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  1. The shoe fits on the other foot... How many times have you had to do a full 180° turn to get out of a tough situation, knowing full well you will show a complete broadside to an enemy ship...or ships.. The PT indicator shows 3,4, 5 ships locked on to you, but you do it anyway? Turn, turn, turn, and suddenly the detection icon disappears, as a massive salvo of shells splash around your ship... whew... live to fight on. Thank you RNG. So, you think WG wants you to miss? No, they actually want everyone to die as quickly as possible, so they can all use up resources to play another battle. Detection mechanic is part of game balancing. It works both for and against you.
  2. Discord is really easy to set-up, and use. It has some nice features over TS.
  3. We need Dual Telegraphs.

    Slightly off topic, but when I found I couldn't maintain proper key control, I stuck two pieces of that felt pad for furniture feet on the A and D keys... First and third fingers on the felt pads, and everything falls where it should.
  4. We need Dual Telegraphs.

    Interesting idea. Maybe could be presented as a consumable or a captain skill that decreased the ship's turning radius by xx%...
  5. Man, I hope so... I played the Death Pickle every free minute that weekend...
  6. Helena Found

    Everything I have read about Paul Allen is that he spends his (Microsoft) billions to find these wrecks out of respect for the sailors who manned them. He is also a huge ocean conservation advocate as well.
  7. Helena Found

    He had to have been within 100 km of the wreck of my Dad's ship, the USS Northampton. Would love to see him find that...
  8. Helena Found

    Right you are. For some reason it just popped onto my news feed this AM, I didn't spot the date before posting.
  9. Couple of newb questions

    1) Press the "B" key to get a visual overlay of all of the keys. Click on the one you want. 2) Zoup keeps his info pretty up to date..IMO
  10. Helena Found

    Paul Allen's team does it again. USS Helena wreck found. https://news.usni.org/2018/04/12/paul-allen-finds-cruiser-uss-helena
  11. A sub question...but not what you think!

    You increased the chances of a successful hit by laying a long pattern over the suspected sub location. That's why many ships had those twin rails, for rolling them off the stern. My dad's 3rd ship, a Fletcher-class destroyer primarily carried and used, a Hedgehog against subs... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hedgehog_(weapon) Slinging the charges in a wide circle cut down on the need for pinpoint accuracy, although advances in sonar technology toward the end of the war, led them to be pretty darn close to guessing where the sub was.
  12. Warships is now Cosmo

    Reads like a "hater" thread... sounds like a "hater" thread. You saying it's not, doesn't make it so.
  13. Adding a Friend to your game

    Click the little orange box in the far left bottom corner. You will see the Add Friend box
  14. You must be in the lofty upper leagues.. Down here in the potato basket, we saw a ton of rental shimmys..
  15. Shimikaze, IMO is a one trick pony. Great for clan battles where you can pre-balance a team with both sneaky torp boats, and gun-boat muscle, but not so much for randoms.... Go Gearing.