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    I like broadside targets. They give me the mushy feeling inside that I cant control. I have to send them some love in 410mm and higher :D

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  1. Looking for clan.

    Looking for a casual clan to join. Been playing this game since early open beta but took a pretty big break from the game but now im getting back into it. Highest tier is 8. Pretty good Cruiser player and Battleship player.
  2. epic losing streaks

    I usually stop after the 5th loss in a row and don't come back till a day or maybe a week later depending on how spread my cheeks were...
  3. Tanky Amagi

    I love my Amagi my friend uploaded a replay I sent him which was my best game in my Amagi so far.
  4. This poll triggered me... didnt find my gender on the list
  5. Most likely the conditions will be changed for the NA server
  6. How to IJN CV

    So im kinda new to carriers. Ive played them before but never really got into them, but since I am nearing the end of the IJN BB line, I need to find me a new line so i chose carriers. I know that IJN carriers are supposed to be more aggressive then US CV's. But you guys got any tips to help me get better with this carrier line.
  7. Midway is like the flying Dutchman's ship You barely see it and when you do people like patrick captain it.
  8. Myoko is best tier 7 Cruiser by far as of now. Amazing fire starter. Your not playing her right thats why you feel she isnt good.
  9. 18) When you see a girl with the good a** and think and say to yourself "Damn she got a nice aft..."
  10. New Tier 2 premium Pan-asian Battleship

    Just looking at the picture of the ship is giving me gameplay Mikasa flashbacks... Other then that very nice writeup
  11. Ive actually been making more money with the new economy. Ive made 9.3 million in one day with this new economy. And I to have a Tirpitz and never lose money in it. So oh well. Send the regards.
  12. Rip my RNG for the next week

    Some Nice Next Gen Mac graphics you got there.....
  13. Rip my RNG for the next week

    Today my RNG was all broadside overpens and all my games were losses.
  14. Lets Battle New York visit

    So anyone else hyped that they are finally comming to New York? and any of yall in the NY/NJ area plan on going?