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  1. Swift_Scythe

    What removing radio location do to CV players

    LOL Homeworld. You get a *thumbsup*
  2. Swift_Scythe

    Reported for spotting?

    Its not like you did anything illegal chill out fellow Cv captain. Even if reporting did any negative harm its not going to affect you for playing the game. Think of a report as a pat on the back you did your CV job so well you pissed off an enemy player who you prob wony ever see again anyway. Thats the highest form of praise is being called a hacker or a cheater when you just play too good for them to handle.
  3. Swift_Scythe

    Ashashio torps - will they work against Alaska?

    A:No. Just watched Business6's alaska recview - Asshoshio's torps went right under Alaska. :/
  4. Only TWO ships out of all i own?? Uhh Fletcher ane Fujin.
  5. Swift_Scythe

    How many 19-pt captains do you have?

    Three USN; Gearing, Montana, Des Moines Three IJN; Zao, Hakuryu, FUJIN LOL
  6. Swift_Scythe

    stealth needs to be addressed

    Even with cv rework my 5.4km fujin and Kamikaze R are still the stealth Ninja Torpedo flinging ninjas.
  7. Swift_Scythe

    Face it. CVs will never be balanced

    The FLAW IS THINGS ARE AUTOMATED. IF i knew i was shot down becauze the victim swapped to AA and used his mouse and his aiming skill to snipe each plane down then id feel better. But knowing its a CONTINOUS AUTOMATIC DPS with THREE F'N layers of long medium and close AA killing my planes while at the same time being nerfed Arming time aiming cone spotting reduced 20% and seeing entire 12 plane squads of t10 be wiped clean without a dive bomb dropped. And when dropped its like 2000 damage. Or less. I could have jumped into Kitakaze or Fletcher and do more He spam damage from inside a smoke cloud easier than flying through all the overlapp AA.
  8. But but... thats why the rework happened - to get new CV players *shocked face*
  9. Swift_Scythe

    What happened to my Des Moines?

    Check youe modules and upgrades -those relating to AA have been changed removed for free no credit or doubloon charge to you for free by WG during the 0.8.0 patch. Check to see if this has happened. Make sure to requip any modules into empty upgrade slots. Commanders - skills that affect AA range or effecticeness have changed. Consider waiting for the upcoming week of captain skill reset period to begin. Make sure to equip the anti air signal flag. Hope this helps.
  10. Swift_Scythe

    So CVs are ... but BBs are ok?

    I have been deplaned in my saipan and my hakuryu. As in 0 to 3 planes in all three armament types. And ive run out of fighter consumable and engine cool down consumable and torpedo bomber heals. When i can only launch say a rocket squad of 1 to 2 planes and its the end of the match and the enemy is capping or about to kill a friendly what can i do with only 1 or 2 planes per squad? The AA is more than enough to wipe out the 1 -2 plane squads and im unable to make up for the slack the coward BBs hiding in the giant island near the north east 2 squares north of C cap.
  11. Swift_Scythe

    WG Doesnt Listen to Testers

    If the rework isnt going well how come a potato carrier player like me is doing so well? I havent played Taihou in 2 years and now im NOT F SPAMMING hakuryu but playing normal and having wins more than losses. And Saipan is awesome despite people telling me Saipan is no good. I am working up the UsN CV line too. Rework for me and others has worked. Sorry not sorry its not workin for others. Cant make 100% people happy
  12. Swift_Scythe

    Put on CV Opt Out in the randoms

    Then EVERYONE will choose Opt Out... and CV players will have no victims i mean opponents and teammates :/ and like no-cv clan war no one will equip anti air and just put radar and hydro and secondaries to hunt all the DD players.
  13. Swift_Scythe

    I think tier 6 GC may be a good idea

    Im in agreement with your statement. I have another example the PAYFAST i mean WINFAST i mean Belfast. Everyone knew it is too OP at t7. With Belfast and Atlanta and Indianapolis they had radar for ranked when no other ship could have an I-win button. But Belfast has Smoke and hydro and radar and t8 concealment module. Get detected pop smoke pop radar pew pew pew hydro up avoid retaliation torps. And you needed real money to buy her or be dead. But a t8 Belfast is where i believe she belongs. Shes OP at 7 but at t8 with t10 she would still be very strong with british HE and super concealment. Just more balanced. And t8 still sees t6 so shes still gonna rekt face. Another would be... yes my #1 ship the Fujin. With CV shes been hit hard but Fujin before CV rework is a nightmare for new players in their New Yorks and Myogis. Maybe a tier 6 fujin would be a good place. *shrug*
  14. EXACTLY. Either do the AA buff OR reduce the torpedo planes. NOT both.
  15. Jesus christ. Trade the ship in for Doubloons if GC sucks at t6. Whats the big deal?