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  1. I am sorry I do not speak Malay, I little Chinese if you want. I suffer depression to and when in Japan or USA I have professional assistance. I have Paxil and Luvox to assist, but they are a stop gap. If you have depression seek professional assistance please before you get to a place you can not return from. I am not the one to offer advice because I have failed myself. But sometimes just a talk works for me. Feel free to E-mail me mzfortune58@gmail .com. I will pray for you. 

    1. Xero_Snake


      Ah, no worries. I'm a Malaysian-born Chinese myself.

      Though it seems like depression, mine is more associated with my struggle in social aspect due to my ADHD. Any kinds of help will do, even though I couldn't diagnosed it when I was younger.

      But thanks anyway

    2. MzFortune2001


      I apologize for taking a assumption of your condition. I know not acronym ADHD. Not medical field just. Just concerned for your safety and comfort. No offense. Mr. Xero_Snake. May you blessed with the help you need.