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  1. _WhiteRabbit

    The Current CO-OP Sucks

    I'm not really sure how they would be more difficult, or advanced for that matter. If you've played them enough you know where the bots will spawn and exploit that. Perfect example: Narai. I don't even bother with Narai now for exactly that reason and it used to be the best one. All PVE modes are in need of a major overhaul across the board in my opinion.
  2. _WhiteRabbit

    Silent majority

    My understanding is they say things like: "Submarines are a healthy and welcomed addition to the game, and the game in a general sense is better than it's ever been" It's their story, tell it however you want I guess.
  3. _WhiteRabbit

    Bought Maya

    That should work well in coop with her speed and the fact you can yolo rush BB's with zero consequence given they are too busy firing at the much greater threat 20 km away on the other side of the map.
  4. _WhiteRabbit

    How much longer do we have to endure Subs?

    True that! I know my interest in the game isn't what it was.
  5. _WhiteRabbit

    How much longer do we have to endure Subs?

    The title of this thread suggests the existence of subs in the game is still being decided. They are not going anywhere.
  6. Wrong! I did not play all the Supers, but the Annapolis is clearly far more than a side grade in comparison to the DM or Salem.
  7. Sure does! That's why it will never happen.
  8. Every time I open the DevBlog these days it brings a smile to my face. So predictable it has become. The reason it makes me smile is time and time again I'm presented with reasons to continue not spending any more money on this game. Thanks again WG!
  9. _WhiteRabbit

    Unsung advantages of playing Submarines

    Not so much in coop. From what I see most of the time, sub players run away from the bot subs and try to target the dopey bot BB's. I suppose this could partially explain why there is often the boring drawn out chase for the lone bot sub at the end of those matches.
  10. _WhiteRabbit

    March Prime Gaming loot is in!

    This happens to me all the time. I think I've got one item I've claimed. At this point, I just write it off as click bait.
  11. _WhiteRabbit

    Hot Wheels Camos

    Were these supposed to be in the 11.2 update?
  12. I agree given the purchase price and battle costs. I think it is a round about way of WG saying without saying, "We do not want Superships to be played in coop" They also indicated earlier that the acquisition price for these ships would be substantially higher than tier 10. I guessed the BB's would start at 60 million. I was pretty close.
  13. Yup! This ship was going to be an absolute buy for me, and now has become absolutely not. Thanks WG for once again helping me keep my wallet closed
  14. _WhiteRabbit

    Bot Party in the afternoon

    All bots is when coop is the absolute best and the most fun to play. You actually have a chance to get in to the battle because it lasts longer than 5 minutes.
  15. Yes, I was actually enjoying this ship, so I could see this coming.