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  1. The St.Louis class cruiser is a piece of junk.

    Well, HMS Hood got one-shotted, didn't she?
  2. The St.Louis class cruiser is a piece of junk.

    Just Hindenburg. Just Hindenburg. Just Hindenburg. J̐͂ͣuͣ́͗s̄͆ͯt̅ͭ̌ °Hi̅͒͆nͭ̏͌d̪̍eͩͫ͂nͭ̏͌b̪̋̕ùrͣ̍͐g͠
  3. The St.Louis class cruiser is a piece of junk.

    Let‘s remove those bloody Iowas, waste of resources that could‘ve been used on something that‘s actually profitable.
  4. The St.Louis class cruiser is a piece of junk.

    Someone doesn‘t seem to understand history...
  5. The Hunger Games: Forum Addition

    Sorry, but your soup and his salt didn‘t really fit, so I sticked to the one who would be less likely to stab me xD
  6. And now moving to a personal level, excellent. Keep going, I have plenty of popcorn next to me. I mean, feel free to sit on your high horse when your way of thinking is "If you don't agree, you are either in denial or selfish", I can feel your maturity and intellect across the entire Atlantic~
  7. That basically proves what I said:
  8. Because the other ones (like me) just see you whining, deem you a second issm and then just continue scrolling. Arguing is pointless if someone has commited himself to such a point of view, so why waste time?
  9. Seven kills in the most powerful warship of all times, the Danae...
  10. That is a rather broad question, as you did not clarify which Tillman design and which of the H-class ships you want to have fighting. But in General, I would give the edge to the H-class. Why? Because those designs were not from 1917, which will hold the Tillmans back.
  11. New NDA GIF idea

  12. BB back camping

    Stats give a rough indication on how a player plays, and allow to find the weakest link in the chain that needs improvement. You can sit and deny it, and it would basically prove my point.
  13. BB back camping

    Given by the winrate (which reflects your influence, and you played enough games to use the WR), your influence was either weaker than you claim here or shorter than you claim. I have seen Atlantas that managed to have an influence, and I know for a fact that an Atlanta played to it‘s strengths can easily get 60+% WRs.
  14. BB back camping

    Considering that your death stops all the influence you have, I highly doubt that. The longer a game lasts, the stronger a CV becomes as the AA threats cool down (less ships, broken AA). And at that point a strong AA ship can be a game-changer. But a dead Atlanta won‘t change anything.