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  1. IronStumpjumper

    Received a first strike warning but not running mods

    Possible. I received a warning a few months back for running unauthorized software with WG programs. Issue is, I don't run mods with my online games. But running a modified windows OS may change the interactions of the OS with the game and may trigger a "cheater" response depending on which interactions was changed. Back when I received my warning, I was running a "installation hacked" Win10 version a classmate was letting us try out that had many of the "data snoops" and privacy issues removed which would still run. Ended up a failed project as any online time ended up with the program updating and removing the "report to self" changes that looped data collection within the computer instead of reporting to MS.
  2. IronStumpjumper

    16-inch AP vs cruisers

    Lol, don't fry the devs brain with that.... They're operating on so few lately and desperate to seem like they're doing anything... Rant over, now onto the real meat.... As someone already pointed out, WG basically just reskinned the game from WoT. And they'd have to actually rework the game mechanics in order to remove the "bounce" feature. A shell, even if it hits at an angle, is still going to do damage to the ship and basically be a partial pen where damage was still caused but not a "solid" blow. And even if the shell is enough to overpower the armor (overpen) there are items (frame, broilers, pipework, corners in walkways, equipment lockers, etc) in ships that would provide enough "structure" that would cause an AP round to create damage internally if they get hit when the shell passes through. What gets me is that WG is trying to oversimply the game to the point where knowledge isn't really needed and all you have to do is follow their script instead of reality. And even in doing so, you still have to deal with their know nothing gremlin called RNG to basically butt-[edited] you. Long range HE shots on a DD from a DD or cruiser overpenning, hits to the bow taking out your rudder or engine, overpenning a bb's armor belt with a dd ap shell, HE rounds bouncing off a broadside target (that, I find real annoying....,) a BB running over a DD and taking major damage (it would cause flooding and bow damage but not to over 1/2 health plus,) etc... So basically WG is doing all it can to make money off of their old engine without actually having to do more then reskin and add features. Think WG artillery with torpedoes and planes added in. So it's not really going to act right and will not no matter how much it is tweaked. Sigh, I guess I added more ranting when I said the rant was over... Now to go work off my penalty where a torpedo managed to hit a friendly target though he wasn't in range when the torps were fired and 3 out of 4 torps ran out of fuel before the 4th managed to hit the guy. Should be a timer that doesn't penalize if the the torp hit was at the very extremes of it's range when it hit a friendly that had turned into range after the torps were fired. Pink doesn't suit me and it's not like I fire them willy-nilly as it's the first friendly hit in about 6 months and RNG and bad luck combined to keep the torp fueled enough to hit him.
  3. IronStumpjumper

    CV Rework Feedback

    Not that I disagree, but Carriers were flexible and went through changes as the war went on to the point where airgroups would change out on CV's in order to change the CV's inventory to counter the current threat of the moment or to prepare for the next campaign as the war progressed. A CV at the beginning of the war was less flexible due to shortages of actual CV's and trained personnel that could operate off of them. Later on in the war, changing out squadrons was as simple as moving reserve units from island bases and flying them out the CV while unneeded air units were rotated out to the nearest land base. A good example would be the Kamikaze attacks where many of the strike CV's rotated bombers to land bases and took on Navy and Marine fighter units from rear bases for better patrol and intercept before Kamikaze pilots could get close. So a CV later in the war that went into areas where both fleet and air units would have a package, one going into combat where it was air and land based targets would have another, and those that went against fleet units would have a third. And some of the aircraft later in the war were configurable. Fighters could become bombers (going to use US fleet as an example) or carry rockets into battle and forgo the air superiority role, torpedo bombers could carry heavy bombs (Avenger,) and dedicated dive bombers were basically sidelined by the end of the war due to fighters being able to carry rockets and bombs yet still could protect itself vs fighters and torpedo bombers able to drop bombs. And the one squadron of a time [edited] from wg basically ignores basic naval principles as well. Attacks on ships were conducted by multiple squadrons or sections of squadrons from multiple heights and directions to split AA defenses of ships (or bases) in order to better survive yet still hit the target even with ordinance that may not work every time. So basically the WG devs took their usual stupid way out and are setting themselves up for continuing failure as the system will never be balanced to people's satisfaction.... AA is always going to work (even with the ship blazing from bow to stern obscuring air targets not to mention positions not being able to be used due to being on fire) as advertised and the planes ordinance is not going to have any failures. Being able to attack from multiple directions and altitudes was just basic policy at the beginning of the war due to limitations of aircraft, but became almost a survival tool by the time the war ended as AA abilities increased and tactics to counter air attacks multiplied the ability of ships to repel air attacks.
  4. IronStumpjumper

    CV Rework Feedback

    Watching the video, when it comes out- won't be playing cv's anymore.... They don't seem to have a clue (like dd's and cruisers with no minimum range for torps) on what cv's are supposed to do. So in typical wg fashion, they're just going to screw it up more instead of actually studying up on it... 3 torp launches? What were the devs smoking because it was potent enough to finish off their remaining brain cells? Get that information out quickly before actual thinking people accidentally try it and take themselves out of productivity as well. There was a reason for mass attacks, because of the inaccuracy of the torps, the ability of aircraft to be shot down and not complete their run, and the torps fusing problems. Now wg wants to go with the "accurate weapons, but limit on shots fired" [edited]..... Instead of addressing the main problem, WG punts it off again.... Same thing with rockets. The lighter the ship was, the more potential damage it would take from rocket fire as well as more modules, such as AA, on the deck of the ship being taken out. So instead of the ship losing components critical to the ships survival ( ie: bridge- helm/engines, AA-self defense, radio room-target reporting, main and secondary guns-main armament, etc) it's going to be the usual limit the damage to light skins and multiply the damage for heavier..... And what's the [edited] about manual vs automatic being too difficult on the fb page? The reason why many people play this game is the challenge and if you don't learn- you limit yourself.... Seems like the devs are dumbing down the challenge once again.
  5. IronStumpjumper

    Absolute garbage games.

    Judging course and speed isn't a problem. I'm someone who enjoyed one shots on tanks while they were moving in WOT before their first change to arty and before the follow ups that just basically messed the mechanics up instead of just staying with the first change that was actually more realistic. One shotting scouts while they were at full speed and dodging was a favorite challenge to me during that time frame of the first "fix" as arty was too accurate at the time and "camping" people weren't a challenge at all. All they had to do was fix the reporting system so that the positions of enemy tanks varied as "sightings" weren't completely accurate in battle to add onto the first fix. Instead, they completely "fluffed" the line. So judging course and speed come pretty much second nature to my gameplay where I'm always monitoring for changes on the target.
  6. IronStumpjumper

    Absolute garbage games.

    Sorry it took so long to reply, for some reason it decided to pop up as a new reply today. That is why I stopped paying WG back even before WOA and WOW came into being. Why pay if the area that is consistently screwing you is on their side of the connection? And if they're doing it willingly because people still are paying, then it isn't going to be fixed as they have no reason to as they know there are people who will ignore anything.... But watching 8 out of 9 rounds from a BB go off to bumfuck Egypt but one round separates and hits you square... Accurate shooting and spotting by NPC's even if their only clue to your position is maybe smoke over an island (hint devs: radar back then did not go through islands or land masses and even ships can merge on the radar screen if close enough or even mask the one further from the radar.) Long range torp shots from NPC's that still manage to appear on your bow no matter what maneuvers you made (even reversing course after the target is destroyed) that are far away from any logical course that you would take. Adding in the "server timing" of hits just adds insult to injury.
  7. IronStumpjumper

    Absolute garbage games.

    Getting my sealegs really isn't the problem, consistency is... Hit a ship with a full volley- tear it apart and take most of it's health... Follow up volley's- pity point hits while I'm set on fire, loads of hp knocked off from [edited] hits until finally wg decides the area I'm hitting over and over again is a critical spot and decides to allow me to finish the enemy ship off. And AP is far worse. Imagine hitting a BB at the torpedo belt (with a heavy cruiser) and the game decides that you over penned with 9 rounds out of 11 then the next volley in the same area all penn for 11k+ damage. Then the next volley into the same area decide to bounce even though I'm matching their course to minimize angles if I know it's reloading or it's focus is elsewhere so I can safely turn broadside and bring all guns to bear. Add in another of my biggest frustrations (I posted a video on it one time but discussion was deleted by the mod because I asked wth?) with the game is hitting a DD with a full volley from a NO with HE rounds and have WG tell me I have one incapacitation and the rest couldn't penn.... Just too many frustrations and add on the one shots at long range as described earlier plus torpedoes not showing up to the last second (100 Mbps connection with on a 8th gen I7 with twin 1080's so the lag isn't on my side.) But I'll try out randoms sometimes. (I know I'm ranting, but I figure you'd understand....)
  8. IronStumpjumper

    Absolute garbage games.

    I stay away from random matches due to new kid in the house and more willing to leave game on operations then risk screwing a team in randoms. Usually he's pretty good when he's down for a nap, but every so often...... But got nailed 3 times in this weeks operation by the 2nd bb at the north pass when I was back with the transports. First 1, 3/4 hit for my remaining points, 2nd game- right through the bridge and blew up with over 90% health, 3rd, 1 shot landed on the bow and removed almost all the health and then some that I had recovered taking me below 2% and these were when he first appeared and not out of the pass yet. The NPC's are getting brutal. Going to have to check to see if I saved the replays. It was bad... And my last game, didn't see the torps till they were 1/2 sec from hitting.
  9. IronStumpjumper

    Absolute garbage games.

    lol, kind of hard to feel like a club when you get nailed from long range and magazined 3 games in a row.... Been that type of weekend. 8 of his rounds go to bum-[edited] egypt to port but that one round magically takes another course right into the sweet spot for a blowout. Just some games.....
  10. I can agree, just supporting the OP as I've noticed it and checked it on replays when it happens. Gets irritating when you're close to the island enough that you're sure that you're covered on that side and they'll have to attack from another direction. Then watch them drop on your "protected side" right on the tideline where the fins are on land and they still work.
  11. IronStumpjumper

    Game freeze but no errors

    Yeah, had it happen a few times since I've been playing but the last few days it has been constant. I've gone into details and killed it, but it still comes up with the "do you want to leave game" and it comes up as a flashing box even trying to kill it through task manager. Just irritating as hell that you can't clear the issue through task manager and have to cold boot.... I know I'm off cv's for awhile.
  12. IronStumpjumper

    Pink is the new WoWS...

    Haven't payed WG a dime in a couple years and don't see the need. If they want to screw up, they can do it on someone dime.... And this comes from someone who spends 2-300 per month for games that the devs of those games are actually trying to keep a good balance.
  13. IronStumpjumper

    Pink is the new WoWS...

    I have a crash issue at least once a week that WG support keeps telling me is due to me timing out and the problem being on my end. Sent back a email laughing at that explanation as the employees in my section won't dare to let their bosses internet connection go bad and the box that services my home is used as a training and monitoring station for the area (I run the local cable internet providers installation and repair tech department.) So I really don't give much credence to support as they appear to follow the same procedures the tier 1 support for my company follows, parrot a predetermined line as being the cause and close it out asap to make their numbers look good. Add that my experience with networks and internet, I'm smart enough to rule that out before I send in a ticket. Add that to the map freezes on the cv since the last patch, I think I'm going to be pink for my cv for a long time. As to the OP, seeming inactive gets you reported extremely quick nowadays. Getting reported for unsportsmanlike conduct gets you reported faster especially if you irritate a division as all of them will report you. That's probably why you got pinked for that. But getting stuck on another ship seems to be getting more common. I got a cruiser stuck on the NPC cv's during the cruiser operation and I couldn't break free. One of the other players ended up having to ram my stern and force me closer to the cv in order to get my bow further off it's starboard side. And I can't blame superstructure off the cv getting tangled on me as i was stuck just forward of the stern. I just couldn't move and the NPC kept dragging....
  14. I've had it happen a couple times but not very often. Usually it is when the aircraft drop near the beach in shallow water where they cannot operate. Technically, they hit the water but dropping right on the tideline isn't close to being deep enough for them to operate. Not as much of a problem as I consider torps going through a sinking ships superstructure in order to hit ships on the other side to be more of a problem.
  15. Has had this happen multiple times since the last patch. First, no mods installed so they're out of the question as the problem and only playing as cv's. System is a I7 4.2 (non-oc,) 32gb ram, and twin 1080 ti with the HD, processor, and video cards liquid cooled with a 42 deg max temp so overheating is out of the question. Only stable drivers installed (I wait a week or 2 to make sure the patch doesn't cause unforseen issues before installing.) Starting the match, no problem. Switch to map, and the game freezes and will not update ship positions. So basically, I'm stuck at the point where I entered the map with all positions froze at the point... Pulled up the error report, no errors reported... Looked at task manager, game had gone to barely minimal usage and won't let me out of without going through the [edited] 'do you want to leave match' [edited] (thank you for that little bit of stupidity devs as I used to be able to exit and relog in if a freeze occurs before but can't now due to your your pop up that forces you to leave match instead of relogging in.) This is only for entering map mode in a cv and doesn't effect entering map from other ships but I don't enter the map as often in other ship classes.