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    Minas Geraes was christened by Senhora Regis de Oliveira, the wife of the Brazilian Minister to Great Britain, and launched at Newcastle-on-Tyne on 10 September 1908. 

    Minas Geraes was modernized at the Rio de Janeiro Naval Yard in the 1930s, and underwent further refitting from 1939 to 1943. 

    Two months after its completion in January 1910, Minas Geraes was featured in Scientific American, which described it as "the last word in heavy battleship design and the...

    Two of these ship were laid down by Armstrong in Elswick (Minas Geraes and Rio de Janeiro), while the other was subcontracted out to Vickers in Barrow (São Paulo). 

  1. Salve!!

    O nick Spank_BR é seu também?

    Cruzei em uma batalha e me pareceu que se identificou como teu :)





  2. TitiuBlack

    Player's Native Language and the NA server

    lol u got it...
  3. TitiuBlack

    Player's Native Language and the NA server

    Im from Brazil and im sure 80% of our players dont speak english... Another note... When in match has more than 1 brazilian at same team or versus, They talk to each other in portuguese just becouse they dont speak English fluently... Checking the rules they are not breaking any rules... http://legal.na.wargaming.net/?EULA But... alot players cant uderstand it and start breaking other rules... In other hands i really enjoy this game, also i try my engrish to avoid problems. but if some other brazilian talk with me in portuguese, im sorry i will reply in portuguese... thats my 50cents
  4. Felicidades a todos los nuevos CC, les deseo mucho éxito en esta nueva etapa. Sean bienvenidos. Saludos desde Brasil
  5. TitiuBlack

    Premium Ship Review - VMF Gremyashchy

    Great review, tks for share and keep it up!