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  1. 20180320 #01 > WOWS ↑ Region Changer V3 ↑ Clan Icon
  2. There is way you can try. there is a setting file named "preferences.xml". Sometimes, it will record unproper parameter when new thing added and might cause some issues. You can find it at root of game client, make a backup then delete it, the client will generate a new one to instead while game restart. I've not updated the version number on file sever, so only #01 and #02 will pop up a reminding dialogue, it is just a reminder which info you to check the updated mod list by visiting this thread or my FB page, download the latest installer or not is up to you.
  3. The mods you selected will be installed at "res_mods\" only, that means, in case of those mods are incompatible, just run the client in safe mod will skip the mods loading to avoid game crash, if crash is still, that would be another problem, but nothing to do with my installer. If you want to submit a report to me, don't forget to attach two log files located at \hakaFILES.
  4. 20180318 #04 ↑ Skin-Anime 1.25 (by Alan Lan) ↑ Skin-Anime Glow-MG file added (by haka) ↑ Skin-ARP2 (by Haruna Line) ↑ Skin-SiFi-Montana added (by SEA group) ↑ Skin-Yamato-> SiFi, Space (by SEA group) ↑ Skin-Musashi->for ARP (by SEA group)
  5. fixed, reinstall with #03 installer.
  6. 20180315 #03 + Team HP (by Monstrofil) ↑ Side Panel-BADoBEST V2 (by BADoBEST) ↑ Side Panel-AutoSpy (by AutoSpy) ↑ Ship Info-Self I (by BADoBEST)
  7. 20180309 #02 ↑ Region Changer V3 ↑ Ensign-Historical, ARP, Kancolle, USA->TW (by haka) ↑ Flag-Pan Asia->tw cn kr th id ↑ UI Pack x4 (by haka) ↑ UI Pack-Kancolle -Abyssal (by VikingRDD) ↑ UI Pack x4 (by haka)
  8. 20180309--compatible with swf fils
  9. 20180306 #01 > WOWS ↑ UI Pack-Kancolle-SE1 (by garfield001) ↑ Translation-EN+ female name (by garfield001) ↑ Translation-JP (by aki0405) ↑ Translation-JP (by crusher_xx)
  10. 20180302 #02 ↑ Extended Tech-Tree (by Jyiming Jiang) ↑ Translation-TW+EN (by MTA-Hibiki) ↑ Translation-EN+ female name (by garfield001) ↑ Minimap-Fugetsu (by Fugetsu) ↑ Camo-EX camouflages V6.6 (by viki_oo) ↑ Camo-Splinter V46 (by mebius_IW) ↑ Ship Icon-Hakabase V1~V3 (by haka) ↑ Ship Icon-Major V1~V3 (by MajorRenegade) ↑ Ship Icon-Kancolle V2 V2.5 (by garfield001) ↑ UI Pack-Kancolle-SE1 (by garfield001) ↑ Compressed Textures 12.5% (by P_AV) ↑ DamageLog-remembers position (by Monstrofil)
  11. 20180302 --V1.2 updated to compatible with
  12. 20180302 --compatible with --updated anti-mirror files --added 2 ships, corrected 1 ship.
  13. 20180301 #01 > WOWS ↑ Ship Icon-Anti-Mirror files (by haka) ↑ Fog remove, Anti glare (by haka) ↑ Side Panel-Hakabase V1 V2 (by Hakabase) ↑ Side Panel-Roslich (by Roslich) ↑ Chat mod-V1 V2 (by IKU19,Ollin) ↑ Chat mod-V3 (by AutoSpy) ↑ Improved RandgerFinder (by haka) ↑ Extened Tech-Tree (by Arnak_76RUS) ↑ Smart Minimap-added Team.Aware (by W03L0BED) ↑ minimap-hakabase V1 V2 (by haka) ↑ Session Statistics (by WG SPB) ↑ Advanced Boot Screen (by Roslich) ↑ Camo-invisible, Preview Carousel × Incompatible options # setup log & uninstall files are trannfered to \hakaFILES I haven't gotten away from trouble yet, but I don't want to let you down, so I will update those common mods as many as possible.
  14. Dear All. I'm facing a big trouble in my real life, I have to make every attempt to deal with. From now on, Hakabase modpack installers for WG games will not be updated till I get away from this bad situation. -Hakabase
  15. 20180219 #04 ↑ Extend Tech-Tree->Collection Screen fixed ↑ Region Changer V3 ->conflicted with Tech-Tree mod fixed