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    This thought just came to my mind Tier X battleships

    Thanks for the underwater torp info. Did not realize that until now. I know what overmatch is, and I know that's the selling point of the Yamato and Musashi. But with A-150, the penetration of the shells increases by 40 to 50% from what I heard. This may give it the ability to possibly citadel German BBs at medium range, where other BBs would struggle to do so. I am talking about random battles instead of Clan Battles here. So there might be a difference
  2. KindaBruhPianist

    This thought just came to my mind Tier X battleships

    PART II You are advised to take more salt to the point where it hurts your kidneys. This is just an enthusiast kid with not much knowledge of high tiers. British: Playstyle: HESH If you played WoT you know very well what HESH is. The Conq currently with the Montana loadout is just HE spam. I would remove the 12 gun config altogether and buff the 8×457s. Remember HESH? These high pen HE can citadels heavy cruisers. To compensate for their cruiser killer abilities, their AP performance will be lowered and thus their anti-BB capabilities is bad. Still brawls better than the Yashima though. STAY TUNED FOR PART III AND MORE SALT
  3. Sooo... I don't own any tier 10 (In fact my highest tiered ship is Aoba) so take what I say with a grain of salt The announced Soviet BBs aroused certain players to powercreep of the original tier X BBs (Yamato and Montana) This is how I'd reshuffle the tech tree PART I: First for the Japanese: Playstyle: Long range sniper(yes I know there will be camping problems) Tier X: A-150(Yashima) Yes I am aware that these ships have 510mm guns and WG said nothing bigger than 460mm. Then again, they used to say no submarines. These ships may have high sigma values since they are basically Yamatos with larger guns, and highest alpha in the game. Whilst effective at long range, it will be horrible to brawl. The turrets traverses even slower than Yamato, and her 155mm secondaries fire AP. She does have 100mm DP guns firing HE (same as those on Akizuki, Kitakaze and Harugumo) but without IFHE they shatter against DD armor, making it near defenseless at close range. If you were wondering what Yashima is, it's a fictional name for the ship. It fits with naming conventions of Japanese Battleships though. Tier IX: Yamato Dethroned from tier X, this beast now only has her 1944 hull with less AA. Possibly reduced bow armor to balance her above Musashi AA levels. Tier VIII: 2 choices Either remove Izumo altogether, or move Izumo down a tier with same stats, and turn Amagi into a premium ship. Germany: Playstyle: Same turtleback armor brawler Tier X: H42 The name remains Grosser Kurfurst, yet it is the real H42 with 8x19 inch guns and triple torp launchers on each side. The remaining line is unchanged, albeit adding triple torp tubes to FdG. The torpedoes are the same as same tiered German DDs, albeit with the same reload while only having 3 torps. STAY TUNED FOR PART II