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  1. Gray Wolf is mostly older guys, with over 50% of members active every week. A dozen or so active every day, across all NA time zones too. Here's our latest recruitment thread...
  2. A better place to play

    I have an EU account, and play it almost everyday at 6 am Eastern... Sometimes there is over 15k players on at that time. Way easier to get a decent MM. In a single battle there might be 4 different languages in chat. So, not a lot of team direction. Also, EU players seem to love to tell each other what to do by pinging the minimap.. drives me nuts.
  3. Just a quick question.

    Yes, your account specifics stay on the server side. Everything you have accumulated in-game is stored by WG. Only the graphics files of said items, are stored on your hard drive. I logged into tanks last night and played a battle. I still can't play that game.
  4. Submariner Logic

    This is one of the developers!!! It *HAS* to be true!!!
  5. Players just collecting points.

    And yet you left the name in by quoting the OP.......
  6. Players just collecting points.

    Ooops.. Better edit your reply and take out the players name. "Name and Shame" is against forum rules, and the moderators are pretty strict about it.
  7. Players just collecting points.

    He was an AutoBot... Meaning he had a software that played his ship for him when he wasn't manning it... Just to rack up some minimum XP. We used to have a report function for that, now the new AFK system *hopefully* picks it up. Some of the better progams actually play the ship, moving around and engaging targets... The crappy ones just go into battle, and sit there, shooting every once and awhile.
  8. You just described any Co-op, or Random battle in this game... why is ranked different? Heck, it sounds like Clan battles I've been in!!
  9. Public Service Message: Torpedoes

    No shi*, that would be C*appy Dooty.... https://www.myinstants.com/instant/rimshot/
  10. Ashio gone?

    It will probably come back later in the year... Or certainly in the Santa Crates..
  11. Can I Heavily Mod the Game?

    RAM MODE .... Hmmm I think I just found our new Clan Battle Tactic!!
  12. Cannot login

    Put in a customer support ticket.
  13. Ha!, he didn't get the chance, after the Northampton sank, he was assigned to a Fletcher-class destroyer, the USS Bell... I think he used up all of his luck just staying on that Tin Can for four years...
  14. Lucky indeed, I almost wasn't here... My Dad survived Pearl Harbor aboard the USS Oklahoma, and then one year later, survived the sinking of the USS Northampton during the Guadalcanal operation.
  15. Had the opportunity a few years ago to meet Bill Watkinson, a USS Yorktown CV-10 Hellcat pilot. What an amazing and courageous man. He turned 95 last year, and celebrated on the boat.