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  1. Honestly, though, I hate the feeling of losing a friend one by one just because I've "crossed the line", even if it wasn't consciously deliberate in intend or was by accident. Or rather, I hated to be placed in an emotional position where I tend to have difficulties to restrain my intense emotions & end up hurting people. It only brings me guilt & pain that I don't deserved.
  2. As brooding as it sounds, I'm more feeling a bit lonely than depressed. I tend to be sentimental on social relations with people around me. Whenever people feeling upset, I could feel upset too. Can't tell which lines I've crossed over, even though I usually forgive, forget & move on.
  3. You know... While reflecting from 2 years back, I truly miss the people we were back then. Good or bad, we at least got a few eventful memories here. But now, many things changed & happened & it no longer look the same as it used to be. I guess we both know it would end this way eventually. As been said before, nothing lasts forever. Everything is created from cradle to grave in the endless cycle of life & death, but sometimes life is also about struggling to live within the cycle. Still, not everything has the same expiry time & we can't be entirely sure how long would it last, as anything unpredictable can happen in anytime along the way.
  4. Any more reviews coming up?

    1. LittleWhiteMouse


      Battleship Kii appears to be in the final round of testing.  If no further changes come to the ship, I should have a review ready within a week.

    2. Xero_Snake


      That would be interesting. Since it's still P&C, I can't ask for more details but speculations. I'm genuinely surprised of how they did for QE i.e. casemate guns removed for DP guns.

  5. Looks beautiful, I love it.
  6. It's almost true, though. Having the strongest 18-in guns (marginally more powerful than Yammy's 46 cm guns in AP) with highest burning chance, almost as good as Montana & being the stealthiest BB for all, in the size of a cruiser.
  7. Yet I don't see Syria get bombed right after Assad agreed to have most of his chemical weapons dismantled after the false flag chemical attack conducted by an anti-Assad terrorists in 2013. Even if this year's false flag chemical attack, hardly seen a large-scale invasion came other than a cruise missile barrage & ongoing proxy wars. For North Korea, the one thing is clear now that there's no good alternatives left, only lose-lose scenarios regardless. To solve the Korean crisis right now, then give both Japan & South Korea some nukes. Yet ultimately, it is the best & worst solution that don't fully satisfy all parties involved. China would upset, of course. Quite frankly, all of this has happened was all began from the US as the whole, has made stupid decisions by previous administrations & many of its people approved those stupid decisions out with ignorance, and now they're paying the prices for those missed opportunities. The people got to take responsibility for their ignorance in the past, like it or not. Even so, I know who are the "real enemies" in the US, but it's not the current POTUS I can assure you.
  8. I didn't said anything about fantasy ships. What I want to talking about is that the historical warfare events are running out time to time, I can recognize the seasonal events' limits.
  9. As much as I don't like the nuclear war between NK & the US, but I hate & can't bear to stomach the very idea of every single nation in the whole world to possess nukes just to protect their own sovereignty from the Western imperialists even more. It won't guarantee world peace, but rather turn the whole world into a giant tinderbox. If a trigger-happy lunatic push the button, the entire world will blow up with chain reaction. It's just justifying Skull Face's global nuclear proliferation lunacy & destroying English language combined in MGSV. I'm gonna say, NK's problem should have been taken care of by the Clinton administration with the plutonium dismantlement agreement long time ago. It was the friggin' neocon whom Bush Jr. hired to dismantle the agreement to stop NK's plutonium production 15 years ago. Now it's a little too late to deal with NK through diplomatic means, when NK was never taken seriously for the last 15 years while they started waging needless wars (except Afghanistan) in the name of nation-building instead.
  10. Any new ideas? I'm thinking that they need to loose up their grip on historical adherence. Since it got into mobile online game, it needs to make it friendlier. So far, Z-girls is one of the decent mobile online games I played by far.
  11. Speaking of RandomC, a few bloggers sometimes blog a few less popular series like Koi to Uso (which is now nobody talked about it anymore in that blog). Can't blame you for getting a little triggered by that. Somebody please liberate her from the Abyssal. :( And speaking of KtU, I posted my recent episode's thoughts. You guys can read it if interested:
  12. Always the best waifus at least get Kai Ni & sometimes good stuffs, as usual.
  13. Hopefully, as long as I can just get pass the hardship for now, convincing myself it's not a difficult thing to do. But still, I don't always feel okay from it regardless... but that's okay. Cause I already grown up with an unfortunate family.
  14. I'm currently feeling like I'm on the edge this month... A bombshell literally dropped on me when my brother injured his spine & got into hospital, can't tell how bad it is when the doctor is absent for days without a clear assessment. And I had to take over his technical job in my family office, yet I'm not sure if I'm ready to take the burden. Bastard dad don't wanna work anymore, mom is not physically fit to overwork & now my brother have his spine problem for years. Yeah, my family needs now. Like the whole family's well being is all depending on me! And I'm supposed to take initiatives to search myself if I had a chance to seize those opportunities to better myself much sooner than now if it wasn't my past stupidity & cowardice & my sh!tty life back then! Many left for me to keep up with time, are missed opportunities. And I'm afraid of losing them again.
  15. Ah, my vision is partially become true now. Don't get me started about my country's Scorpene dilemma. It's was became a white elephants. >_> I don't know if naval blockade was still in place in the resolution... And I'm not clear of China's position either. Are they going hard on NK or don't want to deal with NK at all?