APDB, 3x3 Rockets Hakuryu: 3x4 TB Literally, why did those TBs not go to 3x3 at Shokaku and then all of a sudden you get double the [edited]TBs at T10? USN Ranger: 3x2 TB, 3x2 HEDB, 3x2 Rockets Lexington: 3x3 TB, 3x3 HEDB, 3x3 Rockets Midway: 3x3x2 TB Literally, why did those TBs go from 3x to 6x torps dropped? Why would you inflate the ordinance deliverable so goddamn much at T10? What? was the T10 only module not enough for some reason?
  15. MrDeaf

    how is le terrible?

    I thought it was amazingly good. No AA, No problem, because you are incredibly hard to bomb with your speed Concealment that doesn't matter, because you have insane top speed to run down other DDs HP is pretty good, because it's hard to hit You don't need smoke when you can literally just run away from everything else Shell ballistics aren't a problem at all It kind of reminds me of Atlanta. It's super specialized at what it does and you will only suffer in it if you don't know how to play the ship.