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  1. Speed isn't the issue with electric cars, that's an easy fix. Range and recharge are. Until we get the next leap in battery tech, electric won't be viable without the massive subsidies it gets now. My personal litmus test for electric is: -Does it drive like a gas car performance wise? (handles well/not underpowered) {check} -Same range as my gas car on a full tank {nope} -Same time to full range as it takes to fill my gas tank {LEL nope} Until you can check all three boxes, I personally don't consider them viable.
  2. How will only 1 fighter completely shut down T4-8 with 2 fighter squads? Last I checked 2/x/x worked just fine. Essex also only has T8 fighters, so it might as well only have 1.5 squads. Midway... Basically didn't change fighter wise.
  3. The argument isn't "Haku has faster planes," its Hak's plans can now run down my EMPTY TBs. And should I keep my fighters flying next to my strike package all game like a scrub? Dealing with a Hak fighter on fighter, again, is not the issue. The issue is positioning and the fact that my empty squads can be run down. Running down a laden squad? Sure, part of the game. Running down an empty squad? No. I can't always be dealing with Hak's fighters, sometimes I have to run an intercept. If I don't, he wins, because of his damage output with.... 12 T10 torpedo bombers. Also, you claimed that 2 squads have 170% HP of 1 T10 squad... I don't think AA works that way. I'm reasonably sure, correct me if I'm wrong, that it works on each squad's individual HP pool and not the sum total of all planes in the aura.
  4. Your TBs are much slower, and have much less HP. You may get two squads, but they're going to take longer to fly to the target, spend longer in their long and mid range AA auras, and longer to get back to the carrier. On top of this, they're slow enough that even when empty, a Hak's fighters can run them down and murder them all. So you're going to lose more planes after waiting longer to maybe possibly get a strike off, if they don't get eaten up before the drop. Then, when they're on their way back, the enemy CV can wait until they've run about halfway back, and murder them all, making you wait for the time traveled as well as the downed squadron penalty. If WG thinks 12 TBs are a problem, they need to either reduce squadron size or torp alpha. And leave the planes at T10. If I wanted to play with slow planes, I wouldn't have put in all the painful effort to get a Midway.
  5. Nah, it won't. It'll get stomped, because the TBs are a full two tiers undertiered. Garbage concept.
  6. Clickterprise, makes sense... Probably didn't realize you can put a + plane HP mod on there, and most likely a 3 point captain or something like that. Then just kept focusing you with everything. Am I close?
  7. USN DDs didn't even carry reloads, they had to go find a supply ship and hope the seas were calm enough to actually reload the tubes, or return to port.
  8. Because they're pushing the dumb DWT gimmick too. Drop the garbage torps, drop the radar, and you get a decent line with no stupid gimmicks that doesn't give the community AIDS.
  9. Yes, because otherwise the fighters end up getting stomped since they're so weak.
  10. Fixed that for you.
  11. T9 upgrade slot.
  12. The AP bombs are useless against everything but Moskva and Des Moines cruiser wise. Everything else is just overpen city. I've even taken the AP bombs off of Enterprise. Sure, I can't delete Germans or Fuso, but I have a much more consistent weapon that I can actually use against things that aren't BBs.
  13. Great, the "Make US CVs gimmick again!" has made it to PT. Hard. Pass. Can I get my XP/credits refunded for the whole line if this goes through please? 99.9999% of the changes to high tiers are a nerf, and a big one. "But 2/1/2 Essex!"... But T8 fighters AND TBs. MASSIVE NERF "But 2/2/2 Midway!" But T8 TBs. MASSIVE NERF. (IJN fighters will be able to chase down the empty TBs and murder them all.) Wargaming, just leave them alone until you know what you actually want to do with CVs. We can do without the AP bomb and massively undertiered fighter/TB gimmick. I can tell you right now, I'm leaving AP bombs in port because you did them wrong. You should be able to switch in battle, not be forced to use a different module and then get stuck with weapons that are useless against over half the ships in the game if MM deals you a bad hand. This "rebalance" is being done because USN CVs were over-specialized... So what are they going to do? Make the problem worse! You get only one loadout! Yay! And your planes are two tiers lower than they should be! Yay! And you get a new weapon that's ONLY useful against BBs, that can't be switched outside of port! Yay! IJN CVs will continue to be straight up better. This will make the problem worse. At least now there are strengths and weaknesses on each side Oh, also, by removing AS loadouts, you exclude USN CVs from competitive play completely. Good job. 10/10.
  14. Strike isn't the "Skill" loadout, that would be 1/1/1. Strike is "Screw my team AND their team!" AS is "Screw the enemy CV and please be good enough to carry me, team." All playing strike does is puts you and your team at the complete mercy of the enemy CV. You can't block strikes, you can't push the enemy CV to try and hit the strong AA flank, you just have to duck and weave your planes around literally everything on the map and hope that you can find something off by itself and the enemy fighters are elsewhere.
  15. vroom vroom

    80 years ago (1937) they actually had a pretty good grasp on steam turbines and reduction gearing... 112 years ago ( year of the Normandie designs)? Not so much. I can't remember if it was more a matter of "We don't understand turbines" or "We don't have the industrial capacity to make these ginormous gearboxes." I think it was a little bit of both. The interwar period was when steamship propulsion tech really made a massive leap between superheating, oil fired boilers, and geared turbine sets. And it sounds like you have a really, really cool job too! There's something fascinating about large machinery making large objects move.