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  1. uncLe_ownTer

    Just looking

    Looking for a typhoon level clan with win rate and stats similar to mine who div a lot in random, long walks on the beach etc etc. In a clan now just to avoid spam invites. . https://na.wows-numbers.com/player/1014849815,uncLe_ownTer/
  2. uncLe_ownTer

    So Now I'm A Very Poor Admiral...

    I remember being broke with only 600 million credits. ;)
  3. uncLe_ownTer

    How many Witherer's do you have?

  4. uncLe_ownTer

    So Now I'm A Very Poor Admiral...

    All the 10's i feel like bothering with. Kron, Nelson, Moe and Musashi. What do you get the guy who has e verything? More credits it seems....