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  1. For people who are getting freezes when the port tries to load, I might have a stop-gap solution. Try going into preferences.xml and changing which port the game loads into at startup. For me it was freezing whenever the Designer's Table port tried to load, usually when it attempted to render the ship on the stand. Once in a while, it would load alright and let me play for a bit, but would usually freeze a bit later. I thought that maybe there was something in the new port that was breaking the loading process. First, I I tried the Ocean port first on the assumption that there's not a lot of little things being rendered, but that one froze in approximately the same place as it tried to load the ship. So, next I tried the Azur Lane port with the thought that with the change in graphics that maybe something that got changed in the skybox was part of the issue. The game's been loading fine from then on. For now anyway. Performance isn't that great, but that's normal for me these days. However, this was right before the hotfix patch for the in-game sounds and I have no idea if they fixed anything else in that. I'm disinclined to mess with things to find out. Go into preferences.xml Find this: <port_preset> table </port_preset> Change "table" to "azurlane", or whatever other port you want to try if you know the what name in the code is for it. Start the game. Keep trying different ports till you get one that works for you? Maybe? Hopefully?
  2. I was having the same problem. I tried re-downloading the launcher from the worldofwarships site and can now play the game again. I meant to download the game center but wasn't aware I had to go the worldofwarplanes site to get it. Either way it works again for me. For now any anyway.
  3. Just out of curiosity, what are Pirate's Plunder and Weeklong Bounty?
  4. YeOldeFool

    Nagato "photo" contest

    Thanks! I always thought that the Nagato was one of the IJN's better looking ships. Well, that's easy enough to change. Here you go!
  5. YeOldeFool

    Nagato "photo" contest

    I'll apologize beforehand for the lower image quality settings. My computer isn't the greatest for running games like this. In this picture I imagine that Nagato is on her final voyage to Bikini Atoll where she will be at the near the center of two nuclear tests. Sort of a sunset on the last of the Imperial Japanese Navy.
  6. YeOldeFool

    Hunting cardona3 for Doublooms!

    Awesome! The hunt is on! "Be vewy vewy quiet. We is huntin' cardona3 wabbits!"
  7. YeOldeFool

    Hunting cardona3 for Doublooms!

    Do we get a hint on where or when we might find you? Or, do we have to rely on random luck?
  8. Would it be possible to have a variant of Fog Remover that doesn't remove fog when a cyclone occurs? You can't see the ships anyway and cyclones are rather visually lackluster without the fog effect.