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  1. [] Yet Another Zoom Out Mod

    I've tested it and it's working fine so far. Thank you for the work put into this!
  2. Would it be possible to have a variant of Fog Remover that doesn't remove fog when a cyclone occurs? You can't see the ships anyway and cyclones are rather visually lackluster without the fog effect.
  3. Same deal here. Had only a few thousand left to go on the final mission. I was contemplating finishing up last night, but was feeling really tired and decided to get some sleep then finish it up in the morning. I'll admit I was a slight bit irked when I signed in and found the mission gone (so close!), but I guess that's my fault for not reading the end date closely enough. It wouldn't bother me at all except that this content will never be available again. Missed opportunity by five-ish hours, or so... *sigh*
  4. ​No, it was just a normal match on the normal server. I only noticed it happen because I was looking right at him when he sank and in particular saw these: I went back and looked at the replay afterwards and didn't see any torpedoes or shellfire near him. He just ran into the border and died. No one else seemed to have shot him and he seems to have been credited/penalized for killing himself. ​I suppose that's possible, that didn't occur to me and is something I wouldn't be able to see. When the damage is reflected back, does the original target take no damage at all? I don't recall the battleship or destroyer near him taking any significant damage at the same time, but I could have missed that happening.
  5. I may have seen a border related bug. I was in a T3 match and saw a player (Weeun in a Caledon) somehow sink himself about two minutes in by running into the border. I don't get on the forums very much, so maybe I missed something from one of the updates? Here's the replay of the match and the relevant screenshot is attached below: http://wowreplays.com/Replay/20899
  6. Female Captains

    Not really? The "not quite" was supposed to be a bit joking, maybe I should have italicized it. However, while the French navy was a fraction of the size of the British, it was still sizable enough to be a threat. Enough that if the fleet had decided to join the Germans instead of sinking itself at port, then the Atlantic portion of WW2 would have gone differently. While the French armed forces are rather unimpressive these days, they weren't so much so back then.
  7. Female Captains

    They most certainly did. While not quite on the same level as the British or the Americans, they did have a decent number of ships. With the exception of submarines, the French navy could have been considered to be superior to either the German or the Italian navies. They had some rather interesting designs of battleships that mounted quadruple gun turrets as well as some of the fastest destroyers ever built, clocking in at a speed of 40-45 knots. They even had a functional aircraft carrier and had plans for two more, unlike Italy who started to build one, but never finished it. The reason we hardly ever hear anything about the French navy is because of France getting knocked out of the war so quickly. After the fall of France, its navy immediately returned to its ports and only a very tiny fraction of it ever left to continue the fight. A handful were sunk or crippled in port by the British, but a total of 77 ships were scuttled and destroyed in port at Toulon by the French to prevent the Germans from seizing them.
  8. Player only ship skin

    No! Not the firing squad! I look terrible in bullet-hole red! On a more serious note, I didn't mean something for the players to code, but how the developers might go about doing it. It seems to me that since mods don't actually overwrite files, but basically tells the game to ignore them it should be possible to have a subfolder that (if utilized by a mod) the game would use for the player's skin(s), while the skins for everyone else would be taken from the main game files. However, that would require the game to be programmed to be able to differentiate between the player's ship and everyone else's... Eh, I guess I'm theorizing about something that is much more complicated than I think it is. I know just enough about programming to know that it's hard, time-consumming, and completely outside my skill-set.
  9. Player only ship skin

    I see. Oh, well. Thank you for the quick response. Just out of curiosity how hard would it be for a function like that to be coded into the game?
  10. Player only ship skin

    I see quite a few very nice skins/camos being put up from time to time and I like sporting an awesome or screwy paintjob once in a while. However, when using these mods it changes all ships of that type to have the same skin. That's fine for more historical skins and such, but can be a little disconcerting for me when all Clevelands have been turned black and red or all Iowa's are now a bright canary yellow. So, I was wondering, is it possible to make it so that a skin from a mod appears only on your ship and no one else's?
  11. Match Maker Insanity

    How about a 11 vs 13 match?
  12. Alright, tried using the utility and going in and deleting the files manually, both didn't change anything. Re-downloaded the wrapper and the blue jello has been banished. The water now looks like water again. Thanks for the help!
  13. Hmm... Downloaded the public wrapper a few days ago and it has been running very well for me, though there are a couple issues that have come up for me. I never had the blue jello water bug that the other wrapper had for some people, but now I do with this new wrapper. Also, every once in a while the public wrapper will try to run a check to see if it's up to date (the little popup that appears before the launcher opens), but it comes up with an error each time. This doesn't stop the launcher from opening however, so I can still play just fine. Do I need to do a reinstall or something? I just switched the older test wrapper out for the newer public wrapper, so is that maybe the problem? A full reinstall takes quite a bit of time for me, so I hesitate to do it unless it's really necessary. Also, is this public release version actually self-updating, or is it like the test version that we were using where the check didn't actually do anything and we would have to manually re-download the wrapper whenever it was updated?
  14. Mine isn't playing either. I figured it was just part of the Halloween thing since with all the pumpkins floating around in my harbor the harbor music doesn't play either.
  15. Ah, I didn't realize that the wrapper wasn't self-updating. Here's a question, do I need to reinstall all the game files with the new wrapper?