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  1. Poidachi

    Just imagine if shells cost Credits?

    They do cost credits. Always have.
  2. Well crud, doesn't seem like I'll ever know. Better hurry then...
  3. There are a bunch of mods to remove all camos in general. Check out Aslain's mod series to get you started(If it still exists).
  4. @FemennenIy I'm really sorry to ping you, but do you know if Yuudachi is a permanent addition to the shop or if she will be time limited? I need to sort out my finances in the case that she might be gone one day. God forbid that Yuudachi's #1 fan misses their chance at Yuudachi!
  5. Poidachi

    Coupons Thanks, But no thanks

    Oy, it's long since been 4 years, where's my coupon?!
  6. So... A pessimist? Huh. I guess I'm kind of their foil then.
  7. I mean, it IS true. I've been away for a very very long time now. I mean... Resetting all that progress AND losing a very precious username to me sounds pretty awful...
  8. I mean... Why would I start over? I got a lotta ol' ships lying around and I wish it wasn't true that I was coming back for a mediocre DD, but I absolutely am. I l legitimately was the one weirdo who wanted them in the game back in the day.
  9. Not bad for a first run. Took out the enemy Lex in a solo and did a decent sum of damage. Clean ambush. I would argue that not much has changed. Stealth plays are still very clean and doable. I'd argue they're easier because a lot of other DDs seem to value stealth less, so you run into them randomly less often!
  10. Oh! I appreciate the offer, but I'll earn the ship the hard way :) She's the most important ship in the game for me, and I'll grab her eventually. Maybe have to bug a community coordinator or ST admin sometime. Hell, I'll scrape together tiny bits of doubloons and buy small packages with some cash left over. You are truly kind to offer
  11. I haven't played any yet. The downloading on 5 MBPS internet has been a challenge for the last day or so. Also, only buy the ship if you like playing destroyers and possibly like suffering. It doesn't seem like she's the best ship around, so it really depends on your playstyle as a destroyer player. Even then, there are better alternatives, so don't buy it just because of a meme. 30$ is a lot of cash to dump on a trophy ship if ya don't plan to use her! edit: I also do not know who kiyo is. Sorry.
  12. I have consumed all of the poi since 2014. I think I'm good. xD
  13. Ah, I jumped in but wasn't hooked enough to keep playing. I needed that extra bump. Thanks for the warm welcome!
  14. I've had Shiratsuyu since her release. Real shame I can't just get Yuudachi with credits :( I have tons of that.
  15. Naaaaah, good skill. I'm gonna take her to #1 Worldwide. Just you wait!