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  1. your quote attributed to Spock is actually from a Sherlock Holmes novel.

    1. BereanHeart


      I took the direct quote from Star Trek IV. I didn't know the Sherlock Holmes reference, but I appreciate the info. I love quotes personally.

  2. I am solely posting this thread to get the attention of someone in authority. I recently received a chat ban and was told specifically that the word 'crap' is profanity and not allowed in chat, and therefore was part of the reason for the ban. I know the forums are different than the actual game, so can someone with authority contact me hopefully directly but more so in this thread to outline the words considered 'profanity' by WG:NA. I was trying to discuss this through the appeal process, but my ticket gets closed without discussion. I am not seeking to override the ban, as other things I said were deserving, I am just concerned where saying "Crap, spot torpedoes.....smh" in response to a personal mission of spot torpedoes is bannable. Please keep the salt down as again I have no intention of starting an issue or override a ban. I want a discussion with company leaders in the game about what is profanity according to their standards. Edited to include the screenshot of the word 'crap' being unacceptable. [image hidden]
  3. I seem to recall a while back criteria for the Invite a Friend Code recipients. There was something about before reaching a certain level or player not playing for a length of time. Can someone clarify? My brother just told me he signed up for Warships so I immediately sent him my code. Trying to see what to do now to get freebies :)
  4. I promise if chosen as an alternate, to NOT play the Kamikaze-R.
  5. @Femennenly Reason I should be a Turkey: Sad but true story. Last April, I found myself homeless and have struggled to move from Mississippi back home to Missouri (which I have). That is the reason for my low playing time history over the past 6 months. As a result, I just want to do something to help the community. To give back to the game I love so much and have played since Open Beta. I'm an average player, and member in good standing with 4HIM, a clan with roots in WoT and has a good reputation in both game communities. Just give me a chance to make someone else's season a joyful one, as I am only an average player and an easy kill. lol
  6. BereanHeart

    Thanksgiving Turkey Shoot - The Turkey Bounty

    @Femennenly If I haven't said how awesome you are for working so hard lately, you are awesome! Remember, I defended you when @TragicLoss was harassing you when you couldn't talk. (Blatant attempt to kiss up to the judges)
  7. BereanHeart

    Thanksgiving Turkey Shoot - The Turkey Bounty

    Anyone who freaks out when targeted by the majority of the enemy team need not apply!