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  1. What subs??? Who said there were submarines coming? Link me the article i dont believe subs are on the way. Why is everyone thinking a boring slow unfair ship typr is coming soon.??
  2. Swift_Scythe

    Wait WHAT!

    No he was talking the assashio has deep water torps and thus Atago is safe from them.
  3. Swift_Scythe

    When will submarines come to World of Warships?

    Lol. In warhammer 40k theres a joke about a plastic model Thunderhawk Gunship. Everytime someone asks "can we have a plastic Thunderhawk model kit" the clock gets reset and we have to wait even more years longer for it to come out. So everytime someone asks "Submarines?" The clock is reset and we have to add another year or two to the submarine wait time.
  4. Swift_Scythe

    One torpedo recharge

    Like a map that was like realistically say two hundred kilometers squared and we all would be begging for the RTs carrier to return so we could scout in multiple directions looking for the midway carrier task force or some other historical mode - would sound awesome.
  5. Swift_Scythe

    WGing vs Beached whales (Frozen wallets)

    FOMO - FEAR OF MISSING OUT. Its how they basically strongarmed me into the Missouri, Musashi, and the Azurlane shipgirls among other things. I skipped kronshdat cause i have a russian antibias. But when they said missouri and then musashi would be removed then wallet opens lets convert free exp. :/ and i dont even play these ships regularly to justify the over $100 i spent to convert.
  6. Swift_Scythe

    Yoshino, New Yuro video

    Lol im just listening to a Eurobeat version of Chika's ending dance song XD. No seriously - this video makes me want to get a Yoshino since i really enjoy Zao.
  7. Perhaps because t8 has a lot of iconic and famous ships that makes it so popular to the average player. But t9 and t10 have the power gamers who have Yamato and Kronschtdat and stalingrad and Missouri and Other hardcore ships. Nuking the t8s who probably just bought a t8 premium for lulz being destroyed by grinders and power freexp'ers or steel clansmen with steel armory ships.
  8. Swift_Scythe

    CV control is all WRONG

    So you rather have Shokaku with six squadrons all flying over the map as opposed to just one squad? Or hakuryu with eight squads flyingnover every point on the map striking and spotting while the next squadron is already launching ?
  9. Swift_Scythe

    Seal Clubbing... how common is it really?

    I seal club every day in my Fujin and Kamikaze R. Its so i can train Yukkikaze so i can get more captain points into my cat-loli. When i get schooled in t8+ matches in my assashio or Kitakaze i drop down to T5 and torpedo Texas and Konigs for lulz. i had a monster Kamikaze game seven kills - eight if that last kongo with two digit health flooded before 1000 points.
  10. Swift_Scythe

    Why Introduce Semi Armor Piercing Shells?

    I honestly do not see any controversy or issues at all. British cruisers have no HE - they gave it to british HE Spamming BBs German cruisers love AP but also get the 1/4 pen on their HE so thats a thing American cruisers use superheavy AP for superior angle pens. So italians getting AP that wont shoot straight through victims and actually stick inside the ship is a good idea when shooting less armored targets and then use real AP on heavy armor targets.
  11. Swift_Scythe

    Kyoto Animation set on fire by sick [edited]

    Yikes. Thats horrible. Any reasons given yet?
  12. Swift_Scythe

    Tier 10 CVs rushing cap and dyin on purpose

    Life of a CV player... get yelled at for... Not spotting the destroyer capping Not providing fighter screens over a Yolo BB Not killing a des moines protected by a Minotaur that was radaring the cap For being a coward in the back For being too far forward For not cooking a pizza and delivering within 30 minutes For picking a CV to make the other team have a super CV player to ruin everyone's match
  13. Swift_Scythe

    Will WOWS ever have submarines...

    You think BBs complain about Invisible Torpedo destroyers Hey at least Bb main guns and secondaries can blast a DD. What will the most popular class do against a submerger invisible threat?? Its not like the DDs will be equipped with Depth Charges and a cruiser with Sonar will always be near a 25km sniper shooting BB right?
  14. Swift_Scythe

    Base Capping Mechanics - Defense

    As a DD when im caping the enemy base if i have a friendly who has terrible concealment joins me and they keep getting hit they are resetting the progress i have made. If only they just stay outside the base leave me inside the base i can stay concealed or in desperation use a smoke and capture the base while friendly BB divisionmate holds them off outside the base.
  15. Swift_Scythe

    Getting stuck on nothing

    I did that with my Des Moines once. I had AUSTIN POWER'D into an island hoping to tactical Notser'd to avoid torps and got stuck. Fortunately i had radar and rapid guns as i can radar through islands and wasnt totally useless being stuck there till the end.