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  1. ElAurens

    Breaking the Game... again

    One of the issues is due to the madness brought upon us by the bloody "Regrind Bureau" nonsense. A 3 or 4 point captain in a ship being played by a very experienced veteran player, which is happening all the time, is able to run amok at will in the low tiers now, and there is simply no counter play against them, even with a high skilled captain in a T3 or T4 BB.
  2. ElAurens

    Tier IV AA Defense

    I've stopped playing my T4 Russian BBs, Gangut and Nikolai because you constantly get focused down by CVs (more often two on a side these days), and deleted early in the game with nothing to show for it. Not fun and engaging.
  3. ElAurens

    Who Is Looking Forward to Subs

    "Under keel" or better known as Proximity torpedos were not a thing, at all, in WW2. No WW2 era ships were built with torpedo mitigation structures to defend against a torp that could explode under the ship, as these simply did not exist at the time. Yet another fail in this poorly thought out mess. The whole problem with caps is something else again. So, what do you do when a sub is just outside a cap, firing homing torps into the cap at will? How do you defeat that? Without a very carefully crafted ASW suite this will be a nightmare. Are you going to expect all the DD players to simply give up all the other things they do, just to work the ASW role? This is an unholy mess and will not end well.
  4. ElAurens

    If you could only keep three ships

    Arizona. It's my ship. I need no other reason. If I only had one, this would be it. Mikasa. I cannot explain why, but I love that thing. Nagato. Solid performer, good looker, slowly being power crept, but I don't care.
  5. Looks like a game on the original play station, or maybe an original Atari. Just a step above Pong.
  6. The whole sector thing is total nonsense. Always has been. Ships have the same AA "power" on either side of the ship, and it isn't given magic power ups when the captain pushes a button on the bridge to send more of this magic power to one side or the other. The game grows less satisfying with each new version, as the devs strive to take this game down to the level of a caffeine fueled teenage twitch shooter.
  7. ElAurens


    Any sub that attempts to use it's deck gun in this game will be, and should be, obliterated in short order.
  8. They certainly will not play like the submarine simulations that predominate virtual submarine warfare. Time to get another coat of anti fouling paint on my fleet, the sea is going to get a LOT saltier in the near future.
  9. I just hope they don't show up till after my premium time has run out.
  10. ElAurens

    What ships do you think need some love?

    Just about every ship that has been in the game for more than two years.
  11. ElAurens

    WWhat is this object?

    It's called a paravane. It is used for mine clearing. It is attached to a cable off the bow. and it "flys" on either side of the ship, and hopefully cuts a mine's mooring cable or detonates it.
  12. ElAurens

    To Cleve or not to Cleve............

    Cleveland was great at T6, at T8 it is just a target for T9 and T10, well, everything.
  13. ElAurens

    Mogador is fantastic...

    IMHO this and the Colbert are the most broken ships in the game. The term "toxic gameplay" comes to mind actually.
  14. ElAurens

    Perma HE Rain

    Had a Colbert (French Atlanta type cruiser) on the enemy team in a match last night. All it did was hide behind an island and rain fire on anything that came in it's range. Rushing it would only get you burned down. Makes an Atlanta seem down right pleasant to fight against. If it gets in the game as is, well, it shouldn't. That is the most idiotic, toxic to the game ship, I have ever seen.
  15. ElAurens

    The Best Ship in the Game

    Arizona. It's my precious. I just really enjoy playing her.