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  1. Just so people are aware they changed the guns on the Colorado from the WW1 guns to the WW2 guns, and now the dispersion is terrible. It was slow and accurate, not it's just a new mexico. Another stealth nerfed ship.
  2. We all have just awful T9 ships we stopped at. Well the good news is grand battle doesn't count to win rate. In other words, no matter how much you yolo, it won't drop your standing. Make the few T9 ships you want to blast by favorites in your carousel. Start a game, and yolo into the caps, trying to get at least one kill by ramming or torps. When you die, exit and repeat with the next awful T9 ship. You can juggle 3-5 ships at a time or more. This is anywhere from 10K to 40K xp every 30 minutes or so. The key is to die as fast as possible so you don't get stuck actually having to play a full 20 minute game. Use Grand Battle as a faster, easier xp farm than operations, as there's no goals or required survival like operations. Smooth Sailing!
  3. Cit_the_bed

    Potato Quality hits nail on head about WoWs

    I agree, it feels like the end of world of warships and with the addition of subs, aircraft cruisers, etc it has morphed into a WG version of [edited]. I am sure it will appeal greatly to new players, but I miss flanking, ambushing, tactics, etc. 5 years was a good run, and all things have to end.
  4. Cit_the_bed

    Tiger is now Officially OP...in T10

    Lot of good old memories there.
  5. Cit_the_bed

    Tiger is now Officially OP...in T10

    Share your happy pills with me Sone
  6. Cit_the_bed

    Thanks WG for the Benham buff.

    LoI never thought of that. Spin in circles and torp away you beautiful madman.
  7. Its a probably like the V.I. Lenin, for a phone company promotion in Russia.
  8. Cit_the_bed

    How to get free xp fast

    Clan battles.
  9. Cit_the_bed

    Tiny Tim and general rocket nerf

    WG got what they wanted, carriers to avoid dds so they can fight submarines.
  10. Cit_the_bed

    Grand Battle is just awful

    Big hunt ships had special weapons and built in auto heal. It's nothing like big hunt at all.
  11. Who though it was a good idea to give everyone at T4 a T10 battleship they don't know how to play? The curb stomps are even worse than normal random T10 games.
  12. Cit_the_bed

    Armory has turned into the premium shop.

    Laziest man alive. You realize the premium shop is a tab in game, right? Your argument is that you use the armory because clicking on the premium store tab right next to it is too hard. Good God.
  13. It seems we will finally be blessed with the river of torpedoes, Kitakami.
  14. I am glad you are playing the ship so much, as WG might actually buff it if the data shows it underperforming. I admire your tenacity.