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  1. Xero_Snake


    Interesting... That means Littorio-class used to have them?
  2. Xero_Snake

    Vladivostok - Where have you been?!

    In my experiences with Vlad, it were usually bad ones. Felt a tad worse than Sinop due to much longer hull. Hence, a more exposed citadel section & a somewhat lumbering maneuverability. Main turret traverse rate still felt slower & secondary guns arrangement facing rearwards/astern also got me frustrated sometimes. As such, my Vlad don't always survive long till the end Once I get into Soyuz, I'd look forward to see improvements from the final design over the preliminary design (Vlad) of the Pr. 23.
  3. Xero_Snake


    I wonder what gun is this mounted on Francesco (green circled)? Neither was it listed as secondary gun nor an AA gun. Perhaps WG overlooked it? For all over the years, when will this over-exaggerating [edited] just die out already? Do you even play them by yourself before making this hollow statement? Or is this just based on hearsay rhetoric from the collective anti-Russian hive-mind still latching on their mindless 6-years of fixated prejudice that's apparently ageing badly over time? Just because some performed surprisingly well in some aspects, doesn't mean they don't suck on the other areas. I had both Sinop & Vladivostok; there were times I actually did well, but in many times I did poorly due to their apparent weaknesses. Never mind my bad lucks Despite obvious evidences, ilks like you & your kind will surely turn a blind eye as if it's never enough to dissuade your resentment. That's what you wilful blind lots do best whenever someone challenge your narrative
  4. "GG/good game" is simply a good gesture of sportsmanship, regardless if you win or lose. Plain & simple "First time"?
  5. As far as I know, if I'm not mistaken, it was a part of the development of their large cruiser project in the 1930s that later led to Project 69 - Kronshtadt Though there was a confusion that it was said to be the precursor to Project 66 (Moskva in-game) as a certain source claimed that the 220mm gun was also considered for both Pr. 22 & Pr. 82. That, I got to look into some e-books for more information to connect the dots & try to clear out some discrepancies. Not all designers, architects & engineers have no actual knowledge & experiences, mind you. Some of them who survived the Civil War actually do, but the Great Purge had made things problematic & worsened progresses as some talented ones were condemned in the craplist
  6. Why? Because people like you whose reptilian brains are collectively allergic & repulsive to anything Russian. Even if I tried to shower you with authentic information, your reptilian brain will just automatically block them from getting through your head. Just saying
  7. Indeed. Even now, I can't help but to question the credibility & sanity of their anti-Russian WOKE Right off the bat, they either spout it out with ignorance or based on the others' hearsay falsehood narrative, all the time
  8. Speaking of camo, given that Yerevan is a capital city of Armenia, perhaps Yerevan would get a camo in Armenian flag color of red, blue & orange. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Armenia
  9. Well, hydro has a longer duration than a radar. So having a radar with short duration don't mean anything too bad now.
  10. Xero_Snake

    Nerf The Russian Guns Already

    Ahh, such as the anti-Russia WOKE-ness is alive & well, isn't it?
  11. Not at all just about Kiev. If you read the entire article, it's about a Kiev-class DL repurposed to a large DD like Udaloy, but with postwar tech & weapons I saw a leaked pic & I'm under an impression that R-10 could be what Tashkent would become if she was salvaged with her hull intact, recovered & overhauled with postwar weapons. That 130mm DP guns are similar to the one fitted on Moskva, Stalingrad & Kremlin. The other 130mm variants of Project MLK (which Smolensk came from) also designed to have those twin DP guns too.
  12. Such as the WOKE that knows no bound. They only react to a taboo stimuli in an allergic reaction, when authentic information tells nothing to them
  13. Kiev-class was a WWII-era destroyer leader & was at least half-built, just saying. This one was planned to be fitted with postwar technology available, alongside with Chapayev, Ognevoy etc. Even though those assets ended up redirect to other ship project like the Skoryy-class. For goodness sake, could you guys learn how to read properly? It's tiresome to deal with lazy people.
  14. I hope you're not mistaken the Kiev-class with the Tashkent-class, when both are clearly different from each other. Even though I came across with a leaked Tier X R-10 DL recently, which is unlikely to be a Kiev-class either. Frankly speaking, though, that seem to be a coincidence to me before I posted this. Plus, I intend to suggest Yerevan as a potential Tier IX premium DD available in Armory is because it has so much potential for a Kiev-class reworked to Pr. 48-K - repurposed from a destroyer leader to a destroyer, it would be wasted to see that being a missed opportunity. But still, no harm to give this a try. In fact, WG has a history of sometimes using some Soviet/Russian ships as "test-beds/guinea pigs" for other ships from other nations to become feasible in high-tier gameplay that were initially thought to be impossible. If it wasn't for Ognevoy on Tier VIII, we wouldn't have Friesland & Swedish DDs. In this case, perhaps Yerevan would be a fitting test subject for other two Soviet DDs that are yet to make an appearance - Pr. 30-bis Skoryy/Smeltiy & Pr. 56 Kotlin/Spokoinyy
  15. Indeed. As far as consumables are concerned, I think it's up to the devs to decide. I can merely give some ideas. Maybe smoke & radar being a toggle options are not a bad idea either.