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  1. They might as well just make it Midwayterprise and go for T7 everything. That'll make it even more Balans™ against Hak. Because Hak is supposed to reign supreme at everything like it did, and now that Midway can put out decent damage numbers that's unacceptable. Seriously WG, the downtiering planes experiment sucks, and nobody likes it. So just stop making changes until you know what direction you want to go with the class. Midway was 2/1/2 forever and it was fine. Why do the fighters suddenly need a nerf now? Nobody is complaining about Midway stomping Hak in a fighter duel, that's always been the case. But people are complaining about the AP bomb insta-blap, which is oh so very fun and engaging. How about we fix that so it works better against BBs and worse against cruisers, instead of downtiering the damn planes.
  2. Roma=Clevelands worst enemy?

    Roma sees Cleveland? I thought it only saw Yamatos, Midways, and Montana. T8 best tier. (3/3 games bottom tier in Roma last night. Fun and engaging)
  3. We need premium T9 cruiser

    Because getting stomped on by T10s with no hull heal is so much fun.
  4. Is Tier V the new Tier IV?

    Or they could... You know... Fix T5/6/8 MM. Set a check in the MM algorithm saying you can only be bottom tier 1/3 of the time or something to that effect.
  5. Cesare changes?

    Shh, don't tell them that. They might buff Khab next if they don't realize it doesn't need any help. And I love my Khab.
  6. Musashi comes out tomorrow?

    My Midway: *Heavy Breathing Intensifies*
  7. Musashi comes out tomorrow?

    No, it says it comes out tomorrow and Missouri will be removed in 7.2. Both will be in the tech tree for two patches concurrently, and then just Musashi after that.
  8. HMS Cossack is a Tribal class

    I think it's because Parks Canada owns the ship and all rights to it, and they're apparently not pleasant to deal with.
  9. Pigeon's Weekly Thought Jan 16th, 2018

    Personally I think a better option would be to fix conversion of elite ship XP to elite captain XP at a higher rate than Free XP... Say 1:45. Considering the sheer amount of time it takes to manually level captains and how inflated the elite captain XP costs for doing things like retraining, you'd still get paid at that rate ($100 = 25000 Dubs = 1.125m ECXP = 1 16pt captain), and people could just convert what they want rather than it being a "Pay 3000 Doubloons, get 10pt captain" flat fee. I think it would be more enticing and useful that way, plus it would encourage players to use some of those massive pools of elite experience they build up. Or do both. One option for new players so they don't get clubbed hard all the time, and the other for people who have been around a while and have money to burn.
  10. Not if you go for a full AA build. 6.0km is enough for self defense and limited team support I have a hybrid build in mine at the moment... CE/IFHE/MFAA. Taking AFT on Akizuki is pretty much suicidal with that 15km bloom.
  11. And so do the Russians on the "destroyer" branch, so that argument went out the window a long time ago.
  12. I would really, REALLY like to see a Kiddzuki. Akizuki with a heal (Fatty needs it) instead of smoke and DF instead of TRB. Would be a lot more fun than "Mistime turn, eat Balans™ salvo of BB AP worth 16k!" that she is now.
  13. You mean like Grozovoi's 7.5km bubble? A ship that shreds Midway squadrons? Because that's more Balans™ than giving Akizuki a fighting chance against CVs?
  14. It's just basically +/-3 MM all over again The days when Colorado could see Yamato... Gone forev.....er HAVE RETURNED! RIP Colorado.
  15. Chapayev to Donskoi - Having trouble

    Treat it like a kiting boat... The turret angles are much better over the shoulder than they are going in (because they would have totally placed launches somewhere they would obstruct firing angles instead of somewhere else). And ignore what the poster a few above said about not needing IFHE, if you want to damage T8+ BB plating, you need it. Without is 30mm HE pen, with is 39mm. I would swap DE for SI since that extra heal is helpful 9/10 times. Other than that, kite and wiggle. Donskoi is fast but turns like a brick. Don't get close. Pick up the range module and pretend you're a BB with laser beam guns.