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  1. BugsBunni

    Conqueror citadel

    Yes, it is a very different ship now. Forget about broadside, even angled she takes some pretty heavy cit damage. Broadside she feels about the same as a tier 10 cruiser. My Alaska actually feels like it can tank more damage. Oh well, leave it to WG to once again cow down to the endless whining and ruin another excellent ship.
  2. BugsBunni


    It's a shame really for both Yoshino and Azuma that they only have the 25 mm armor (bow and stern) and classified as super heavy cruisers. They can actually be bow penned by tier 8 ships like Bismarck and Tirpitz I believe even the tier 8 Baltimore and Wichita have 27 mm. This just seems odd to me, but I'm no expert on the logic behind such things.
  3. BugsBunni

    Conqueror and Monarch changes.

    I believe both are having their citadels raised, heals changed and a buff to sigma from 1.8 to 1.9.
  4. Are the upcoming changes to Conqueror and Monarch coming with the 8.5 update? If so, does anyone know approximately when the 8.5 update is happening?
  5. BugsBunni

    DDs Dominating COOP Recently

    This has been going on for more than a couple of weeks and has completely ruined coop in my opinion. I mean really who doesn't love a 3 minute game whereas you might get a shot or 2 off and it's over. Sounds fun right? I am a coop main too and have resorted to just making my own custom games in training room just to make it fun again. I don't earn anything anymore, but on the bright side you can completely upgrade your ships (camos, flags and consumables) and have a blast if you enjoy PVE. I doubt I will ever go back unless I have the need to grind something or WG fixes this mess.
  6. BugsBunni

    Why doesn't Wichita have a heal?

    IMHO I think all of the tier 8 cruisers should have a heal given the frequency they are up-tiered. That being said, if they ever did give her a buff, a .5 per second rotation buff and a 9 second reload would be a nice place to start I think.
  7. BugsBunni

    Premium Ship Review #118: Wichita

    Excellent review as always Mouse! I personally believe that a rotation of 6.5 deg / s the same as the New Orleans and a 9 second reload would make this ship very comfortable and competitive to play. I already think it is pretty good, and absolutely better than the old New Orleans at tier 8.
  8. Believe me I'm fully expecting the Azuma to be a steel ship. We will see I guess.
  9. I'm really hoping it is not the Azuma if the place holder is going to be a steel ship. In the youtube vid that Flamu posted he described the Azuma as a ship that was designed by the Japanese to counter the Alaska class cruisers. It would be nice if both ships were offered to the community with equally accessibility options.
  10. BugsBunni

    PvE MM tracking Experiment results

    ^This^ I am a coop main and originally liked the idea of WG allowing missions to be completed in coop. This however has become somewhat of a double edged sword. Some of the matches are over in as little as 4 min. And yes I know, just start a new one. However; doing that 8 out of 10 times gets old fast to the point I have just started logging off the game and finding something else to do. I miss the days in high tier matches when it was 2 or 3 humans and the rest bot teams. The bots go Kamikaze and the team was left with a far more challenging and interesting battle and you didn't see the 90% plus win rates at those tiers.
  11. BugsBunni

    Jean Bart failure

    From the information I read the JB's sigma value and AA are better than the Richelieu. I don't play the french line myself given I have been left with the impression that accuracy and overpens can be an issue. The Alsace for example since her sigma nerf is rumored to be hard pressed to even make consistent hits at close range. I most certainly would have to hear some very positive feedback in terms of better accuracy before giving the JB any serious consideration. I remember when Roma came out, and all the bad press and buyer remorse it received primarily due to accuracy and overpen issues. As I said, I don't play the french line so only those that do would be able to speak to the above mentioned performance characteristics.
  12. People will ALWAYS take time to complain, but rarely take time to compliment.
  13. BugsBunni

    Super container drop rate increased?

    ^^This^^ And that is if I'm lucky..lol
  14. BugsBunni

    Server Issues

    Anyone else getting kicked out of the game? This has happened 4 or 5 times today and never before other than when the server is down.
  15. BugsBunni

    French Cruiser Saint Louis

    Thank you guys! The double rudder option does sound like a good work around.