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  1. considering it is a Fletcher, it is sometimes preferable to sit full broadside, instead of angling and eating 20k salvos from BB shells.
  2. DD concealment and speed advantage over cruisers were totally broken after the advent of hydro. It wasn't unusual to not see any cruisers at all, because cruisers did nothing better than DDs could. This was back when ships could stealth fire. It wasn't entirely unusual for an Akizuki to burn down a Des Moines to the waterline, without ever taking any return fire. After the advent of radar and removal of stealth fire cruisers finally got a tool to counter DDs.
  3. Use mouse. Far easier to aim.
  4. Fire guns, switch to torps for proper lead, fire guns again, line up ship while firing, switch to torps on a reload, fire torps, switch to guns and act like nothing happened. Doesn't work all that well in DD vs DD, honestly, because most DD players have figured out to turn away and not chase. It works surprisingly well in cruiser vs cruiser or cruiser vs. BB, however.
  5. Which is perfectly fine, considering you can ambush red DDs from inside of 6km with the Gleaves, Fletcher and Allen M. Sumner ships.
  6. Des Moines is a ship that requires a vast amount situational awareness and map knowledge to play well. It is not suitable for leading offensives, nor providing cover for retreating ships, but it does extremely well when positioned at the fulcrum, a pivot point, of a friendly flanking maneuver. To the red team, there is nothing more annoying than a well positioned Des Moines, as the Des Moines will be able to unleash its full potential. The rain of shells, the impassable AA zone and 9.9km radar, to cover a cap or two, makes any red team attempts at pushing into Des Moines' kill zone a futile effort. When Des Moines is played outside of its strengths, or if its positioning is poor, one can expect either a quick death or an even quicker death. Almost everyone who plays at higher tiers understands Des Moines' firepower and fears it, however it is also well understood that Des Moines is extremely squishy. Des Moines poor armor and citadel layout is only surpassed by Minotaur, however, Des Moines also does not have any self bailing tools to get itself out of sticky situations. Namely, the use of smoke, good concealment or speed. All Des Moines players should expect to become the center of attention from the red team when spotted out in the open. To play Des Moines, without being sent to the bottom early in the game, the player must practice, at least, two things. 'Island Hugging' and 'Fire Discipline'. There are, of course, other player skills at play, but for Des Moines, these are the two most important ones. 'Island Hugging' is, literally, hugging an island. The point in hugging an island, is to reduce the range of potential incoming fire when Des Moines is using its guns. Shooting guns will typically cause ships to be spotted and a spotted Des Moines is a dead Des Moines. Ideally, Des Moines is setup in such a way that it can rain shells onto red positions, whilst not being spotted itself, however this is rare. Preferably, when going island hugging, the Des Moines player should never have to deal with more than two red ships at a time. Des Moines becomes even more of a thorn in the sides of the reds, if positioned near a cap or two, due to its 9.9km radar. The radar on Des Moines is able to fully unveil, up to two domination mode caps, on many maps. Some islands or island chains will provide ample opportunity for a Des Moines to fire over them, never be spotted and never receive incoming fire. This little trick works especially well for Des Moines between 15km to maximum range, however it should be noted that this is best used against stationary or slower Battleships. Most Cruiser and Destroyer players will have no problem dodging shells from Des Moines from 15km out. 'Fire Discipline' is exactly how it sounds and is the practice of not using the guns and revealing the player's own position. This is mainly used while transitioning to an Island Hugging position, where the ship will not take focus fire from the entirety of the red team. So long as these two player skills are observed, Des Moines should be able to let loose its flamethrower, without getting hosed down itself. Other player skills the Des Moines player should pick up are target prioritization and understanding how to deal with red cruisers when inside of 10km. Target prioritization is closely related to situational awareness. Some red targets are more important than the rest and should be taken down ASAP, while other targets do can be dealt at a later point in time. Usually low HP targets are top priority. Des Moines has a small quirk, where it may not be able to shoot at the top priority target when hidden behind an island. In this case, shooting the next best, viable, target is the best course of action. Dealing with other cruisers, especially T10 cruisers, in Des Moines requires finesse, a good understanding of torpedo firing arcs and hopefully, never being outnumbered. Whilst most other T10 cruisers feature torpedoes, Des Moines does not. At closer ranges, inside of 12km, in cruiser vs. cruiser engagements, Des Moines is, typically, able to outgun every single other cruiser in the game. It should be understood that when in cruiser vs. cruiser engagements, that the ship should stay sharply angled. Staying sharply angled will reduce the likelihood of taking full AP damage from hits to the citadel. Staying sharply angled normally entails that the turrets on the opposite side of the ship will never be able to fire. This is perfectly fine for Des Moines and a complete boon to all the other cruisers. As a counter, most other cruisers are equipped with torpedoes that can decimate a full HP Des Moines in one salvo. It is important to maintain a safe distance against red cruisers, a distance where the Des Moines is at an advantage and is able to whittle down any red ship that dares to enter Des Moines' kill zone. In some instances, the fight becomes Des Moines vs. Des Moines. These fights end up being who is the better shot, or who ends up being luckier. In such circumstances, if both ships are sharply angled, neither will be able to deal a killing blow. Essentially, this is the situation of deer antlers being locked up and both dying a gruesome death without some form of intervention. It is best to avoid this situation altogether, but should one find themselves in this situation, load AP and aim for the main turrets. A few lucky AP shells into the turrets can temporarily, or downright disable one or two of the turrets. If the Des Moines loses a turret in this situation, it will lose 50% of its firepower and this becomes a massive disadvantage to the Des Moines that lost its turret. Care must be taken, as this can go both ways. The good Des Moines player has many tools in its pockets and many tricks up its sleeve, but, ultimately, it is limited in effective deployment zone and how well its teammates can play. One should understand these limitations, not play outside of it, and not get upset if the Des Moines is difficult to do well in. The key to success is practicing and learning the various maps. For consumables, radar is recommended over the seaplane fighter or spotter plane. Premium consumables recommended. Do not forget to setup the in-game minimap to show radar range. This is highly valuable information for any radar equipped ship. Setting up Des Moines is straight forward. MAM1, AAGM2, GFCSM2, DCSM1, SGM2 and CSM1 are recommended. AAGM2 or ASM1 and GFCSM2 or MBM3 are, ultimately, user preference. The recommended Captain skills are: PT, EM, SI, CE, DE, AFT and AR With the recommended skill and modification setup, Des Moines will get 7.2km of deadly AA, 18.36km of firing range and a plethora of tools at its disposal. (I might edit this further, if I have some spare time)
  7. The ship is bad enough that a T7DD will give Z-23 a run for its money. At least it's stronger than any of the T6DDs
  8. If it's larger than DD, then I would have to guess Taiyo's sister. Unless it's something international, in which case I have no idea
  9. If it's any consolation, I've had zero amazing games in Z-23 as well. The ship doesn't do anything good. It's average to below average at everything a DD needs to do at T8
  10. Yeah, Loyang, with her buffed hydro is a serious threat, which is, unlike before, where she was just meh. btw, I think the hydro is overbuffed. Having stronger than T8 cruiser hydro is too strong for this ship and makes the Z-23 pointless.
  11. Wait... you liked Strike Ranger? The single most useless ship in the game right now?
  12. There is this cancer division called the Atlanta-Flint-Saipan/Kaga/Fiji/Belfast wrecking ball. I smell cancer division with radar and smoke DD division
  13. Exactly what 'flavor' do people imagine with a third CV line and how do they think it ties into 'balance'? Right now, we have Strike, AS and Balanced. USN Strike is utterly crap USN AS roflol stomps everything else, but is utterly crapat carrying IJN Balanced (Strike) is OP IJN AS is still OP What could WG possibly add into here? Even stronger AS? and then the even stronger AS gets something useful, like rockets and fighter bombers? Sounds balanced.
  14. Except now you don't get decent torpedoes and a purpose of sneaking around the map. That's the same issue Sims has. Outside of protecting caps and screening red DDs, there's not much point trying to hunt something larger with torpedoes, so it's quite rare that a CV will attempt to perma spot you with a spare fighter.
  15. The UI is godawful and makes it stupidly hard to multitask the planes.