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    Bot CVs in 0.8.0 Coop Battles

    As you noted, they haven't finished implementing the updated AI. You can't even select a Bot carrier in the Training room. Currently a Battleship replaces a CV on the red team in co-op battles. Off-Topic: That makes battles at lower tiers very interesting since Tier 4 CVs have trouble inflicting meaningful damage. In all the T4 co-op games I played in Hosho/Langely, I would have a train of at least 2 or 3 red Battleships following my CV around since I would be the only one left alive. A Battleship at Tier 4 is more useful than a CV and the extra BB makes short work of your team.
  2. ProfesssorRoadkill

    A Best ship for Co Op?

    Most ships work well in co-op mode. CVs have the most carry potential in co-op mode and I find them to be the easiest to play. Bot CVs have terrible AI and are easily predictable. Most Battleships do well, especially brawling focused ones. Something like the Yamato can struggle at times in the brawling situations due to its unique citadel placement. Cruisers do well in co-op mode too most of the time. The only times I find cruisers problematic are if I'm in a 6 BB/1 CA game or the only human in a high-tier co-op game. Some cruisers just don't have enough carry potential if your bot team dies and you are left fighting several Battleships. Destroyers lead a rough life in Co-op mode. You'll often be priority target #1 for the enemy team and the bots always know where you are.. You really have to know the ins and outs of the Bot AI to do well with a Destroyer. I'd recommend avoiding overly-specialized ships like the Asashio. Your torps only work on Battleships and you have to deal with all the normal difficulties of playing a Destroyer.
  3. Looks like someone disabled the new AI overnight. The bots are back to being aggressive today.
  4. I think they forgot to update the enemy CV bot AI. The red team CV just sits there now and doesn't deploy its fighters. That makes it a lot easier to intercept enemy bombers. The kiting behavior is similar to what I saw on PTS. I was wondering when they were going to enable it for the Live servers. I do have to admit it makes for pretty boring gameplay in the upper tiers. I was just in a game with five T10 BBs and we managed to force all of the red team BBs into the corner of the map. Stuff like that just makes the games drag on for a long time.
  5. ProfesssorRoadkill

    Azur Lane Camo Availability

    From the patch notes: "The following Azur Lane series camouflages have been added: Hipper, Cleveland, Hood, Nelson, and Enterprise. These camos will be available for purchase in the Premium Shop." While looking through my ships today, I noticed that Enterprise's Azur Lane camo is available for purchase for 5000 doubloons in the client. I didn't see any Azur Lane camos for Nelson, Hood, or Cleveland. I can't check Hipper since I don't have one at the moment. I'm not seeing anything related to Azur Lane in the Premium Shop at the moment. Is Enterprise's camo availability a mistake? I was expecting the camos to only be available in the Premium Shop.
  6. ProfesssorRoadkill

    Question about the Norwegian Tirpitz Camo

    Thank you for the clarification. I was reading the "Attack at Source - Tirpitz" chapter of Sea Battle in Close-Up by Eric Grove a couple of days ago. It describes the RN's various attempts to sink the Tirpitz while it was in Norwegian waters. The book describes the elaborate camouflage and smokescreens that were setup to protect the ship. I wasn't able to find any good pictures of the camo from that period for the Tirpitz though.
  7. Is there a bug with the Norwegian Tirpitz Camo? The Port side seems to be "unfinished." Starboard Side: Port Side: I was expecting some type of design to appear on the Port side.
  8. ProfesssorRoadkill

    Atagoo- Takao - what difference?

    One other noticeable difference is that the ARP Takao can't mount special modules like Defensive AA Fire Modification or Hydroacoustic Search Modification. There is even a note in the Arsenal about ARP and Dragon ships not being able to mount special modules. I don't think most people would ever use special upgrade modules on the Takao/Atago, but it is another difference.
  9. ProfesssorRoadkill

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    I'm having terrible luck in my Montana today. My human and bot allies are getting eliminated very early in my matches. I was able to pull this one out barely. It may not be my highest damaging or kills game in the Montana, but it ranks up there for Base XP.