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  1. ElAurens

    Asymmetric Battle Discussion Thread.

    Imagine a div with three Massachusetts on comms. I can. This will be comedy gold.
  2. The two most over rated things ever made by man... 1. Yamato/Musashi 2. Bismarck/Tirpitz
  3. I've seen several Floridas in battles, both as enemies and allies. Sometimes they do terribly, sometimes they do well. I suspect that is more down to the captain than the ship itself. Overall, I think it's too early to be definitive on how they are working, but their speed and poor armor protection is not promising, and this is coming from a player that likes the American Standard Battleships, and the Fuso as well. I feel so far that they are too slow at the upper tiers, just as Colorado is. Given the right circumstances, and a friendly MM and RNG, you can do OK in a standard in higher tier matches, but if you are in a match where the faster, better armored ships are played properly, you simply cannot keep up with the tempo of the fight, and are left behind to be preyed upon by dive bombers, and DDs. For the standards to work at the upper tiers they need late war refit levels of AA and secondary batteries near the same level as the Massachusetts.
  4. ElAurens

    Someone explain this please

    I know it's called a battleship in game, but the Ishi was a design study for a battle cruiser that eventually became the Kongo class. She has more "hitpoints" than the British battleship you faced, but that is because she is bigger. The ship you faced is a true dreadnought battleship and had thicker armor than your ship. Just aiming at the citadel is no guarantee that you will penetrate it and score a big damage value. Getting to know all the ships, and their strengths and weaknesses takes time, and at 105 battles played you are just scratching the surface of the ins and outs of this game. Play the Ishi like a heavy cruiser, not a close in brawler. Use your HE, set fires, and be a pest of battleships and a killer of cruisers.
  5. ElAurens

    What Could Be Next After Subs?

    With armor piercing incendiary rockets... It's only a matter of time.
  6. Pretty much this. Seen a lot of it since I came back to the game.
  7. Hopefully the refits of the US standard BBs.
  8. ElAurens

    Ok, I can take a hint, WG

    Pretty much why I don't play my Warspite much anymore. Arizona up tiers better.
  9. ElAurens

    Wargaming.......Why? Just why?

    If a submerged US Fleet Submarine can go 23 knots, then my US Standard BB had better be able to go 32. Seems simple enough to me.
  10. ElAurens

    Non Boost progress to PR, post the stage you at

    NO clue, I have never looked at the thing, and I don't care.
  11. ElAurens

    Does WOWs need Pre Dreadnaught Battle mode?

    I've wanted this from the beginning. So many cool ships being totally ignored.
  12. ElAurens

    Sick of ridiculous CVs - going back to EVE

    The biggest CV issue is having them face ships with no AA at the low tiers, I mean after the fact that the game would be better without them entirely, but that is not going to happen. I miss playing some of my low tier ships, as I really like the pre/early dreadnought time frame, but facing two enemy aircraft carriers is just really bad game play design. As for subs, when they come I'm out. Not a threat, a promise.
  13. ElAurens

    what just happened ?

    Same here. Battle started, then game froze, and dumped to splash screen.
  14. ElAurens

    Reporting People

    Why pay any attention to "karma"? It's a totally meaningless thing. I have no idea what mine is and I don't even care.
  15. Red = dead. End of story.