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  1. Actually, some of the blueprints or even design studies were still locked behind the state archive (especially true to Budyonny case), while some are already published in literatures in books & web articles both, yet not all of them have complete details as far I concern. Unlike battleship Sovetsky Soyuz, which has almost all of the complete set of information has been published in a single book. At least they got models & published TTZ specs of Sovetsky Soyuz, Kronshtadt, Stalingrad & Pr. 66 - Moskva to work on, which are better than nothing. When you heard there was another "model" of Stalingrad in the video, I suspect it could also be the possibility of the design study for another capital warship design to be armed with 406mm guns on Stalingrad hull as a low-cost alternative to Pr. 24 battleship. Maybe because there was an insufficient information about that particular design study. For now, they just worked on what was already available in public literatures. Don't forget the speed & maneuverability of a CA too.
  2. While I have honestly being a total dunce on how game's PR & marketing works, it's the first time seeing a Tier X reward ship, while it seemed to be a controversial move WG has made so far. Then again, after that, hopefully there could be other way to be available to the public months later. Yet again, neither Kronshtadt nor Stalingrad are on its final stage, so they both still subject to change... hopefully...
  3. I think many people don't really care much about complaining this game as long as more contents come to keep this game up & running.
  4. Don't judge the book by its cover, mate. Stalingrad is fragile. From Kronshtadt, she sacrificed armor for speed. Meaning had to make the hull longer & slender, but the hull had to be longer enough to accommodate large powerful steam turbine propulsion system & long propeller shafts to generate greater shaft horsepower outputs for greater output speed. Even so, she can do a better job than Scharnhorst.
  5. Someone reputable like Lert, would be ashame of himself for the consequence. People would lose respect on him if he acted like this, like how people lost a great deal of respect on idols & celebrities whom they used to admire because of some things celebrities shouldn't have shown in the public.
  6. Go do more study on how the concepts of battlecruisers evolved from the British idea of battlecruiser to a "larger cruiser" & "cruiser killer" concept, realize how the terminology definition was no longer rigid after WWI. Just because you think you're correct, doesn't mean you're on the right. To think you're on the "right side of sanity" that you're entitled to insult the devs & the staffs from both studios & naval museum who aren't even trying to be pretentious. I'm not defending them as their SHILL! It angers me when people like you, who're in no right mind, insulting them as armchair admirals when they aren't even trying to be! You think you can do better? Go ahead set up your own studio then! The only silliest thing here, is people acting like a pretentious smart-arses who think they're entitled to their own populistic opinions to think they're on the "right side of society".
  7. So what? It doesn't stop them from enjoying to do what they like. Since the ship named after Stalingrad, why the hell not give it away during that day? Didn't you know even the Marines took part in Stalingrad too? You think you people are so entitled to be proud & belittle those who're on the "wrong side of history" just because you think you're on the "right side of history"? Also, the Soviet Navy WAS the first alarmed on high alert when both German & Romanian forces invading the Ukrainian part of the USSR, and the Black Sea Fleet were too busy die trying & fighting on Sevastopol. Read the history better.
  8. Pretty much, yep. If it's Japanese, it's B-65. Not sure if they would bring forth O-klasse, though.
  9. It's still subject to change, though. It's yet to be finalized. Quite frankly, it's just the same old anti-Russia hysteria.
  10. That's a fair statement, I'll take that. Wait, so British CLs are really broken?
  11. Now if WG care to give German 38 cm guns for another Kronshtadt should this Kronshtadt be made as a premium, then it would be known as Sevastapol - Kronshtadt's sister ship.
  12. Both Kronshtadt & Stalingrad were designed to be cruiser killers in mind, yes. But given their guns' incredibly high muzzle velocity, the AP shells should able to do a better job at penetrating BB armor than Scharnhorst. In other words, they could at least able to support friendly BBs better in fighting enemy BBs as well.
  13. Most of all, you should also first understand the design concept behind Kronshtadt. WG placed both Kronshtadt & Stalingrad under the cruiser category for a reason. I dare you to do a bit of homework.
  14. Did you even see the naval terminology part about large cruiser? I think you should tell that to their ancestors.