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  1. Against Khabarovsk the usage of AP is usually more recommended, as the fuse will arm and you get 1/3 penetrations. And the Germans have such a huge superstructure that is as large as a small city, so the deck HE penetration is not that needed. And if that ship goes bow on you can still penetrate the bow.
  2. Until a Battleship rams my Belfast out of my smoke
  3. Battleship AP against Cruisers would like to speak a word with you...
  4. As great as it may sound to penetrate 50mm of armor, how often do you use this? And don't forget that you have to give up four commander points for this, points that could be used for CE, AFT, EM and AR or any other combination that is viable. It is nowhere near as useful as it is on 152mm guns, which go from penetrating almost nothing to penetrating Battlership bows that are two Tiers higher. With the recent IFHE change it may be useful, though as you pointed out already such a build would be very limited towards the Secondaries. That's why I would not use IFHE, though I lack a Kurfürst with IFHE to be absolutely sure.
  5. No. No IFHE for any gun above 180mm, period. Your HE Penetration without IFHE is above 32mm, IFHE will bring it to somewthing between 40-50mm. So no gain whatsoever that would justify the fire Chance loss and the loss of four commander Points.
  6. HE sets fires, a damage that can be repaired 100% with the Repair Consumable. AP can deal citadel damage, a damage that can only be repaired 10-30%. I think this is already balanced.
  7. You kite, you dodge, and you make sure that your salvos hit
  8. Is there even an official hint or Statement that the Musashi becomes a CW reward? I mean I understand that it could make sense to think it is, but I haven't seen anything else besides this one Picture, so who knows what WG plans for Musashi (assuming that they really meant Musashi, and not just a fictional Yamato-class ship like the Kii).
  9. Last time I was detonated in a Battleship I was also in Missouri, down to 8k and burning in two Locations while being under fire from at least three ships. A Torpedo then detonated me. It truly was a 'thanks for the flags'-case.
  10. So that whenever I think that my game is going to end very good I can just immediately equip all the economy flags while saving them in the games where I didn't do well? Yeah... no...
  11. That's why I said 'Tech Tree Cruisers', the AA ranking at T8 Cruisers (discounting DF) looks roughly like that: - Kutuzow - Hipper/Eugen - Edinburgh - New Orleans - Chapayev - Charles Martel - Mogami - Atago
  12. Just saying, but the Eugen surpasses all of the Tech Tree Cruisers at her Tier in terms of AA, with the exception being the Hipper where they are practically equal (8 dps at 2km are not noticable or in any way relevant). Also the AA works womders if it's in combination with Manual AA, since a big part of the punch come from the 105mm guns. And you should not forget that the German Cruisers are very strong in brawlings. Eugen is practically immune to citadel hits at close range, the Torpedoes have good firing angles and if you mount Hydro you also have the superior German Hydro going for you.
  13. Destroyer nerf incoming in 3, 2, 1...
  14. submarines

  15. Try to hit a Target at 10km with Torpedoes while using no lead indicator. Go ahead, once you can do that reliably, we can talk. You can't do it? Then you just found the reason why it's in the game. You find it ridiculous to rely that heavily on Torpedoes? Play IJN DDs and tell me about their gunboat capabilities. Any other reason you want to bring?