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  1. Hi MajorRenegade I notice your gun sound has two different pattern for folder name, Is that right or you got particular useage?
  2. 20170723#02 ----add Extended Tech-Tree (by seeker) ----add Smart Marker (by Monstrofil) ----upd DamageLog (by Monstrofil) ----upd Ensign-Historical, ARP, Kancolle, USA->Taiwan (by haka) ----upd UI Pack x3 (by haka) ----upd Battle Interface (by haka)
  3. 20170722#01 ----for WOWS ----upd Translation-CN (by Korwah) crazy! crazy! crazy!
  4. 20170722#03 ----upd Voice-Kanti x17 (by Rswifhand_NA) ----upd Extended Tech-Tree (by MBT-Hibiki) ----upd UI Pack x3 (by haka) If you had installed Kanti X17 voice mod, plz reinstall it with this new version. 3 UI Packs(Fate, Stocking, Girlfriend) were discontinued.
  5. 20170722 --v1.22 compatible with 0.6.8,0. updated flash files
  6. 20170721#02 ----upd Voice-Kanti x17 (by Rswifhand_NA) ----upd Ship Icon-Major V1~V3 (by MajorRenegade) ----upd Translation-TW.EN (by MBT-Hibiki) ----upd Translation-TW (by MBT-Hibiki) ----upd Translation-JP(by aki0405 ----upd Camo-EX camouflages V5.2(by viki_oo) ----upd Camo-Historical Camouflage V39(by Mebius_IW) ----upd minimap-Fugetsu (by Fugetsu) ----upd Compressed Textures 12.5%(by P_AV) ----upd Minimap dispaly ship name (by W03L0BED) ----upd Glow pack(by haka)
  7. 20170720#01 ----for WOWS ----upd view-haka ----upd Expanded Cinematic Port Camera (by GoldPile) ----upd Dock.xml for different useage (by haka) ----upd Fog remove, Anti glare (by haka) ----upd ship icon-Anti-mirror files (by haka) ----upd Extended tech-tree (by Arnak_76RUS) ----upd Tech-tree scrollable layout (by Arnak_76RUS) ----upd Torp Track-Yellow, Blue (by haka) ----upd Battle_E Battle_L files ----upd Chat display ship name V1 V2 (by Ollin) ----upd Chat display ship name->added menu (by AutoSpy) ----upd Advanced Boot Screen (by Roslich) ----upd minimap-hakabase V1 V2 (by haka) ----upd Improved RangerFinder-Yellow,Blue,Green (by haka) ----upd Translation-TW + female name(by haka) ----upd Translation-EN + female name(by garfield001) ----upd Commander-Touhou v1.5(by Final Spark) ----upd UI Pack-Kanti SE1 (by garfield001) ----upd Ship Icon-Kancolle V2 V2.5 (by garfield001) ----cls Imcompatible Options Caution: Guys, I have no time to test the whole pack, please check the compatibility of mods with training room or replay file.
  8. 20170720 --V1.1 updated files to compatible with
  9. 20170720 --compatible with --updated anti-mirror files
  10. 20170715#02 ----upd Skin-SiFi Battleship x4 (by LoKI) ----upd Skin-ARP->added Yamato-Iona (by SEA group) ----upd Skin-No Rust -> All Nations are updated (Jyiming Jiang)
  11. AWESOME!!!
  12. 20170712#01 ----for WOWS
  13. 20170705#05 ----upd Navigator->fixed on/off ----upd Translation-CN (by Korwah) ----upd Minimap dispaly ship name (by W03L0BED) ----upd Skin-Anime Glow pack -> added new ships Mask files (by haka) ----upd Skin-ARP2 8.51 (by Fate Rider)
  14. Thank you for debugging. ^^
  15. 20170704 --v1.21 compatible with 0.6.7,0. updated flash files