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  1. It allows the des memes to accelerate like RNCL, but still stop on a dime. what's not to like about it?
  2. Yamato will get Zao like accuracy Zao and Moskva will get Destroyer like accuracy People who are good at aiming will absolutely wreck crapwith these modules
  3. No, that's the whole point If these upgrades were excellent, then there's no point in picking any of the other upgrades and is a straight up powercreep Which is what the Yamato legendary upgrade is
  4. I'm kinda interested in seeing fire retardant Hindy get shot at by 3x Clevelands without IFHE to see how well it can tank.
  5. I mean, if you can live with the turret traverse from MBM3, that is also a totally valid option. IMO, Gearing with MBM3 is a bit on the slow side for my tastes.
  6. ?????????? The general idea with DDs is to light up superior targets and have friendlies whittle their HP away before going in for the kill Why would an inferior gun ship shoot at a superior one, unless it knew it could get a better trade off? That's the whole point in having good concealment, so you can dictate the terms of engagement
  7. only if you are crossing their T or in a head-on engagement. Against ships that are kiting or in parallel engagements, this concealment difference makes a huge difference.
  8. Except when it's outspotted and gets hammered by BBAP and cruiser HE
  9. Gearing: Legendary goes into Slot 5 and allows for 5.6km concealment, at the cost of 15% reload speed. Skills: PT, LS, EM, BoS, SI, CE, RPF Mods: MAM1, EBM1, ASM1, PM2, Legendary, MBM3 End Result: 5.6km, 19.04RPM, 180d/24.25s Normal Gearing: 5.9km, 20rpm, 180d/25s You sacrifice torpedoes outright and lose a slight amount of effectiveness of your turrets, but you gain 0.3km of concealment. This allows you to outspot all, but the torpedo bote IJN DDs and for those, you have RDF to track them down. Since you now have 5.6km concealment, you will now outspot a majority of T8/9 DDs, allowing you to dictate the terms of engagement and you also have tons of firepower to handily win against them. Gearing's largest drawback is being shot at by larger ships while trying to chase down a superior concealment DD, but this combination of equipment should negate almost all of these issues. T10 DDs with their own legendary upgrades can still put up a fight, but you definitely will be able to bully T8/9 DDs far more easily. Against T10 DDs with legendary upgrades, the only true downside this configuration seems to have is the lack of torpedo output, but this may still not be as bad as it seems, if Gearing gets Fletcher torps and picks TAE over SI.
  10. French T8+: go full broadside, activate engine boost and then make hard turn, watch shells fall in water next to your ship.
  11. That's because of the Halsey campaign missions that are much easier to do in CVs than any other ship.
  12. How bout CV div should only go up against CV div and solo CV should only go up against solo CV?
  13. why does t6 get EFFED by mm?

    Because T6 has a potential to enter into T5-6 T5-7 T6-8 And then T7/8 seems to be a rather popular tier to play in.
  14. Hey, if you brainwash people with nationalism, they'll do anything for you, no matter how stupid the idea is.
  15. On paper Izumo's secondaries are good, but when you get to play the actual ship, you'll quickly realize they have atrocious firing angles that forces you to go full broadside to get them all to fire and you don't exactly have the armor to do that