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  1. I'm not so prideful that I can't admit when I'm wrong. And recently, i made a massive mistake thinking it was for a good cause. I did a charity stream with a stretch goal of a $100 individual donation, saying that if the goal was reached i would read any paragraph with sincerity. Even when my discord members started posting questionable paragraphs almost immediately, I rationalized it thinking that 1) the goal wouldn't be reached and 2) even if it was, it was for a good cause, so who really cares?

    Obviously one can see the flaw in this logic, especially when specific community members who are not me were directly mentioned. Once the stream happened, a paragraph involving @LadyKryptonite was read by me on stream, with one directed towards @Femennenly sent to her stream. While I immediately apologized to Fem and said (truthfully) that I wasn't directly responsible for what was sent to her stream, I'm not absolved of responsibility because i was the one who let it get that far. As for the paragraph that I did read on my stream, I have no excuse. Even saying I was uncomfortable with the idea doesn't excuse that I did it, and all I can do is apologize for that. Since then I have taken more steps in moderating my community to ensure that nothing like that happens again. Additionally, I personally have taken steps to improve my own conduct, as i was the one who fostered an environment allowing this to happen.