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  1. StrykerNC

    North Carolina Anchors Away Tour

    ^^^ This. I'm a "Friends of the Battleship NC" member, and the newsletter described some extensive damage to the Visitors center. That with the on-going cofferdam project, their resources were stretched pretty thin.
  2. StrykerNC

    User name change

    It just changes it. I've seen a few odd names appear in my contacts, that must have been people who changed their name. I have also seen names change of people who told me they were changing their name.
  3. StrykerNC

    Does WG not like small clans now?

    Maybe the 3v3 Clan Brawls will be more frequent, and tiered toward smaller clans
  4. StrykerNC

    How can I gift a ship to my friend

    I just went through all of the steps to gift a friend a Jean Bart... Could not find a way to use a Microsoft gift card. To be sure, you could put in a support ticket on the main WG site, but I'm pretty sure you can't.
  5. StrykerNC

    Positive Submarine Changes

    Balance? don't know yet.. But, it is a step in the right direction.. DDs really only had to drive over the ping circles, and a sub was dead. Your SA could stay on other DD duties pretty easy. I racked up plenty of sub kills in the Faragut without trying hard... And, I was killed in my sub pretty quick by DDs.
  6. StrykerNC

    Positive Submarine Changes

    Agreed, all good changes... I particularly like DD having to launch Depth Charges manually... It was far too easy to rack up the sub kills when I played DDs in the first test.
  7. StrykerNC

    Anniversery Super Containers

    I got a Prinz E. Fredrich, and a Kii... Along with a few hundred flags... Then again, I had 20 SCs to open, so, maybe the odds were better? i dunno
  8. StrykerNC

    Subs testing email

    With less than 5% of players actually using the forum, this might not work either... I suggest you check your spam folders.
  9. No problems here. We played 20 battles tonight... This was so fun... Thanks WG.
  10. StrykerNC

    Appreciate Wargaming

    Well said. +1
  11. StrykerNC

    Reporting players to clan leaders is stupid

    Wait... You started a thread saying it was stupid to report players to their clan commanders, and then you did it yourself cuz you knew the clan leader... I'm not saying you did the wrong thing, (i would have too) just pointing out the hypocrisy of this..
  12. StrykerNC

    Reporting players to clan leaders is stupid

    No one said it was "instead of"... perhaps they are reporting to WG as well...
  13. StrykerNC

    Speaking of Potatoes....

    Wow, that was a pretty in-depth and drawn out article about something that probably wasn't true.. https://americansinwwii.wordpress.com/2018/04/05/hold-the-potatoes-a-destroyer-officers-dream-and-his-legendary-crew/ TL:DR O’Bannon’s skipper, Cmdr. Donald J. MacDonald, received word from his radarmen of an enemy submarine running on the surface at 7,000 yards. He brought O’Bannon close enough to the enemy submarine that his lookout, the ship’s cook, from his watchstanding station on deck, later told his captain that he thought he could have thrown potatoes at the boat. But long after the war, MacDonald himself admitted, “I’ve been trying to drive a stake through this story for years.” He agreed that he maneuvered O’Bannon close to RO-34, but explained that even the crewmember with the best throwing arm could not have tossed a potato or anything else across the gap. “From that single remark [of the cook] has grown the entire legend of the use of Maine potatoes to sink a Japanese submarine.”
  14. StrykerNC

    Looking for new clan

    Mokfists, Shadow Force Battle Group [SFBG] , is looking for more clan battle players... Everyone who shows up gets to play CB.. We use Discord for Comms, but are pretty laid back about it.. If you are not interested in Clan Battles, check out our second clan, Shadow Force Strike Group, [SFSG] ... Anybody can join here, and we use the same Discord.
  15. The North Carolina's cofferdam has been drained, and repair to the hull is underway! You can see by this picture, that she is quite settled in to the mud..