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  1. ElAurens

    The aircraft carrier must be deleted.

    Pick your ship type and tier carefully, but just remember, even in a US CL, if a carrier wants you dead, you will die, no matter how many of his planes you shoot down.
  2. ElAurens

    Alot of Tension out there now.

    Well put clammboy.
  3. ElAurens

    Warspite - T6 Monster

    Maybe I should play her more now, but even somewhat recent games in her just didn't click for me.
  4. ElAurens

    Alot of Tension out there now.

    The game is different, but I think most of the tension is here on the forum, and the vast majority of it is totally uncalled for. Yes we should express our feelings, impressions, wants, etc, for the game here, but I really am getting tired of the juvenile "I'm closing my wallet, I'm not playing anymore, you nerfed X, you buffed Y, Russian bias, clueless devs, posts. Express yourselves in an adult manner, and give proper suggestions for fixing things. Note: "I'm taking my ball and running away" is not a proper response.
  5. ElAurens

    I love the Colorado in 0.8.0

    Hmmm... I never did well, or liked Colorado in the old days. I may have to repurchase her and give it a go.
  6. ElAurens

    Warspite - T6 Monster

    I have both Warspite and Arizona, and I do much better in Arizona. I think it all boils down to Warspite's glacial turret traverse speed and Arizona's number of rifles. For me Warspite is just harder to play, and I've never found her guns to be the highly capable pieces that most swoon over. I've had good games in her, but I've had more good games in Arizona.
  7. ElAurens

    Wichita is finally on sale

    An observation, if I may, based on my many years of observing my fellow man. I would think that the majority of those against the GC move up to T6 are against it because they don't want their OP T5 troll boat moved up to where it won't be OP. They are simply using their "righteous indignation" at War Gaming as a ruse to hide their real reason. Just sayin'.
  8. The US's ability to produce the engines of war in vast quantities was always overlooked by our enemies in WW2. It didn't work out too well for them did it? Another example, the US built 100,000 fighter planes alone in WW2. We had enough aircraft unassigned waiting for shipping to the war zones at the end of the war to fight the entire war over again. It's amazing really.
  9. Be careful Gents, some of you are getting dangerously close to proposing a simulation mode. That would never fly with this crowd, though I'd be all in.
  10. ElAurens

    I've often wondered about this......

    The number of posters on any gaming forum is far surpassed by the number of players. It has always been thus.
  11. ElAurens

    Carry on my Wayward Son!

    Peace through superior firepower.
  12. ElAurens

    Carry on my Wayward Son!

    I'll bet. I wasn't trying to be a jerk either, just curious what types they were.
  13. ElAurens

    Carry on my Wayward Son!

    Where they all DDs?
  14. ElAurens

    Azuma vs Alaska

    OH my. That would be interesting.
  15. ElAurens

    Do you enjoy being a target of CV

    I never thought of it in that way, and in that case I agree with you, my comment is more based on the constant bickering between the entrenched factions screaming at each other via keyboard, rather than directly addressing War Gaming in a responsible manner with their concerns. At this point I do think that if War Gaming had it to do over again it would be "World of Aircraft Carriers", and most of us would be playing some other game at this point.