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  1. LordMoros

    Laptop for WOWS, requirements?

    Thanks for all the suggestions everyone! I have advised him to save up for a new system for a while now, its just taking him a while to save up. I will pass along all the suggestions, its up to him what he will do in the end.
  2. LordMoros

    Laptop for WOWS, requirements?

    Thank you all for the response's, I'll be sure to pass along the info/suggestions to him.
  3. LordMoros

    Laptop for WOWS, requirements?

    Thank you for the quick response, I'll pass along the info to him!
  4. My buddy is looking to get a new laptop specifically to play world of warships, he is not sure what to get, and he is on a strict budget of $300. Does anyone know if he can get what he needs to play world of warships for that? and if so where he could go to get said laptop? He said that he doesn't mind playing on minimum settings, just that he wants to play again. I did a quick search of the forums but didn't see any topics about this.
  5. LordMoros

    CV Rework First Impressions Poll

    I played a couple co-op games with my cv's after the update as I didn't want to subject two teams of people to my horrible cv skills. my team actually lost the first co-op game to the bots :( shameful i know, though I did managed to do over 100k dmg with my cv. won the second game, though I managed to hit a friendly moskva with 3 torps from my torp planes.... stupidly long torpedo activation time and still learning how to aim. by the time the second game was over I was done. I wanted no more of that game play. So I promptly went to the inventory and the CV section and refunded my CV's. I will not regret that decision at all. played a few random games with a couple different ships t7-10, and was left wondering what happened to the good AA.
  6. that is a bad way to look at it lert, but to each their own.
  7. LordMoros

    Alaska price confirmed. 1 mil free XP

    Yeah, Im not saying that they shouldn't be selling it, just at a more reasonable price. Yeah 750k was a lot back then, and it still is. Just because WG made it easier to earn does not justify the price increase. if that was the case, then why the price tag of the Kronstadt only 750k? it was just as easy to earn Free XP when it was coming out as it is now.
  8. How can you say that? what if WG decides in a year or even two years down the road that the player base has too much Free XP and again raises the price for T9 ships? are you prepared to pay upwards of 2mil(fictional number) or more for a T9 ship? when will the price be too much for a T9? I think the 750k price tag is just right being that its for a T9. Oh it doesn't matter that its easier to earn Free XP now. WG did that, not the player base.
  9. LordMoros

    Alaska price confirmed. 1 mil free XP

    The problem is, if they go "live" with that price for T9 Free XP ships which is more than the XP cost of a T10, what happens in the future? when WG decides again that the price for T9 Free XP is too low and the player base has an "abundance" of Free XP stockpiled. are they goin to start charging 2mil for a T9 ship?(which would be 2 FULL TECH TREE LINES TO T10)...
  10. LordMoros

    Alaska price confirmed. 1 mil free XP

    Yeah its not a matter of not having that ridiculous amount of Free XP, I have that available and then some. I just want to see WG justify the price for it since its literally more XP than T10.
  11. LordMoros

    Alaska price confirmed. 1 mil free XP

    Again, just because there is a large amount of the player base that has a lot of Free XP does not justify the price increase.
  12. LordMoros

    Alaska price confirmed. 1 mil free XP

    True, But the last time they "set" the price at 1mil Free XP the player base said NO and WG actually listened. and then lowered it to 750k.
  13. LordMoros

    Alaska price confirmed. 1 mil free XP

    1mil Free XP??? are you serious?!?! why would anyone spend that amount of Free XP for a T9 ship.... Previous T9 ships have been 750k Free XP, which was still quite the high price at the time. I mean 1mil is a full 1/3 price increase over previous T9 Free XP ships, where is the justification for such a price increase? is the Alaska that much better than the Kronstadt? is The Alaska that much better than the Missouri in credit earning? Is the Alaska that much better and Dev-striking ships than the Musashi? I mean at least the Musashi is a T10 placed in T9. Speaking of T10, that amount of Free XP will get you a T10 and you will have some leftover depending on the line. I just want WG to come out and say what makes the Alaska worth that price? I mean what makes the Alaska so much better than the Kronstadt to justify that price? They both fulfill the same roll and Kronstadt is only 750k Free XP. Just because a large number of the player base has a TON of Free XP sitting around is not a valid response. If WG is concerned about a large number of players having a TON of Free XP sitting around they should introduce more options for the player base to spend it on. I'm sure there will be no end of players that will come defend WG's new price tag for T9 ships. But lets get real, I mean that is more XP than T10 ships. Keep that in mind.
  14. When I started playing, I split my time between multiple lines, at the time that was only USN and IJN. Now I have every tech tree T10 ship except the Midway, I have no need or interest in the midway as I don't like the CV rework that is coming. Now I login and play every once and a while and I play Clan Battles when I have time and it lines up with them being available. I play ranked for as long as I can stomach the saltfest(really tired of the T10 ranked). Other than that there is the legendary module grind, which could be made useless by WG handing out nerfs and not thinking about how that also affects those mods that were a serious grind(looking at Worcester, yes I have the legendary mod). If you are looking for motivation to keep playing, get some friends to play the game with you, play in a div and have fun, don't take the game too seriously. Yeah losing sucks when that happens. Also remember that if you get on a losing streak to take a break from the game for a couple hours or maybe the rest of the day and come back when you are ready.
  15. As someone who has just played the new haragumo, not sure thats spelled right, dont really care. I can say that it should never have been released in its current form. And I didnt try to do really good in it, just played and scouted for my team and shot the guns and torps when I could. It really needs more testing.