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  1. Division Warning even with +1/-1

    No, the Musashi would get 3 overpens and 6 straddles, the Explodingberg would laugh very hard, the Musashi driver would RAAAAGE and the Nurnberg would sail right up and torp him. There is such thing as too much pen.
  2. Division Warning even with +1/-1

    Ah, the good old MAXIMUM FAIL Div days. I really miss bringing a Umikaze/Isokaze/Minekaze into T10 and wrecking everything. I also miss getting to delete South Carolinas that decided to come play at T10. The problem was that it was hilarious for one team and a massive drag on the other. +/-1 Div rules are fine.
  3. See this is why I don't run MM Monitor. That way I don't give up on a game before it's over just because of some numbers on a screen, that at best describe only prior performance. I just play the game. I'm sure I've won as many lopsided games as I've lost, and maybe I was on the "bad" side, and it didn't matter because their 70% WR players all potatoes and our 30%ers had a fantastic game. That said, the only time I do look up stats is when I kick the rust off of a high tier CV just to see what I'm up against.
  4. BB hard counter requested

    So what you're saying is you want DDs to super hard counter BBs, make all the BBs sit even further back, AND make DDs unable to counter anything else, especially when they don't have great guns? RIP BBs and DDs, World of Cruisers here we come. Your ideas = just no.
  5. PT 0.7.4 Notes thoughts

    Midway nerf is bad. The constant nerfs after the buff that finally made it relevant again would have been fine, had it been left alone. But now? Dumpy T9 fighters, garbage T8 TBs, and of course the only T10 planes this T10 CV has are now dive bombers. It's a slightly better Enterprise if (when) this goes through. I would rather have 2/1/2 Midway back with T10 planes and the large hangar (You know, part of the USN national flavor for T9/10. That flavor that WG seems to not want to go near) and no AP bombs than this monstrosity they're foisting upon us. And I'm not even a CV main. All WG is doing with this nerf is making Hak the dominant T10 CV by a wide margin.... again. This is probably one of the worst reasons I've seen for an adjustment since I began playing.
  6. Why bring the Grozovoi over any other tier 10 dd?

    Grozovoi definitely needs some help. I'd like to see it get 12km torps and/or a shorter reload. And longer gun range. If you try to build as a gunboat, you get BB AP Balans'd for daring to open fire. If you build as a torp boat, you have to wait 5 years for your crappy, low damage torps to reload... And you get out spotted by every other DD that's not pretending to be a cruiser /Z52. If you try to build as an AA boat... Lol what are CVs? The problem with Grozovoi is that it can't do anything particularly well. Gearing is good at everything that's not long range shooting. Z52 is good at contesting caps and spamming torps. Shima is good at spamming skill walls and massive alpha. Khabarovsk is most glorious cruiser without citadel. Yo-yo is good at being a more annoying Gearing. It needs a niche that's not AA, especially considering its AA got nerfed massively during testing and CVs only exist when you get tired of not seeing them and swap DFAA for engine boost.
  7. I played a game in a cv, and you should too!

    WG has already said its going to change completely, and they're starting from the ground up.
  8. It's not really ultra squishy though, just from looking at it. Citadel sits low, unlike most Russian ships. Yeah, it's gonna eat a lot of HE damage and has overmatch to contend with, but it's not going to be Memetaur levels of Spotted = Deleted.
  9. It makes me sad that I've spent two seasons grinding clan gulag and Balansgrad can't even burn things. Did the crew break into the Vodka shells and drink it all, leaving only the Stalinium casings? I will say that Balanstadt in its current form looks really fun though. It's going to be a very interesting mix of playstyles. Kinda like a really big Scharnhorst with no armor at T9. It'll probably be a great kiting/flank ship that can take a few more punches than the average cruiser.
  10. Zoup's Call For A New Game Mode

    I'd rather see attack/defend modes. Best two out of three, 10 minute battle segments. One team must defend a convoy/base/giant lobster/etc, and the other team must attack. Sink or mission kill (perm. disable) all the convoy ships, attacking team wins. It would definitely be fun as a tournament mode too, or an evolution to Clan Battles that doesn't make you feel like you go to glorious gulag for lousy flag.
  11. Moskva concealment vs IFHE?

    IFHE on Moskva is a waste of 4 points. I ran it for a long time only because I needed to use the captain on my Kutuzov in SL. You're much better served taking CE, and then following up with RPF, or AFT, or FP.
  12. Khabarovsk...That Can't be Legit

    Only 50mm of armor in some places with a 25mm deck. It has already been nerfed multiple times, it doesn't need any more nerfs. Yes, it's difficult to deal with, but you can learn how to shoot them and really ruin a Khab's day.
  13. WG, instead of nerfing the Midway....

    Some people play Midway over Hak not because it's better per se, but because they don't like the helmet fire micromanagement Hak requires. To make Midway = Hak, just lop one plane off of each squad. Max is then 6/5/6, much more Balans. Maybe buff Hak's hangar a bit too. This proposed change, coupled with the cumulative nerfs, is going to make Midway useless again. Dumpy downtiered planes (lol T8 planes on a T10)+ big reserves = workable. Dumpy planes + small hangar + T10 AA = garbage.
  14. Losing 1/3 of its hangar and being gimped with downtiered planes is just going to make the ship straight up inferior to Hak... Again. If we're going to do this [edited], just change the loadout back to 2/1/2 with T10 planes and leave the hangar alone. It really didn't need a buff in that form, Hak just needed a strike power nerf and poof, everything would have been fine.
  15. So the pendulum swinging back the other way like it was before is fine? Because with the dumpy undertiered planes, and now reduced hangar size by 1/3, that's what's going to happen.