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  1. OtterWolf

    Free XP Question

    You would think, eh?
  2. OtterWolf

    Free XP Question

    You're probably right... just covering all the bases.
  3. OtterWolf

    Free XP Question

    In the tech Tree, when you research a new ship or module, free XP will automatically be applied to the purchase, unless you already have sufficient ship XP.
  4. I signed up within an hour or so of the posting, and didn't get in until the 3rd wave of testers... So, the test was probably over before they got to you. Or, of course it could have been totally random selection.. Hopefully, they will let us test again after they tweak it...
  5. OtterWolf

    Proposed addition to Carrier rework

    It's definitely a compelling suggestion, but, having just gone through a weekend of the CV test server, they would need to give us better control of the ship while flying.. I would also think that simply moving should be sufficient, rather than a certain speed. As for CV camping, it's fairly easy, when looking at the tactical map to guesstimate where the CV is based on plane movement... So, the friendly CV should be able to figure it out and communicate it to the team. This reminds me of a CV consumable suggestion I had a year or so ago.... "Codebreaker" When activated, the Enemy CV is spotted for 10 seconds, regardless of their position on the map. It would have a ridiculously long cooldown, like 3-4mins. And you would only get 2. It's historically based on the US action at Midway.
  6. OtterWolf

    Whats your Captains Anti-Skill?

    Mine is "Sparta"... Feeling like, if I can angle bow-on *just* right, I can take unbelievable amounts of hits without significant damage.. Usually results in burning to death, or taking citadel hits to the foredeck. Named for the famous "Spartan Phalanx" posture.
  7. OtterWolf

    Maritime Monday - Preferred Ammunition

    Depends on the situation, sometimes i do that... Sometimes my gut instinct says he's going to get away, or if I anticipate an upcoming broadside situation, I want my AP to maximize damage. Another thing I forgot to mention... If my long-range AP is bouncing, I switch to HE regardless of ship type.
  8. OtterWolf

    Maritime Monday - Preferred Ammunition

    I load HE at the start regardless of ship type, with the assumption we will see (and shoot at) DDs first. If I see a BB, I set it on fire and then switch to AP. If I see a CA, I switch to AP right away. Obviously, it's nation and even ship specific, but that's the general idea..
  9. OtterWolf

    CV Rework - first impressions

    Playstyle differences, I guess.. I played Ryujo, mostly, and it seemed to drop a much wider pattern than Ranger.. Very hard to score hits. I'm ok with the difference in squadron size as long as the damage output is balanced. Also, Ryujo's torps sure seemed weaker than the max damage listed in stats.
  10. OtterWolf

    CV Rework - first impressions

    No NDA for CV test... per release notes.
  11. OtterWolf

    questions about halloween operations

    Here's the calendar
  12. OtterWolf

    NEW CV Perks

    So Air Supremacy now increases recovery time, and add to planes to the hanger, instead of increasing the squadron size? And what is "Aircraft readiness points for each level" on Survivability Expert...?
  13. OtterWolf

    Mouse and the CV Rework

    Excellent "pre-review" LWM... I was at a similar empass with CV gameplay, although I managed to stumble my way to tier 8... I didn't make it into the test, looking forward to seeing some postings tomorrow, after it starts.
  14. OtterWolf

    Historical Scenarios, Your thoughts

    Battle of Tsushima. Players could choose between entering the scenario with IJN ships, vs RU bots, or opposite. Shikishima, Fuji, or Knyaz Suvorov, Borodino, could be introduced as Premiums Battle of Tassafaronga. Same, Players choose to either be IJN or USN. Naganami, Kawakaze, or Northampton, Minneapolis could be introduced as Premiums.