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  1. MrDeaf

    Auto-Torpedo Avoidance AI

    The AI will ALMOST ALWAYS start dodging after you send Two torpedo banks its way. The AI will ALMOST NEVER dodge if only One torpedo bank is fired at it. Two or more includes not only your ship, but friendly ships as well. However, the AI will never dodge friendly torps, which is why you see them TK'ing each other so often.
  2. MrDeaf

    #stayhome #playwows

    #stayhome #PlayYourUntouchedStashOfSteamGames #PlayThoseSteamGamesYouHoarded #CompleteYourSteamGameAchievements
  3. MrDeaf

    Maass disappointment

    If you don't like Maass, which I also found to be quite crap, you probably won't like Z-23 either. In fact, the line doesn't get any good until you hit Z-46
  4. MrDeaf

    WG Explain Yourselves!

    It's probably an armor bug that only manifests itself when Cleveland is in a hard turn and listing.
  5. MrDeaf

    Epicenter (not my favorite)

    What makes you think your team wouldn't have camped out and lost all 3 or 4 caps in domination mode?
  6. I thought all the rage these days was the 2x Musashi 1x GZ fishing division.
  7. It's a Warspite clone, but with none of the lovable qualities of Warspite.
  8. Bow on, Roma might be hard to cit, but kiting away, she has a massively flat casemate that eats a ton of damage. Roma's guns do not perform anything like Republique's guns. Concealment on Roma is second or third best in tier, but it doesn't synergize well at all with the rest of the ship. Roma is not that fast and has average maneuverability for a T8. Literally, the only T8 BBs that are worse than Roma are Vanguard and Monarch.
  9. Like what? You gave zero examples of said characteristics. If you're talking about the penetration of the main guns, despite Roma having the best penetration in the 15" category, the 16" guns on NC, Amagi and Vladivostok all offer comparable penetration numbers, while also having better overmatch capabilities.
  10. I think one big issue is that bombers have sixth sense (situational awareness). Bombers are anywhere from 3x to 6x as fast as a DD and can easily scour the area to find whatever is spotting them, thanks to sixth sense. Add to that the fact that, unlike a radar cruiser, bombers have minimal risk while being completely exposed hunting down an invisible ship. Like, the difference is... Oh, you walked into some AA and lost your entire wing, whooptydo. -versus- Oh, you walked into a dev strike and lost your ship.
  11. ah, but if you understand game mechanics, you can really rack up a ton of XP and stuff in operations. And since WG took out the randomness of their AI spawning scripts in operations, it's even easier to properly exploit game mechanics.
  12. Smaller caliber AP becomes more effective against BBs at higher tiers, but they are more than 70% ineffective in T3~6. Most BBs at those tiers do not have massive superstructures, while also having extremely good protection against smaller caliber AP. For example, Fuso has poor belt armor, but is actually very difficult to damage, due to its exceptionally tall belt, tall but thin superstructure, thick enough deck and 6x well protected turrets. This makes Fuso extremely resistant to smaller sized AP shells with the slightest of angles or opening in range. On top of that, Fuso can and will shatter most smaller caliber HE shells.
  13. It doesn't show up on their spreadsheet, therefor it's not real. Ergo, they'll fix it in 2025
  14. If you can't aim behind said island, you're probably not taking up a "good" position. Some pointers Almost all islands do not have protection from two sides at once. The ones that do, you can't shoot over, period. Most ships that can or need to rely on islands have poor effective range. Launched shells fall steeper than they climb, meaning it's easier to lob shells over islands the further away you are. Most BB players absolutely suck in their positioning. Too far back and you can't hit anything Too far forward, and you can't disengage or lob shells over islands Too far on the flanks, especially going around long and large islands that take you out of the fight for too long BBs typically have the best range, so it's best to take up positions that give you excellent line of fire, but while also protecting your sides and also allowing you to disengage when necessary. Even if your "teammates" are total trash and lemming train, there's still various things that can be done with your BB positioning.
  15. And then add a whole bunch of BBs with 457mm+ guns to the game, so that only certain ships can angle against overmatch spam.