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  1. If you even wanted to find and kill the enemy sub, you can't because the timer is 360 seconds. You have to wait a full six minutes. By then you and the enemy sub have past each other on the way to the back line. Effectively negating all early sub vs sub combat. What kind of design is this?? But of course glorious soviet sub can see all other subs one minute ahead of time.
  2. Cit_the_bed

    I'm I reading this right?

    Handholding to the maximum, have to get those 35% win rate players who spend hunderds some entertainment. You're just an npc target for subs, their new favorite child.
  3. Inconsistent guns aren't fun.
  4. It's a proven fact that Yoshino and Yoshino B players are the worst T10 players. That's average win rate btw, 48 and 47 percent. So yes, they are the worst players in T10 If you see a Yoshino on your team, they are effectively a handicap and are lowering your chance of winning.
  5. Cit_the_bed

    Poll: How would you fix Aircraft Carriers?

    Remove spotting from carrier planes. That simple.
  6. I wouldn't get them, it puts a giant bullseye on you when people see them.
  7. Just frustrated, because you're distracting from my topic.
  8. You have 10k games and you didn't understand the previous system? That's what you're telling me, I need to spoon feed you like a child how the old system worked? You were an alpha tester, but you are mystified by the system in place two weeks ago? Good God man, You're being unreasonable. Why do I need to hash over the entire old system and compare? You're telling me you didn't understand the game economy after 6 years? The old system had more flexibility. Many kinds of camouflage bonuses, economic flags, dragon flags.You could also readily buy those bonuses by getting yamamoto crates, that had dragon flags. $60 would get you 300+ dragon flags. Now there's a tier of four bonuses with only three of them buyable. The only bonus in the current system that compares to the old one is the 7200% xp, which is carefully crafted to give more than the last system. It's a distraction tactic because the amount of bonuses you could get in the past are gone now. Dozens of options to 4. >For example, with the equivalent of the current 300% booster in the old way, how many games did it take you get the same amount of XP? Here's the old system. papa papa gave 300% The old system let you have far more options for concurrent bonuses. The fact that people who have been in this game 6 years and 10k games don't grasp these basics of the game disappoints me. If you did understand, then you're obsessing over semantics, which is equally pointless.
  9. Where in the title does it say "in depth analysis" or "comparison" Words are hard I guess.
  10. Cit_the_bed

    Ship to Ship Comparisons?

    wowsft is the real site to use, compare shell penetration and velocity over distance.
  11. I've been working, and didn't really have time to test the new economic signals. I wanted to see the implications of the changes. The goal is to grind 350k free xp for a Haragumo line reset. I loaded up with 600% FXP boosters, and went off for several games. Based on minimum 100K+ damage games with several kills. All numbers below are estimates, because real games and player performance have a huge impact on your returns. To achieve enough free xp for a Haragumo line reset you will need: 280 games with 300% booster 140 games with 600% booster 35 games with 2400% booster This is for one reset. You need to do this three times to get a ship. 840 games with 300% booster 420 games with 600% booster 105 games with 2400% booster These are 100K+ damage wins with no losses accounted for to get one research bureau ship. If you are a 60% win rate player, add 40% more games. If you are a sub 50% win rate player, you're looking at a 1680 games with a 300% booster. But what about the 7200% boosters? You might as well forget those exist. The game hates them. You have a 12% chance of winning a ship, but only a 1.5% chance of winning some 7200% boosters. Let's say you are an elder whale, and you have 200 of them from the conversion? You need 35 of them. The paying player is not simply given a side door to enter research bureau, he's given a 4 lane wide highway with mario kart booster chevrons. If you are a neo whale, you can spend money on xp conversion: 42,000 doubloons to buy a research bureau ship with xp conversion. $168 USD. The line is very clear now; spend money or spend your time. With the economic rework the felxibility in the grind has been removed. No more mix and match signals and camouflages, you now have three choices. Good, better, or best. What you do depends on your income and point of view. Time is money, and for many older players, time is short in supply for many reasons, but money is readily on hand. Wargaming knows this, so be prepared for more all or nothing changes. Whale advice: Buy doubloons with doubloon "100%" bonus coupon. Spend doubloons on bonus conversion days. This will achieve the most efficient results when outright buying your research bureau ship grind. Fair winds and following seas. -Cit
  12. Cit_the_bed

    What the hell did you do WG??

    They can't get more money out of you unless they render all your previous assets and ships useless.
  13. Cit_the_bed

    French Large Cruiser Review

    Fast. That's about it.
  14. Did wargaming really mean to upload a 16Kx9K image as the template?