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  1. Why? Because people like you whose reptilian brains are collectively allergic & repulsive to anything Russian. Even if I tried to shower you with authentic information, your reptilian brain will just automatically block them from getting through your head. Just saying
  2. Indeed. Even now, I can't help but to question the credibility & sanity of their anti-Russian WOKE Right off the bat, they either spout it out with ignorance or based on the others' hearsay falsehood narrative, all the time
  3. Speaking of camo, given that Yerevan is a capital city of Armenia, perhaps Yerevan would get a camo in Armenian flag color of red, blue & orange. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Armenia
  4. Well, hydro has a longer duration than a radar. So having a radar with short duration don't mean anything too bad now.
  5. Xero_Snake

    Nerf The Russian Guns Already

    Ahh, such as the anti-Russia WOKE-ness is alive & well, isn't it?
  6. Not at all just about Kiev. If you read the entire article, it's about a Kiev-class DL repurposed to a large DD like Udaloy, but with postwar tech & weapons I saw a leaked pic & I'm under an impression that R-10 could be what Tashkent would become if she was salvaged with her hull intact, recovered & overhauled with postwar weapons. That 130mm DP guns are similar to the one fitted on Moskva, Stalingrad & Kremlin. The other 130mm variants of Project MLK (which Smolensk came from) also designed to have those twin DP guns too.
  7. Such as the WOKE that knows no bound. They only react to a taboo stimuli in an allergic reaction, when authentic information tells nothing to them
  8. Kiev-class was a WWII-era destroyer leader & was at least half-built, just saying. This one was planned to be fitted with postwar technology available, alongside with Chapayev, Ognevoy etc. Even though those assets ended up redirect to other ship project like the Skoryy-class. For goodness sake, could you guys learn how to read properly? It's tiresome to deal with lazy people.
  9. I hope you're not mistaken the Kiev-class with the Tashkent-class, when both are clearly different from each other. Even though I came across with a leaked Tier X R-10 DL recently, which is unlikely to be a Kiev-class either. Frankly speaking, though, that seem to be a coincidence to me before I posted this. Plus, I intend to suggest Yerevan as a potential Tier IX premium DD available in Armory is because it has so much potential for a Kiev-class reworked to Pr. 48-K - repurposed from a destroyer leader to a destroyer, it would be wasted to see that being a missed opportunity. But still, no harm to give this a try. In fact, WG has a history of sometimes using some Soviet/Russian ships as "test-beds/guinea pigs" for other ships from other nations to become feasible in high-tier gameplay that were initially thought to be impossible. If it wasn't for Ognevoy on Tier VIII, we wouldn't have Friesland & Swedish DDs. In this case, perhaps Yerevan would be a fitting test subject for other two Soviet DDs that are yet to make an appearance - Pr. 30-bis Skoryy/Smeltiy & Pr. 56 Kotlin/Spokoinyy
  10. Indeed. As far as consumables are concerned, I think it's up to the devs to decide. I can merely give some ideas. Maybe smoke & radar being a toggle options are not a bad idea either.
  11. Tier IX Premium Soviet VMF Destroyer Suggestion: Project 48-K – Yerevan Historical background: The Project 48 destroyer leader, also officially known as the Kiev-class, was designed in response to the arrival of the lead ship of Project 20I destroyer leader – Tashkent, from Italy, along with the subsequent cancellation of other three Tashkent-class destroyer leaders that were planned to be built at the Soviet Union altogether. Originally, the Naval Ministry of the Soviet Navy was expecting to build four Tashkent-class destroyer leaders in the thorough efforts of rebuilding & modernizing both the Baltic, Black Sea & Northern Fleets – the lead ship, Tashkent, built in Italy; the other three to be built at their homeland. However, the Tashkent-class was apparently a foreign-built warship & henceforth, Tashkent was somehow being too alien & problematic for the Soviet shipbuilding standards of its time to incorporate the Italian shipbuilding methodology. As such, Pr. 20I was officially abandoned in favor of Pr. 48 (Kiev-class) for a low-cost shipbuilding alternative, in addition of similar engineering features & parameters analogous to the Tashkent-class. Pr. 48 – Kiev-class ship design was built on the following dimensions: - · Length – 127.8 m · Beam – 11.7 m · Draft – 4.8 m Judging from the overall ship hull dimensions, the Kiev-class ship hull was designed & built largely based on the two predecessors with slight improvements – Pr. 1 – Leningrad-class & Pr. 38 – Minsk-class. Even more so evidently with the very similar propulsion system of 3-shafts, 3-bladed propellers; 3 water-tube boilers, 3 geared steam turbines configuration found on both Leningrad & Minsk-class were also implemented for the Kiev-class, but with more powerful total propulsive output of 90,000 shaft horsepower over the predecessors’ 66,000shp – each propeller shaft has a net output power 30,000shp instead of 22,000shp, which in turn produced the top speed of 42.0 knots compared to both Leningrad’s & Minsk’s 40.0 knots. In overall, Kiev-class was seen as a large improvement over the Minsk-class – with the latter claimed to be an improved version of the Leningrad-class, albeit with admittedly marginal improvements in seaworthiness, operation range & anti-aircraft armament. But for the Kiev-class, she has much greater operation range, much more manoeuvrable, better seaworthiness & has a vastly superior combat performances over the Minsk-class in a considerably large margin, with a combined firepower no worse than the Tashkent-class. Given the Soviet shipbuilders were more familiar with the existing Leningrad-class design, they ultimately preferred to further improve existing tried-and-true design & solution over a rather more foreign & radically different concept. That factor also helped contribute to their convenience of planned mass production of initial 30 Kiev-class destroyer leaders, but later decided to half the production to 15 ships. In comparison with the Tashkent-class in terms of armaments, the Kiev-class featured three 130mm B-2LM twin gun turrets in similar configuration to the Tashkent-class. However, instead of three 533mm 1-N triple torpedo tubes, Kiev-class has two 533mm 2-N quintuple torpedo tubes which grants the destroyer leader slightly more powerful salvo firepower than his/her Italian cousin. As for anti-aircraft armament, Kiev-class was to be armed with a single 76.2mm 39-K twin high-angle AA gun turret similar to Tashkent’s, in addition to four 12.7mm twin-linked DShK heavy machine guns in the form of small DShKM-2B turrets. Though not as powerful as Tashkent’s, but performances would not be worse than Tashkent either. Initially, as mentioned, a total 30 ships were planned to be built in the 3rd Five-Year Plan, but ultimately halved the productions to 15 ships – first 12 ships to be constructed on the 3rd Five-Year Plan & the remaining 3 ships in the 4th Five-Year Plan. 10 out of 15 ships were given a namesake. They were: - Kiev, Yerevan, Stalinabad, Ashkhabad, Alma-Ata, Petrozavadosk, Ochakov, Perekop, Arkhangelsk, Murmansk Only Kiev (lead ship), Yerevan & Stalinabad were officially laid down on the near end of December 1939, however. Though 2 out of 3 laid down ships – Kiev & Yerevan have begun construction at the Marti South shipyard of Nikolayev (now Mykolaiv), whilst the construction order of Stalinabad at a Leningrad shipyard was cancelled & summarily scrapped. Pr. 48 - Kiev-class under construction at Nikolayev No. 198 Shipyard, circa 1939 In August 1941, during the onset of the Great Patriotic War, Kiev was nearly 50% completed & Yerevan was 25.4% completed. But just as when the combined German & Romanian forces invaded Ukraine, both of the incomplete twins – Kiev & Yerevan, were forced to be prematurely launched from the shipyard & towed to the Georgian port of Batumi in January 1942, while the Soviet Navy’s marines, naval infantrymen & coastal defence forces were heavily resisting the advancing Axis forces in Ukraine during the Siege of Sevastopol campaign. Until the near end of the Great Patriotic War in April 1945, both Kiev & Yerevan were towed back to Nikolayev & began plans to complete them under a revised design of Project 48-K. Unfinished Yerevan at Sevastopol, August 1941 The Pr. 48-K plan to complete both Kiev & Yerevan with a list of modernization refit proposals were on the following: - · Replace the 76.2mm 39-K twin AA gun turret with a more powerful 85mm 92-K twin AA gun turret · Further upgrade anti-aircraft armament with eight 37mm twin-linked water-cooled V-11 AA gun mounts · Upgrade both 2-N quintuple torpedo tubes to PTA-53-series quintuple torpedo tubes (presumably PTA-53-48-K) & to be armed with more modern 533mm torpedoes beyond 53-39 (probably from 53-48, 53-49, 53-50/53-50M, 53-51 & up to 53-56) · Refit the ship with a lighter, more thermally efficient steam turbine propulsion system as the expense of reduced top speed from 42.0 knots to 39.5 knots for better seakeeping · Equip the ship with Gyuis-2 and/or Rif surface search radar(s) · Increased total depth charges loaded from 30 to 48 With such promising upgrades, the revised Pr. 48-K would have been effectively reclassified the Kiev-class from a destroyer flotilla leader to a large destroyer based on the Soviet Navy’s postwar ship classification combat roles, aligned with both Pr. 35 – Udaloy-class & Pr. 40/Pr. 40N. However, in reality, such upgrade would not only increase the ship’s displacement by nearly 400 tons, but would also cause stability issue due to the ship design’s constraints & limitations should the latest gun firing control radar be fitted on the ship. Ultimately, Pr. 48-K was eventually fell out of favour, abandoned any further developments & had those two ill-fated ships be summarily scrapped or used as a target ship hulks. As such, every resource planned for the revised Kiev-class were then allocated to Pr. 30-bis “Smeltiy”/Skoryy-class destroyer – a postwar modernized version of Pr. 30-K – Ognevoy-class (another ship project revised alongside Pr. 29-K – Yastreb-class frigate/”guard ship”, Pr. 48-K – Kiev-class large destroyer & Pr. 68-K – Chapayev-class light cruiser). In this article, I hereby to propose Kiev’s brother/sister ship – Yerevan to be a potential Tier IX premium destroyer-class warship, purchasable with coals in the Armory store worth more than 200,000 coals & never exceed 240,000 coals. How would Yerevan present in-game & how would he/she stand out from other baseline ships at the same tier as a premium ship? Summary · Based on the historical & technical backgrounds of the Kiev-class destroyer as stated above, Yerevan will be based mostly on the actual Pr. 48-K refit plan. Yerevan will not be played as a usual destroyer flotilla leader class like his/her lead brother/sister ship Kiev, but as a large destroyer-type just like Pr. 35 – Udaloy & Pr. 40N – Grozovoy. In other words, Yerevan will be played like Kiev with Udaloy’s gimmicks & quirks. · In terms of overall ship performance parameters, Yerevan will largely retain most upgraded Kiev’s combat parameters, but with some slight improvements. Except the top speed will reduce to 39.5 knots & probably gain a marginal buff in turning radius & rudder shift time, because of a more efficient propulsion system fitted on the ship, which would then pass down to Pr. 30-bis – Smeltiy/Skoryy-class destroyer. · Whilst representing a vast improvement over Kiev, Yerevan is expecting to either perform comparably or slightly better than Tashkent, as well as no worse than Udaloy in some aspects as a large destroyer, in addition of surveillance radar for a more tactical utility role. As a brother/sister ship to Kiev, Yerevan retains many of Kiev’s physical appearance along with technical design flaws & quirks. However, Yerevan would appear with some notable differences from Kiev, which are in terms of armament, propulsion parameters & a few additional loadouts. Yerevan’s armament would be radically different from Kiev as of the following: - 3 x 2 – 130mm B-2LM twin gun turrets -or- 3 x 2 – 130mm B-2-U or BL-109 twin DP gun turrets (like Udaloy’s & aligns with Tashkent’s already woeful circumstances) 1 x 2 – 85mm 92-K twin DP gun turret (same as Kiev’s unique feature of additional secondary guns) 9 x 2 – 37mm V-11 twin water-cooled AA gun mounts 2 x 5 – 533mm PTA-53-48 quintuple torpedo tubes; armed with either two choices of 53-48, 53-49, 53-50, 53-51 & up to 53-56 torpedoes in selection range (8.0 – 10.0 km in range at the very least) Possible consumables (excluding Damage Control Party): - Repair Team Defensive AA [Smoke Screen] [Engine Boost] Surveillance Radar (Gyuis-2 or Rif surface search radar) Both Smoke Screen & Engine Boost should be an optional choice, so that Yerevan could stand out from both Tashkent & Udaloy at the same tier in consumable gimmicks. Or rather, the pre-0.9.5 Soviet large destroyers’ tactical handicap with consumables like Udaloy’s. Even more so with a surface search surveillance radar to grant Yerevan a much needed tactical & strategic advantages for the fleet, which neither Tashkent nor Udaloy could ever had. Furthermore, unlike Kiev, Yerevan can finally access to the final ship upgrade slot 6 to further enhance Yerevan’s combat performances. No main gun firing range upgrade like the rest of the Soviet destroyers, however. In terms of combat parameters, Yerevan’s possible advantages over Tashkent will obviously be having a much lower ship design in concealment & better handling in maneuverability, though at the expense of lower HP & slower top speed. However, if comparing with Udaloy, 39.5 knots is far from being at the worst off in the spectrum & the difference is relatively minuscule compared to Udaloy’s 40.0 knots in top speed as it is on par with Grozovoy’s. But regardless, the supposed “downgrade” in top speed from 42.5 knots to 39.5 knots by 3.0 knots is relatively minor & would not adversely affect Yerevan’s performances in a rather negative way. Given the reduced top speed, Yerevan may expect to be marginally or slightly more maneuverable than Kiev – slightly smaller turning radius & marginally shorter rudder shift time. Nevertheless, Yerevan would be, in overall, a vast improvement over his/her brother/sister ship – Kiev, in most aspects. Whilst Yerevan would also perform comparably with both of his/her cousin combined – Udaloy & Tashkent, at the same tier of Tier IX. Thus, to summarize the possible advantages over Tashkent and/or Udaloy are of the following: - · Slightly smaller ship profile, hence slightly stealthier than either of them (albeit in a relatively small degree) · Outmatches Tashkent in torpedoes payload, could be a lot better if a postwar torpedoes with 10.0 km range are given · Much more manoeuvrable than Tashkent & somehow as maneuverable as Udaloy · Superior anti-aircraft firepower (depending on the choice of 130mm DP guns) · The only destroyer with a secondary armament, like Kiev, to finish off a crippled enemy destroyer, though admittedly in a relatively minuscule chance · Has surveillance radar to stand out as a more tactical & strategic value asset for reconnaissance & coordinated operations, especially useful when cyclone & thunderstorm limits visual range As for weaknesses: - · Weaker survivability than both Tashkent & Udaloy nonetheless · Slower than Tashkent, but not to Udaloy’s case · Torpedoes armament may not be as flexible as an upgraded Udaloy · Somewhat more unstable in gun fire control on full speed maneuvers · Surveillance radar may be severely short in time duration On side note, it was stated that the Kiev-class was supposed to be a spiritual successor to the Tashkent-class & was expecting the former to either be comparable or would have been projected to perform better than the latter – which is quite relatable to a parallel case of both the Swedish Navy’s Halland-class & Östergötland-class destroyers. With Yerevan representing as the Tier IX premium Kiev-class with postwar technology fitted on board to be as capable as Tashkent or better & no worse than Udaloy-class in combat performances, that would be a given!
  12. Xero_Snake

    Main Orthodox Cathedral of the Russian Armed Forces

    A Russian Orthodox Christian Cathedral at Alaska? What's the name? You helped repainting it, too? That's great! Indeed, ornate arts are quite a thing in many Orthodox chapels, churches & cathedrals. Other Christianity churches have their own artistic approaches on artisanships in both interior & exterior, and they're unique in its own right. But Orthodox artisanship has a special place for my liking.
  13. I honestly didn't know such a spectacular cathedral actually exist until now. Not even in my memory of my trip in Russia 2 years ago, as I've only been to Kazan Cathedral & a memorial monument at Murmansk - didn't went to St. Nicholas Naval Cathedral, however. It is until when I came across with this video recently: That consecration ceremony with Patriarch Kirill took place in more than a week before the postponed Victory Day 2020 yesterday - June 24. Then I looked into wikipedia, it appears to be in commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the Victory Day after the bloody Great Patriotic War, which began with Operation Barbarossa in 22 June 1941 when the Nazi Germany double-crossed & invaded the Soviet Union, with extreme prejudice. At the same time in the present, that cathedral was officially opened during the Day of Remembrance & Sorrow - honoring the memories of victims & fallen soldiers died defending the motherland on both air, land & sea. The USSR, despite being communistic in core, loosened its choking grip on religions & allowed all defenders to embrace their respective faiths & attained a much needed spiritual morale to keep them going to drove the Axis forces back to the defensive & out from the devastated motherland. It was the faith in God that kept a country alive from falling into total abyss, even helped a nation risen above from the ashes after decades of profane infamy of communism since the 90s. God blessed those who endured the sufferings in many shapes & forms, be it the atrocity of communism or the malice of fascism. Heaven helped them overcome the trying times in their lives...
  14. Xero_Snake

    A serious proposal for Russian Carriers

    I've already done mine 4 years earlier, but I yet to come up with ideas with what planes would likely be There WILL, like it or not
  15. Xero_Snake

    When Will Sinop Be Nerfed And How?

    Plus, do you really think both Gangut & Izmail not their original ideas? So as Leningrad, Minsk & Kiev (based on what they learned from Tashkent)? As how you so overgeneralized that everything is all copy & paste? Tell me, what kind of "originality" you were expecting from the Soviets/Russians? Any "bright ideas" you were having on them? If you're making opinions based on your own assumptions & half-truths from one-sided sources, then you're in no position to claim your arguments are on the right side of the fence. Especially if you're not willing to complete the "Service of the Motherland" collection & bothered to read the history from every collectibles, which contained a glimpses of their shipbuilding development background & they came a long way, in spite from blunders after blunders. I can merely say this much... No matter how many data & information I could shower on you & if you refuse to stand down, then that's up to you to decide