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  1. StrykerNC

    Wait WHAT!

    Kitakami... *sigh* The most OP torpedo cruiser team killer in the game.
  2. StrykerNC

    Shadow Force is recruiting captains for CB

    Still recruiting! Come play Clan Battles!
  3. StrykerNC

    Best Premium T7 or T8 BB

    Well, you put Scharnhorst on the list although you already have it.... change my vote to Tirpitz.... (FYI, I haven't tried the Lenin)
  4. Shadow Force Battle Group [SFBG] is recruiting players that would like to actively participate in clan wars. We are a casual clan that likes to play and test ourselves in the clan battle arena. You don't need to be great. You just need to be willing to participate, take directions, and be courteous. If you have been in a previous clan and were shut out of Clan Battles, SFBG is your place. Everyone that shows up on Clan Battle night, will get to play. All we require is that you are an18+, positive attitude player, and have at least one Tier 10 ship, and that you use Discord for Comms. If you are interested, but do not have a Tier 10 ship, then our sister-clan Shadow Force Strike Group is the place to be. Strike Group players use the same discord, and often division up with Battle Group players. We are pretty chill during the off season, but during clan battle season we train and run ops. If you are interested, please contact me, StrykerNC, or our clan commander, Shadow577, or send a clan request in game.
  5. StrykerNC

    Where have all the players gone?

    What Tiers? i play in that exact time frame, and had no problem with tiers 5-8....
  6. StrykerNC

    I have fun playing the game...

    I think what you have said reflects the attitude of many, but it is usually the whiners and haters that take the time to post here. So, thanks for posting.. And congrats on surviving cancer, from a fellow survivor.
  7. StrykerNC

    Forgiveness option

    This has been brought up here many times before.. and I agree in concept, but it could lead to players being trolled in chat and by PM's for NOT forgiving them..
  8. Dasha. Only because there is no Trixie... No seriously, Dasha is our original leading lady, and I prefer Russian Dasha because she actually is, and so the language fits...
  9. StrykerNC

    WG:CV is a cancer in tierX room

    +1 to you sir.. It's an easy word to to throw around until it touches your life, especially if you are a survivor, such as myself. o7
  10. StrykerNC

    Night Battles

    I thought that was a bummer too... I wish they had an option to play it from the IJN side...
  11. StrykerNC

    Night Battles

    There is an operation called "Cherry Blossom" that incorporated star shells in a reduced visability environment... It is currently out of rotation, but hopefully will come back.
  12. StrykerNC

    Newb looking for a clan

    The purpose of the Lone Wolf clans is to have access to the clan based discounts without ever having to come in contact with the other players... So, if your looking specifically for divisions... Shadow Force Strike Group [SFSG] is the sub-clan of Shadow Force Battle Group [SFBG], and shares the same Discord... SFSG is for players looking to level up, and grind their ship lines.. SFBG is for Clan Battle Ready captains, (Level 15, at least oneTier 10 ship) who are looking for more CB time. SFBG and SFSG players all division and do operations together on our Discord. And yes, SFSG is Nooob friendly!
  13. StrykerNC

    Looking for a relaxed attitude clan 35+

    Shadow Force Battle Group [SFBG] is looking for relaxed captains, and one of our rules is that if you show up on Clan Battle night, you WILL get to play.... One of our goals is to keep the membership low, so everyone who wants in on Clan Battles, can do so. Just guessing, but I'd say most of our members are 30+, (56 myself) and pretty laid back. We use Discord. If you have any friends that aren't Clan Battle ready, and just want to grind ships and level up, our other clan is Shadow Force Strike Group. [SFSG]. SFBG and SFSG use the same Discord and division together often.
  14. StrykerNC

    why hold so much back from new players?

    ^^^ THIS @Yandere_Roon, one thing that is unique about this game is that it often attracts people who have never gamed before... and therefore have the double whammy of learning gaming along with learning *this* game... If, by chance, you have a lot of gaming experience, I can see why you might be impatient to advance... But,, practice, practice practice is still the key to learning both. And, lower tiers are great for this. And by staying lower tiers, you will have protected matchmaker, so, you won't have to face as many seal-clubbin' high level players who have all the perks.
  15. StrykerNC

    Captain Skill Reset?

    There will be another one at the end of CB season.. So, about two more weeks.