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  1. I hate it when you come back to an old game and the updates practically break your internet. Haven't been on WoWS for a while now since I prefer the masochism of War Thunder but meh, I'll give it another go here n there. I expect to die... A lot... Badly... :/

    1. khaenn35


      Welcome back!

  2. Imma Lil Battleship killing on the sea~ look theres a DD oh no worries me~ *KABAM!* Magic audio above. "Enemy Destroyer Sunk"

  3. Well here I thought you were dead lol. What's up? :D

  4. That pic of yours Yuudachi doing that that Rikka dance in the Chuunibyou Op, love it!!

    1. HerrCommandant


      :3 Thnx. I love the internet and all its good little secrets you can find.

  5. x3 Hello! Thought I would just drop by to crash the kittylution party really quickly to say poi over and over again :3 Jk Nice meeting yah Kitty :D

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    2. StrixKitty


      Danke :3 - Macabe just doesn't want anyone in trouble, understandable, but too serious.

    3. HerrCommandant


      Ye understandable... But he must let me PETZ HIM! *Turns into the Kittylution catcher* Nyaahahahaha! I'mma stop here to not take up too much space here Poi :3

    4. StrixKitty


      Go get him Herr!

  6. welcome!

    1. HerrCommandant


      xD Thanks very much :3 Love the active Community... gets feisty but fun lol.