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  1. There is a lot of V.M.F. contempt/hate on here forums... it hits harder then in-game artillery! How do you handle it?!?

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    2. Xero_Snake


      Also, there were many people still bearing grudge while upset that they were expecting Royal Navy to be third about two years ago. Until when WG announced to release VMF as third, KM as fourth and RN as fifth, the same folks were upset and driven to an age-old resentment against WG's decision. While some other people don't really care which comes first as long as it's convenient for the company itself.

    3. Pocket_Yorck


      Maybe I could snag you as my senpai then... seeing as how you said you got got used to it that means there was a time when you were not? People call me a apologist for having faith in WoWs... the funny thing is I am actually losing faith in WoWs not because of the game itself or the company developing it but rather all the cynics whose loud voice overshadows everyone else's but I stay because of the positive fans.

    4. Xero_Snake


      You should be glad that here isn't worse than WoT people at the very least. Even though WG's decisions tend to give away a bad taste to those... "realistic cynics", headstrong fanatical purists and calculative smartarses. It's sad that narrow-minded people exist in this world and they aren't being open-minded to loosen up their grips and let go. Despite that, people should be reminded that WarGaming is better than Gaijin.