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  1. James_Resoldier

    Stream Rewards Guide for 0.9.4

    I haven't received one yet. So another question, do you have to watch the live stream to get the drop or can you watch the recording later? The time of the twitch is very inconvenient for me, with work and all.
  2. James_Resoldier

    Stream Rewards Guide for 0.9.4

    When watching the live twitch stream, I do NOT see the "Drops Enabled" message under the video stream. How do I enable this? I've linked my twitch account to WOWs , but am still not seeing it.
  3. James_Resoldier

    the mighty jingles lies!

    I really wish there was still a way to get that captain voiceover.
  4. James_Resoldier

    Twitch 100k Stream: Get your Supercontainers!

    What drives me nuts is that these things always seem to be going on right when I'm working. 9 am Pacific time? really?
  5. James_Resoldier

    Question about Salem and "Go Navy" permanent camo

    Thanks, everyone who responded. I went with the Worcester camo.
  6. So, I do not have the Salem at this point. If you get the Salem through the Arsenal, does it come with the customary premium camo? If it does not come with that camo, if I get the Go Navy camo for it now, even though I do not have the ship, that will still work, once I do get the Salem, right?