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  1. Cit_the_bed

    Premium Shop: Cruiser Mainz

    Guys if you don't like it , don't buy. They won't listen to your complaints.
  2. Cit_the_bed

    Twitch Stream Code

    Wargaming giving very short codes screwing over anyone with an actual job.
  3. I only play CB as there's no CV. Now that there is CV, I won't play CB. Game is pretty much dead to me now. 15K plus games and they finally pushed me out.
  4. They just copy paste and forget to change the text to the next cash grab tokens.
  5. The Rules of the current Clan Battle Season have changed Any idea why this popped up in game?
  6. It was for the royal tokens it told me to buy the captain
  7. They will pound the square peg into the round hole as many times as it takes for the corners to break off and for it to fit.
  8. There was a popup telling me UK cruiser event was over and to use tokens
  9. Potential damage is shells that don't hit you within a certain radius. Torpedoes need to be within a certain range as well, if you want to farm potential you want to get as close as possible to torps to get the maximum value.
  10. Some people always take the shortcut. WG rarely punishes botters, so whenever there's a long task, they just pile into coop more than usual.
  11. Posts a picture of UK soldiers with American patches well done.
  12. Congratulations! By setting the task so high for the london, people are now botting coop. I can see 10 million potential damage, which is a lot. 30 million? People are going to bot., and they are.
  13. Cit_the_bed

    Armada: Cheshire

    Why would anyone PAY for 33% less guns?