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  1. StrykerNC

    Blaming the cat in WoWs

    Somebody needs attention...
  2. StrykerNC

    What is the lowest level subs

    From the news release last summer... Firstcomers The submarine tree will be built the same way as the aircraft carrier tree: with submarines at even tiers only. The first researchable submarine will appear at Tier VI. This is in part because spreading ships between tiers allows us to balance them more easily within their respective match-making brackets, and in part to have a better differentiation between the initially implemented designs. Germany, the Soviet Union, and the United States will be the first nations to enter testing. Japan will be next in line for introduction into the game. ALSO: Testing plans The first step will come in the form of Closed Tests of the game process in order to evaluate the current concept and ensure the stability of test clients. Then, Open Testing will take place. During this stage, you’ll be able to share your opinions with us and be among the first players to try out the new ship type in World of Warships. We’re planning several testing iterations during the second stage. It will be something like a Beta Test for the new type. Initially, only some of the players who submit their applications will be able to participate in the testing. Access will gradually be expanded and in time, everyone will be able to take part in the submarine trials. After this comes the third stage. We’ll add submarines into the live client as a separate battle type, similar to Arms Race, Savage Battle, or Space Battle. The third stage will last several months. This will enable us to make the final touches and adjust the balance of the new type on the live server. When we're done with all these steps, we'll be able to decide on the final fate of submarines.
  3. Well, it's pretty obvious that you're not actually in the test, so how do you claim to know who gets an invite? In fact, if you read the battle chat, there are a lot of players who are only there to "prove to WG" that subs are a bad idea. "subs suck" . "I'm here to kill subs" . "everybody focus the subs first!" And stuff like that. So no, I don't think they care whether or not you are a "Known critic" But, you didn't ACTUALLY TRY to get in to the test did you? The halloween sub event was a representation of sub play, like the hyper-speed torpedo event was a representation of DD play. In other words, "not even close"
  4. More narrow-minded vitrole. You assume I am "pro sub" just because I oppose YOUR opinion. I was interested in how subs would play, I was invited to the test, and I give WG my thoughts and suggestions on having them in the game. End of story.
  5. 1) All beta testing is invite-only, they do not want to overload the test server, which is probably very small in comparison. WG has already announced that there will be open testing in a separate game mode. 2) Malware? That's your OPINION. I, and many others have no problem with the game center. 3) Another instance of the game that's actually quite small, many of the rgular features are not included. I know people who downloaded it without getting an invite, it's that small. "Debacle-in-the-making" is your small minded opinion, as well. Your forum signature makes it clear where you stand on SUBS, so, your postings are somewhat invalid. You've already made up your mind, and you've told us that you are trying hard to convince others.
  6. I am so there... See you in march!
  7. StrykerNC

    5 new free weeb boats.

    I had them all too, from the original event. Sold them because I wasn't going to play them much with the anime captains... Now they are premiums, and WG was nice enough to give them all back... Thanks WG!
  8. StrykerNC

    When a tater starts giving orders.

    In Co-op... Annoying Player #1: Plan? Annoying Player #1: Plan? Annoying Player #1: Plan? Annoying Player #1: We need a Plan, guys! Annoying Player #1: *Starts pinging map furiously* Player #2: KILL SHIPS Annoying Player #1: What's the Plan?! Player #2 KILL SHIPS Annoying Player #1: ? Player #3 NO REALLY, KILL SHIPS IS THE PLAN
  9. StrykerNC

    Contest!! Beat this shell hit streak.

    Is over 500 bounce-offs required?
  10. RipNun2 answered your questions well, but I will add that there is not a "global account" .. You must have an account on each server. Just in case that wasn't clear. As for modpacks, I recommend the official WG modpack, the link is here on the forum, and it is easy to use.
  11. StrykerNC

    Does the Italian Cruiser Line Still Suck?

    Venizia is finally working for me after learning to play the midfield, and pushing with BBs and not ahead. Looking forward to getting to a 19 point commander, to pick up a complete set of skills.
  12. StrykerNC


    Duckman... hang tough man, it sucks I know, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I had this funny little game to help keep my mind off of it, and now I've been clear for 3 years. Tahona, congrats on making it through. Soon it will be a distant memory.
  13. StrykerNC


    Hey, at least it wasn't this.... (hint: look at the priority target number & count the number of reds)
  14. Recruit another PA captain, and level him up... It could be a sign of more to come. If only I had done that with a French DD captain after the Aigle came out... My Kleber would be a lot better off.
  15. Again, how would you know? The forums have a low population, and Reddit probably doesn't reflect the opinions of a "Majority" of players. WG alone holds those numbers, and it is probably based upon the number of CV players across the board, as well as getting feedback from ALL of the servers, not just NA. Yes, the NA server seems against it, but we do not speak for the whole game population.