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  1. Range. Zao‘s railguns make it increadibly easy to fire at long ranges, and she is rather short ranged for a T10 cruiser that is expected to act in the open. It really improves your experience in her when you have that longer range.
  2. I would say it depends. If we are talking about being out of position and getting farmed for some time by a pesky Kitakaze, then very much correct. A New Orleans in the same situation would not be able to recover any of the health. But when a battleship has access to the side and gets a clean salvo in? Not so much. Even had those scenarios where I was too aggressive early game and had a New Orleans slam dunk me for 30k health. A repair party can't help when you get deleted, unfortunately. It varies with the definition of large damage numbers. She can have a positive impact on the match with medium effort invested. Maybe Belfast has spoiled me with her overly charming way of getting 100k matches while I sleep on the keyboard, but I have a rather high bar which I applied to Abruzzi. And in my experience, getting even 80k matches does demand quite a bit, especially if you want to pull those off consistently even if RNG does not like you. But yes, one big burdle is getting at least ten captain points into her. Once you have IFHE, you can actually bite the battleships, and CE will open plenty of doors. I disagree on the cruiser part. Having a heal and the concealment to dictate most fights is a powerful tool.
  3. Heyo all, I've been wanting to publish this piece for some time, but wanted to wait until I have 100 games in her so I would have a proper game count to present. I am only at 94 games, but I hope that this won't undermine the guide. I think I can claim to know what I am talking about when it comes to this ship. Abruzzi has a very negative reputation on the NA server as a bad premium ship which is badly in need of buffs. While she is by no means an overpowered ship, I feel like her reputation is not quite deserved. More do I think that she is very much misunderstood by the community and overshadowed by amazing T7 Premiums like Belfast and Flint. The typical CL gameplay being that of an HE spammer makes matters somewhat worse for her. This writeup serves the purpose of giving insight into how I see her characteristics after a fair amount of games, and how one can best use them to their advantage. Firepower Abruzzi’s firepower is all sorts of underwhelming. Her HE dpm is lacking compared to the HE flingers at her tier, the AP does not hit hard enough for anything beyond normal pens against sides or citadels against soft targets up close and the torpedoes feel like a gimmick more than anything. It takes work to deliver proper results with Abruzzi. Something touched later upon is her concealment. While it’s not directly related to her firepower, it allows Abruzzi to get closer to the enemy and land shots better than someone who would be forced to stay at range, like Shchors for example. This also makes it easier to get access to a broadside that can be abused with her mediocre AP. Her range is fairly limited with only 15.1km, however the access to a Spotter Aircraft permits Abruzzi to temporarily increase her reach to 18.1km which in an uptiered match is a big relief. Another problematic feature with her main battery lies in her firing angles. Towards the rear they are very close to 30° for a full broadside, being supportive of kiting, but forward facing the X-turret really lacks, which means that when sailing towards an opponent it is very risky to get the last two guns to fire. Doing so requires timing regarding the enemies reload. Graphic taken from https://gamemodels3d.com/games/worldofwarships/vehicles/pisc507 The torpedoes are typical sea mines, they are not fast, they have a long reach and reload reasonably fast. Whenever you see a chance to dump them into the general direction of your enemy, do so. They won’t deliver consistent results, but as area denial tools and for the occasional surprise hit they are good. Survivability The Italian Tier VII cruiser is a ship of the extremes, her survivability is both strong and weak at the same time. To understand this, we must first dive down into what she brings to the table, and what she lacks. This view is nothing new, it shows Abruzzi’s citadel and its important features. 1. It’s huge. It extends high above the waterline with armor values that are not sufficient to protect you from incoming fire unless you bounce the shots. 2. It is box-shaped. So unlike the likes of New Orleans, Helena or Myoukou, the citadel deck is flat without any steps up or down. This is very important to note. What can one take from this? If Abruzzi shows side, she explodes. There is no if or but, she simply does. Yet at the same time it makes Abruzzi a ship with surprising resilience when angled properly. A well angled Abruzzi can only take a citadel hit when a shell entered through the rear or frontal bulkhead, which is easy to avoid when actively maneuvering. On top of that thanks to her high citadel she has a (in comparison) large surface covered by her belt system, which will bounce every BB shell thrown at her. What remains are mostly overpenetrations with an occasional normal penetration. And here her Repair Party comes into play, because unlike all but two T7 cruisers Abruzzi, actually has a heal. Her hitpool for a Tier VII cruiser is on the lower end of the spectrum. Only Shchors, Atlanta, Flint and Fiji are below her. This plays into the vulnerability when showing broadside. It doesn’t take much damage to delete her. In conclusion, Abruzzi’s survivability relies heavily on how the shells hit her. If she is angling against those shells the damage she takes will be minimal, while she can also recover from the minor damage dealt. But if caught in a bad spot you’ll return to port within seconds. Concealment This is the area where Abruzzi truly shines. Her surface detection is nothing short of amazing, only getting outspotted by the totally not broken Belfast as well as the Atlanta sisters. Not only does this allow her to have a rather situational ability to stealth torp, but it gives her the edge in many engagements by being able to engage and disengage on her own terms. Maneuverability For a ship with Abruzzi’s playstyle one would expect superb maneuverability. But this is not the case, both her turning circle and rudder shift are at best average compared to the competition, with her speed being on the higher end. This means that one has to be even more careful when playing, because unlike a Fiji this lady takes her sweet time to turn. Installing the Steering Gears Modification to make her rudder shift acceptable is highly recommended. Playstyle Making Abruzzi work is a matter of finding the right balance between playing up close to increase the damage output and at the same time staying alive. Given the fragile nature of this ship when overextended and the lack of a get-out-of-jail card this means that she does not forgive you for mistakes. What is important to note is that she is not a ship that will deliver you large damage numbers. For such tasks USN and Soviet light cruisers are better suited. The primary role should be to have a destroyer 4km ahead of you to spot for you and to avoid getting caught pants down by a DD. At the same time you need to support your allied DDs by dropping a few HE salvos on the enemy DDs, which with the relatively close distance is a piece of cake. I can not stress enough how much impact a 5k salvo can have on a DD. We are talking about eradicating a third of an Akatsuki’s healthpool in one salvo, and 7.5 seconds later you can add some on top. This can swing a match in your favor in the first few minutes, provided you executed the maneuver properly and did not get yourself nuked by overextending. Trades against cruisers are to be taken. The superior concealment means that you can almost always pick the engagement, so you can turn away and open up. The soft damage they deal in return can easily be mitigated with the Repair Party. Battleships, if you must engage them, should be enjoyed from a distance of around 13km. Just like against cruisers you go ahead and turn away, fling HE while kiting away and ensure that no returning shell gets through the rear bulkhead while enjoying the bounces on your main belt/the normal- and overpenetrations of your upper casemate. Especially against battleships using the throttle can bring impressive results, making them miss most of their salvos. If you do happen to take an uncomfortable amount of damage it is a matter of 20 seconds to disengage into stealth and recover some health, and then start all over again. Don’t be afraid of abusing the spotter aircraft when you are low health already and play the Damage over Time game. Against carriers you are screwed. Don’t try to gamble on something by installing any sort of AA improvements. No need for Defensive Fire, it’s not worth it. Outfitting Abruzzi Abruzzi does not demand anything spectacular for her captain and modules. Her captain is fairly standard for a light cruiser at that tier, with the only difference being Superintendent as she has access to the Repair Party consumable which is important to capitalize on. Created using http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc If you do not have a 19 point captain to spare, the recommended order is: Priority Target, Adrenaline Rush, Demolition Expert, Inertia Fuse for High Explosive, Concealment Expert, Superintendent, Expert Marksman. The modules follow suit, nothing spectacular waiting here. With dodging and maneuvering being key to Abruzzi’s survival, the health of your rudder and the speed at which you can initiate a turn are crucial. It is important that you do not even pretend that you are buffing your AA. It won't work. As for signal flags, your main concern should be increasing the impact of the repair party and increasing your speed. The rest can either be used to give a minor boost to your fire chance, or to equip economy signals to train the captain faster. As for the consumables, the most important ones are your Damage Control and the Repair Party. Premium versions of the two are highly recommended. If you wish, you can also increase the use that you can squeeze out of the Hydroacoustic search consumable and the Spotter plane, though former is more useful than the latter. Again, Abruzzi might have access to the Defensive Fire consumable, but it is not worth it. The spotter aircraft will deliver five times the value, even when used in its non-Premium version. In conclusion If you seek a ship that quickly creates huge numbers with little to no effort required, then you came to the wrong place. Abruzzi is a ship for those that are willing to invest map awareness, positioning and angling, and will reward the player if every criteria has been fulfilled. If during a match you were deleted, analyse what went wrong. In almost all cases it was a player's mistake that resulted in the unfortunate ending, so take note on how to improve. Cheers~
  4. SireneRacker

    What if - Bismark had met Warspite and Valiant.

    Initially yes, but Prince of Wales was quick enough to switch target to Bismarck. All three hits that she landed on Bismarck were scored before Hood was blown up. http://bismarck-class.dk/bismarck/history/bisdenmarkstraitbattle.html And then at 0600 Hood blew up. Though in the British defense, the Germans weren't that much better off. The artillery officer on Eugen determined the two ships to be 10,000 ton cruisers at first, and thus decided to fire base fused HE shells. Following the regulations he should have fired nose fused HE, assuming he knows his target. Prinz Eugen's logs show no such thing . Mind if I ask where you got that from?
  5. Amalfi garbage? Hell no, she‘s amazing. As for OP, you need to stop trying to translate the thinking of normal cruisers onto Italian tech tree cruisers. They play radically different. They rely on agility and speed to access flanks, and then work their magic from there. Alpha strike is key, especially against destroyers.
  6. SireneRacker

    How can i stay home and play ships instead of working?

    Work until you can retire. Then enjoy plenty of time in front of the screen. "Back in my day we used to fight T8 with T5" comments are free of charge.
  7. SireneRacker

    Un Known

    Pan Asian premiums that are currently Work in Progress, heavily inspired by already existing Tech Tree ships (like Siliwangi is heavily based on the Tier 8 Soviet destroyer Ognevoi). Where they are? On WG‘s server. Who knows when they‘ll be released.
  8. SireneRacker

    Why Why Is This Ship Not In The Game

    I‘d take Seydlitz as a T4 premium. Got shot up like there‘s no tomorrow twice, and still returned back home.
  9. During. I found that you can replace the vodka bottle in Nikolai‘s shells with a message in a bottle. So every broadside contains twelve hand-signed guides written by me. Unfortunately I am firing so many, I can‘t spare any for the Forums...
  10. Helping new and inexperienced players? Sure! If I see someone asking for help, you‘ll usually see me giving them what they asked for (their experience doesn‘t really matter for this). And I see plenty of people doing the same, although exceptions do exist as with all things in life. But actively trying to help people who refuse to listen to reason, who deny things as simple as 12 x 0.5 = 6 (which explains the lower fire chances in game compared to port stats), whose entire purpose is to [edited], and to demand change of core mechanics based on their lacking understanding of the game? One or two posts where I maybe tell them they are wrong, but anything beyond is a waste of time. You say new players can‘t be expected to understand forum etiquette. Sure, that‘s correct. But I do expect people to abide to the etiquette of talking with others, including the lecture of "How do I ask for something?". Because those are largely universal rules, that imo should be taught via parents, friends, school, club activities, etc. Common sense also plays into this.
  11. No. I will argue that right now Abruzzi is the tankiest T7 cruiser, assuming a skilled player. What‘s more, she is consistently tanky. Doesn‘t matter if it‘s a König or a Musashi firing at her. Her amazing survivability comes at a cost, and that is the high citadel, and I don‘t think it should be changed.
  12. SireneRacker

    Need Some Info on This Rudder and Hull Design

    The idea of two rudders in line appeared before Bismarck took her fateful torpedo hit (Yamato was launched in 1940, I would hope that at that point they finalized the rudder configuration, if not much earlier). She might have fared better with such an arrangement, but looking at her design you could not have fitted two rudders in line. Look how short the distance between the center screw and the stern is. You really don't have that much space for a longer rudder arrangement. This was one of the big downsides of the triple shaft arrangement. If anything, Bismarck would've benefitted more from a triple rudder configuration like it was used on the Littorio class. Essentially one rudder for every screw. This would've spaced them out much more and might have helped her maintain control over the ship at higher speeds with one rudder dislocated (or having built in charges to blow off a rudder if needed...)
  13. I don't quite understand the problems that people see with Yashima. The promise they are refering to, at least the ones that people have so far been able to dig up, were from the pre Alpha of the game. The game concept being entirely different back then than it is now, I do not believe that the statements from back then should hold any weight these days. Not when the fundamental idea of the game was changed as drastically as it was during the Alpha testing. The source of the angst in my opinion comes from the recent events. Had WG announced Yashima four months ago then most of the complaining would not have happened. But right now people are very frustrated with WG (which I can understand), and this does affect how they react to most kinds of announcements.
  14. SireneRacker

    Getting good Wiki

    Sometimes longer than that even... Even before the big rework there were cases where the API data was... let‘s say less than ideal. Like this screencap from Farragut‘s page, taken five seconds ago: This error has been around for more than a year, not sure when it started, but it must‘ve been well before me joining the team which was roughly two years ago.
  15. SireneRacker

    Friesland 40mm/70 1948: The Ultimate AA Gun?

    http://navweaps.com/Weapons/WNSweden_4cm-70_m1948.php Should be this one.