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  1. Cit_the_bed

    Giulio Cesare not viable at Tier 6

    They buffed their wallets over christmas with the ship and now need to nerf it to sell you something else. Something with a russian name that is the same exact ship.
  2. Cit_the_bed

    World of Warships and the Push Toward Faster Matches

    My matches are super fast because I don't play any at all. Still waiting for the fabled "three patch and balance promise" the devs made.
  3. Take my boat, wallet say nope.
  4. Cit_the_bed

    World of Warships and the Push Toward Faster Matches

    I stopped playing. There's other games. I'm hopeful the game might come back, but doubtful as the developers are have contempt for the western user base.
  5. Cit_the_bed

    Bias again with Fake Russian BB's

    Russians in WW2 couldn't even keep battleship turrets properly oiled let alone build usable ships.
  6. They took my money during Christmas and then did a bait and switch. This is lawsuit worthy and their crazy tos won't save them if a judge says it was deceptive and a real class action lawsuit could go forward.
  7. Get used to it, in the live stream for RU they said they would be OP as everyone on RU server wanted.
  8. Listening to people who play the game Listening to people who play the game Listening to people who play the game Listening to people who play the game Listening to people who play the game
  9. Cit_the_bed

    WG-CC Arsenal creator codes

    This sounds ok but it would turn the game into team fortress 2 with schlong guns and fart horn sounds. No thanks, this is supposed to be a "historical" game... somehow...still.
  10. How will you handle living life, real life, where surviving is hard if you can't handle someone calling you out in a video game?
  11. Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee GIT GUD
  12. Not a dollar more until they stop this terrible idea
  13. Cit_the_bed

    Spending intentions poll

    I will say that after spending so much money (thousands) on this game, 0.8.0 broke all illusions I might have had about the competency of the developers. It's clear they will make game changes based on decisions from management; player feedback is unwanted and unimportant. They make the game the way they want, take it or leave. The continuous breaches in trust (purchased ship sudden changes like Atlanta in 0.8.0) have broken any bond of trust in the competency of and in the consistency of the game. I will sit back, wait and see if the game become fun again. Even if it does become fun again, I will never trust a word that wargaming says, ever again. I just wish I had recognized what kind of company they were before I spent so much money on the game. They are willing to radically change the game for any reasons they want, but are not skilled enough to pull it off. The magic is gone and I won't be so quick to spend in the future.
  14. If balance was important, 0.8.0 would have never crept out the door. I am resigned to the dubious future of this game.
  15. Cit_the_bed

    How about working on something WE WANT

    simply put , people are getting bored and carriers are definitely not what people want in this game. Carriers are just microwaved leftovers only 3 people in 100 wanted in the first place...