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  1. Xero_Snake

    Have Russian BBs been made true Russian Style?

    First of all, I humbly won't say "true Russian style" pre-concept in mind, especially if you think the VMF has no naval doctrine back then (which is something I don't agree about your view on the VMF). They did have one or two, just that they couldn't implement all & make full use of its potential due to unfortunate circumstances during wartime. Even if they managed to build at least one modern BB & CB, foreign policy on military & war will not change much regardless. If anything, the operational tactics & strategies of the ships' roles can be made from scratch through thorough assessments based on ship parameters & validating with the information documented in archived or salvaged documentaries. I will digress my viewpoint on the BB line later.
  2. Xero_Snake

    Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya

    Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya works just fine at Tier V, which is something I've been thinking what if Imperatsia Mariya be brought in to Tier V. 305mm guns work fine at Tier V as well, even the sharp drop at long range could help hitting through the deck armor. Despite HE shells have higher velocity, AP shells can still pack some decent firepower on other BBs. I like the rudder shift speed, considerably nimble at angling & turning away from nasty situations. Though turrets are still struggling to keep up with the tight turning. Most of all, her AA armaments do a pretty darn good job at mowing down planes, despite the lack of DP guns for long-range AA. For this, I recommend optimize her AA parameters to make the most of the AA capabilities. In overall, I personally find this performing better than Pyotr Velikiy (Peter the Great), mainly because of better gun range, less dispersion & better AA. Casemate guns seem negligible, however.
  3. Xero_Snake

    Is WG KGB?

    I take that as a rhetoric of "Is WG funded by the FSB to help bolstering the Russian Navy's morale & promoting its history & traditions?". But axe the notion of promoting communism, this has nothing to do with communist manifesto. Rather, it demonstrate their strong potentials should all those promising projects come to realized if not for those tragic circumstances & bureaucratic favoritism politics stood its way in the entire 20th century. As far as politics goes in this place here, the paranoid minds just couldn't help themselves to spout craps like this. Especially for those who still think USSR still exist when it's not anymore.
  4. Xero_Snake

    Izmail to Sinop

    The good thing about Izmail is that she got 3 main gun turrets facing rearwards that are at least good at fending off others astern while breaking away from the front to provide cover for the retreat & regrouping. Plus, she has good cruising & top speed. Other than that, she got a decent AA firepower for Tier VI. So far, I didn't struggled much with Izmail. Had more good matches than bad matches compared to what I had with Peter the Great. But the only thing I want to complain about Izmail is the lack of seaplane consumable. Why the heck giving a catapult if there are no seaplanes to use? Pretty much the same issue the Iron Duke has. Sinop, on the other hand, has excellent secondary firepower. You may consider investing on Manual Aim Secondary Fire skill to further optimize secondary guns & the skill is also useful for Kremlin in some ways, because all six gun turrets' firepower will concentrate more on one side than the other.
  5. Xero_Snake

    Admiral Kuznetsov's Biography

    That happened a few years after WWII. Admiral Kuznetsov's first demotion was due to some his disagreements with Stalin. With Stalin died in 1953, his Fleet Admiral rank restored when Nikita Khrushchev assumed Premier & General Secretary of the Party in 1954. Marshal Zhukov (whom he already had a bitter rivalry during wartime) also appointed as Defense Minister & a member of the Politburo at the same year. Admiral Kuznetsov had a strained relationship with Khrushchev also due to a few projects the former personally undertaken - Project 84 AA (PVO) CL & Project 85 CV, of which the latter strongly reprimanded them as they don't aligned with Khrushchev's R&D priorities & his imposed view maritime doctrine. As Fleet Admiral Kuznetsov awarded the Large Marshal's Star in 1955, something bad was going to happen to him. It was related to the battleship Novorossiysk incident & I strongly suspect that was an inside job as a set-up to de-legitimize Fleet Admiral Kuznetsov. My take on that particular incident, so read it at your own risk & take it with a grain of salt if you will: In 1957, Marshal Zhukov pretty much tasted his own medicine, as his military positions were suddenly revoked & relieved from service for good after his diplomacy in a few Warsaw Pact nations. You can say that the ruling elites in the communist party & the Politburo have a deep-seated fear & contempt on powerful & influential people like Zhukov & Kuznetsov.
  6. Xero_Snake

    Admiral Kuznetsov's Biography

    Thought of making an article of him if I wasn't busy with maintaining work-life balance, but it seems a little too late. Guess I'll just digress right here then. Additional information: He was said to be Stalin's protege when he was young. When Nikolay G. Kuznetsov completed his operational tactics course & graduated from the Naval Academy, he was offered a choice between the General Staff position & commanding a ship; he chose the latter & commanded the Krasny Kavkaz for a few years. Unsurprising, he has no interest on politics. But that don't stop him from being a statesman in dealing with other military top brasses. When promoted to an admiral & People's Commissar of the Navy/Commander-in-Chief of the Navy, Kuznetsov was the one who can actually stand up against Stalin. Even insisted him to keep some key manufacturing plants intact necessary for the Big Fleet Program. Throughout the Great Patriotic War of WWII, Admiral Kuznetsov was one of the core members of the inner circle of STAVKA wartime council along with Stalin, Marshal Voroshilov, Zhukov & Timoshenko. In the beginning of the Great Patriotic War encountering first wave of German invasion, Admiral Kuznetsov had the VMF & its Naval Aviation on the highest alert followed by the VVS (Air Force) & PVO force (air defense force), outright defied Stalin's decreed order issued by Marshal Zhukov & Timoshenko to stay put & don't respond to German "provocations". Throughout the war, Admiral Kuznetsov consistently stressed the importance of coordinating both ground, air & naval forces together towards the end of the war. Chances are, there could be a small fleets or flotillas following the advancing ground & air forces to provide coastal supports, including amphibious landings & artillery supports He also made good & effective use of the VMF Spetsnaz units (Soviet Navy SEALs) that conducted over more than 200 operations in delivering an extensive damage on German encampments. One particularly significant event was the hijack of a U-boat to steal the G7e torpedo technology that was to be given to the British. One of the VMF's combat experiences the Admiral striving for was honing the amphibious warfare for the Navy that carried out about 114 landings throughout the Great Patriotic War, even landed troops towards Austria & then Germany. While some marines were paradropped into front-lines alongside with the VDV paratroopers & the marines landings were proven to be more successful than the VDV could. As such, the Naval Infantry/marines were considered as an elite infantry force above VDV paratroopers, for being adaptable, better trained & more educated than even the regular Army conscripts (due to minimum requirement of high school education to join the Navy). Plus, they tend to be more equipped, armed with better weapons (SVT-40 rifles were more common in their hands) & have more tendency to engage melee combat with knives, bayonets, shashkas (sabers) & shovels. Even earned the name of "Black Death" as their black uniforms befitting in blend in the dark for night raids against the Germans. Their fearsome reputations have been commended by a few branches of the Soviet Armed Force, especially the VDV that adopted the sailors' telnyashka undershirts since then. After when WWII ended, Nikolay Kuznetsov & Ivan Isakov were both promoted to the rank of Fleet Admiral of the Soviet Union simultaneously. In 1955, with Kuznetsov's Fleet Admiral rank restored, he earned the Large Marshal's Star for his prominent contributions for the VMF during dire times. Even before the war, Admiral Kuznetsov was, in fact, one of the key advocates for aircraft carriers for the Soviet Navy; despite couldn't be realized in time due to biased political decisions based on favoritism, this was one of his legacies lived on to the late 1980s. After his passing in 1974, the Soviet people & the people in the Navy call for restoring his rank. But it has fell on deaf ears, even his successor - Fleet Admiral Sergey Gorshkov. Actually, that movement began after when Nikita Khrushchev stepped down in 1964. With the passing of Admiral Gorshkov, Kuznetsov's Fleet Admiral of Soviet Union rank was posthumously restored in 1988 & the Navy named a Project 1143.5 Krechet - Riga-class heavy aircraft carrier-cruiser after him to honor his legacy as the father of the VMF.
  7. Xero_Snake

    What is the Smolensk?

    Smolensk is indeed an anti-aircraft light cruiser. It is the MLK-16-130 PVO (air defense) cruiser variant of the Project MLK (small light crusier). Possibly prompted the development of their own PVO cruiser in response to the British Minotaur & French Colbert & postwar refit for De Grasse. Soviets/Russians were & are known for their decent anti-aircraft armaments. Currently, it's still undergoing the last stage of testing.
  8. There are a few criticisms I would like to input: Knyaz Suvorov was never explained briefly in this dev diary video of his design background about transforming their shipbuilding knowledge & experience into a dreadnought battleship concept & how it carried forward to the development of Gangut/Sevastopol-class, even though the description was already written earlier based on their findings on an archived documentary in the form of a book written by Vinogradov. Saying Vladimir Kostenko's Battleship - Sinop, a Soviet project was incorrect & somewhat misleading. It was, in fact, one of the four proposed battleship designs during the twilight times of the Russian Empire. Unless one could just take it as a plausible scenario where the Soviet Naval Ministry's architects & engineers picked up both accepted, archived 16-incher battleship projects which were Bubnov's & Kostenko's (or whatever were left of the demise of the Imperial Russian Admiralty) just to gain first-hand concept & idea for their Type-A Battleship Project on behalf of their Big Ocean-Going Fleet program. Other than this, I can accept that Kostenko's project was semi-official that it wasn't well-documented like Bubnov's project. As much as I can tolerate the nature of Project 24 - Kreml, stating that the project itself was completely shrouded with secrecy sound partially disingenuous & being a half-truth at the same time. Despite the fact that its draft design, technical specs (TTZ) tables, development drafts, brief design background etc. were already been known to a portion of the public. An aforementioned deep secrecy might mislead to a wrong impression of placing Pr. 24 next to the category of the K-1000 hoax (which Pr. 24 - Kreml was not a hoax, since there was Pr. 82 - Stalingrad having a similar contemporary design). But, I intrigued with the fact that the Putilov Shipyard joined venture with Blohm und Voss to design Project 707 - Pyotr Velikiy, got rejected due to possible link with the German authorities. It was no accident that Putilov's 16-incher Battleship project has a German turret design due to their technical exchange with Blohm und Voss. However, the Variant XI of the said project was accepted by both Admiralty & Baltic Shipyards & carried forward to develop Izmail-class. By the way, it was interesting to learn that the pre-Project 23 - Vladivostok, designed by KB-4 was meant for the Pacific Fleet in hopes of fighting a grudge match against the IJN for the catastrophe of Russo-Japanese War. And so, it was no accident that the Soviets thought of building six Sovetsky Soyuz-class for the Pacific Fleet to fighting the Japanese just in case before a sudden change of plans in the beginning of WWII. Nevertheless, Soyuz still can fight better than Bismarck & Littorio & perhaps comparable to Iowa at medium-range combat. As for the Soviet/Russian BBs being a tip of the spear for the fleet? I'm fond with the idea of them leading the charge & "They Shall Know No Fear" for the fleet is one thing. But their medium-high speed to keep up with a forward, vanguard recon strike force consisting of at least two cruisers & three destroyers is another matter. For this, I rather prefer them to be a reliable bulwark for both CVs, CBs, CAs & CLs on both offensive, supportive & defensive strategies & tactics. Perhaps they can work well with several kinds of compositions with other nations as long as they do good in rapid response strategy.
  9. Xero_Snake


    The destroyer leader/flotilla leader terminology was evolved from four sources: France: Contre-Torpilleurs (Torpedo cruiser) Italy: Espolatori (Scout cruiser) Russia: Minniy Kreyser (Mini-cruiser, but still defined as torpedo cruiser) UK: Super Destroyer The Russian Empire had other few more modern torpedo cruiser classes - Ukraina, Finn, Vsadnik & Lieutenant Shestakov. Unfortunately, these were much less capable than their modern DDs of their times based on the likes of Novik-series, such as Derzki, Izyaslav & Fidonisiy. They were ultimately a large torpedo boats. This Okhotnik was, without a doubt, based on the Novik-series, but upscaled to with more armaments with its project's aim to redefine the concept of torpedo cruiser, just like how the Italians did for their espolatori cruisers.
  10. Xero_Snake


    On top of that, the term "torpedo cruiser" is in fact a precursor of destroyer leader. Along with the term "scout cruiser - espolatari" that also evolved into destroyer leader. Pretty much a compromise between DD & CL. And BTW, the Okhotnik design schematics did exist. Beside the Okhotnik, there were a few real torpedo cruisers existed in the Imperial Russian Navy as well.
  11. Xero_Snake

    Naval Legends: Sovetsky Soyuz

    Thank you for an informative & educational documentary video. This pretty much sums up many of my insights on the situation of the USSR shipbuilding industry before WWII. Time & again, I've said many times that their shipbuilding industries wouldn't have been at its worst state if it wasn't for the disastrous Russo-Japanese War led by incompetent leaders, country ruled by an indecisive leadership even during WWI with Mosin rifles under-produced to meet military demands & further worsened by the severe damage done by the Russian Civil War erupted by the Bolshevik Movements & October Revolution combined & even more so by Stalin's atrocious paranoia aka the Great Purge that killed thousands of talented engineers & specialists for the military in general. If their industries were better off, not only they would have at least one Sovetsky Soyuz, but also they would have at least one Kronshtadt battlecruiser, 4 - 5 Chapayev cruisers, even 3 Kiev destroyer leaders in place of cancelled 3 Tashkent destroyer flotilla leaders & would have began building at least two Udaloy destroyers along with a few more Ognevoy destroyers. If anyone still couldn't at least appreciate them for doing their best to coherently explained their difficulties & understand their circumstances plagued by all the aforementioned tragic events including the WWII suddenly caused all ships under construction halted, then I don't what it is to expect from you guys... I'm afraid people will still treat this documentary as garbage & will fall on deaf ears regardless, because it's not according to what they know from self-styled "experts" they believed in as an absolute "accepted facts" & disregard any foreign & unpopular perspective viewpoints.
  12. Xero_Snake

    Armada: Lenin

    They can, if the damage done by the Russian Civil War wasn't too severe & if it wasn't for that stupid Stalin's nationwide paranoia that was the Great Purge. Shipbuilding industry would have been better off if it weren't for those grim events. Fake refit? Using the idea of Gangut-class modernization refit wasn't at all fake if you learn to think outside your purity obsessed narrow mind. Please, I don't even need excuses when I know what I'm talking about. And by the way, don't even think about "testing" in the Asia forum. I know who you are & you know who I am.
  13. Xero_Snake

    Armada: Lenin

    Then Izmail & Soyuz don't partially exist to you, then. I don't know why I worked so hard trying to educate people about "at least they managed to get it built & some built materials did exist with their parameters documented" when it ultimately all been for nothing when there are some group of people are so insistent & fixated on demanding for war machines that fought a war?
  14. Xero_Snake

    Armada: Lenin

    At least they tried in building Sovetsky Soyuz, if you still pretend they don't exist. It would have been in better off condition if it wasn't for the Great Purge. Even back in the twilight of the Russian Empire, they even tried to complete Izmail. Remember this thread that gotten a few devs' attention back then? http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/78189-russian-irnsoviet-vmf-battleship-line-–-recovery-from-wounded-pride-stalins-envisioned-ultimate-warship-for-the-ocean-going-navy/ An extensive detailed discussions were in there.
  15. Xero_Snake

    Armada: Lenin

    Ehh, Stalin was still alive, though. He wasn't dead. There was an actual Sovetsky Soyuz documentary book, shown that Project 21 was a part of the Type-A battleship program alongside Project 23. http://www.navweaps.com/Weapons/WNRussian_16-45_m1914.php If you said like this, then you should tell that to Izumo as well, which was apparently a preliminary design variant in the development of Yamato. Just like Pyotr to Izmail & Vladivostok to Sovetsky Soyuz. There are also other few more ships here that were a preliminary ships to other finalized ship design. Do your homework. If anything, just search in Wikipedia. Since statement of yours sound distasteful due to the lack of exposure to engineering, so whether you want to believe what I said about development or not, it's up to you. I don't wanna sound like an untrustworthy smart-[edited] to you, even when I actually did an extensive research for years. I did what I can, but I would still be treated as untrustworthy regardless just because I'm literally "colluded with Russians". Stop treating it as some Russian state secret. It's not shrouded with secrets anymore when things were archived that are no longer a use for the navy. Eh, how would they get a Tier X BB when they couldn't find any from the Italian side?