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  1. woundedwarriorproject

    Obtaining signal flags

    You are correct, either credits or coal. I could have sworn when I posted I looked in the Armory and saw at least an option in one of the sub-categories that signals were being offered for doubloons. Perhaps a special event? Or maybe I'm going senile. Hopefully just made an error and am not losing my mind ;)
  2. woundedwarriorproject

    Obtaining signal flags

    This post is a little old, but you can buy combat signals from the armory using either doubloons or credits. You may have a coupon available as well; from the Port navigate to the left hand side of the screen and look for "Armory". Go into "Armory" and select "Signals". You will see various combat signals there, and when you decide which signal(s) you want you may choose, either the option to pay with doubloons or with credits (silver is what some call it). Then, if you have any coupons available, you may select "Use Coupon" to reduce the in-game "cost" of the chosen signal. Something to consider; spending doubloons is like spending real money (unless you earned the doubloons in a container or otherwise). When spending credits you may want to ask yourself "Is spending, for example, 1,800,000 credits for 20 Sierra Mike signals worth it? Will the increased speed of my ship yield 1,800,000 credits in the 20 battles? For some commanders just having the extra speed from Sierra Mike will be worth the credits (or doubloons) because it makes his experience playing the game better. Smooth seas Jake!
  3. woundedwarriorproject, Ranked Sprint: Tier VIII Duels

    "Ranked Sprint"? Don't you mean "Tirpitz Strokefest"? You couldn't figure out a more balanced scenario? Or did your data analytics indicate by running it this way you would sell enough Tirpitz to pay for the cost of implementing this 1v1 joke?
  4. woundedwarriorproject

    Update 0.8.11 - Ringing in the New Year!

    You'll get one snowflake with each T5 ship and up in port. From the website: As has become a good old tradition, ships of Tier V and above will feature Snowflakes with holiday bonuses. Depending on the ship's tier, you'll receive Coal, Steel, or Santa's Gift containers for blowing them off. V-VII gets anywhere between 400-750 coal, VIII-IX gets 75 steel, and X get one Santa Gift Container. Remember, there is only one snowflake for each ship so win in all your ships one time to receive the max amount of snowflakes available to you. Resetting the line is different.
  5. woundedwarriorproject

    Update 0.8.11 - Ringing in the New Year!

    Don't think so...still "Waiting for Authorization" in CST.
  6. woundedwarriorproject

    Clan Brawl

    Thanks, C_D; I was confusing the two. Appreciate the help.
  7. woundedwarriorproject

    Ship that Tip! - 8th - 15th

    T7 Russian cruiser Shchors benefits greatly from Spotting consumable. Launch your spotter as soon as the first BB is sighted and bring the HE rain! Don't upgrade this consumable because you won't use more than two spotters in any one battle. Pick a BB to focus because at the long range you'll be lucky to hit a fast mover such as a DD or CA.
  8. woundedwarriorproject

    Clan Brawl

    Okay, what happened to the instructions on the site? I created a division a couple weeks ago, and now my invites can't see where they are supposed to go and what they are supposed to do to join. I have sent them invitations from my WoWsPro division team page, but they do not see invites. Why are WG articles written in cypher? So frustrating.
  9. woundedwarriorproject

    Savage Sinking - 1st - 8th

    Thanks very much.
  10. woundedwarriorproject

    Daily Missions?

    Excellent explanation; thank you.
  11. woundedwarriorproject

    WINNERS - Battle of the Philippine Sea

    As usual, the game awards an extremely limited number of people out of tens of thousands with a premium ship. Containers are nice, but if WG really wants to impress me then it needs to have more events than make it possible for more people to achieve a “bigger” payoff. I liked the USS Indianapolis event last year. Everyone had a chance at the Indy without having to be in the top .02%. Just saying.
  12. woundedwarriorproject

    Tier 10 Perm Camo - Worth it?

    For me its all about two things; 1) not having to hassle with worrying/selecting camo almost every battle, and 2) one less decision means more time to play and enjoy. Look at it this way, how much does it cost to go to the movie or a professional ballgame? A lot more than buying some camo and having a LOT of fun playing a great game. And if you're in a clan and hang out with your clan mates then that is an even bigger bonus to the WoW vs Movie comparison.
  13. woundedwarriorproject

    "Daily Mission" progress... is what exactly?

    Do I have to stay in the same ship? I played a combat mission and now I can only choose my T9 Saint Louis or T10 Henry IV.
  14. woundedwarriorproject

    Use flags in operation of the week?

    Can someone point me to a page that details when flags are used, when they are not, when its a waste to use certain flags, etc.? I know there are times when flags are not deducted from your count even if you are flying them, but I don't know for sure when. Thanks!
  15. woundedwarriorproject

    WoWS Mac Wrapper Bugs and Feedback Thread

    Like this?