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  1. StrykerNC

    The real truth about your blowout losses

    Umm, I don't know if you know this, but if you have your UI set on YOUR language, all of the port UI, notifications, and yes, the in-game chat keys will be in your chosen language. Spend a few minutes watching any non-english Twitch streamer and you'll see that.
  2. StrykerNC

    Top five commander skills

    ^^^^ These are exactly what I would have said. (With exception to listening to Zoup, he mostly has good ideas, I just differ on this) Always PT. If you are detected but no one is locked on you, you can still be aggressive and commit to your plan. LS is exactly what Wuff said, must for DD, but EM is better for CA and BB, unless it's a CA with swivel-head guns like Worchester or Minotaur. I'll add that using Superintendent on RADAR ships as well as ships with heals is handy for DD hunting.. i use it in Clan Battles. A few CAs need IFHE to be effective, but CE is always my first consideration.
  3. StrykerNC

    2 players looking for Clan

    Hello CeltBlood, Check out Gray Wolf Gaming... [GWG] 1) We have members across all of the times zones, with activity focused on 6pm to midnight Eastern Time. 2) Definitely an Old Boys (and girls) Clan... Our members put the GRAY in Gray Wolf. 3) We have competed in every season of Clan battles, with (mostly) over 300 battles per season. We *almost* have a second team, a few more active players and we'll be there. Here's our recruiting post.. Good luck in your search!
  4. StrykerNC

    Feedback and Thoughts Directly to Pigeon_of_War

    I would definitely pick up the Hornet premium for some bombing runs... How about having an island airfield stocked with F4U-1 Corsairs, with a certain Marine Corps Major as the commander....
  5. StrykerNC

    Monday Morning Coffee!

    She is in good shape, yes. but, my only other comparisons are Texas, Yorktown, Kidd, and Laffey. The hull has suffered corrosion, although not near as bad as Texas. The cofferdam was put in place to lower the water level around the hull to effect repairs. (which is soon) There is an amazing cadre of volunteers, that choose individual painting and restoration projects, and get them done. The museum directors have been focusing a lot on the individual sailors experience, there are numerous printed accounts from the crew in their own words. It's an excellent presentation, you should visit. And now they have a phone app that is GPS located to where you are on the ship.
  6. StrykerNC

    Monday Morning Coffee!

    It wasn't this past weekend, but over Christmas I paid another visit to "The Showboat" USS North Carolina. It was a beautiful winter day, and i got to check out the new observation deck as well as the cofferdam that was installed last year to facilitate hull repairs. And they finished the restoration of the Kingfisher Seaplane! it's nice!
  7. StrykerNC

    Monday Morning Coffee!

    My father's DD was a Fletcher also, (USS BELL DD587), and I focused on that when I started playing this game. Fortunately, it's just as excellent in-game as they were IRL. Congrats on the grind!
  8. StrykerNC

    Feedback and Thoughts Directly to Pigeon_of_War

    Hey Pigeon! Hope you had a happy holiday season.. My 2019 suggestion is to bring back TEAM BATTLES, in pretty much the same format as they were first implemented, except instead of climbing a league type ladder, just accumulate points for battles, and reward coal or steel at certain achievement levels. Bullet points: 1) Clan battles and Ranked have shown that the 7v7 format is popular. Keep it the same, maybe add in CVs, and schedule it in-between clan battle seasons 2) Clans could use this to have prospective members play with the clan without them committing to joining their clan. 3) Solo players could fight on a team without commiting to a clan. 4) It would be a way for casual clan members to play a regular team format. 5) It would be good training ground for clans, while also giving rewards. 6) Have an open availability, which will appeal to players of different time-zones. (limiting the days might be a solution to wait times) 7) Have it at lower tiers, like 6 or 8, so that more players could get in without needing a rental ship. I'm sure there are more things I haven't thought of, but there's a basic idea. Cheers, Pigeon, thanks for your hard work on this game!
  9. StrykerNC

    Xbox release date

    World of Warships Legends has its own website and forum. You can see it here... https://wowslegends.com/ Here is the forum..https://wowslegends.com/forums/
  10. StrykerNC

    Premium ships for training

    I'll second this, especially when doing Clan battles...Even with our 46% average WR, I still rack up 150,000+ in commander XP, using flags and camos.
  11. Low PTS population has nothing to do with the fact that it's a carrier rework... It's always low. Less than 1000 players. Most players whine about "why should I skip playing my account for testing, it doesn't help me"...Or don't want to download another client.
  12. StrykerNC

    Need Advice on Next Tier 10 Bote

    I would vote for the Henri IV the speed and reload boosters take some getting used to, (as far as when to use them) but it's a blast to play... Moskva would be my second choice. It's a tank on the bow. Again, a feature to get used to, but you are not going to learn the playstyle from the Chappy, or the Donskoi. That said, the Donkey is one of my favorite T9 cruisers, you might want to buy it and play it, especially with the T9 ranked season coming up..
  13. StrykerNC

    Premium ships for training

    I think it's all been well said by the posters above.... Just adding my +1 for using the word "grok" in a sentence. And another +1 for making a spreadsheet..I keep spreadsheets for all my ships and captains...
  14. ^^^ This. As stated by @Sub_Octavian, they are not getting the required balance data in the PTS. More PTS testing will not help. It's better for us to jump into this now, and let the Dev team start sorting it out live. However, @NoZoupForYou, I agree with your assessment of T4 CVs. It was pretty much rinse and repeat. i really missed having torps on Hosho. BUT, they can do all of the things you've suggested later. I think they should put it out, and keep the dev team on it when the data stats coming in. i know I will start playing them right away. With 1000s of WOWP battles under my belt, I gotta use those skills..
  15. ^^^Yes. I was also going to suggest WoWs Stats & Numbers website, you can filter your ships by Premiums.