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  1. Tier 10 Russain Clan reward ship.

    Most people who were interested in Clan Battles noticed the reward when it first came out.
  2. Happy Holidays everyone!!!

    Merry Christmas Niko, thanks for all you do for us.
  3. .

    Why are you so toxic that it requires people to band together to get you to stop screaming obscenities at them?
  4. It's Christmas!

    You don't need to copy and paste the same threads each ranked season, we get it, you have losing streaks in ranked and love to complain about it... maybe see what you could do better before you come complaining about something noone here can do anything about...
  5. Why I hate Artillery

    That is beautiful, In a terrifying sort of way.
  6. 51% off 1 year premium in store now

    Yeah, The price is 15% off of the normal year of premium, but they just added flags to bring the price up so they could say it is 50% off. I'm not saying it's a horrible deal, it's just WG being their normal shady selfs...
  7. Alright time to nerf Monty

    Moskva doesnt bounce Yamato AP bow on, Moskva only bounces the shells on its belt armor... Moskva is overmatched by anything 16in or higher on the bow.
  8. 2M XP in one ship

    My most XP is 800k on my Atago, but I have like 10 ships with 500kxp Edit: looking at possible XP conversions, I have 9.2 million xp sitting around.
  9. Finally finished the Yamamoto campaign!

    Keep it in Hashidate
  10. Number of Achievements

    About 6k battles played when posted. Devastating Strike: 1184 First Blood:726 High Caliber: 439 Confederate: 464 It's Just A Flesh Wound: 236 Dreadnought: 168 Kraken: 105 Arsonist: 76 Close Quarters Expert: 185 Witherer: 63 Detonation: 40 Double Strike 55 Fireproof: 69 Liquidator: 20 Clear Sky: 18 Unsinkable: 6 Die Hard: 15 Solo Warrior:1
  11. Matchmaker based on Potential Damage

    With that attitude, I wouldn't want you on my team either...
  12. What songs do you listen to when you play WOWS

    I either listen to Foo FIghters radio on Pandora or Ra-Ra-Rasputin when I'm playing my RussiaBotes
  13. Smoke Screen OP?!

    At low tiers smoke can seen to be extremely overpowered and I can completely understand it, but Around T6 it starts to lose its usefulness as countermeasures become more common and by T10 it becomes easily defeated if played right. Right now it is hard for them to balance a mechanic that exists within the game as gameplay does change drastically over the tiers. Edit: T4 is the start of Hydro which is an amazing countermeasure and Radar shows up at Tier8 allowing for complete negation for smoke for periods of time.
  14. @Lord_ZathI will have you know that was a 0 point captain contrary to your hypotheses
  15. Cockroaches Scattering In The Light

    That is beautiful, well executed too...