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  1. ElAurens

    Not sure I understand the new meta WG wants to push

    Indeed sir it is. One I have just implemented. I hope those that stay can enjoy themselves. Take care all. EL, out.
  2. ElAurens

    Not sure I understand the new meta WG wants to push

    Have you actually given some thought in to how absolutely ridiculous this is? What an unbelievable game mechanic. But then, none of this is about game play, it's about War Gaming's business model, and that is all it's ever been about. After Wednesday, I'm out.
  3. ElAurens

    The Captain Skills Poll

    You know, I got into this game to have an enjoyable time fighting surface ships of my favorite time periods. I most certainly did not get into it to play a mathematics/economic mini game of the type we will soon be getting with the new skills update. I can see nothing about this change that adds to my enjoyment of playing. Not one thing. I like bacon, a heck of a lot more than this new skills rebork tap dancing dog and pony show.
  4. ElAurens

    Not sure I understand the new meta WG wants to push

    It's really simple, they want the NA server to play more like the Russian server does. Fast, close in brawls, that are over in no time. Brain dead play for fans of the Short Attention Span Theater.
  5. I just finished grinding my Fuso captain to 19 points, which now seems like it was a complete waste of time, it's looking more and more like this button is the answer...
  6. ElAurens

    Which Tier 9 Would You Buy? And Why?

    I recently picked up Georgia for coal (with the discount coupon) and am happy I did. Her guns hit hard, though not as hard as Yamato, but they do get your enemies attention. Her speed gives her the ability to reposition quickly and comfortably, and her good secondary battery will make DDs think twice about closing the range with you. Gud bote.
  7. ElAurens

    Lol. What just happened?:)

    Yup. I have no ships with MBRB, and still have this issue occasionally.
  8. ElAurens

    But CV's are loved? Right?

    What are you talking about Skpstr? I'm not paraphrasing anyone, just stating my feeling and observations. Maybe you need a little vacation from the daily news? I just came off 2 weeks without turning on anything but my local weather reports. It's very refreshing.
  9. ElAurens

    But CV's are loved? Right?

    Of the 25 members of the clan I belong to, only 2 of us visit or post on the forum with any regularity. However, in our own discussions, not one of them thinks CVs are good for the game, are fun to play against, or are in any way balanced against the other classes. If those kinds of numbers are typical across the general game population, and why wouldn't they be, it kind of blows the CV fanbois on the forum and their beliefs on how many people like CVs, out of the water.
  10. ElAurens

    Do any ships actually scare you...

    The only time I get truly anxious is when I'm in a T3 or T4 BB in a match with 2 carriers per side. If they want you dead, and they do because you have no AA, you will be dead in short order. So fun and engaging.
  11. Please try this with Mikasa, the results should be hilarious at best, but it will take a VERY long time to get enough hits to sink whatever your target ship is.
  12. ElAurens

    WG I want a new ship

    This would be great if the AA was effective. If it was no more effective than it is now, it would be a total waste of time. We already have AA ships in the game, Atlanta class, or any US CL for that matter, but what good do they do in this current meta of utterly nerfed AA and CVs being the uber ship gods?
  13. ElAurens

    WG I want a new ship

    I've had, and have destroyed, turrets. It happens. The one thing I would like to have out of the OP's list is the instant CV fire suppression, that comes at no cost. I mean, everyone knows that no aircraft carrier ever was put out of action by fires, right????? So I want my better armored BB, that doesn't have a bazzillion gallons of avgas stored aboard to have the same level of anti fire capability as a CV. Is balanz da Komrade?
  14. ElAurens

    Who are you upgrading to 21 pts first?

    I think the real question is, will I be able to fight the urge to delete my account and walk away from the game? The idea is gaining traction in the dark recesses of my mind at this point.
  15. ElAurens

    WoW's 2

    The issue here is that any CVs in tiers where the surface combatants have no ability to counter them in any way is simply too many CVs. I'd love to play my low tier ships again, but taking any WW1 or earlier ship out against 2 CVs is far from fun, it doesn't matter if they are the Konig Albert or not. Low tier play is utterly broken by aircraft carriers, period.