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  1. Works find for me... I just go to NAVAL BASE under my clan's name and click my clan's name as shown below Then "Change the Clan's recruitment requirements", then scroll down and edit "Clan Description" Does this work properly for you?
  2. Other than posted stats, there's no easy way to truly know. It's possible you are just experiencing awful RNG
  3. not2bnamed

    How should I spend Provision Tokens?

    After several game updates, Nikolay Kuznetsov will become available in the Armory in exchange for Coal.
  4. not2bnamed

    Dunkirk Collectible Cards?

    It is exactly that :)
  5. not2bnamed

    Des Moines Captain Skills

    This is what I am running on my Des Moines as well
  6. not2bnamed

    Commanders for Rental ships Ranked UPDATED

    Put your best captains on the rentals, they count as premium ships as far as commanders are concerned, so your commander will retain their specialty without the need for retraining.
  7. not2bnamed

    Playing T10 = Losing Credits

    Yeah, this is pretty common knowledge honestly. Save up some doubloons and buy a premium camo with them or eat the costs, it's how WG makes money.
  8. not2bnamed

    Divisions in Ranked

    Divisions have only been allowed in the ranked sprints, not the regular seasons.
  9. not2bnamed

    Stalingrad or Bourgogne

    I wouldn't know first hand but I've heard Stalingrad is better for Clan Battles, ranked I'm not sure but for randoms, Bourgonge is probably better if you know how to handle her. although Stalingrad seems to do well in randoms as well.
  10. not2bnamed

    Port vs commander point distribution

    Commander respecs are free right now if you participated in Clan Battles, so I'd go with a port slot.
  11. not2bnamed

    Where are the patch notes for 8.4?

    They don't release them until the day before the update drops and sometimes later on in the day. So we won't know until this afternoon if the update is delayed probably.
  12. On the Seattle working towards Worcester but it's really demotivating sometimes
  13. not2bnamed

    Why are u PINK!?

    German Dispersion
  14. not2bnamed

    Clan Battles broken

    We have been having the same problem... Also had this happen, no one was in battle Also where we cannot start the battle by pressing BATTLE