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  1. MrDeaf

    IFHE Henri relevant in 2020?

    HIV is on the "not relevant" list. Not to be confused with being irrelevant. The stronger T10 cruisers are Hindenburg, Yoshino, Stalingrad, Smolensk and Venezia.
  2. MrDeaf

    Friesland 40mm/70 1948: The Ultimate AA Gun?

    The 76mm/70 Mark 6 was technically a better AA gun... http://navweaps.com/Weapons/WNUS_3-70_mk37.php
  3. There are many designs for Yamato. https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/111061-the-yamato-class-preliminary-studies/ And just like A-140F6 (Yamato), A-150 had various designs. The lazy copy paste design that WG is using A lower cost 2x Triple 510mm design A stretched 4x Twin 510mm turret A large stretched, 3x Triple 510mm design The largest ever, 4x Triple 510mm design fig.b) Top: A150 with 8 guns, Middle: A150 with 6 guns, Bottom: Iowa-class In fact, there was even a plan to replace the 460mm/45 guns on the A-140F6 design with 460mm/50 guns, which would have given even more punch
  4. Easy fix Give it ultra deep water radar that only detects CVs out to 40km for 20mins and then give it zero dispersion from outside of 25km Not that you won't bounce your shells off that 68mm deck on T10 CVs.
  5. TLDR: WG broke their own economy with OP economy flags and camo. To fix that problem, they added in insane grinds. How about we try a different economy model? One that isn't so grindy. The Problem According to some old post that I can't find anymore, profits for WoWs mostly comes from doubloon and premium time purchases. That was all fine and dandy, but then WG decided to add some super economy flags, which, I assume, were meant to be special and limited. This was true for a short time and then they (the super economy flags) weren't. Enter the era of FXP, CXP and XP inflation. Now, obviously, the players benefit greatly from inflation of FXP, CXP and XP, as it shortens their tech tree grinds, as well as time to complete a 19pt captain. However, WG obviously does not benefit as much, as players are less inclined to fork over cash for doubloons. Doubloons which are used to convert XP to FXP and retrain captains. So WG obviously caught on to this inflation and suddenly T9 FXP ships went up by 250,000 FXP. As if that wasn't enough, WG started introducing directives and missions which were somewhat more grindy than before. Then, WG decided to add in several new economies, all of which were not 100% affected by the influx of FXP, CXP and XP. Those were Coal, Steel and Token stuff. They weren't 100% detached, because quite a lot of missions for earning coal and tokens were XP based. Basically, WG doesn't want the players to horde their FXP and CXP, nor the flags and camo that boost them and WG said this rather directly. The Symptoms For a while, things seemed to have settled down and seemed to be going well. Then this "grinding" really started to come apart with the NTC fiasco. I'm sure we all thought this was over, but then WG managed to pull off the PR disaster at the last minute. The Side Effects of Purge by Grinding The most obvious one is WoWs becomes a primary job. Which is honestly fine, if you had about 20hrs of free time per day and live off of some unknown source of income. Some others might feel burnout. This wouldn't be a bad thing, if you wanted to do, is to purge the player from the game. Others will just get a bot to grind play for them. Clearly the player has outsmarted WGrinder... until they collect their special prize. However, I think most players will just feel alienated from the game, as they won't have the time, nor the flags, camo or even bother spending some cash on premium time, because it's too long and arduous to complete in any meaningful time. Also somewhat tied to inflation causing a gap between have and have-not. Basically, this is like using carpet bombing to remove an unwanted factory. It's 100% effective at killing everything and everything around it. Some Alternative and Less Invasive Solutions The easiest one that comes to my mind is, restricting the supply. Stop handing out so many super economy flags. How about, instead of selling gatcha crates that give out these super economy flags as "consolation prizes", you hand out Tokens that you can trade in to acquire a premium? Let's say the grand prize is the premium, but if you collect 10 Tokens, you can trade that in for the grand prize. In fact, you already kinda do this, except it's a lot more grindy. Another idea might be to restrict the number of super economy flags that can be used at once. A more complex idea would be to implement a system from WoW, the "Rested" XP bonus. Ideally, WoWs should be a game that is fun for 1 to 2hrs per day. Not a mind numbing 6hrs+ per day
  6. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't WG shuffle their previously underperforming WoT balancing and sales team into WoWs before WoWs started going down hill in those departments?
  7. MrDeaf

    Very questionable BB tactics.

    Because they have no clue how to play Narai. Tell them to get in front of the transports and go into the harbor before the transports do.
  8. I feel like WG added fentanyl to their game and totally killed off their existing playerbase.
  9. The simplest and most convincing answer: WG doesn't care about operations and therefore did not bother to check how SAP behaved on land targets
  10. The forts are stupidly resilient to light cruiser AP shells as well. With 152mm AP, you need to get inside of 10km-ish to do any damage to them. However, 203mm AP will absolutely demolish them in as little as one salvo. It's why I don't bother shooting those forts with British light cruisers.
  11. If you want coal, yes If you have no time to commit, no If you want to maintain moral, no
  12. MrDeaf

    Grind Goals for 2020

    Someone help me with Gorizia.
  13. MrDeaf

    Why the hate on Gorzia?

    I kind of want Gorizia, but then I'd have to actually play WoWs.