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  1. Congratulations to the winners, I'll try my best next time
  2. Lengths of various ships: USS Atlanta - 165m USS Hornet - 252.5m USS New Orleans - 179m Giulio Cesare - 176m Prinz Eugen - 212.5m Nagato - 225m USS Colorado - 190m Gneisenau - 235m HMS King George V. - 227m Myoukou - 204m Algerié - 186m USS Pensacola - 178.5m HMS Fiji - 169m I don't know, Atlanta seems to be small if we compare her to other T7 Cruisers (or Battleships), if we compare them.
  3. It's also the perspective trolling you, the ship in front will always seem to be larger than it actually is.
  4. Lookie lookie, a bote
  5. There can never be enough flattop jokes~
  6. Okay then, took me forever but here goes nothing: 1631 words
  7. Please show me on this doll where that mean mean Destroyer touched you... Oh, and obligatory
  8. Play a month of CS:GO, and tell us again how toxic this community is
  9. You can look up every ship on the Wiki, there they give you a full Recommended build and which flags you should equip. If you Need very specific Information your best bet is to make a post on the Forum in the appropriate subforum, and you can expect to find help there as well.
  10. This of course assumes that the Battleship ignores you and Shows you the flat side of his ship. But how much AP damage can the Atlanta consistently deal against a Battleship that went bow on?
  11. Until you Play a Cruiser that does not have good Penetration when facing angled plates. And even then, fires deal more damage. For multiple reasons. For one, These superstructure shots, especially over medium to Long range, are inconsistent. The Superstructure on angled Battleships is target with many opportunities to ricochet, and it's not like there are also huge turrets that will love to eat your Shells. Secondly, damage Saturation will affect your damage Output into the superstructure. Fires however are not affected.
  12. And thereby remove one of the few Tools that Cruisers have to somehow face a Battleship?
  13. Whelp, Discord is being Discord again...