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  1. Interestingly, he/she even drew fighter jets with normal & chibi forms. I Google the name for some published artworks. It was annoying that Kuznetsova is only highlighted in a couple of Chinese websites but not Japanese, for which Liaoning was highlighted in Japanese. :/ Either way, I suggest a few artists here like Morgane to look forward to review his/her artworks.
  2. I wonder... was the RA2 mod Mental Omega's Libra inspired from Wo-chan?
  3. Get out of here, Stalker! :V Looks like someone drew Admiral Kuznetsova pretty good. But... why the legs with stern? Still looks mecha-ish good, though. Who drew it? Then there's Liaoning by the same artist. Hmm... I wonder if there is an Indian one?
  4. That guy was like "Screw Isokaze (same seiyuu), Kaga looks like a better fit for the strong, no-nonsense type". Felt like old times... But has been overshadowed by other newer, more popular ones. I'm still keeping this as my desktop background for over 2 years. Never changed it.
  6. Don't know about original RA, but RA2 & its expansion was awesome in its own way.
  7. Just when I woke up this morning, I just found out about the new that Chester from Linkin Park, died by commit suicide due to something personal. http://www.tmz.com/2017/07/20/linkin-park-singer-chester-bennington-dead-commits-suicide/ As a long-time fan of Linkin Park since 2002, my god I didn't expect to see this coming... Hard to believe to see a talented singer with an incredible voice gone like that when he had it rough in life. It's... hard to imagine my favorite band without Chester from here on out. LP can move on, but it would be difficult to look for a good one to replace Chester. Anyway, I hereby to express my genuine condolence to Chester & his family... He was a good man. Memo to Chobittsu (you read this once - don't respond) :
  8. Please do so, it's worth to play. Huh? Really? I was thinking of getting RA2 & Yuri's Revenge before I get the mod.
  9. It's a shame that Generals 2 was wasted like that. By the way, I noticed a few of the mod's units gotten from other CnC games.
  10. Missing the nostalgia of the good old days of RTS? Disappointed of how your favorite franchise ended somehow? Fret not. The good old Red Alert 2 has been revived with an incredible mod years ago, named Mental Omega. Created by a group of people who did not took it too kindly of how they knew little about Yuri's forces as it fell flat in terms of its perspective background, because there was no campaign about Yuri. For that, they created a mod that seems to be a retcon of both RA2 & Yuri's Revenge, with Yuri's Epsilon forces campaign included. As for the mod's campaign, the campaigns are pretty much a combined mix of CnC3: Kane's Wrath (Factions with 3 sub-factions) & RA3. It comes with two Acts. Act 1 is the retcon of RA2 events, whilst Act 2 is the alternate Yuri's Revenge event followed by Act 1. You can play either as the Allied, Soviet or Yuri's Epsilon. Interestingly, they included both China & Japan as sub-factions to include their roles in the alternate Great World War 3 occurred in 1982. Allied Forces sub-factions: - USA (Head of the NATO-esque Allied Forces) - EU alliance (Allied military member states) - Pacific Front (Japan-led Allied coalition) USSR sub-factions: - Russian Socialist Federative Republic's Soviet Armed Forces - Latin Confederation's Revolutionary Forces (consist of Cuba, Costa Rica, Nicaragua etc.) - People's Republic of China's People's Liberation Army Yuri's Epsilon Forces sub-factions: - PsiCorp (Yuri's front-line psychic covert ops division) - Scorpion Cell (African & Middle-Eastern psychic jihadists vaguely associated with the Brotherhood of Nod) - Epsilon Headquarter (Yuri's elite master army) For more information, you can check out Mental Omega website.
  11. I'm merely questioning why some people and even organization look as a cruiser while it was officially designated a destroyer by capability or at least by law. Though newer generations are much more capable of autonomous operation than it used to be. Kindly correct me if I'm wrong.
  12. There, there... Don't be that cynical. Not that you could do anything about it if that was what they get by their own decisions. ...... I... don't know...
  13. Speaking of Type 26 frigates, I heard they're gonna be completed using foreign steels.
  14. Still salty of how the new QE turn out.
  15. Destroyer leader existed in between destroyer & cruiser for a reason. Because of destroyer leader, it seem to be a bridge in between them that one no longer bother about drawing a line. I don't know how the US think since the 1975 reclassification when they have Ticonderoga be a cruiser while it was a destroyer leader in nature; but in the long term, both DD, DL & CC seemed to slowly blend together. Not only the evolving size & armaments, but also evolving to be more capable of autonomously leading a flotilla as technology evolves. Back then, both cruisers & destroyer leaders used to be the only ship classes at least capable of independent reconnaissance operation. Not because of size, but rather the equipment, operation range & seaworthiness needed. It's a very deep question that it take months to fully comprehend, come to think of it. Again, some of the nations' destroyers were evolved from torpedo cruisers, whilst the other developed from torpedo boats if you read through the roots of history.