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  1. Lol yeah that was a fun one I needed some flags so rammed him.
  2. It's a nice place. There is a good mix of experienced and new players as well as CCs for people to learn from.
  3. KillClub

  4. KillClub

    we have repented and seen the light!
  5. KillClub

    we <3 WARBEASTY
  6. please buff my montana more. it feels so weak when I fire at a ship and a B29 doesn't swoop in and drop a nuke on it
  7. Did you miss my earlier post that I quoted you in? You play a lot of ships with a very low server average damage so the time you spend in them, even when limited, should net you a reasonably good wtr. It doesn't in your case and that is fine. I understand that people have to learn the game. I just get tired at the lack of humility that people show. It's like "someone is better than me they must be basement dwellers who stat pad!" Again, I am not trying to be rude and would not have said anything if you weren't going around accusing people of stat padding when maybe just maybe someone enjoys a ship and might be a little more skilled than you are in it. Just because someone is better at something does not mean they have some sinister motive behind it all.
  8. I think it is funny because some of your most played ships are ships that the server average damage is extremely low in. You accuse people of cherry picking ships to pad their stats, yet you play ships that would be REALLY easy to pad your stats in. Do you pick these ships because you like to play them or because you want to pad you stats and just aren't the best at it? I'm not trying to be rude but when you call someone out for "stat padding" and you yourself play those same ships but not as well as the person you're accusing, you deserve to be called on it.
  9. Also, you should all think about a ship like the Fletcher. It is by all counts an EXCELLENT dd. Yet the server average damage for it is only 35k damage. Completely ignoring the awesome guns and managing to land 3 torpedoes in a 20 minute game will get you OVER the server average. How is it possible for 50% of Fletcher players to do worse than that?
  10. We have people in this game with over 3,000 battles who do less than half the server average in damage. There is really no excuse for that. Even if you are the definition of a casual player who plays to unwind, you still should learn enough from thousands of games to do the server average in damage. Take the game from yesterday posted below for instance. My division had eight or 9 kills between us(remember we only have 12 per side) and our team still managed to lose the game. How bad does play have to be to lose when 25% of the team has already taken care of 75% of the enemy? The answer is very bad. I want to make myself very clear. I do not have a problem with average players who are trying to get better. We have all been there and done that and I wish them the best. I have a problem with people who lack the common decency to even try to help their teammates win a game. They are concerned so much with their inner enjoyment that they don't give their team a second thought. Post Battle Screenshot https://postimg.org/image/6bz3xpco7/
  11. I'd like to go ahead and throw my hat in as being strictly against radio positioning. It is a mega nerf to DDS. Every single time you briefly get spotted in close from firing your guns or from another dd there will already be guns trained on your position. That and late game carrying is impossible with the skill. A bb can literally drive straight at the marker and never eat torps. It also makes cruiser ambushes of BBs much more dangerous and unlikely. All this skill is is a get out of jail free card for poor BB play.