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  1. Shot down 62 long ago in the Lexington before the rework
  2. cpappa

    How often do CVs die last, or at all.

    In my Daring once I took out a Shokaku for First Blood in a match. I basically went up the center of their map and their whole team decided to just go for the caps on the flanks. No one ever spotted me and then when I spotted the CV following the rest of the ships on his side I just launched all my torps in a tight single firing grouping. He was moving but not very fast and in a straight line because of course he was in an attack run elsewhere. By the time he spotted my torps it was too late to avoid any of them. He sunk with 8 hitting him. The last 2 also hit his sinking carcass. I just laughed my butt off at the other team for completely vacating the center for me to sneak up and do that.
  3. cpappa

    Torps- they keep going and going

    Think this bug has been in the game forever now. Every once in a while I'll see my torps just keep going past the range they should have stopped. They just keep going forever past the edge of the map and are still out there at the end of the match.
  4. Boy people complain a lot around here. I've learned to just roll with the punches. Better for my mental health.
  5. cpappa

    I got the Exeter

    Actually she does play very similar except for the rate of fire and power of her heavy cruiser guns. Otherwise she has the other British light cruiser traits except the smoke of course. A light cruiser hull with thin armor but still very maneuverable and has the same good fast acceleration to top speed
  6. cpappa

    I got the Exeter

    For me the only really part I didn't like was the last weeks missions of getting 7 achievements and the 3 kills in one battle. Otherwise the other missions in the marathon were not that bad even when restricted to the certain ships and tiers
  7. Well I finished up the achievement mission. Between my Nelson, Belfast and Cossack I got it done in 5 matches, actually ended up with eight achievements in 5 matches Nelson - 3 - First Blood, Confederate, High Caliber Nelson - 1 - First Blood Belfast - 1 - Confederate Cossack - 1 - Devastating Strike - Hit an unlucky Cleveland with 2 torps for 26K damage and killed, funny thing was the torps were not even ment for him since the Belfast I was aiming at died just after I had launched them. Belfast - 2 - Confederate and High Caliber Only the 3 kill in one match will be a tough to get, but I think I can get it done in my Belfast more than likely
  8. I was worried about this grind for achievements but after my first game today with my Nelson getting 3 of them. I'm now optimistic that it is not gonna be as bad as I thought. lol I already bought the Exeter but the 4,000 dubloons would be nice to get. The Exeter is a pretty good ship for her tier. The pic below was my first game in her a couple weeks ago As you can see not only did I get Confederate in her but Dreadnought as well. lol
  9. cpappa

    Shokaku Triple Cit Kill

    Eh he was already pretty low on heath. Now if he was full health and died from the triple cit bombs. Then yeah I would feel sorry for the BB driver.
  10. cpappa

    Stupidest thing you've been accused of?

    In one match when I was running my Jutland. An idiot in a Grozovoi said he was going to report me after one of my torpedoes sunk him 9 KM away from me. I didn't even launch the torpedo spread when targeting him I was actually targeting a couple BB's he was passing in front of. Even his own teammates thought he was just butt hurt cause he was unlucky enough to hit my torpedo. Guess he thought with his speed he could dodge everything.
  11. cpappa

    Alaska opinions

    I've got a little over 2.5 million FXP right now so I'll get her. Got quite a bit of FXP when my tier 9 CV's got reverted back to tier 8 with the CV rework.
  12. cpappa

    Something missing? Don't see this everyday.

    Yeah 0 BB's. Certainly a rare sight. More rare than one with 0 DD's or 0 Cruisers in my opinion.
  13. A continuation of the planned standard type Battleships that where the canceled South Dakota-class of 1920? Slower but better armored than the fast Battleships of the Iowa-class? Obviously a completely paper ship. A premium, free XP, coal or steel ship? Or is this a planned US BB split?
  14. Roon was fine when I had her. It's the Dimitri Donski I find to be the worst tier 9 cruiser. Even when I play her right from max range and distance she gets citadeled from almost all other Cruisers and Battleships at any angle. It's like she has even worse armor than the British and American light cruisers
  15. Be patient. They're working on the AI so bots can play the CV's