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  1. Last time I played... French fries were the Maginot on water... Now supposedly there is the magic called "Balance" We shall see again if the Wargaming Order has gone down the dark path or the light path once more and if I need to re join the Gaijin Empire in its glorious naval masochism that is the Russian navy tree.

  2. HerrCommandant

    Shooting at Torpedoes

    Amen to bringing an old post out of Necro... Necrophilia of a post is wrong... I literally JUST came back to the forums from talking to a bud and got 5 alerts after not being here since that last a year ago lol. 3 from THIS GUY on a dead thread. Also... Shooting torps aint gonna do crapin most waters ofc. You could pull it off with shallow torps like they made for Pearl Harbor but in your every day battle shooting torps aint effective, plus if you wanna go there mr necro lover... Torps in this game would be less effective since a lot of the maps are Fjords and Surrounding Islands thus shallower water if you wanna be realistic about it like the old thread was somwhat. But hey... Unless you were a WW2 Navy Vet in Shallow Waters seeing the damn torps coming at you then it's moot point with what I re skimmed over about the discussion. Thanks for your service though regardless of the whole OP thread topic and such here. Also... Our MK 14 torps were crapearly on in the war with quite a few issues, duds, premature, and also the depth issues. Was good when we fixed em. Though if the IJN had what the British had about de magnetizing their Hull it'd be a different story for torps and mines in the Pacific. On a side note... Why wasn't this closed a while ago? Plus... Man were the old forum people here including me freaking crazy about the smallest crapposted [edited]. oh oh oh forgot... Edit: also... most ships (bigger class wise) wouldn't be able to go near said shallow waters in the first place to be torped lol... Fjords can be deep but not deep anough most of the time to take BB's and CV's through em :/ I mean... The Russians Baltic fleet could barely do anything in them waters up there in WW2... End of the day, you can shoot torps in "shallow" waters but not in the movie way. Plus captains be idiots to use shallow water in a big ship like the classes mentioned.
  3. I hate it when you come back to an old game and the updates practically break your internet. Haven't been on WoWS for a while now since I prefer the masochism of War Thunder but meh, I'll give it another go here n there. I expect to die... A lot... Badly... :/

    1. khaenn35


      Welcome back!

    2. HerrCommandant


      AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA... Q_Q Back but only since I hear APR coming back... A certain lewder I just met poked me and whispered into my ear "ARfrundP" plus "Ur frund be here also now" So yaaaaaay back again... but with land line at 1mbps on best day and 7-800kbps speed on average... Much sadd.

  4. Imma Lil Battleship killing on the sea~ look theres a DD oh no worries me~ *KABAM!* Magic audio above. "Enemy Destroyer Sunk"

  5. Well here I thought you were dead lol. What's up? :D

  6. HerrCommandant

    mecanica para ganar TIRPITZ

    Si te refieres a la que fue mostrado hace poco con AlsoRobots y los otros chicos WG luego ya está terminado y los mecánicos eran badically el Tirpitz fue arrojado a cabo al azar a cada hora y que tenía una chace de ganar , siempre y cuando usted estaba en . Por cierto esto se hace en Google translate taaaaan lo siento si no es bueno española ya que nunca tomé nada en la escuela -.- (Just a heads up google is my friend lol)
  7. That pic of yours Yuudachi doing that that Rikka dance in the Chuunibyou Op, love it!!

    1. HerrCommandant


      :3 Thnx. I love the internet and all its good little secrets you can find.

  8. x3 Hello! Thought I would just drop by to crash the kittylution party really quickly to say poi over and over again :3 Jk Nice meeting yah Kitty :D

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      Danke :3 - Macabe just doesn't want anyone in trouble, understandable, but too serious.

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      Ye understandable... But he must let me PETZ HIM! *Turns into the Kittylution catcher* Nyaahahahaha! I'mma stop here to not take up too much space here Poi :3

    4. _Sarcasticat_


      Go get him Herr!

  9. welcome!

    1. HerrCommandant


      xD Thanks very much :3 Love the active Community... gets feisty but fun lol.