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  1. Show_Me_Your_Cits

    Clan Battles season 4?

    Better than T6.
  2. Show_Me_Your_Cits

    Clan Battles season 4?

    SoonTM. I really hope it doesn't end up at T6, such a bad tier...
  3. Show_Me_Your_Cits

    Please remove T8 from T9/10 games

    Amagi can penetrate any T10 BB's belt at most ranges. OP, are you aiming/leading correctly? Also, sometimes a ship can look broadside, but it really isn't and that may throw you off.
  4. Show_Me_Your_Cits

    Kamikaze R / Fujin

    The T61 doesn't even come close to the Kami sisters as far as being OP is concerned. They're still one of the best ships tier for tier in the game, and T61 is only really just "decent"
  5. Nothing under T7 is viable for secondary build. Not even Mikasa, but you do it anyways because memes
  6. Show_Me_Your_Cits

    It’s not “Wooster”

    Wuh-ster. That's how anyone who lives in New England without an accent pronounces it. Wuh-stah. That's how anyone who lives in New England with an accent pronounces it. I have no idea where WG got the "Woo" from. I lived near there for a long time, never once did I hear someone say "Wooster"
  7. Show_Me_Your_Cits

    Dev Blog - ST Stalingrad changes

    Great, another boring, long range spamming, can't turn or push island humper. Because being a radar barge is sooooooo much fun. So glad I've played close to 500 CW battles for this thing. Moskva sized citadel makes this thing bad, since it can't take risks at all.
  8. Show_Me_Your_Cits

    Dev Blog - ST Tier 10 French BB Bourgogne

    I wouldn't call it 100% better than the Repub. It's still inaccurate, and trades pretty much all overmatch potential for an extra turret with a much longer reload. It actually looks pretty underwhelming tbh.
  9. Show_Me_Your_Cits

    Oh noes another OP thread? Worcester

    Not neutered, just different. It gives up good radar for a zombie heal and better accuracy. Same ship otherwise. Salem would probably pick the Worcester apart, unless Salem got caught broadside and unable to maneuver.
  10. Show_Me_Your_Cits

    Oh noes another OP thread? Worcester

    Except it gets smacked hard by everything, and bow on, you have four guns that you can use under 13km. If someone managed to make it into a position where it can actually use the insane DPM without getting blapped, they deserve to farm.
  11. Show_Me_Your_Cits

    Any word on the new japanese dds???

    T10 Polar... "Lol what concealment?" That would actually be fun. I predict a lot of ram kills.
  12. Show_Me_Your_Cits

    Any word on the new japanese dds???

    You mean Sleeping Giant and Tears of the Cruisers aren't your absolute most favoritest things ever? I'd rather play Ocean in a range mod Worcester than anything on either of those maps I'd like to see Estuary as a T10 map.
  13. Show_Me_Your_Cits

    South dakota battleship should be tier 8

    Montana actually wasn't designed specifically to counter the Yamatos, since USN naval designers during planning had no idea what the actual specs were. Montana was just the natural evolution of a full on BB that said "lol treaty" I wish we had built them.
  14. Show_Me_Your_Cits

    South dakota battleship should be tier 8

    North Carolina came a long time before the SoDaks, and the SoDaks are the evolution of the North Carolinas, correcting a few design deficiencies of the previous class. Iowa is a completely new design borrowing from the lessons learned from both, and built for speed as opposed to protection and maneuverability. Iowa is what North Carolina should have been had the various naval treaties not been in effect. The funny thing is, even though the North Carolinas were older, they served longer due to cramped conditions on the SoDaks