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  1. Yamamoto wasn't a fool. His superiors were. what a silly thread.
  2. Questions for fans of the Sims

    Usually engine boost, but if there are an influx of Carriers, thanks to CV missions, then DFAA 9.2km torps. No to torpedo acceleration. There are more useful skills to take. There is no more invisifire and has not been for about a year now.
  3. WG: Possible FPS/lag fix

    What I don't understand is why you felt you needed to make another thread on this, when there's an official one that is stickied and where all the info ought to be.
  4. New Orleans advice needed

    T7 NO will keep its elite status and you will have all modules unlocked. Usually, most captains pick SI and AFT for T8+ cruisers that get lots of consumables to use.
  5. 203mm/50???

    wasn't there a preliminary design study where Pensacola mounted 4x Twin 203mm guns?
  6. I think the one problem with removing manual drops is when T5 CVs are allowed to be matched up against T6 and T7 CVs that do have the ability. Like how are you supposed to fight a 3/1/1 Ryujo as a Zuiho or Bogue? You don't even get a whole lot of reserves if the AS Ryujo pulls the fighter lock and strafe-out and strafe-in trick. It's even worse against Saipan, Kaga, and Hiryu.
  7. I'm convinced that WG added bot CVs to Coop to make the matches more drawn out and less rewarding per minute of game time spent.
  8. We used to have that. and it was crap. Atlanta losing 4/8 turrets, DDs losing all their turrets, even BBs constantly losing their turrets.
  9. Giulio Cesare: 11.41km Bayern: 11.56km New Mexico, Kaiser, Warspite: 11.86km Arizona, Orion, Queen Elizabeth: 12.01km
  10. There are only a handful of ships that don't suck when bottom tier Aigle isn't that bad when bottom.
  11. I think CE would be better if the concealment improvement was a flat number across all ship types. DD: 10% CA/CL: 12% BB: 14% <- This is where it is broken CV: 16% If this was only a flat 10% or 10% for DDs and 12% for CA/CL, BB and CV, then I think it would be better. Because 11km concealment BBs are ridiculous.
  12. Engine boost mod only works when you have engine boost active, so if you pick DFAA, it does absolutely nothing.
  13. Izumo why are u so Bad

    There was also a design for Kii or no.13 to have 4x Triple 41cm guns or an IJN Montana.
  14. Izumo why are u so Bad

    It's really stupid when Iowa/Missouri have their concealment and speed, but also more range than Izumo