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  1. Cit_the_bed

    Your Last Chance to Obtain Z-35

    Zzzzzzzz 32
  2. Cit_the_bed

    How to avoid grinding?

    It's intentional, to keep you so busy you never leave the game. They have psychologists on staff who design mechanics to keep you addicted to the game.
  3. They have never listened to any feedback I made in the past 3 years of pts. PTS feels pointless and soulless
  4. PTS is in russia, so no ability to communicate with other player for testing cb, etc. PTS is also low population, so it's boring, long wait for games. Skill gap on pts is worse than normal server, making getting the amount of wins for award really unfun, long and tiring.
  5. Cit_the_bed

    Azur Lane: Third Wave

    I like the dunkerque skin.
  6. Cit_the_bed

    World of Warships Gear at Teespring

    $5.00 shipping per item? Seriously? Shipping is 30% of the price of the items. You partnered poorly. No option for combined shipping either.
  7. Yesterday I was breaking guns on an enemy Jean Bart, and it seemed to me to be a bit much. Perhaps make one of the turrets temporarily breakable, but not permanently breakable. That way they aren't reduced to a human torpedo. Just an idea.
  8. Cit_the_bed

    Recruit Your Friends Day - Win USS Missouri

    I did the last recruit a friend and the people I invited all quit once they ran into carriers.
  9. I keep turning the aa off for clan battles and it keeps turning itself back on, shooting planes, and giving away my position.
  10. Cit_the_bed

    What's the easiest/zero skill ship to play?

    Anything tier 1 (which is why some people never leave t1) Sinop Any T4 carrier
  11. Looks like they patched it. One day lost.
  12. Cit_the_bed

    Weekly Combat Missions: Even More Containers

    We heard you liked containers so we put containers in your containers yo
  13. Cit_the_bed

    Sound Changes in Update 0.9.6

    Even if you mute music, it still blares the end game music every game. If you have children it means you have to play with the sound off.