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  1. Battlefront II campaign wasn't bad at all, just think that they could have done better in how the First Order was established. Felt like some things were missing. Even Disney came to denounce EA as well. The worst thing EA ever done was the loot box, telling fans to grind all the way to unlock their favorite character. It was very anti-consumer.
  2. So many exposed skins, much sunshiny day.
  3. Oh, I can imagine that now. Not to mention catering mostly for wallet warriors as well.
  4. How was summer, people?
  5. Don't mean to be blunt while I could be the one shot myself on the foot, but don't get me wrong, I'm just against any kinds of radicalized ideology in anywhere.
  6. Pervvies! Prevvies everywhere!
  7. That was a decade old trend since Warcraft & Counter-Strike, man. I mean, even guys these days are pretty much aware of it & don't even bothered about it. In MMORPGs, some desperate guys just wanna get a girl in other possible ways including online, but don't handle it well when their supposedly female crushes in online turned out to be a guy IRL. MMORPG, MOBA, RTS & Shooting games are having the almost same thing. Only differences is that people get to meet IRL during tournaments for RTS, MOBA & Shooting. It's a freaky experience, if you tell me. Tell your wife that she's not the only female gamers experienced the same thing, but I discourage a feminist notions behind this question.
  8. Or... Hideyoshi, if you will...
  9. Yerro

    1. Minah_Bang
    2. Xero_Snake


      How well have you been & where are you from?

  10. Why do this topic exist? Just... why? Why do you need it? I met a number of women in here & a few other forums. But male or female, it doesn't matter much unless one frankly specify the person is a woman. It's funny how there are guys easily get aroused & maybe horny on anime girls & any female avatars in forums, may not be aware that some could be a guy. At the same times, it could freaked out guys with female avatars for asking "are you a girl?", and women are not the only ones freaked out for what happens next after being asked such question. I don't know about you guys, but that's just me. I never dare to say "are you married?" to any women in the game & internet, I never did. Even if I ask "are you taken?" out with curiosity, I wouldn't take it very well either. As are you guys in here, too. Especially for shut-in NEETs. Life is not only strange, but also unfair to anyone. PS: And please, no patriarchy & feminism supremacy is allowed. Please practice your ethical disciplines. If anything, go find someone who's like Astolfo
  11. Don't be ridiculous, OP. Izumo represented as the crucial technological milestone for the Japanese efforts to develop a modern battleship before it becomes the iconic Yamato, to break away from its dreadnought trend- as the IJN's battleships were mostly dreadnought types. Musashi, on the other hand, is very likely end up being a premium ship like USS Missouri. Nothing more, nothing less.
  12. You know, it's good to hear from you again.

  13. Are we still friends?

  14. Oh, I got no problems with that. Do feel a bit frustrating with the gun's slow reload time, but not even bothered about how good or bad the torps are as long as I got a decent timing skills in using them. Ironically, VMF DDs can also guide people how to use torps effectively in close-medium range. But still, never a fan of camping from afar launching torps like a submarine in high tier.