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  1. ^^^This is my basic thinking about it as well... I might add that when stealth running IJN DDs, "detected but not targeted" is useful info. I can usually maintain my attack, and not run just because I'm detected. Also, taking PT on a BB can give you an instinct to when you are being torped by a DD.
  2. G-101 strategy?

    I had a great time in G-101... Be aggressive. Charge BBs bobbing and weaving, and use the single forward torp to make them turn toward you, giving you a solid broadside for the full set of torps. Same for challenging DDs.. make them slow down, and turn with the main set, and nail them head-on with the single. FYI, you will die a lot perfecting this. LOL.. Also, use your guns.. A lot. This is a Run-&-Gun DD. Captain skills Priority Target, Last stand & Expert marksman. Basic Firing Training or Torp Armament Expert as level three depending on weather a 38 second torp reload is fast enough for you. If you get to a 10 point captain, taking concealment expert will bring your detection down to the range of your torps.. Otherwise, you are torping while spotted.
  3. King

    Need to know more info... Operating system, RAM, internet speed, etc.. What is your average FPS and ping? And, yes, if you disconnect, the battle is still going, and you usually get sunk while re-connecting.
  4. Best or Most fun gun boats?

    Imp Nikolai FTW
  5. Test server question

    The Live Server rewards are listed on the website, like CLUCH_CARGO posted... Any reward you read about on the test server, is for the test server, and is subject to change. I have played every PTS since Open Beta, and we have never gotten a ship on your live account, as a PT reward..
  6. New ship lines didn't used to have special pre-release collections, either..
  7. Just a guess, but maybe the whole patch thing is a prelude to creating Clan Identifications?
  8. Racism?

    Even if it's warranted by their actions, it should not ever be allowed here. This forum is for communicating ideas and suggestions about the game, and allowing any kind of naming can de-rail the forums purpose fast. If it was allowed, there are players who would call out others just for spite, justified or not. Submitting a ticket gets a faster response anyway.
  9. Schediaphilia Rampant on this Forum

    Is this thread a Cat Fight?.... I'll just look the otter way.
  10. Karlsrugh and Yorck were the speed bumps in the line for me, as well. Yorck I made work, but basically skipped of the Karl. Konigsberg was a keeper, the AP lives up to reputation, cits on Kirov and Omahas, are just fun. Hipper is Meh Ok, I kept it for awhile, but now prefer Charles Martel at T8. The Hindy is awesome. My goto in Clan Battles. The Roon makes the T9 grind bearable.
  11. Carriers in Clan Battles

    Matchmaking troubles aside, I still agree with WG reasoning the CVs would provide "unlimited spotting" ... Basically, with Hakuryu's 8 squadrons, you could spot the whole map.
  12. I use Co-op a lot to practice CV play... Especially improving my manual torp drops.. Still haven't got it quite down. I found it irritating that the bot CV goes for the snipe right away.. Hard to practice when you are looking over your shoulder for the snipe.
  13. Yes, and Total War: ARENA is in CBT. It's a collaboration with Creative Assembly/SEGA. Totally different RTS gameplay.
  14. Without designated time periods, que times would become horrendous. So, yeah, you get to que up at your favorite time period only to wait an hour to get a battle? I think the designated time periods should alternate days, and have more days. Tues-Thur-Sat 8pm-11pm EST and Wed-Fri-Sun 8am to 11am EST.
  15. T-61: RIP

    Don't speak such heresy... They probably just want to "get it right"... So, soon™...