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  1. BugsBunni

    ST. 0.10.6, NEW SHIPS

    Oh wow! Shows how much I've been paying attention Thank you for this though. Maybe there's hope.
  2. BugsBunni

    ST. 0.10.6, NEW SHIPS

    I agree! I feel like this ship will play a lot like the Baltimore which I enjoy, and would love it at tier IX. Has the proposed tiering of a premium ship in testing every been changed prior to release though? She sure is a nice looking ship! Me thinks anyway.
  3. This^ I don't even bother watching any of these anymore for exactly that reason.
  4. BugsBunni

    Premium Ship Changes

    Italian BB reloads: Tier 7 and 8, 31 seconds. Tier 9, 33 seconds Tier 10, 35 seconds That is all.
  5. Are you having fun in the game? If so, don't worry about it. And certainly don't worry about the opinions of others either if that is a contributor to how you're feeling. Enjoy yourself and have fun!
  6. BugsBunni

    Borodino sighting

    Not really sure how this has anything to do with a discussion about a pending tier 8 premium.
  7. BugsBunni

    Borodino sighting

    I was playing a coop game yesterday in my George, and looking over the MM while in spawn and noticed a Borodino. I asked in chat "when did Borodino come out?" The individual playing her said she was in testing. I've never seen a test ship in coop before. Is this new? I would think this ship must be getting close to release as well. Thoughts?
  8. BugsBunni

    Your favorite T10 in the current meta

    This, minus the Kremlin part. I'm a coop up main and used to play a lot of tier X. Not so much anymore and when I do it is mostly Conqueror or Yamato. I'm enjoying tier IX much more these days playing mostly George, Pomm, Riga and my newest acquisition, Drake.
  9. I am a coop main so my opinion may not matter much. That being said, I do like this module in coop and actually prefer it to Thunderer. Conqueror does have that nice heal which allows you to be more aggressive in coop and the quicker rudder and turret turn give you the ability to bring the rear guns into the action and angle again if you time it well on the return fire. I also play the Conqueror AP dominant. The AP is someone underestimated because the HE is so good, but I find it accurate and hard hitting. To each his own. I appreciate how I play the ship is not exactly how you would want to play it in random or competitive play. It works well in coop though.
  10. BugsBunni

    Dry Dock: Kronshtadt

    As others have said before, and I'm sure most certainly after: Pointless post given the ship is no longer available
  11. BugsBunni

    COOP Team Rosters

    This morning I played 5 back to back games in tier 9 Riga. All 5 games were filled with human players. No bots.
  12. BugsBunni

    COOP Team Rosters

    I'm finding this predominantly with tier 10 matches. I was playing around with it last evening. When I'm playing tier 7 through 9 things seem to be pretty much as they always are. Are you seeing the same?
  13. BugsBunni

    New Coal ships?

    What about Stalingrad #2? Has anyone heard anything about this ship? I'm not even sure if it's real (in the game that is)
  14. BugsBunni

    Curious thing with PVE MM

    The same here. I'm either seeing me and 1 human, or all humans on my team. Rarely anything but. I play mostly tier 9 and 10.