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    She is armed with 12x150 mm guns in 4 turrets and 4x4 torpedo tubes. The thickness of the armor belt is 80 mm.

    Mainz is the original version of the Seydlitz and Lützow cruisers (Admiral Hipper class) as they were planned in the June of 1936. After deciding to equip Admiral Hipper, Blücher and Prinz Eugen with 203mm guns, it was planned to build two more cruisers of this type, armed with 12x150 mm guns. But the decision was changed and Seydlitz and Lützow were to get the same guns as other ships of this class.

    In game, Mainz will have good range and relatively good survivability for a ship armed with 150 mm guns, familiar to players of Nürnberg and Königsberg.


    mein fuhrer mein werk is done here our kamf is finally over


    ps lol i really wanted it to be called Seydlitz