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  1. If radar is to be LoS, the only cruiser in the game that can even be remotely useful is Chappy. Ergo, all the radar cruisers get chappy or DD style = radar range > concealment. But some stupid radar cruisers have awful concealment = Hello 12~15km LoS radar DDs then complain about the radar range and cruisers that can stay hidden anyways Back to square one
  2. I've suggested a one time free captain retraining/reset card that you can get in boxes, in the past. similar to "Get out of jail for free" card in monopoly. Quite frankly, wows is very unfair when it comes to new players in their first Tier whatever ship. Players feeling that the game is unfair and frustrating because of it isn't good for population health. e.g. You get clubbed by a 19pt Kamikaze/Clemson, but you don't even have a 10pt captain to use in those ships, because paywall and/or excessively long grind (especially without premium or CXP boosters).
  3. At this point in the game, only players who have invested long hours into grinding 19pt captains have them. While I think this 19pt captain is kind of like a "reward" system, I also think it is unfair to players who are just picking up the game. Now, you may think that newbs shouldn't encounter 19pt captains, so long as they don't buy a T7/8 premium, but it's quite normal to encounter 19pt captains in lower tiers, which gives a massive advantage to the person using the 19pt'er. The player behind the ship will also have way more experience on top of the 19pt captain. The worst offenders, in this regard, are Clemson, Kamikaze R, Gremyaschy, Guilio Cesare, etc. They scale EXTREMELY well with a 19pt'er, where as other ships do not and this throws off lower tier balance quite badly. Quite frankly, 10pt captains just aren't enough anymore, especially as cruisers and destroyers and I think there is an increasing need to have everyone with 19pt captains all the time. Like, seriously, the captain makes all the difference in your ship's effectiveness, it's rather silly. Examples: d'Aosta 10pt: pretty useless d'Aosta 14pt: finally getting somewhere stock Fubuki 6pt: utterly useless stock Fubuki 10pt: usable, but still quite awful Oh, and, as for buying a 10pt captain, I have nothing against it Hell, offer the option to buy a 19pt captain as well. What would be extra nice, is if you could let us brain suck low point captain's XP, because I have like 20 of these 3pt~9pt captains just sitting in my reserves with nothing to captain, because they are useless.
  4. You can do that with almost any cruiser that has enough 203mm guns and good turret traverse.
  5. No. The aircraft are 5 times faster than your ship and will run circles around your ship. The only reason for a CV to even send his aircraft over your AA bubble is because he was inattentive or is actively targeting you.
  6. You get a sidegrade on the guns for worse concealment and the same radar effectiveness. Either you help at caps with your radar, or you sit in the back and spam HE from max range. That's the only way to play this ship.
  7. Yeah, the only killer on the original configuration was the 35s reload with 1.8 sigma Now that it has 30s reload and 1.8 sigma, it is more threatening.
  8. French Tier 10 BB

    I propose Champagne or Chardonnay
  9. I don't see why they needed to move the islands around.
  10. The hydro is troll, if you know how to use it. Sadly, the guns on DoY will troll you when you go to shoot the spotted ship.
  11. Best Missouri Build?

    I like the stealth AA hybrid build. IDK why you would pick BFT though.
  12. If you plug this commander into La G, it might become an acceptable ship
  13. The Hydro can troll other ships, but then the guns will troll you.