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  1. cpappa

    Naval History in Photos: April

    The DD's took the worst from the Kamikazes. Amazing that many of them were able to survive.
  2. The only German BB that really irritated me with it's bad dispersion even at close range is the Bayern.
  3. Since I haven't seemed to find the answer anywhere. When resetting a ship line does it also reset or remove the personal mission for legendary tier X upgrade? I actually have all the lines unlocked to tier X and have been thinking to reset one of them but was wondering about what happens to the legendary upgrade mission for the tier X's
  4. Nope I play them often. Only once was I reported in a CV. But I think that was just sour grapes since I sunk a DD before he could do anything. Of course not my fault he detonated on my first rocket shot. lol
  5. Yeah she's not completely OP'd. I mean in the match I was in I lost 75% of my HP when only one salvo hit me. I still survived the match. Of course I was using my 19 pt. Khab captain in it and basically used the same tactics I use with the Mino and Rooster so I'll of course have more good games in it than bad.
  6. It's all good and I will move on. Besides I don't have a replay. As I said it just rubbed me the wrong way a bit since it was my first match in it. Just posting here to vent a little about it is good therapy to move past it.
  7. cpappa

    Finally got the Jean Bart!

    She's a good ship enjoy. For mine I have a gunnery build not a secondary build, I like to use her speed to flank the enemy. Her secondaries are good but she's just not a brawler in my opinion. Only secondary builds I have are with the German BB's since they can absorb much more damage at closer ranges.
  8. Fortunately it was only 2. At least the majority of the other players didn't listen to him. Still it rubbed me the wrong way for some reason, especially since it was only my first battle in it.
  9. So I just got the Smolensk. In my first battle in it a player on the other team starts reporting me just because I was playing it and got some of his team mates to as well. I did ok in the battle not great, only got 5th place on my team by XP, and did some damage to the player in question but did not sink him in the match, someone else did. Now I agree the Smolensk is OP'd and needs a nerf but other players shouldn't penalize players who have one and run it. That's just being rude and a [edited].
  10. I survived and got die hard. lol I was fleeing a DD and BB coming from the other side of the map and didn't see a Neptune and Mogami on the side I was heading to. The Mogami and Neptune got hung up at the edge of the map in a collision. I was very close so I just decided screw it and charged them. Our last BB wiped the Neptune, some how I dodged some torps and then rammed the Mogami broadside just aft of the center. He died and I survived with a flooding and got die hard. Sure my team lost but it was worth it just doing this. LOL!
  11. Ouch. That actually almost happen to me in this match in the first post. We were way behind in points and all their last DD had to do was hide from my Mino and time would run out and they would win. Luckily their DD was stupid and I was able to spot him and toast him just before the clock ran down
  12. Yeah stupid me and my fat fingers. Got it fixed
  13. I just had one of my greatest matches in the Mino where I could do no wrong. I pretty much single handedly won the match. 193K damage, almost 500 shell hits, 50 planes shot down, 5 citadels (all came on the CV) , 5 defended, 5 kills for Kraken including killing the CV, Confederate and High Caliber. My luck did not stop there. After the match I collect one of the daily containers, ends up being a Super Container and I get the Wichita, one of the few premium ships I did not have yet. lol What's your greatest match where you could do no wrong?
  14. Yes the Kamikaze is the boogeyman. A couple years ago before they fix MM so this would not happen any more. I somehow found myself in a tier 7 match in my Kamikaze R and I was the only DD in the match for either team and no CV's. Lets just say by the time the match was over I had 6 kills, 25 torpedo hits and I was not spotted even once by the other team the whole match. It really was an unfair match. To this day the most battles I have played with any one ship is my Kamikaze R with 178 out of my over all 8,620 battles with a 63% victory rate and the most ships sunk with any single ship of mine at 276 ships sunk with her.