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  1. Dev Blog. Radar for Grozovoi

    Nah, I think other three postwar DDs which supposedly come into the game should be torpedo-focus with radars to make up their lack of gun firepower. Grozovoy should do fine as a generalist DD, never mind Flamu's complaint. I don't mean to outright insult him like this, but sometimes there's no harm trying new stuffs & think outside the box.
  2. Dev Blog. Radar for Grozovoi

    I personally think radar is always a welcome addition for a postwar DD designs, to give them a more utility purpose other just some gunboat or torp boat or both. But, should a few more postwar DDs like Smeltiy, Neustrashimy & Kotlin come into the game, a radar consumable will make them more useful to scout enemy positions to make up their 2 x 2 guns for a torp boats.
  3. I actually came back for this review when I heard folks in Discord mentioned Kronshtadt. Hmmm... I'm glad that Kronshtadt is doing fine & well regardless, even though the secondaries parameters could have been better than this. Reminder, Kronshtadt was designed a "heavy cruiser" by the Soviet terminology back then - which was their equivalent of battlecruiser. It was said it could perform better than Dunkerque & maybe could stand toe-to-toe with Scharnhorst by chance, given the 305mm AP parameters are superior to the German 28cm AP. Maybe you guys could try fight Kron vs Scharn & report back the outcome. Anyway, great to see a positive review on Kronshtadt, Mouse.
  4. Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    So far only Chinese, Japanese & Korean servers are available. It yet to expand to NA.
  5. On top of that, over 40% of the US military's vehicles, planes & warships are rendered inoperable & in bad condition due to lack of consistent funding for maintenance, including some that fought on meaningless wars. But I think the current military budget is at least suffice to repair them. Speaking of Windows, from my working experience in printer & scanner networking, I would say both XP & Win 7 works reliably on scanner without much hassle. On Win 10, though, I had to got through the trouble of setting up firewall ports or consider switching SMB protocol to FTP in order to make the scanner work for Win 10. Liaoning (ex-Varyag) was the 2nd Soviet CV that left incomplete when the USSR fell in the 90s, until China bought it from Ukraine in mid-2000s & refurbished to 2012. But Liaoning serve as a training carrier now. The real deal is the Shandong-class which is an enlarged version of Kuznetsov-class with AESA.
  6. Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    Actually, there would be at one point you would consider Azur Lane. Not sure if you played it though.
  7. It's hard to believe that one guy living in his own little world is moronic & insane enough to try finding at least one European navy can stand up to the Russian Navy when the Russian Navy is the 2nd largest in world for the last 26 years (although the Chinese PLAN now is close to dethrone Russia very soon). Look, most European navies are too weak to stand up against even their Batlic & Black Sea fleets, let alone the Northern fleet. Although the British Royal Navy & the French Marine Nationale could at least able to withstand them at some degree, but they both won't survive the all-out combined fleets assault. Italians & Spanish could not even survive long, German Navy is too weak & doesn't look serious enough either, not even their advanced techs could save them much. Concerning the Europeans, only UK, France, Italy & Spain have a serious navies. But there's no guarantee they could survive the Russian Navy for long without the US Navy on their side. Don't think that Russia & China are 100% friends & allies, let's be clear. They both still are geopolitical rivals in some degree when concerning India-Pakistan & economic competitions. On top of that, even Indian Navy is serious enough to put the most European navies to shame.
  8. The Soup Thread!

    Not entirely, cause I used a Norwegian trout fillets instead. Though it was said that freshwater fishes like cod, perch etc. are preferable, but seawater fishes like sturgeon & salmon can do just as good. It depends on personal preference to how a person wants for the ukha. Oh yeah, trout is freshwater fish species to the salmon genus family, so it worked out well. I used 2 large potatoes & 2 large yellow onions for starter. Diced them & cooked them with an oil of choice, I used canola oil. Cook it until the onions are a little golden yellow. Then, pour about one liter of water & let the soup base boil for 15 minutes with the lid closed. 20 minutes also can do. Most importantly, THE B A Y L E A V E S ! The most essential ingredient of all! 2 leaves should be suffice to bring the desirable flavor. Put them in before close the lid for the soup to boil for 15 minutes. After that, opened up the lid, placed 2 trout fillets into the soup & let it boil for another 20 minutes with the lid closed again. The soup was done & ready to serve. Garnish the soup with dills. It was good for 4 pax servings. I just tried my cooking, and it taste splendid. Almost like the one I ate & drank in a cottage in Murmansk during my trip to see the Northern Light, which also used either a trout or salmon. By the way, it was a good watch on Boris videos. He pretty much came up with some good DIY home cooking videos.
  9. Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    I had an interesting conversation with someone else regarding the recent WoWs x Azur Lane collab event that been announced, he has been following both KanColle & Azur Lane for probably a couple of years and it appears he has brought out some interesting & potentially disturbing points of information about why WoWs x KC collab could no longer be possible. As I said "potentially disturbing", kindly do read through the quotes at your discretion below:
  10. The Soup Thread!

    I'm working on cooking a fish soup known as ukha. Wanna share how I did?
  11. Azur Lane discussion thread!

    - snip -
  12. Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Though WG actually did promote WoT & WoT Blitz with Burger King when I was in my trip in Russia. I saw it in an international airport at St. Petersburg.
  13. Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    You don't get resources from sorties. You usually get them from expeditions. You may go visit the KanColle Wiki for more information, they would give recommendations of which expeditions are beneficial to your daily routines. For now, you must first focus on quest to unlock all 4 fleet compositions to maximize your resource gathering efficiency. Again, visit wiki page & you'll benefit it greatly.
  14. Hmmm... Maybe I ought to come back to the game for a while to check out what's in store when this collab event announced. Maybe it has already began in my place...
  15. See? You need to have a little faith sometimes.