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  1. SamB25Roberts

    Clan Brawl 10

    Clan battle with no steel reward? not cool
  2. SamB25Roberts

    Earn Even More with Alienware Arena

    Why the heck can't old players get the Charleston cammo? I am so damn tired of seeing this game get people excited for a little reward and then finding out you need to read the FINE PRINT!!! VERY disappointing ... again
  3. SamB25Roberts

    Matchmaking: The Basics Making Teams

    When this game was new it needed MM to be + or - 2 because there were not that many players and a lot fewer ships. Now it needs to be 1-2 3-4 5-6 7-8 9-10 because of all the new players and new ships. There also needs to be the option to only play T10 vrs. T10 for top bragging rights!
  4. World of Warships misled the community by saying that we would ALL have a chance to earn the dockyard ship for free! In fact I will even say that they lied about it! At the end of the event if only players that paid for the ship are the ones that can EARN it that was a lie. To expect players to be happy with this event is delusional. There is no way 90% of the player community have the time during this busy holiday season to spend so many hours playing a game. The misleading missions that need a particular cruiser just to start is shameful. Is it just a coincident that the cruiser just happens to be on sale and the fact that you can eventually earn it for free is not clearly stated just an oversight? NO! This is a ploy to get money, plain and simple. This is just dishonest in my opinion. I have spent money on this game but no more! To add insult to injury World of Warships seems to not even care that this is an issue> Sad really!