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  1. You trade number of guns for higher pen on both HE and AP, higher alpha, and better accuracy. The firing angles are such that you can actually use the rear turrets if you're a decent BB captain with half a brain and situational awareness. The "But but but muh bow on gunz!" excuse is a weak argument, because sitting bow on all the time means your playstyle is static and you can't adapt to changing situations. The ship was designed to be tanky and have decent all around performance, not to be the best gunslinger at T10 as well as the most survivable thing afloat. My record damage taken before sinking was 213k... So why does the ship need that ability and point and click derp guns that put up higher average damage than a Hakuryu? Also, if it's not competitive, why am I averaging ~100kish damage in mine? I've played maybe 3 battles out of 20 something with 419 derp guns. Obviously I'm trash and so is the ship in that configuration, right? It's definitely the T10 Krasny Krym with the 457s for sure.
  2. It's not crap, it just requires a general ability to aim and select the appropriate ammo.
  3. The ship would be fine without the 12 gun 419 configuration. The 457s make the ship play like it should play... High alpha AP, great HE and fire chance, great pen, but not a hornet's nest of HE derp flying your way every 25-30 seconds. I played a few games in mine with the 419s and any knuckle-dragger can do well while just holding left click in the general vicinity of the enemy. It felt dumb and I didn't like it, so I switched back to the 457 Colonization Cannons and play the ship as The Queen intended.
  4. Actually no, WG decided that it would be a great idea to up and fix something that's not broken all on their own because team play is bad/ranked smoke meta is bad for esports push. When's the last time you saw a BB captain with more than 100 battles complain about smoke? I dislike the smoke changes and think they should be dropped. -A BB main.
  5. I want to see ships blown in half and turrets/superstructure flying through the air. If you're gonna engage us in the most fun way, at least make it cool.
  6. Not really. Midway was OP AF because AA was bad and the planes just did not die, along with the alpha of 12 USN torps. AA has improved dramatically, and the way it works, fewer planes per squadron means more planes shot down. So by adjusting torp alpha in line with (or just slightly above) IJN CVs, you can bring back the versatility of 2 torp squads without the insta-delete all day every day aspect. Or reduce all the squadron sizes to 5 base, like Enterprise. That would help too.
  7. Or, you know, they could just give them more flexible loadouts. T4: 1/1/1 T5: 1/1/1 (Bogue doesn't need any other options, with three squads at T5 you get cancer, cancer and bigger cancer otherwise) T6: 1/1/1, 1/1/2, or 2/1/1 T7: 2/1/1, 1/1/3, or 3/1/1 T8: 2/1/1, 1/2/3, or 3/1/2 T9: 2/1/2, 2/2/2, or 3/1/2 T10: 2/2/2, 1/2/3, or 3/1/2 Reduce torp alpha slightly, and reduce torp squadron size to 5 to avoid the Midway of Old.
  8. Kaga? For a new CV player? No. Just no. He'll get stomped by any opposing CV that isn't a strike Ranger with a quarter of a brain and dumped on by his team since he can effectively do nothing. She has great strike potential, but the fighters might as well be shooting silly string and be made of Styrofoam. Saipan is much more potato-proof, even with fewer planes. OP, I strongly suggest grinding to T7 tech tree CVs before even considering a premium CV. Since Langley clubbing is gone, a lot of the clubbers moved to T7, so you have a pretty decent probability of running into someone much better than you, and Saipan is the better ship for that. EDIT: I just reread your post for what it actually said. I r slow.
  9. Funny, that's when the line starts getting really fun.
  10. The best advice I can give is if you see yourself playing the Grosser Kurfurst a lot, invest in the pricy but worth it permanent camo. It essentially turns your T10 into a T8 premium without captain swapping ability. Granted I have premium as well, but it takes an absolutely abysmal game for me to lose credits in any of my 10s...abysmal as in sub 20k damage.
  11. Those two flaming turds need a buff badly. As a matter of fact all the legacy lines kinda need a little looking at...
  12. I support this so I can put Tirpitz in my Tirpitz, and enter... The Twilight Zone.
  13. Mmm... Fujin shall feed. Can't wait to go home and get my Conqtana.
  14. We'll probably see the 6.10 patch announcement tomorrow, if you follow recent development cycles... Major patch... 1 week later... First PTS. 1 week after that... Second PTS. The Wednesday after second PTS closes... Major patch. They should come with this next patch, which should be Wednesday... But it's all subjective. They could decide to kick the patch back another week and do another round of testing, but I doubt it.
  15. Trade some okay torps for some. RNG bombs? Nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm good. They really do need to make it so you can change what bombs you load when the planes come back for rearm though, like going from wide to narrow spread on torps. Having to pick one or the other before battle and then being stuck with it is stupid.