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  1. And don't forget, fun and engaging for ALL players.
  2. _WhiteRabbit

    Yeah ok , I've seen enough to know.

    I see his point. Now we have the option to rinse repeat at will, I could see this happening with some frequency moving forward. Shout out to WG: Just another reason to get rid of this ridiculous mission type and come up with something a little more creative.
  3. _WhiteRabbit

    Does Narai still exist?

    When they first introduced the random op thing I thought it was a good idea. More so about having the ability to play some tier 8 ships though. It didn't take long to figure out however, that it really isn't random. For me it was mostly Fail at Newport, Killer Whale, and Blossom. It got old pretty fast. I don't even bother playing them anymore.
  4. _WhiteRabbit

    Subs are in a fine state

    Remember, "fine state" is only defined by those who enjoy playing subs.
  5. _WhiteRabbit

    Seriously tired of the garbage co op spawns

    I agree. And believe if this continues others will probably start doing the same. We don't load into battles to just drive the ship around WG. I might just start bailing myself when the battle is on the other side of the map, and take the pink. I couldn't really give a flying fork to be honest.
  6. _WhiteRabbit

    Seriously tired of the garbage co op spawns

    The problem with this is, if the bots lemming train, or spawn heavy on the opposite side from your own, the battle is usually over by the time you get there. I've read in this thread as well as others how WG is "working on it". For example, correcting the bots ramming bots, or just driving into islands and staying there, their poor aiming, not to mention other behaviors. I'm not techy at all, but have to believe just some simple tweaks could improve the mode, such as: 12 vs 12 matches with a maximum of 4 lighter class ships per side (DD's, subs, or combination of both) to ensure that game play is fun and engaging for those who enjoy playing multiple ship types. Bots programmed to actually engage the immediate threat that is right in front of them, rather than shooting at the ship 20 km away on the other side of the map to curtail this yolo torp nonsense. Improve the aim of the bots. Other than the 12 vs 12 suggestion, I believe some of these characteristics were the norm when I started playing back in 2015 if memory serves.
  7. _WhiteRabbit

    Asymmetric Battles (Advanced Coop)

    I am personally really looking forward to this, and love the idea that you can't division and have to play on your own merit. Coop really isn't coop. It is a competition for kills. I believe asymmetric will still retain some of this element, but team cooperation should play a bigger role. Hell, I might even have a reason to play some of my BB's again providing WG doesn't put 3 red subs and 3 red DD's in every game. Otherwise, I will stay with my trusty cruisers. One can dream I suppose.
  8. Super! Keep up the great work while paying customers endure yet another epic fail by WG. Ridiculous!!
  9. _WhiteRabbit

    DevBlog 444 - New Ships – Closed Test 12.5

    So this^^ There is no way this thing goes live with a 30 second reload on the main bat, lol. As if. Who are you kidding WG? By the time the testing is completed, coupled with all the BB hating whine posts, it will be lucky to have a 35 second reload.
  10. _WhiteRabbit

    My take on Subs in game

    They only come out when the narrative aligns with their opinion.
  11. _WhiteRabbit

    Devastation divs are lame af

    Not to worry. It's a BB. Just keep piping out these whine threads and WG will be sure to pull out the nerf bat and wreck it real good.
  12. _WhiteRabbit

    Worth coming back to after 2+ years?

    Short answer: Nope!
  13. _WhiteRabbit

    Remove chat bans

    I think you made his point for him. The typical quick with the mouth, slow with the fists kind of guy, lol. Perhaps focusing more on your own actual game play rather than running your mouth would be a good place for you to start. Chances are, your constant quickness to criticize others to tell them what they're doing wrong is impeding your own ability to contribute. Git good!
  14. Nice train wreck on you WG. Keep up the great work
  15. WG: "We'll get these people to stop playing coop one way or another. Especially superships"