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  1. If I had the choice between farming 80k from a Großer Kurfürst or 40k from two Destroyers (which are now dead), I would always take the smaller number. But maybe that's just me
  2. No thanks, it's hard enough to get one flood already. Please don't cut my damage more than absolutely necessary
  3. Black swan has 102mm guns iirc, so they are not the smallest guns in thr game. That title still belongs to Tachibana and Smith, both with 76.2mm guns
  4. Actually the Secondaries on the GK got buffed drastically with the recent patch. While Bismarck and Friedrich der Große lost damage and fire chance for the 105mm guns in exchange for range the 128mm guns got a reload buff and GK also got the range buff. She didn't pay but received the bonus.
  5. I'm sorry to say this, but you mixed it up again... Agano carried the 6 inch guns that were once mounted in the casemates of for example the Kongou class. When these guns were removed during refits it was decided to put them into a closed mounting and then mount them on these Cruisers. Agano class was by all means a light Cruiser, both in armament and weight. Here some additional info on these guns: http://navweaps.com/Weapons/WNJAP_6-50_t41.php I think Ooyodo will have to wait for a long time. Because her main armament does not allow her to be a T7 or higher, and on top of that she was the only Cruiser of the IJN since the introduction of the Tenryuu class to not carry any Torpedo armament. I would say her main guns place her at T5. But then there is the AA, which is very comparable to the Ibuki, and that thing sits at T9. And a small objection against Ooyodo having the best AA in the IJN, I would give that title either to the Akizuki-class or the Taihou. Since the 25mm guns were poor weapons when placed in twin or triple housings the main bite comes from the heavy AA. And Akizuki can bring four turrets on a single target. And if we just speak about mass we should speak about Taihou which has six of these twin mountings.
  6. You have some wrong data on the Agano class. For one she didn't mount two triple turrets, but rather three twin turrets. Also these turrets were not the 155mm guns that we find on the Mogami, but rather they were old Secondaries from the Battleships that just got a new housing (technically these aren't even turrets). Secondly the Torpedo tubes were mounted on the centerline, so they could fire at both sides of the ship which makes them better than the mountings that we find for example on the Sendai class where there is only one launcher per side (after the refit). However there was an IJN ship that only carried two triple turrets with 155mm guns, the Ooyodo. But she didn't carry any Torpedoes and rather had the 10cm AA guns that some high Tier IJN ships carry.
  7. Not as much as I like my fire... Sorry, but there isn't enough meat (pun intended) on your avatar to find that many captions
  8. When you are all about that flat ch- *smack*
  9. When teitoku hugs Haruna instead of Kongou...
  10. According to the main page the Server is still offline, and the patch notes confirm that they won't go online for the next 30 minutes
  11. If there will also be a citadel saturation, sure. Because the ability of Battleships to practically ignore my angling is also very frustrating...
  12. You get that beautiful dark blue ribbon, that is enough
  13. Ognevoi She was mediocre at T6, so I don't know why it should be a good T8
  14. 100% flooding chance and insta-detonation
  15. Yes. So for example to get the New Mexico you need to play the New York. When you unlock the New Mexico you play her to get the Stars for the Colorado. And once you get the Colorado you play her to finally unlock the North Carolina.