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  1. SireneRacker

    Thrust issues

    Thanks to those thrust issues I now have trust issues
  2. SireneRacker

    Highest damage number for Lyon in Operation Narai?

    How about the Ark Royal that flew in this morning?
  3. SireneRacker

    Germany's proposed Battleship-Carrier

    Aside from a few auxilliary cruisers (Kormoran being the most prominent one) Germany didn't have any dedicated merchant raiders. The Deutschland class was meant to be replacing the pre-dreadnoughts and to deliver units that would bring the German Navy back into life (and it was very successful at that). Building carriers while the next largest ship would be either a pre-dreadnought or the WW1-design-ish Emden would be escaping any logic. The Hipper-class and the battleships would be the response of the Germans to French battleships, Strasbourg and the Richelieu class to be precise. And to make this point clear, the Germans did not intend the battleships to become merchant raiders. The belief of some designer intentionally designing the Bismarck-class to rip up a convoy is a myth. Bismarck and Tirpitz were meant to engage Richelieu and Jean Bart. That the battleships would later on end up being used to hunt merchants is the result of the Germans being lacking in surface ships, especially after the occupation of Norway resulted in heavy losses of Naval vessels. They were round pegs being forced into a square hole, and the later addition of torpedo tubes was meant to give them a somewhat better utility in that role. As for carriers, I recommend for example this video.
  4. Because let’s assume he did say he did say "Never!", and then let‘s say in five years when the game evolved god knows where and the option of T11 and T12 in some shape or form becomes plausible and they consider it, you‘ll have people throwing a tantrum on how they promised it would never happen. You can observe this right now with submarines in some threads, and I very much assume that they learned from that.
  5. SireneRacker

    Georgia - the Supergirl of ships

    Wrong, she has Graf Spee dispersion and reduced reload to make up for the lack of guns (which imo is already more than enough). The speed boost is there just for the sake of it.
  6. SireneRacker

    Perfect Montana

    Of course you would want a Montana that has been drastically buffed over the current version...
  7. SireneRacker

    Coming soon...

    Except for armor that is.
  8. SireneRacker

    Coming soon...

    Even if it wasn‘t, WG was kind enough to include it in the file name Whoopsie~
  9. SireneRacker

    Highest damage number for Lyon in Operation Narai?

    Using the screenshot where I played DeGrasse and yolo‘d, how deep can one sink? I was expecting more from you... but I guess not. Now tell me, whale, how do you wish to get carried?
  10. SireneRacker

    IJN premiums???

    Recent additions were Yuudachi and Yoshino, and currently Yahagi and Hayate are in the works.
  11. SireneRacker

    Highest damage number for Lyon in Operation Narai?

    Strange, I don‘t see your Ark Royal topping out~ :SmugDeath:
  12. SireneRacker

    Who is doing sub beta testing?

    Assuming I get accepted, I will. There are some German uboats I wanna play with, and getting an early access might prevent the scenario I had with the CV rework where I was thrown into the cold water because I never played them during testing or even the first weeks after the rework. Not in favor of the idea of adding them to the "main" gamemodes, but if they want to go down that path oh well :shrug:
  13. SireneRacker

    Highest damage number for Lyon in Operation Narai?

    As I told ya yesterday, do that with Abruzzi~ In the meantime I‘ll continue to carry you, whale
  14. SireneRacker

    Incomplete Results but FUN.

    Sucks if I want to play with two friends at the same time. Hell, often enough we‘d like a fourth one in there. And that‘s not a div of super unis but of three dudes/gals just playing the game and chatting.
  15. SireneRacker

    The problem with California

    Why does California have to be effective against T9 again? Because ships like Gneisenau, Nagato and Colorado are such monsters when facing Iowa or Izumo?