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  1. Forgive my ignorance - I have been out of the game a while but...are we really saying Moskva needs help?
  2. A buick would most certainly be a better weapon against a DD than an armor penetrating 16" shell. buick would give you 100% energy transfer as it would not penetrate and likely rip something off the ship. A 16" shell will easily overpen and transfer very little energy to the destroyer - just leaving a big hole.
  3. I have a simple solution....all BB AP overpens DD's 100% of the time unless they have 50mm of armor. Even with overpens - if a DD is in danger range of a BB - say 8km away - and you get a full broadside shot on them hitting 50% of your shots - this results in around 10k damage for high tier BB's. I mean....that's around 50% of the DD's HP pool - even that is too much. I'd be okay with it going down to that alone though. Catching 1-2 BB shell pens from 15km away while you are fighting a DD that you just spotted is just unacceptable.
  4. Is super attendant obsolete?

    I basically use it on nothing except for RN cruisers. Premium consumables are more than enough for every other class IMO.
  5. High tier bot CV's.

    The bot account isn't there to make money - it's there to que simultaneously with someones main account. Low CV population means a lot of times these two carriers will be the only ones in que. Then there you have it - the biggest exploit available in this game. Not only is it happening - it's happening at a high rate. Far too many 20%-30% WR carriers with 20k average damage to convince me otherwise. It's not automatic though - it probably only works for the exploiter about half the time so some games you'll have a bot CV vs a completely random CV. Sometimes you'll even have bot CV vs bot CV. Basically any time you see a cv sniping the enemy cv at the start of the match at a 30% WR carrier on the other side - you can pretty much count that CV sniper as an exploiter. Or at the very least - the CV player has looked up the bot CV's stats and knows he a free kill.
  6. Initially I thought this was crap. However after playing with the PE about 10 matches since the switch - I've found the pen changes to be just what the doctor ordered. Now I have an ammo choice for every situation when I'm playing her. Battleships are no longer immune to me! In comparison to something like a New Orleans at the tier - I much prefer the velocity of the hippers guns at the cost of some alpha and ROF for long range HE spam. Well done WG.
  7. ALL The Types of Warships Players

    Forumite/ Try hard / Sour Krout - working on the last one but selfish players really tick me off sometimes.
  8. How to play Kagero?

    I did terrible with smoke and started winning a lot more once I switched to torp reload.
  9. HE Fuse on GK.. Worth it?

    I say it's good with it. It increases your damage vs BB's by a large margin. It's just another option. CE is a good choice to. So is Fire prevention.
  10. Rate of Fire Buff on Hipper/Eugen?

    Nope - has to take DFAA - it's mandatory - NO gets DFAA and radar.
  11. Annnd Fem gets me again.....

    Holy crap everyone knows how good a CV can be. Literally everyone.
  12. Poll on cvs

    CV's don't stop bow camping any more than a CA's with HE spam do. In fact - there is an argument to be made that bow camping protects you from CV's as you are behind other ships typically. Even beyond that - if you see the planes coming and you aren't moving towards them you have more time to react and you can start your turn and accelerate - you aren't any worse than you would have been otherwise.
  13. Indeed - most of the issues with CV's would be workable if an equally skilled CV player was at each end. Unfortunately CV's exasperate the issue due to their disproportionate power compared to other ships.
  14. Game Duration and CVs: 500 games

    My vehement hatred of CV's is apparent. Excellent work Tia in your attempts to expunge the cancerous sky-dwelling CV from our Ques.
  15. Annnd Fem gets me again.....

    I feel for you man. To have cancer out to get you so often - it would certainly drive me to the point of insanity. Try methods to avoid CV altogether. See CV in Que? Back to port!