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  1. Apparently the bar for ridiculously op is pretty low... I went from T5 to T8 since they came out and none of them my favourite BB for the tier. I’ve been underwhelmed so far. Only one slightly op might be t6, others been balanced or below par. T7 is also good but not that hard to counter if you know what you doing.
  2. SimiaStoicus

    Roon vs other tier 9 cruisers

    Roon is best t9 cruiser in my opinion. Can do everything pretty well. Was enjoyable to play unlike many other t9 cruisers.
  3. SimiaStoicus

    To ALL The People Claiming The Belfast is Still OP

    I actually believed in this Belfast OP hype and bought it. Its a gudboat but same can be said of things like Myoko, Fiji, Algerie, and Schors. It can be annoying/strong but not really OP. In fact I think the skill ceiling of Fiji is > than that of Belfast. More DPS, Heal and torps my stats in T7 Brit CL. My fiji average 5.5k more damage and much high win rate though to be fair I had some bad luck in my Belfast so winrate might not be most telling. Fiji 7 U.K. 46 67.39% 1 983 70 736 1.46 2.15 Belfast 7 U.K. 36 55.56% 2 011 65 148 1.25 1.5
  4. SimiaStoicus

    How to play a Battleship in 2018.

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  5. SimiaStoicus

    How to play a Battleship in 2018.

    Cruisers can’t stop on a dime. If they can you are too far away. Inside 15 to 16km you should learn to somewhat reliably hit them. Good players can dodgy but you can guess their habits after first to second shot. Inside 13to 14km it becomes much easier to hit. 10 to 12km, that’s 1shot territory if they not careful. 8to 10 km and below, kite away as torp danger. Can do great damage even if CA head on as you can over match nose.
  6. SimiaStoicus

    How to play a Battleship in 2018.

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  7. SimiaStoicus

    Premium Ship Review: Molotov

    Stealth is 12.7. 11.2 with CE. Molotov got both higher skill ceiling and skill floor. Unless you are very familiar with mid/higher tier russian cruiser play, u will suc at it for quite a number of games. After u get good in this ship and if no1 shots at u, its got best OP guns of all CAs its gonna see. If u can't cit Molotov from close, you doing something wrong or RNG Gesus hates you. Its wet tissue armor can be citadeled from all angles. Even when its running away if you (un)lucky. It CANNOT hold up against any kind of sustained fire. I have 180 game in that ship trust me I know this the hard way. Last game the first or second volley pretty much just deleted like 90% of my HP while I was bow on and I'm supposed to be one of the better Molotov players according to WTR.
  8. SimiaStoicus

    Premium Ship Review - USS Atlanta

    I bought the Atlanta acouple of weeks after starting this game. Don't think I enjoy the play style. The range seems tiny and it is hard to carry, especially if no carrier on other team. It seems to play like a large escort DD. It spews a lot of shots but not a lot of damage. The turrets get knocked out as if they were made of paper. If you sail with bigger threats and others ignore u, u can have great games. But if u catch a BB's attention u will be dead pretty quickly since inside the range of 12k (ur range); I know I can citadel cruisers pretty consistently. I will also always prioritize cruisers in a bb, if they sail close to me, especially if they have torps. My winrate in that ship pretty dismal at 44%, though that is from early in my captaining career. Let me ask better Atlanta players, what is her main purpose? escort and hunt dd? but what if not many dds and no carrier? what does one do then? annoy bb? but u be dead pretty quickly. Just feels that playing Atlanta would be leaving too much to chance by praying for good team mates vs if i'm in a BB, i feel like I can carry more. So how should one captain a good Atlanta and get the winrate up?