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  1. It's almost like the Kongo design was so good everyone felt the need to copy it...
  2. 0/10 worst change I've seen to this game yet. This is even worse than the 28mm lolpenfest they tried on high tier BBs, and that was pretty bad. Yeah, I get it, it's a work in progress and subject to change but... There's nothing wrong with the way smoke works now.
  3. Actually the performance of Nelson's guns is probably going to be pretty terribad due to the light shell the Brits used. Besides that... A 23kt BB at T8?! LEL. No thanks.
  4. According to the notes it did. Firing the boilers on the Death Sausage now. I'm mixing oil with DD tears and getting 120% performance on 30% of my normal fuel burn. Feels good man.
  5. I just realized... Since when did you retire from ST Mac?
  6. Hindenburg is tankier. The only thing Moskva has is a thick front bulkhead that you can angle.
  7. German secondary buffs? PRAISE KEK! THE SALT SHALL FLOWETH OVER! Can Hindenburger get 128mm DP secondaries instead of the 105s now? Pls? So I can make it secondary build and become Battleship Hindenburger for reals?
  8. There's only half a line in production testing, it's almost a foregone conclusion. It seems like any time the RN comes up, WG just kinda throws everything at the wall and sees what sticks.
  9. Because they want to see what it does to gameplay. The length of time it's on a test ship is completely irrelevant because there's no set time limit on testing. If they came out and said "Time from production test to release is X weeks and this will never change," then you'd have a point. But testing takes as long as it takes and that's that. They're gathering statistics on how this would affect gameplay in the future, and the longer it exists the more data they collect. Oil up your pitchfork and gather some pitch so you're ready IF the time comes, but nothing is final until release and even then nothing is really final.
  10. Even Sub Octavian has said multiple times he doubts it will be there on release. The ships haven't even been formally announced yet technically, so it's a bit early to get worked up. You can bust the pitchforks out when they release if they still have it.
  11. Or maybe they're just testing different options to see what they like and find a way to make the line unique... Nah, gotta be because WG hates DDs obvs. OP, the answer to your question is Soon™. I suspect this line may take quite a while to release just like the CLs did since WG isn't really sure where they're going with this one.
  12. Tojo with the Arisaka standing in the crow's nest must've finally gotten his AA sights dialed and and a solid shooting position with his monopod. Much honor. (For those of you that aren't familiar with small arms, the Arisaka rifle did have an AA sight. On a bolt action rifle. With a 5 round magazine. And they also had a monopod. Japanese small arms were odd.)
  13. Slower reload but more damage per hit. Somebody on reddit did the math and you almost always came out better using the larger guns.
  14. Do you own a Khab? All its going to do is make it so in the rare instances that you have a Khab that isn't completely selfish and wants to help the team, they now can't, and will still continue to be extremely annoying. The utility on the torps is a good thing for team play.
  15. Yes, because the fact that it's fast with a lot of guns isn't what makes the ship annoying, it's the dumpy torps that add a bit of team play versatility that you use once every other game or so. 10/10 totally justified nerf WG. How about you just roll back the HE buff you gave the damn thing that it totally didn't need? Leave the torps alone.