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  1. Premium ship as credit sink

    I actually like this idea, allowing a Player to purchase a premium with a lot of Credits. The Price obviously Needs to be a good Balance between making the ship a Goal to reach for a normal Player (no, you guys with 600+m Credits don't Count as normal players), while not making the ship so ridiculously expensive that it becomes nearly unreachable for everyone. Kind of like the 750k Free XP is a realistic, yet demanding Price.
  2. Balance suggestions

    Actually that's not true, and that's also realistic in that sense. A Battleship are up to 70k tons worth of displacement steaming through water. Of course it's gonna move in the water, but not fast and not in an unpredictable pattern. Given the amount of gyroscopes a ship can carry on board it's an easy task to program the computer to fire once the ships is not rolling. Ships are not tanks. Ships want to move fast when they are in combat.
  3. Question about Alaska and Jean?

    Ehm... why do you think so? https://www.facebook.com/wowsdevblog/?hc_ref=ARQRxhQQ_baY8Hzxov2EeppFfB5kagD8jDZ6oR6nqz0yOGKX9vpsi2Wg1byk8H5muB0&fref=nf July 10th: The French battleship Jean Bart: The tier was raised from VIII to IX. The ship's characteristics are changed to match the new Tier.
  4. The CCs all got to play the prototype of said rework when they were in St. Petersburg for the CC summit. At the moment however it is under a very tight NDA, so no one can really talk about it.
  5. And your ignorance towards the upcoming CV rework shows that you don't follow the news of the game, and prefer to jump to conclusions.
  6. Problem with adding sister ships is that WG is pressed to make each ship individual since otherwise only few people will buy the ship, yet the playerbase complains whenever a gimmick gets added. What could be done to make Wisconsin unique? Making her AA stronger? Without DFAA, impossible. Making her super accurate? Oh hell no, Iowa is accurate, any more and it's getting ridiculous. Speed Boost? Hydro? Super Heal? All gimmicks.
  7. Germany lifts ban on swastikas

    The swastika ban in germany had zero purpose to surpress history. In fact, it clearly allowed the usage of Nazi symbols and Nazi propaganda for educational usage. The ban serves to prevent history deniers from walking with that flag through the streets, pretending that history is a lie.
  8. Germany lifts ban on swastikas

    (I can't reply on Discord for technical reasons, so here will do) I doubt that it's gonna change anything for this game. I'll have to read the exact laws after the change to see if or how they would apply here, but the last version also included that these symbols must not be used in ways that could disrupt the peace. That might have been problematic if you had a Bismarck overed in swastikas blowing up British ships.
  9. Jean Bart the Dissapointment.

    That does not matter. Fact is, people claimed Republique to be garbage because she only has eight guns. Also fact is, Republique turned out to be fine, and I had more than one person admitting fault and changing his opinion after playing the ship, rather than looking at some stat pages. Now we have people claiming that Jean Bart is gonna be garbage because only eight guns, and just like in Republique‘s case these people never played the ship, probably never faced it either, doubtful that they watched CC content, but looking at some blank numbers told them clearly that X ship will perform like that, no doubt. I could go into detail on Jean Bart and why these cold numbers don‘t tell you anything of value, but at the same time I am under NDA and I won‘t risk anything just to punch some sense into certain people. Just take it that the supertesters that actually play the shsip are very capable of providing the necessary to balance any ship.
  10. Nelson's 622mm torpedo tubes?

    Not really fixed, those Mounts can be traversed. Ehm... no. Nelson is already powercreeping the T7 BBs, let's not make this worse than it is already.
  11. Nelson's 622mm torpedo tubes?

    As a General rule of thumb, this game does not have underwater or fixed Torpedo Mounts. Because aiming those would be a pain
  12. Jean Bart the Dissapointment.

    That‘s the same what people said about Republique. 2x4 on a T10 ship? Garbage, unusable, would never work. Republique happened to work quite well.
  13. Stalengrad

    I mean it‘s not like there is a Russian ship that has gotten its entire armor scheme intentionally nerfed (so not the unfortunate case of in game mechanics hating you, but literally having armor plates removed)... cough Moskva In the meantime, USN fast Battleships got their citadels lowered. Yeah, they truly hate you... If you were to make a list of all the overpowered ships in this game, especially those banned from sale, you will see that a vast majority of these ships existed, with the exception being the Nikolai.
  14. Any word on the new japanese dds???

    Except the Germans which for whatever reason specifically noted in their report on their own Destroyers that they were unable to create proper smoke.
  15. T9 KGM FXP Ship?

    Am I the only one who notices that these two pictures are not even the same ship? The rear funnel is off, and the upper only has three 15cm turrets in a broadside. Not to mention the catapult in a different location...