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  1. MrDeaf

    Do WG listen to Supertesters and CCs

    CC chart Potato Average Unicum Russia SEA EU Americas at least 12 different categories WG takes feedback from And the meta is slightly different on different servers Not that I see California being good in any of them
  2. My guess as to what Vermont is, would be the Tillman II design, but instead of 16x 16in guns in four turrets, it's got the 12x 18in guns in four turrets. This makes it a plausible design and WG has done a hypothetical turret/gun swap many times before. However, from a design evolution stand point, the Vermont makes zero sense. So you have a variant of a Tillman design (1917), which featured 12x 18in guns, making it the biggest and most expensive ship, ever. This ship would have easily outclassed Colorado-class (1918~1923), which was built around 1yr after the Tillman designs were discussed. And then you hit the Washington Naval Treaty (1922), ordering a stop to more battleships. So now "Vermont" would be the Biggest and most powerful battleship, EVER, to float the seas. Keep in mind, Tillman II is huge (70,000t displacement), unlike Colorado (33,000t displacement) Colorado-class were part of the Big Seven, however Colorado-class only received upgrades to their secondaries and fire directors, as they were considered obsolete with the introduction of North Carolina (45,000t), South Dakota (45,000t) and Iowa-classes (60,000t). 16in gun proliferation at its finest. Colorado-class was definitely obsolete, but a ship with 12x 18in guns? I highly doubt it, even if the ship was slow, it could have gotten a complete refitting of the engines. Conversely, if "Vermont" was to be obsoleted, it would have had a successor, much like Colorado did. If I had to guess, you'd have something like an Ohio or Georgia, but with a mix of twin and triple turrets, so as to not sacrifice too much firepower for speed.
  3. MrDeaf

    California - we can agree it's trash

    Why would they change anything about it? That involves doing actual work.
  4. MrDeaf

    Remove epicenter or make it optional

    Epicenter might be daunting at first, but if you realize there are a few key concepts and you stick with those, it becomes a breeze. DDs should not go to the center. Regardless of CV presence or not, it's really bad for the DD to go into the center, because this cancels out their core elements of concealment, speed and spotting. By being on the cap, they not only give away their position, they become equally useless at spotting and become locked down where they cannot use their speed to their advantage. Radar and Sonar equipped cruisers are better for going into the epicenter. They have the tools to light up any contesting ships and quite a lot of them rely on having island cover to protect their squishy sides. BBs should position themselves to protect the ship(s) in the middle from being flanked. This often means guarding the flanks or moving up with the DDs along the flanks. Realize there is little difference to standard mode. Just like in standard mode, if both flanks collapse, your team loses, so don't let it happen. Just imagine a pie chart. You want to have at least half of the pie. Congruent pieces preferably. Ideally you have more than half, but at that point you are Pacman and should be winning.
  5. Your average potential damage received is low compared to your survival rate. This probably means you are taking too much damage while tanking. This is either by being in a poor position, or being unable to disengage and heal up before reengaging. Your average damage dealt is about 1:1 to your ship's HP, despite having a pretty good 30% hit rate. This probably means you are holding your shots too much, or you are not surviving long enough to deal more damage.
  6. https://gamemodels3d.com/games/worldofwarships/
  7. Did you even read what you posted? JB was docked and was used as off shore coastal battery Did it lose it's shelling capability after all that? nope
  8. MrDeaf

    Pommern main guns

    The penetration on German 380mm is definitely not the best and, in fact, is barely better than what the Petropavalosk's 220mm does, but you get twelve of them. And you get to be the only T9 BB with torpedoes mounted. Personally, I would go with Alsace, since that too gets 12x 380mm, with significantly better penetration, while having a far more relevant and meta consumable of more speed.
  9. MrDeaf

    The Devil's Advocate: Shall we do a test?

    I suggest WG also bring back the 3CV division.
  10. AFAIK, according to existing blueprints, Scharnhorst supposedly had 40mm plating all over the hull and main deck. Jean Bart was hit several times by Massachusetts in Operation Torch, but those 406mm shells didn't really do much to the combat effectiveness of the ship.
  11. The UI really needs to be overhauled. It is still Flash based, which is not only outdated, it's software is completely obsoleted. The game engine ought to be remade from scratch, but I don't see it happening. Like, what will they add? Rougher sea effects that make the ship roll and list a bit more? A full shot replay, like that other Russian game? Two new features over the current game engine isn't a compelling argument to make a new game engine.
  12. MrDeaf

    Ungreateful players?

    I don't understand why you would bother to stalk someone after a game. It's creepy as [edited]
  13. MrDeaf

    Playing one match and then logging off

    You are perfectly on track to ending your addiction forever, don't give up!
  14. MrDeaf


    It's not the first time WG added an AA mount to block forward visibility from the bridge... They pulled this same stunt off 2 years ago with Konig.
  15. I posit that a roflol stomp match wouldn't take 20mins and would be closer to 10mins.