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    2. AVR_Project


      It's a game.  Have fun.

      Now, if they were paying us to play -- that would be different.

      In the end, you are paying them..  and no little children will starve if your program glitches.

    3. StrykerNC


      Yep, you're right... I just haven't felt "surprisingly powerful" lately... LOL

    4. AVR_Project


      Surprisingly powerful enough to expand the roster so all the other clan facilities are falling on-line quicker.

      Of course we try our best in the Clan battles.  Keep in mind we are older folks who would rather have dinner with people we love instead of playing some silly (yet interesting) game. 

      Many of these people sacrifice their social interactions and healthy youth in order to attain the high skill levels needed to dominate those battles.  It doesn't come naturally.

      I'm primarily thrilled just to have 3D virtual models of these ships -- actually being able to sail them around and shoot stuff with them is a real plus.  Throughout all this, I need to keep reminding myself of that to stay centered.